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I love reviewing these old videos. Damn there are sooo many! In fact, I think there are almost 600! That’s a lot of information, inspiration and work! In this one, I can tell it’s a bit early on because I see that I am struggling, emotionally. I didn’t start videotaping sessions and putting them up on YouTube until after the first few years, but still, I can tell how much I have evolved. Early on, I was so broken, and even though I put on a brave face, I couldn’t hide my pain very well. But little by little, I see hope in my expression. I really want you guys to go through these YouTubes from the beginning to the end. Reviewing them, I now remember that so much important and life-changing information has been shared by Erik and others. But, I do this for you guys and my lovely boy, of course, so I’m really interested on your opinion on what I should cover in future sessions. Can you take this survey?

If any of you have suggestions for a reasonably priced platform for our radio show, can you please email me at emedhus@gmail.com? Thanks!

God, I look old in this one! I think Erik’s death took off at least 4 years of my life. Probably more. 

One more thing: As you know, I’ve been a bit alarmed by how I have lost control of CE in that so many people I don’t know are channeling my son without me really knowing if they are frauds are if they are truly gifted. I do want as many people to share Erik with the world but only if they are doing so with integrity and in love and light. That said, I plan to hire a lawyer to help me create a licensing agreement with certain rules and stipulations to protect not only Erik and the CE brand, but you, the public, my second lovely family, as well. I will ultimately create a list of mediums Erik and I trust and place them on my links list. Of course, the list will not be set in stone. It will be changeable and fluid as appropriate. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Featured image courtesy of Brad Aronson.

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