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Here’s the transcript of our YouTube, Tools of the Trade, courtesy of Neha T. This session preceded my hiatus, and I still have a lot that I haven’t posted so I’ll intersperse them with new material. I also plan on channeling a blog member’s Higher Self from time to time and I’ll pick that person through a contest. Sound fun? 

Tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

We’re going to make an On Demand page for the show so you guys can access all the archived ones. 

Lastly, since it’s Good Friday this week, I might not post because my hubby and I want to go camping. If I don’t, have a wonderful Easter!

Me: Hello. I’m going to say again that my daughter just had a baby and so I am taking care of her dogs that are, who are very yappy. So guys, you know, I’ve got 5 dogs around me. So, I can’t help it if they start barking. So, you just have to deal with it. Now, Erik, Emma, we have got 2 choices, we can talk about things like fingerprints, iris, you know. How you can like get information from them or palm reading or we can talk about what’s going on in Puerto Rico. What do you think?

Erik: Let’s go with the Palm Reading because Puerto Rice is still very much in shift.

Me: Ok.

Erik: The energy, so it’s really hard to put some…umm..It’s almost like it’s still constantly shifting, so.

Me: Ok, we’ll wait on that. Maybe next time. Alright, so, I’ve been to a palm reader before and I remember I had this horrible feeling. We were planning on going to.. I can’t remember Koshoville….. for just a little vacation. My husband and my 2 oldest girls, who were very little and I just got a bad feeling about that trip. I felt like, you know, that plane was gonna go down or something bad was gonna happen and so I went to a palm reader and I just found her on west timer, there are a lot of them there. And I can’t remember what the palm reader even said but we decided to change our trip. And during that trip, I was waiting on the beach for my husband to come back from scuba diving coz I was pregnant and almost was pregnant for 10 years and we asked this one guy when the boat was going to come in and then I looked back and there was Michelle face down in the water so I was like horizontal flight to grab her. She had knocked her head out on a piece of quarrel and she could have drowned. Even split second.

Emma: Oh.

Me: Way back on a picnic table but so you know. So, I am wondering if maybe that, I was having a premonition. Maybe it would have happened in Koshomelle but for real and in Concoon which we deviated our trip to, it didn’t, it didn’t. But, tell me about palm reading. (laughs)

Emma: (laughs)

Me: Stop wondering about myself. Ha!

Erik: Well, I’m saying that you had an intuitive moment where you felt like something was going to, you know, not go right and it did. You know it wasn’t the floods and it was something during the trip that was gonna go bad. So, you did feel that. You did connect it. You just didn’t have the tools yet to interpret it fully, on what the problem was going to be. You know that was the only thing but you know I just want everyone to understand that we all have, we are all connected, we are all channeling every day. You know, what Emmanuelle does, people do that on a daily basis. We just don’t know about it, we don’t always, we are not always aware of it. Um..And when it comes to palm reading, when it comes to finger print reading, when it comes to the Iris reading, it’s all basically the same thing. It is, it’s a physical tool, used by people who need a visual aid in order to connect to spirit, to source, to energy, to the energy of their clients, right? So, it’s just a physical tool to channel because although we all do it naturally, we don’t trust it. And it’s really hard for a person to just sit there and say, okay, this is what I feel, this is what they are saying, this is what’s gonna happen without having an aid. So, it’s a conver….

Emma: (pauses, listening to Erik) It’s a conver, what? A conversation starter is what he calls it. (giggles) you know, it’s..

Me: Okay.

Erik: So whenever we do cards, right. Cards, people think the information that comes in is in the cards but what they do is, they look at the cards and they interpret them, the cards. And, the interpretation is really, the projection of what the subconscious already knows. It is the information that comes through that they are channeling, that they are then projecting into the pictures on the cards and their mind puts all the puzzle pieces together and they say ok well, this is gonna happen or that’s going to happen. That’s basically the same thing with the palm reading, you know. It, let’s say a person who is completely not connected, who doesn’t even believe in palm readings, right? Who does not believe in it, who is umm..separated from source. You can’t really fully separate, but who believes that, they don’t even believe in source. But let’s say they learn how to read the palm. Then they go by the book. Then, I can guarantee you that the clients that will come to them will not resonate with what they are saying. Nothing will work because it is the intuition that is needed; it is the connection, the channeling that is needed in order to interpret something that’s supposedly on the hand. So, whenever we use cards, whenever we do palm readings, you are really just consciously processing something that the unconscious mind already knows and is already aware of with all of its intuitive powers, so. Also, visual aids don’t just; don’t just help the mediums because really they are mediums. If they are a really good palm reader, or a really good card reader who really can give you details into life, that has happened, then these are just mediums. They are just mediums who use a tool in order to start channeling.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Okay?

