Veronica’s Ask Erik Q&A, Part One

I’m just devastated about the mass shooting here in Texas a few hours away from me. So many young people died, including an 18 month-old. Since the children just got out of Sunday School, they sat in the back so as not to disturb the rest of the congregation, and that’s the area the shooter targeted first. One family lost 8 of its members. Please pray for them. I probably won’t channel the shooter or his victims because we’ve done so many and have probably learned much of what we need to learn. And it’s just so sad for me.

Here’s the first part to Veronica and Erik’s monthly Q&A! Also I’ll be posting Part One of Emma’s Q&A with Erik tomorrow! That one will be in video format. If you want to submit a question for Veronica for next month, wait until December 1st, unless I announce it before that, and click HERE.

Veronica decided to do the Q&A in text format rather than video format because it’s a lot easier to search for your name. Of course the video format would kind of force people to watch the entire video, thereby learning from the answers to other people’s questions. What do you think? Please take the poll.

Here’s a note from Veronica:

We are trying something different with questions for Erik. I will be posting them in 2 parts. With your original question shown and below it your answer channeled through me by Erik!  Enjoy

My question is for my friend Perla M. Her life is a mess my from point of view. when will she /at what age more likely will she settle down and start a family??

Holly T.

Let us clarify – your point of view is not relevant. We understand where you are coming from, you care. But, truly, it for Perla to be concerned to ask.  As we see it her soul is young, a young soul. She is allowing it to guide her life and therefore even when they decide to settle down it will never appear to be settled to others. In human terms settling down will be put off until well into her 30’s.

Hi, Veronica and Erik! What is my life purpose? Thank You very much! 🙂

With love,


All of our life’s purposes is to be US!  When you find yourself pondering this question it indicates you are ready to take the next step is going deeper. Rather than us tell you your purpose you must uncover it for yourself. We will offer you the next few steps.  Talk to you soul. Grab your pen and paper and ask Her (your soul) what she naturally loves to do. Ask her to be direct with you. Loving to do it means YOU get lost in it.. you could talk for hours and hours about it.  Ask yourself this question: What is the one thing if I could NEVER do it again it would make me so sad? It would leave me crippled emotionally. This may not come instantly to you BUT ask and write out what you get. By doing this we are teaching you to find your own true answers every time.

What step/steps I and Vadhan can undertake to achieve financial stability and have enough wealth to take care of myself, my loved ones and my favorite charities with joy and gratitude.

With gratitude,


Step by step here you go

  1. Respect money as energy. Energy must move. Money in money out.
  2. Write out what you put out vs what comes in. seeing it on paper will wake you up to whats truly happening.
  3. Revisit the stories you were told about money growing up. And then TURN them around. State the opposite and positive version
  4. Ask yourself if you are in the right jobs. Are you using ALL the gifts you have or are you settling just to earn a paycheck?
  5. Develop a love of a natural passion. And, ask your soul how to turn that energy into the energy of money.

You can GIVE to charity right now, right where you are at. Its NOT the amount that you give, it’s the act of GIVING!  So, there is that answer.

Thank you, Erik and Veronica for answering this question: What advice does my higher self-want me to know at this time?

Thanks.  Love you guys!!

You are ENOUGH!  Stop looking to others for validation and answers. Security comes from being comfortable in your own skin. There is a magic about you. The universe is pushing you to move into it. Stop existing and DO what lights your soul up! You have all the pieces for the next phase of your life. Now you must assemble them. There is no hurry to do this. In fact it is in your best interest to interlock a few pieces and step back and savor them and watch how to best you what you created to help the world.

Hi Veronica and Erik,

I often see what appear to be orbs in my 2-year-old son’s room on his video monitor. I can see him look in a direction and an orb will appear, and watch his eyes follow them around the room. Are these actually orbs? And if so, are they random spirits, family, etc?

Thank you!

Kristen L.

Children see very clearly. there is no veil. They are connected on a level adults must work hard to achieve. He is actually seeing angels, his guardian angel, spirit guides and YES family members. He is calm and soothed by all. They are communicating with him. Consider these your celestial babysitters! One of the spirits is your great-grandmother. The angels are playing with him. His guardian angel is by his side ALL the time!

This is Eric from Seattle. I recently started a new job as a Communications Director for a startup. It doesn’t pay much now, but there are promises of venture capitol funding rounds in the near future. How will this turn out for me financially and professionally 3, 6, and 12 months down the road?

Thanx! Much love to you all!


