You’re the Man, Erik!

It looks like we Houstonian’s are dodging a Hurricane, but please send prayers to those in its path. Enjoy these two uplifting Erik encounters, and if you want a visit from Erik or if you need his help, all you have to do is ask. (Wow, did I just sound like my son’s pimp?) Well, you know what I mean. He loves helping his CE peeps and so do I. And please do submit your Erik Encounters through the “Share Your Story” button on the righthand sidebar or your testimonial through the “Share Your Praise” button in the same location. If you are using a mobile device, you may have to revert to the non-mobile version or use your laptop. Also, please don’t use these for topic or interview suggestions or certainly not for requests for help (since I’m still at January 2019!)

Story #1

Ever since randomly coming across one of Erik’s videos on YouTube, like so many others I became very interested in hearing more of what he has to say. I’ve read pretty much everything on the Channeling Erik website, and decided it was time to buy his/Elisa’s books. Frankly, I was not in a position to be going to the bookstore to buy books, as I had MANY other expenses to take care of, but I REALLY wanted these two books. I went and bought one at the bookstore closest to my home, but they were out of the other one. The next day, I felt compelled to drive across town to get the other one, so I did. I opened the backseat of my car to get my purse, and a $20 bill was randomly wedged in between the floor mat and and the floorboard of he car (like it was put there!) next to my purse. It could NOT have fallen out of my purse and landed securely tucked between the floor mat and floorboard (plus, I didn’t even have a $20 bill in my purse, as I was going to use my debit card to buy the book). The FIRST person that came to my mind was Erik. I even felt a little shaken from it, because I knew it was him “helping a girl out.” I thanked him then, and I’ll thank him now. “Thanks Erik, I love your books!” I do have one more “quickie” if you don’t mind. I was driving my daughter to her trainer one night during this past December. We were telling each other our favorite Christmad carols, and I told her mine was “Carol of the Bells.” The song was in the movie Home Alone, and I always love that part of the movie when it comes on. I then told her that unfortunately I hardly ever hear that Christmad carol on the radio. She yawned, rolled her eyes, and proceeded to go work out with her trainer. As I sat in the car of the parking lot waiting for her, guess what the VERY NEXT song was that played? Carol of the Bells (the SAME version as the one on the Home Alone movie)! Coincidence? I think not. Thanks again Erik for that one, it had to be you. So much for a “quickie” story, sorry (not sorry). ?

Story #2

I have been thinking about this for quite a while. One lazy day, I fell asleep during a nap in the day. I was awakened by a HUGE sound. It sounded like a metal gong exploding. I was so startled and immediately looked at my dog to see if she had heard it. Nope! My dog had not moved. I have thought about this many times and I am convinced it was our bad/good boy Erik. Was that you, Erik? Hahah Good one. Scared the shxt out of me…. and, I am honored.

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