Me: Okay

Erik: Let’s say people are putting their cards up or a palm reader she says this is your palm, see this line (puts her palm up) (dogs barking)

Me: Wait, say that again. Say that one sentence all over again.

Erik: So, if the visual aids, the lines (shows a line on the palm), the palm reader will see this line and let’s say with the card reader, you know, they show them the cards and people see them. A skeptic client will also be beneficial because they will be like, yea, I saw that card and I saw that and I saw that. So, it actually helps skeptics to open up to the possibility of a psychic reading.

Me: Okay

Erik: To the possibility of receiving messages in a different way than you know, just picking up the phone and getting the answers. So, it’s got two beneficial, it’s beneficial for the clients and it’s also beneficial for the people who do the readings. Now, there are people out there who are just doing it for the money.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: You know, you have that everywhere, who really don’t believe in what they are doing, who really don’t have an intuitive side of them and they just do it for money, there are so many out there who do it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: How can you tell a good palm reader, medium, channeler, whatever? How can you tell that you have a good one? It is when they don’t predict your future.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Future predictions are impossible to do. Spirits will never give you a future prediction. They can give you an insight and say well as long as you are doing this, you are going to go in this direction (motions her hands to her right), or as long as you are doing this, you are gonna go in that direction (motions her hands to her left). We can give you guidance like that. But there are palm readers, tarot card readers who will say; Oh! You are gonna die in this year and it’s gonna be because of this.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Or, your family is gonna get cancer or this or that, you know. You cannot predict these things because the future is always a creation of the individual itself. And that can be changed every minute of every day. So, there are millions of possible futures for you. And, it is up to you to choose what direction you go into by choosing your thoughts and your emotions wisely, you know.
Me: Yeah. Before, Erik, you said that every thought creates a new quantum probability for this new reality. But the next thought might take you off to here and here. (moving my hands in different directions) When I do that my hands are huge..look at that..wooah.(showing my hands at the camera)

Emma: (giggles)

Erik: Yeah but that’s true. That’s what I am trying to say. So, if you ever meet a medium, any kind of because these are all mediums, you can, yeah, they read the irises, it’s an interpretation of what they are feeling. This has nothing to do with the colors. You can do other things with reading your iris. You can, it is a great tool for people or doctors to see how your overall health is doing, how your body is doing, you know. That is possible. You know, every fiber, every color, every pattern, every defect in your Iris, it really is a reflex co-relation with the disease manifestation or an organ system meltdown or something that’s not right, deficiency of certain vitamins and so on. So, yeah, you can see that in an Iris.

Me: Especially in the retina. We can pick up diabetes, hypertension, and all sorts of stuff.

Erik: Exactly. And, then you know an Iris reading is really good.

Emma: (Shows a thumbs up)

Erik: But other than that you know, there is no way to see your future in your eye or in your finger print or in your palm.

Me: Can’t you say, well right now, this is your most probable future? Can’t you do something like that?

Emma: Yeah, and that’s what I do in my readings, you know, I allow them, I allow Erik to say; Ok, well, the way you have been living your life now, you are gonna continue to get this. Now, if you want to change it, you have to do this and this and this in order to change it.

Erik: So yeah, there is always, according to the energy that you are sending out at this moment, some mediums will give you a prediction and say hey, you can meet the man of your dreams and you can do this but during that time from here to then, you know there is allot of decision making, allot of energy that you are sending out, so it can change at any moment. So, if a prediction doesn’t come true, it is not because the medium didn’t know what she was doing, it is because you somewhere along the line have changed your energy projection, you’ve changed your thought pattern, you’ve changed your emotions, everything affects your future.

