A Visit to Big Sister

So many people, including family members and friends, have reported visitations from Erik that are vivid, tangible and accompanied by a certainty that his presence is real. Here’s an email his big sister, Kristina, sent me recently:

“Erik came to me yesterday just as I was falling asleep. My eyes were half-closed so you know how you see little blips and things go across your vision when you do that? Anyway it started as a small tiny “icon” of a face, then it grew bigger with features, and then there was Erik’s face! It wasn’t in color or 3D or anything; more like shades of darkness imposed upon darkness (from eyes half-closed, I guess) but I knew it was him. I hadn’t even been thinking about him. Then lots of images in the same dark outlining started appearing and I couldn’t make some out or keep up with them all, but I kept seeing a big flying bird, like an albatross. I tried to see his boat (I think he was trying to show me) but I couldn’t make it out. Other images were of him turning his head to look at me, with only his head visible, almost as if he were in a canoe (I couldn’t see anything else) or a hammock(?). it was brief but I enjoyed it and smiled to myself before falling asleep. And you know the other night I told you about how I felt him with his hand on my head while I was laying on my pillow.”

In a recent channeling session with Kim, Erik told us he had a new boat. He claims that all souls are able to create anything they want just by thinking about it and manipulating energy. They can use their thoughts and energy to travel as well. He also says we’re able to use our thoughts to create our reality here on Earth, but it’s instantaneous in the afterlife.

It doesn’t surprise me that he created a boat for himself. I’m not sure what it looks like, although I’m sure I’ll have many opportunities to ask him. One thing for sure, I’ll bet it’s sleek, fast and loud. Heaven will never be the same again!

Erik and Kristina Boating Together

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  • Tracy Lamont

    Hi Elisa,
    Just working my way through your archives. It’s a fabulous gift Erik has left to the world. You and he are a great team.
    Erik and his boat has reminded me of an early dream I had of Adam. Well, it wasn’t really a dream. I had just wakened in the morning, soon after his death and reality was starting to settle in, (as you will well know).
    Firstly, I must tell you that on the day Adam died, he was with a friend who had collected him to take him to his driving test. He never took his test. There was an accident wihen his friend overtook a car and hit a big truck head-on. Both boys died instantly.
    Anyway, I was lying still, contemplating getting up when Adam popped into my head. He said, ‘I passed my test, mum!’ Then he promptly hopped into a fabulous red sports car and drove away!
    It proves to me that he went on to accomplish this thing that he had been working towards.
    All the little things Erik is revealing to you are so similar to things that have happened to and around me and other family members. They just want to let us know they are still a big part of our lives.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with like-minded folk.
    Love & blessings, Tracy xx

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