Congrats!  Make sure you have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed, meaning make sure it’s all in writing. You must be very clear what your role in the upcoming success will be and what your take-away, financially, will be. The 3, 6 and 12-month periods will have you gaining momentum. slow and steady. It is truly at the 18-month mark that you will finally feel relaxed and comfortable financially. At some point on this journey, someone will approach you to come with them and leave what you have. You may be tempted, but it will not be in your best interest if you choose to go.

Hello Veronica and Erik!

Really appreciate you both for your hard work in educating us! Thank you! Veronica, you are FABULOUS!! My question is, would Erik let me know when the next large earthquake will come to San Francisco?I spoke to him before and he said October, and wondering if it might have switched to the nasty fire we had in Napa/Sonoma county? Freewill is involved I think so I know things can change, but if Erik can let me know, I really appreciate it!

Love you both!

Janice T.

The best insight he can give is between March and April, and he says it will be significant like 7.0-ish. The internal structure was not interrupted significantly enough for the shake-up. That’s why it didn’t happen.

Erik, who is Ramtha, the Enlightened One? I would to know from Erik’s perspective from where his at now, how he views this entity.

Thank you so much. Love you guys,

Dennis D.

As per Erik – Ramtha is a collection of highly evolved energies whose mission was/is to open eyes to the reality that we are ALL equal and consistent of the same energy as the Source that created us. Ramtha is working thru living human beings this day to guide them to heal the world. The main core principle Ramtha teaches is that our thoughts create our reality. The human brain is directly wired to Source.

Hi Erik, what do you see in store for me in the area of a career?



Kris, its time to connect the dots in your life, so to speak.  Take time to center and ground yourself and ask, “WHAT DO I LOSE MYSELF IN?”  meaning what could you do for hours on end without getting bored? This is how to come to your own conclusion of what’s best for you. I will tell you that your energy is very childlike and fun. This is something you want to make sure is possible in your next career, the ability to be curious and have fun. I suggest you remove your fears about money and explore the gifts God gave you. Right now I sense you are not living fully in your potential. Reach HIGHER!

Hello, I have a question about my husband who passed away two years ago after a hard illness. Now my health is going downhill. I think it’s because I still worry about him. I wanted to know if he is okay now and if he comes around me. I do talk to Erik all the time, but sometimes I think it is only in my mind.

Thank you so much.

Paulette G.

Paulette, your husband is AMAZING. He has taken on a leadership role here. He is part of the “committee” that greets and welcomes new souls. Think of it as helping people get oriented to being here. And he is thriving. He also wants you to know he watches you as you sleep. He is your protector. He says he will see you in your dreams. He is also talking a lot about lollipops! 

Hello Veronica, Erik and Elisa,

My question is: Is my 26 yr-old son going to get out from underneath this mess he’s made? He’s struggling with a stressful job at a casino, depression, partying, and he’s about to lose his family. I help take care of his precious 5 year-old daughter. How can I continue helping without being a co-dependent?

Many thanks,

Julie from San Diego

Julie, his contract requires him to stand up for himself and to stop making excuses about the life he chose. It’s important for hold your ground, say what you mean and create boundaries. Letting him do whatever he wants while you are tied to fixing him is not cool. Mental counseling will help him A LOT. Spiritual counseling will also help open his eyes, but we don’t sense he is there yet, spiritually. To wrap it up, you help him by holding him accountable.

Elisa here. May I suggest a Skype session between your son and life coach/pro wrestler, Jamin Olivencia? I feel deep in my gut that this might turn things around. He pretty much saved my other son from going down a self-destructive path. Check him out: Tell him I sent you guys!

Hey: Thank you so much for all that you all do. Love this opportunity to talk to you. I recently lost my brother. I would appreciate it if you could let me know a little bit of information of how his passing was. Just wanting to check in with him. Stan is his name. Thanks.

His passing was vivid and in color! What does that mean? He was comfortable and saw his life review instantly. He found immediate peace once he processed the review. He is flying high and staying put with no more ups and downs, no more bad vibes. All peace, all love, all supportive. You should know he felt no pain as he watched himself leave this earth.

Hello Veronica,

I live in Los Angeles and am looking to relocate in 2018 because I hear a great earthquake will strike. I’ve been feeling anxious about it. I don’t know if it’s my intuition or an unnecessary fear. Please give me info on when/if it will strike before I relocate my life.

Thank you. Best,


There is NOTHING to fear. Between March and April, the West Coast will see a big quake – 7.0ish. It appears to be between the middle to the northwest part of California so the San Francisco area is within its reach.

If you do not see your question here it will be in the next batch, Part Two!


V and Erik

As a special treat for you guys, here’s the latest Joyride Show from my buddies, Kerry, Tiffanie, Kari, Sara and Emma!

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