Me: Alright, so what you are saying is Emma you could draw somebody’s tarot card and it could, name a tarot card, the..what.. I mean or you could see somebody’s palm, a palm reader and see this exact line ( showing a line on the palm) in one person and have a completely different intuition about it and therefore give a reading than that exact same line in another person’s palm. Because.

Emma: Exactly

Me: Alright. I got you. What about crystal balls, same thing I guess.

Erik: Same thing, they are just tolls, visual aids for that medium to feel comfortable in starting a conversation, in starting a, to talk about their emotions, you know, it’s really hard and

Emma: umm..I used to use tarot cards myself. This is for me. I never, I didn’t study tarot, I probably didn’t do it right. I just lay them down and they were just, you know and I was just like, I’d pick seven and I’d lay them down and I’d look at them and the thoughts, the feelings that came in, you know, what I saw in my mind, when I was looking at these is what, is what we go for. That’s tarot card reading. You are not really reading the cards but you are actually, your brain is putting together all the information that you are energetically receiving. Putting the puzzle pieces together and then you bring forward the information.

Me: So, it’s not like the angels or the spirits are moving those cards to the certain part of the deck to make that reading and it’s not that you created these palms (showing my palm) during the, when you are in uterus to signify certain things. It’s not like that, that’s interesting.

Erik: Well, if you look at the origin of palmistry, it says that all these lines are created because these are the lessons that you are supposed to be learning. This is the personality you are supposed to be having. But the thing is, the problem with that theory is that our personalities and our problems are always changing, our paths are always changing because we are constantly doing things on free will and changing and growing all the time. So, that means that our hands should be changing with us.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: But they don’t. They stay the same, your finger prints; it’s the same the day you were born till the day you die. They don’t change, they don’t grow, they don’t evolve. So, that theory just can’t be right. But, I’m gonna say that when it comes to tarot cards, it is possible. If we are dealing with a very skeptic person, the spirits and angels, their spiritual team will intervene to make sure that the right cards come forward so the skeptic can really see that Wow! Yeah! What she is getting in is right there, you know. So, it can be used and it can be manipulated by the team around them. We can do that. We can change that. But, it’s not always the case, the person is used to having tarot cards, who believes fully in what the medium is saying then it’s really not necessary. They will just go off with what the people are saying, what the mediums are saying, so, everything can be manipulated mom. Everything can be manipulated.

Emma: (laughs)

Me: So, listen, what about these lines? (looking at my palm) I was told, that each line represents the birth of a child or maybe it’s these lines, I can’t remember, but as I get older, they get more wrinkly, so I have more wrinkles on them, but I am not gonna have more kids, am I? That’s not possible people.

Emma: I don’t know, I have never had my palm read.

Erik: According to the palmistry, it is underneath the pinky.

Emma: (checking her palms),

Erik: There should be some lines.

Me: Okay, I got two. (Checking my palm)

Erik: Vertical lines and that should..

Me: You mean the one at the joint of the pinky?

Erik: No, the vertical ones, not the horizontal.

Me: I’ve got vertical ones.

Erik: Right. There should be a few lines there. Now, according to the Palmistry, that is whether or not you will be surrounded by allot of children, how many children and boys or girls. If it’s a straight line, it should be a boy and if it’s wavy, it should be a girl.

Me: But, I don’t have none, I don’t have any!

Emma: But mine are all.. (laughs) Mine are all straight. (Showing the lines)

Me: Let me see yours. See, mine are all horizontal. (Showing the palm)

Emma: (Shows her lines) You can barely see it though. Mine are, I don’t have allot of lines. So, I don’t know what they would do with my hands. (laughs)

Me: Yeah, my lines are all on my face. Anyways, I have to, I am too old to say it.

Emma: (laughs) You know, I mean straight are to boys and mine are completely straight and I have two girls, so there goes the theory.

Me: Okay, we’ve got reflexology, you know. What is that? Certain parts of the sole or the foot represent certain parts of the body and things like that? Or do mediums use the foot to read it? Ugh,that would be a thankless job! Here, let me get your foot really chose to my face! Ugh!

