Veronica and Erik’s Q&A, Part Two

Blog member, Laurie, tipped me off to a new show on TLC called The Healer. It’s about an amazing energy healer who travels with his friend, Amber, healing people with various diseases like complex regional pain syndrome. I highly recommend it, and not just because the dude, Charles Something, is a beautiful hunk of man candy. In one healing session, a skeptical doctor witness his miraculous healing. 

Quick announcement: There will be NO radio show this coming Monday because I’m going to help my daughter with her new baby. We’ll be on for the following week, however!

Enjoy the last part of Veronica and Erik’s Q&A for November!

1. Hi Veronica, Nice to finally connect! My question: What is my soul purpose am I fulfilling it? Sometimes I second guess myself…Any insight as to what I could do to personal or bigger picture fulfillment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Nickoel

Nickoel, you are a natural nurturer. You care deeply and are able to heal. Finding what it is you are naturally drawn to will tell you what area you are to use your healing ability in. Animals are a great teacher. Notice what animals you are drawn to and research their spiritual meaning. This is a puzzle for you to put together. The pieces will reveal one piece at a time. One thing you must be mindful of is to keep your energy clean and high vibrating. As a healer you can over give and find yourself empty. Remember to recharge frequently. Cleanse yourself by imaging the white light poring over your head into every area of your being and washing out toxins. Ground and recharge by simply taking yor shoes off and touching mother earth. Do this daily.

2. HI! Veronica, Elisa & my sweet Erik, On the 3rd of December I am going to a shamanique musical,where we will meditate to the sound of music play by shaman. I really love the way we can manipulate energy and heal ourselves and others, my question is will I finally awake my kundalini or what would help me to achieved this experience, thank you so much love &light Isabelle

Practice opening your center of imagination. There is no difference (in the brain) to having something happen in reality or imagining it happens. Take time to tune in to you. In your minds eye create exactly what your heart is asking for, but you can’t quite wrap your physical brain around. . Picture a ball of energy, the size of a tennis ball in the center of your head. It’s glowing and filled with Divine insight. Drop your chin down to your chest and ask your heart to be filled with the divine energy in your head. You are working with the brain first because you are creating your reality and then you are making it so by filling it with love.

3. Hi Veronica and Erik, Loads of love .Both my father figures passed away with a gap of 3 months in Nov 2013 (dad in law) and Feb 2014 (my papa). I miss them both and talk to their pictures sometimes. Can Erik connect with them and get any messages and advice from them for me, my children and family please? Kind regards,Reeta

Don’t let your mind run your life. Where we are we can see the real value in life is living from your heart. Notice the little moments and really FEEL them. By getting out of your head space you will increase your peace and find a way to manage with the angst and worry of every day. We say this to you knowing you already know this BUT we can tell you need a reminder. Never let anyone tell you what to believe. Belief IS free and no one should pay any kind of price for what they believe. Always know we are at peace and feeling calm.

4. Dear Veronica and Erik,My 36 year old son is addicted to drugs. He is going back to CA after 8 months with us in Mass. (dad and mom). His growth has been great but he is not sober and hal returned to CA and the lifestyle he escaped.Shea had a reading and was told his addiction is due to sexual abuse when he was 3 by his uncle. A reading I had said it was peer pressure (looking back I think he had/has social anxiety),he will be going to jail for 13 months and will not stop his drug abuse for another 5 years . Who is right? I pray for Shea to use his free will.

You are correct.. Its free will that will determine the path. The only abuse we see is by being bullied. He was constantly bullied and as a result became a very nervous child and to ease the nerves he turned to substance. Lets us clarify he is addicted because its in his contract. No need to ask why .. work on accepting it as the teacher its intended to be. He will wake up but not until he hits the ultimate bottom.. This involves the law.

5. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to hear from Erik. I love him so much. What is my souls purpose in this life? Kelly
This question is always first answered by … your purpose is to be YOU. Embrace ALL that you are. The perceived quirky, silly, unflattering parts of you and the others in between. Stop dancing to other peoples music. Make your own music. Its time for your voice to be heard and for you to shine. A release is needed so that purpose can be born. What needs releasing, Kelly?

6. Hi Veronica, Hugs to you and Erik. Sophie says hi Erik. Please ask Erik if he has any information/advice regarding the selling of my business. (I am remodeling it now, and if I cannot sell it as a business, I will sell it just as a home. It is taking us longer than expected.) I love you Erik. Thank you Veronica! Kristine.

Hey Sophie, says Erik!! Be sure not to overspend on remodeling. Make it pretty but focus on function. Initially it will sell as a home by someone who doesn’t have an existing business but eventually, they will realize their dream to have a business and it will be converted.

7. Hi Erik and Veronica! My question is : What’s ahead for me in the future? Thank you so very, very much for looking after my youngest daughter while I was gone and continuing to look after me. Love you so much and your Mom!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sharon D.

