Told You So, You Little Motherf&%$ker!

OMG, the Buddha interview was AWESOME!! I can’t wait to share it, but Jamie feels more comfortable making all of these religious figure interview YouTube videos public when we have four faiths covered. Unfortunately, given the recent violence in the Middle East, Muhammed will not be one such religious figure, so we were thinking about Gandhi as our next one. What do you think? Until then, you might want to think about making a list of questions for him.

Also, anyone interested in putting their name on the channeling conference call for grieving parents, email me at All three freebie slots have been filled. Again, thanks, TP, for your generous heart.

The information for San Diego is forthcoming. Apparently there were some delays in getting the proper contracts from the hotels, yada, yada, yada.

Anyhoo, sorry this post is sort of short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Me: When we’re in Heaven, are we going to look at our kids who are left behind and are having a hard time with our passing, and will we weep and miss them because we can’t help them as mothers or fathers want to do?

Erik: No, you’ll smile and go, “Told you so, you little motherfucker!”

Me: Erik! Erik!

Jamie and I laugh. I know Erik is giving us a little comic relief, but still I worry how the blog members are going to take this! No telling what’s going to come out of that boy’s mouth.

Jamie: He’s got one hand on his hip and he’s pointing and wagging his finger like down at Earth, you know, like from a cloud, “You silly little motherfucker.”

We both giggle.

Me: Told you so, what, Erik? “Told you so you were going to be the death of me?”

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Yeah! Nah, you see when you look down and you see your children and they’re having a hard time, you’re not looking at it from human eyes anymore. That’s the catch. Now if you were human and you were in another room and you were watching your child struggle and make those mistakes and you knew you could help, then yes, you would have suffering for yourself and you can’t do anything. Your hands are tied. When you pass over and you’re watching your child go through this, you have this sense of support no matter how much struggle or negativity is going on. But you have to remember when we’re here, there’s not that scale of, “Oh, that’s so horrible for them.” That positive and negative really doesn’t exist. It’s more about, “What’s the lesson? How’s their emotional status? Where are they coming from?” It’s not about “This is terrible.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And so you still smile and love your children no matter what earthly situations they find themselves in, and you don’t feel like your hands are tied. There are so many ways we can intervene and love and help.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But we can’t help to the point of enabling them.

Me: Oh, no. Of course not. People have to go through their pain and reap the lessons in that. Unfortunately been there, done that.

Erik: Yeah. Go collect your lessons!


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