Erik: There is, there is, it’s almost like skin reading where they read the soles of your foot, where they read the soles of your hands, all other. Like I said, basically it all comes to the same thing. It’s just a tool to focus on when you are channeling. That’s basically what it is. Your feet are constantly, they do change, your feet, because, we use them allot. So, people take care of your feet. But, this all started so long ago. At least, it’s got to be at least about 5000 years ago. And it really started more in the hindu roots and then it spread to China, to Greece, to Egypt, to Persia, to Tibet and so on and to Europe eventually. Europe was one of the last ones to go to and America of course. But yea, this started a long time ago. See, but why did they need a tool? Why did they need something to say oh, you know, that I see this in your future, why did they need that? Because if you would just walk up to a person and say I believe this is gonna happen to you and you need to be careful for that, you would be considered crazy.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But if you have a way of seeing it, then they go, well, maybe, there might be something there.
Why do we have these lines? You know, people would start thinking, why do we have these lines? That’s weird and it becomes acceptable, channeling becomes acceptable. And that’s how it’s been for centuries. If you didn’t use a tool, you were called out as a witch or you know you were called out as I don’t know what. Palm reading, you were just a Gypsy, you were just a person who reads palms, it’s fine. But don’t go to a person and say this is gonna happen and the next day it happens, then you’re a witch. You did that to him, you know. So, it was always like a safety net in some way or form and over the years it just changed and it evolved and it became common knowledge that you can read your palms and you can read your finger tips. Finger tips has to do with loops and waves.

Me: So, you can read the souls of feet but can’t you also like press on some areas to like get rid of the headache or don’t some spots represent different parts of the body that need to be healed?

Erik: Yeah, yeah.

Me: Or is it just bull?

Erik: But those are just pressure points then. That has nothing to do with reading.

Me: Oh! So, it’s like acupressure.

Erik: Like Acupuncture, There are specific pressure points in the body like the ears that help you with migraine. If you massage the end of the ear lobe, it can help you with migraine. There are a lot of pressure points in the body, especially the feet, the hands, the ears where you can actually solve the physical problem.

Me: Okay. And tea leaves?

Erik: Same thing, it’s the interpretation.

Me: Okay. Anything else on, what do you think about all the things we mentioned or even something we haven’t mentioned? What do you think the best tool is in general, for most mediums, obviously, mediums prefer different tools, but.

Erik: There is not really one good way of doing it. I think we are all very unique. We are all connecting in our way ways whether you need to use palms to do that, whether you need to use a crystal ball, whether you need to do tea leaves. You know when it comes to the tea leaves, one person will see a wolf and another person will see a blob with the same mug. So, it’s all about interpretation. It is what your brain is making you see so you can pass that message on. Know that however you do it, there is always a spiritual team that is connected to you, that is making you see things, making you feel things so this person can get a message through. But, you need to know that the only way you are gonna get clear information is if you do it with the right intentions, and if you put yourself, your own, your own belief systems, your own desires, your own wishes and your ego out of the way is the only way that you are gonna get clear information. So, if you see a medium or a fortune teller or whatever and she says, oh, I think you are gonna have to come back a few times..

Me: Yeah

Erik: Ego! That’s money. They are basing everything on money. You step away from that, okay? If you see that this person is fully committed to giving you clear information and that it is information that is helpful to see and understand yourself and to understand why things have been happening to you then you are dealing with a good medium, you are dealing with somebody who is connected to source. Because source will never tell you what’s gonna happen because it’s not upto Source. It’s upto you to create your own future.

Me: Free will. Okay, quick question. What about Ouija boards or Erik’s famous e-board, Erik board. Is that the planchette, the thing you put your finger tips on with another person. It moves around from letter to letter etc or symbol to symbol. Is that always the spirits moving that? Or can it be your higher self or your subconscious moving it around?

Erik: It could be both. Sometimes, it really is your deceased loved one or your spirit guides, Source itself, your higher self, you know, we are all just one. I know we like to make separations and there’s Erik, there’s the higher self and there’s this and there’s God and there’s Jesus. But we are all just one. It’s really just a force of all. It’s the universe who is guiding you to give you the information that you are requesting or that might help you. But sometimes, our own belief systems can manipulate the board. And can either block it where nothing happens, you know when there is a doubt or an expectation or a demand. That’s always from a fear base and whenever fear kicks in, it builds up a wall and it’s really hard for us to get to the energy and to be able to manipulate it. But sometimes, people’s own answers, they want to hear an answer, they are asking for it but what they really just want is one answer. Then, their conscious mind without their own knowledge can actually move it into a direction that they would like to hear.