Sharon, we see healing. Much needed healing. And a letting go of something that makes you feel inferior. This could be a person or a situation. The time is coming for you to shed the old and embrace what is new and waiting. Sharon, this may be a way you’re thinking. Erik is talking about a hamster wheel.. you are spinning round and round and its time for you to make the decision to get off! He wants you to know you are safe and protected AND LOVED very much!

8. My name is Bozena. Love you all. My question to Erik: What should I do professionally? Thank you so much.

Its time to start something new. Release the old thinking and embrace a direction that fills your heart with love and passion. Nothing traditional will fill your soul. So, we cannot name a traditional sort of job. The best we can give you is this.. blend the top 2 things you are naturally good at with an industry that you feel drawn to . This is going to be a creative search for you but one that will grow you beyond anything ever has. You will face your fears, your true self and your commitment to spirit.

9. Question for Erik is: What do i need to do or who do i need to see to heal my body. Darrell

Chakra work. Cleanse and balance all your chakras. You always would benefit greatly by working with a spiritual coach who can help you cleanse and work through the emotion attached to each chakra which is causing inflammation and stress on joints. In areas where you are experiencing inflammation Erik suggests Arnica gel. This is a combination of physical work, emotional work and spiritual work. It would benefit you greatly to see what you are stuck on.. ask your Higher Self to reveal it to you. Whats holding you back. If we tell you it won’t be as powerful as you hearing from your Higher Self. Do the work.. reap the rewards.

10. Veronica Please ask Erik to tell me about the relationship between my 2 daughters. Bryony passed over at age 21, her half sister Bree is 21 years older than Bryony and still alive on Earth. Thank you from Carol x   Carol please email me for clarification or post in comments.

11. Hi Veronica and Erik. Feel absolutely blessed to be able to connect with you both. My question is about my husband’s job. He’s working in Dubai right now, while I live in India with my daughter and my mum. We have been living away on and off for many years due to various reasons. He’s looking for a better career and financial stability. Please guide us if he is taking the right step or it’s better to look for options back in India living with us . Loads of love Lovely

The guidance in this moment is return to your home. What does that mean to you? His energy feels very separated from yours.. on a feelings level. He is too far away too often. His reason for wanting to provide for his family are worthy but his family will need his presence more and finances can be strengthened if he were to work with a family member.. This will require patience.

12. Question 1: My sister seems having lots of health issues past couple of years. I would love to help her by asking Erik what she should work on. What she should do or not to do. She is out of work for year now. Beata

Her energy in the lower half of her body is not moving properly. Blocked and backed up causing her to be ill. And may even be stopping her from getting around physically. She is also depressed and off center with her emotions. Spiritual counseling will help get her back on track. AS for her energy she needs to open her chakras. And, take vitamin B – check with a physician first to make sure it won’t interact unfavorably. Get tested for diabetes.

13. Question 2: I would like to ask Erik to help me figure out what to do next in my life. Feel stuck at times. I would love for my business be successful and achieve “Ultimate Highs” to help people. Not happy with my financial status and personal status at the moment. Looking forward meeting my true soul mate. Beata

You have lots of weight on your shoulders. Lift yourself out of the heaviness you are carrying around for others. You are an empathy and feel very deeply you must learn how to cleanse and ground DAILY, even a few times a day. Begin at your feet picture the bottom of your feet with little straw like wires reaching down into the earth.. deep into the core.. As you hit the core you are sucking up the energy from the mother and pumping it up into your body. Only go as high as your low back and then drill deep into earth again. Keep recycling it. You will feel lighter and fuller at the same time. This will give a strong firm grounding.

14. Back in July, I was laying in bed at night kind of thinking about nothing important, just random thoughts about the day when suddenly a voice popped into my head, quite literally interrupting my chain of thought, that said simply, “I will work, Amanda”. It completely caught me off guard to the point my stomach did a flip-flop out of surprise! It took me a moment before I [mentally] responded with “Ok! Let’s work!” But I didn’t get any response then or since. It was so random and unexpected (but appreciated!), I just wish I knew what it meant- are they working ON me, IN me, WITH me, FOR me, etc.etc. you know

I will say that at that point in time, I was starting to become hyper-focused on working on my own psychic abilities, and this gave me some hope I was on the right track but to-date I don’t seem to be making any progress; I haven’t experienced anything like this since so I’ve been feeling like maybe I am doing something wrong and thus haven’t been trying so hard.

I’m not sure who or what the voice was (it was not familiar but I couldn’t tell you whether it was male or female either). Could you and Erik help me understand what this was all about? Thanks so much again, love you guys!! Amanda

This was the voice of your Higher Self telling you that you will be worked on to develop a deeper connection to your already intuitive gifts. It will only be revealed to you a little at a time the message is be patient. And, the whole point is, as you learn to listen and be still you will hear more clearly. Your Higher Self was supporting your inner desire to do healing spiritual work. Erik says you need to find a mentor to help you develop and find your confidence.

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