Erik on Belly Fat

Belly fat. The bane of my existence and seemingly impossible to get rid of! Erik shares not only the spiritual basis for this condition but how you can get rid of it and more! Have a great weekend, everyone! Lovely Wood did a great job channeling our boy! Check her out HERE. Featured image … Continue reading

Belly Fat

I wanted to give you guys an update on our experience using Jamin Olivencia as a life coach. He's been amazing, really helping my son, Lukas, find direction, among other things. Lukas looks forward to their Skype sessions and now considers him a good friend. If you need a life coach, I can … Continue reading

Muffin Tops and Lap Pads

Before we proceed with tummy talk, I want to share technique Erik taught me for communicating with our deceased loved ones with yes or no questions. I may have posted this before, but a few comments after yesterday's post made it clear that you guys need more tangible ways to reach them. Here's … Continue reading