Me: Yeah. What about doing this? Writing down different questions on sets of paper, jumbling them all up, picking one and then make the, do the board thing. That would be good. And then you find out what question was answered.

Emma: Well, you know what we, me and Jerel have done at the beginning and this was way before I was channeling, I got a Ouija board and we had my mom sit on the couch and we and Jerel would just touch the planchette and we would close our eyes.

Me: Yeah, we’ve done that too. And somebody else would write down the letters.

Emma: Exactly. That’s a good way of doing it.

Erik: It’s just about understanding that you need a positive and a negative in order to get it going. Don’t touch it with too many people, okay? Because then the energy is all messed up. You just need 2 people. A positive and a negative and maybe somebody who writes down the letters otherwise you’ve got to remember all the letters.

Me: Yeah! I can’t! Yeah, like Jesus! Oh, it was so powerful. I asked for a message from Jesus and he told me you are a great example of love, for you gave your son, you gave up your son to share with the world. It was so, it made me just sob, of course. So, one last question. Oh yeah, No, first of all, I can’t do with anybody but Robert. It just doesn’t seem to work. Is there somebody in my family or in my life that I can work the e-board with? So, Robert doesn’t always have to be my little bitch, e-board bitch.
Erik: You know what that is. It is because mediums are channeling.

Me: I know!

Erik: The energy that goes is really powerful.

Emma: For me too, when I do it, it goes really fast.

Erik: Christina is pretty good. Her energy is pretty high. She needs to work and practice on it. But she needs to work on letting go, on surrendering in the moment. She still tries to control the planchette.

Emma: (giggles)

Me: I don’t know If I have ever tried it with her. But, yea, we’ve got a lot of control freaks in the Medhus family.

Erik: Yes! That’s a problem.

Me: Last question. Where should beginners start? Including, by the way something we haven’t mentioned, pendulums and dousing rods, Ouija Boards, tea leaves, tarot cards, crystal balls, palm reading, Irish reading, blah blah blah. What should, what should us, we as beginners try first?

Erik: That’s a hard one. It really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. A lot of people are scared of the Ouija boards, allot of people are afraid.

Me: You have to protect yourself.

Erik: Yeah! You have to put in the intention, put in the right intention that only the people you are inviting in are allowed to come in. Then nobody else will be able to come in. Your thought is the most powerful tool you have.

Me: Yeah. It’s got to have a prayer that I say. You know, surround me with a golden protection, I don’t know, bubble of light, channel for my highest good, all that. But then you take that and now we substitute that entire prayer with one word. And my word is apples. So, we say apples before.

Emma: Right! It’s a little prayer. For me, I have this little prayer where I just thank everybody, for protecting us, for surrounding us with love and light, blah blah, blah.

Erik: But if you really want to start from the very first thing that might be the easiest for people, would be a pendulum. But, hang it up, on like a hook or on something. Like on where you can put your jewellery on so you don’t manipulate it with your energy. Because a lot of people see it move and they go; is it me or is it something else? Then they start doubting themselves and then it’s pointless. But if you can hook it up on maybe like a necklace hanger where it’s just hanging, and you are just asking. Well, first of all always ask show me yes and show me no. So, you know what it is. Because every spirit who communicates might have a different signal, okay. It’s not always going to be the same. So, before you start every day you can ask show me yes, show me no. And then, you will see that it will start moving without you even touching it.

Me: That is cool.

Erik: That is the easiest way and you get the most accurate answers as you are not manipulating. So, it’s the easiest way, you are not manipulating it and it’s the easiest way to kind of get confirmation that there is somebody with you.

Me: That is cool. And you can just get a washer and a string, a thread or a fishing wire. It’s very simple. Alright you guys, Thank you very much Erik. Check out Erik’s blog,
Check out his book, My Life After Death, it’s a page turner and also my book, My journery from Skepticism to Belief, My Son in The Afterlife. We are on Facebook, as is Emma. We’ve got the Parents Support group, Channeling Erik Blog Members group, Blob members, Blog Members group. We have the Channeling Erik Mediums group and so on. So, check us out! Bye Guys!

Erik: Bye Mom!

Me: Sorry about the dogs! Bye.

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