Erik on Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a fascinating topic intimately related to the String Theory. It is what builds our reality, the Universe, and even us. PLEASE SHARE. Raylene did a great job. You can find out more about her at

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Here’s the pathetic unedited transcript from YouTube:

hello mr. Aileen you’re looking as
beautiful as ever and my boy Eric oh I
can’t see but I know is handsome too I
love you both
hello thank you so much and you look
beautiful as always – of course the same
okay we’re gonna talk about sacred
geometry and it’s gonna involve a little
dumb it down for us Eric physics but I
find it fascinating and excuse me first
of all you know I have some stuff from
blog members what is sacred geometry
Eric exactly he’s the way that you can
look at the geometry as being a way of
connecting to energy the geometry is a
form of healing the geometry is shapes
when you think of the word geometry you
also think of numbers because it also
connects digits so we’re combining
that’s interesting because he he brought
that up in a session about something
else but numbers yeah we’re getting that
yeah cool go ahead oh yeah this is when
you combine these elements together they
bring a certain type of energy that
connects to one another now a little bit
yeah please all of us seeing the image
of my head the image in my head so and
out and this L is connecting to a circle
the circle is whole and then there’s
another line that’s connected to it and
she says that they carry different types
of energy it’s not all the same type of
energy if you can put colors great got
orange that blue
then you’ve got yellow right there all
things they all carry a different
vibration yeah so each pain whether it’s
longer or whether it’s shorter it’s
carrying a different vibration so they
have an energy within themselves and
they have a quality within themselves
he says the shapes that they can create
have qualities such as a triangle or a
batter made it is representation of
protection oh it’s like unity hold
he shows like unity thank you that’s
gonna be the best word okay connection
people being connected together squares
are connected to rounding stability Oh
unity balance if you are drawn to like
squares there’s likely something that
you are trying to balance in your life
or something that you are trying to
bring grounding to bring stability to
there’s different meanings for them but
he wants to talk more about the lines
and whether they’re bigger or shorter
the colors now say the geometry may not
be something that you’re seeing with the
physical eye just as color may not be
something that you can see what the
physical eye he said some color is blind
is not there when you think of air
there’s a color to it but it’s not
something that you are physically
identifying with the colors that we have
here on earth it’s a different type of
vibration and so we’re talking about
energy the vibration that each
identity has he’s referring to like each
line each symbol as its own identity you
can do healing when it comes to sacred
geometry physical healing to the body
physical healing when it out or the
earth how do you do that just look at
pictures I think I heard he says you can
use images you can use candles for
instance if you got a candle that is in
the shape of a circle you have seen the
geometry that you’re using you put into
that handle of bring healing to my crown
chakra bring healing to my emotions
that’s gonna be what you do if you’re
using a candle that’s shaped here’s an
example those crystals also have secret
geometry to them the asked about that
yeah yeah they do the shape of the
candle itself it has intention its
wholeness its power it gives it
amplification and so there’s so much
when it comes to learning what each
property which each shape what property
each shape has within them so you know
there’s a lot that you want to learn
when it comes to that aspect of it but
when it comes to healing you can
envision you don’t need to have the
physical shape there you don’t know what
the shape is gonna do for you but you
have this idea of I want an octagon or
there’s a triangle that’s coming through
imagine that shape going through your
body with a certain type of light
whatever so it comes to you and envision
it going through the body and bringing
healing to you whether you are
consciously aware of what that healing
does it’s still providing healing
because it’s got energy but it’s pushing
through its got energy that excusing
it’s got intention he’s talking about
Archangel Metatron being a self yeah
here we go
yeah but Reed here we go right here
gotta measure on medicube or whatever
okay go ahead I’m sorry
I love that cube by the way oh it’s cool
yeah you can use that angel to help you
to connect you can ask him to guide you
to learn more about sacred geometry but
if there’s many ways of killing yourself
like that whether it’s through
meditation and envisioning a shape
whether it’s through candles with a
certain shape of a candle a candle
holder with a shape of a candle an
actual image of something that you’re
going to be looking at daily that’s
going to symbolize something to you
that’s going to identify with a
representation something that it
represents for you for everybody it may
be different everybody identifies with
everybody identifies with certain things
such as colors somebody might think red
is love but another person might think
red is pain so you like an individual
not really all right let’s do a
lightning round on shapes
you said square is grounding and such
circle what a circle what is that about
wholeness okay octagon symbol it’s also
a healing symbol for stagnant blackness
so no bowel movements you need octagon
what about diamonds represent fertility
growth protection also but fertility is
the main thing that a diamond represents
and it’s also expansion of the mind
expansion of your consciousness when
diamonds come to you you likely are
going through a spiritual awakening
or you are likely going to have your
family being grown geometry is a way
that your guides communicate with you
whether it’s through being drawn to
somebody’s glasses a ship a symbol there
is sacred geometry with everybody’s
day-to-day life in nature it believes if
you look at you know live closely you
can see designs within them
oh yeah the drama part of the physical
body your different ratios that are
throughout nature the Fibonacci number I
mean the ratio of arms to legs and all
that stuff the ratio of brant of veins
of a leaf to this – I know it’s crazy
how amazing it is what’s that all about
making of the leaf and the tree and the
structure of it when you like to
identify with the human body what it
looks like inside is a tree the vessels
and grounding you can actually pull up
images and it’ll look like a grounding
tree going down it’s connected to the
body the wholeness of who we are our
identity on a soul level or DNA not DNA
on a DNA level yes but also on a
cellular level it’s in our body and it
brings on a cellular level he talks
about the eye you know holes
vessels lead to another part of the
organ and something that connects like
trees and that’s where it all begins is
within the eye
Wow huge animals when you look at a
snail they have this world not cheap
yeah oh yeah he says it has great
purpose to it what that identifies with
is that you are going to be going
through challenges and changes but
things that will lead to
awareness of something else and a way of
different different thinking it’s like
shedding an identity and growing a new
identity okay yeah right so what about a
star and then a pentagon different types
of stars yeah
Star of David type and also let’s just
talk about Star of David type but also
the the star you know like a like on the
American flag those have different
meanings for each of them they identify
with something else but the
representation of star in general it
identifies with healing and also
celestial celestial energy celestial
beings inter dimensions if you find that
you are obsessed with an image of a star
you are likely connecting to other
dimensions that are around you other
worlds things of that nature but it’s
very healing lightworkers energy healers
environmentalism people that are very
drawn to like planting they are likely
drawn to stars okay all right what about
a Pentagon I can’t remember if that’s a
Satan thing whatever if you identify he
goes not like you personally but an
individual connecting to say anything
that’s what it is connected to you it’s
like belief system if you don’t believe
in that then it’s not going to resonate
with you so he says that’s taking it to
a whole other level when you think about
a symbol representing devil or oh you
know demanding work like that that is
more belief system and not necessarily
sacred geometry that is something that
has had a title that was nice somebody
else okay so um I don’t really quite
understand this is our energy a sake
geometry form or is it a tool we use our
body is sacred geometry our energy is
sacred geometry our DNA our cellular
everything has got sacred geometry
through it he shows it was indifferent
cells are just different cells have
different sacred geometry different
chakras have different as a whole we
have different sacred geometry compared
to other nurses at it yes and each one
carries a different vibration with it
just like explaining with reds whites
blues yellows their different vibration
with each color so there’s going to be a
different identity with each person but
on a whole spectrum what everybody can
identify with is the healing aspect of
it and not so much the religion aspect
that has been connected to it around for
many years you know my on Mayan people
ancient Egypt it’s around the walls it’s
been here it’s a language it’s a way of
speaking it’s a way of communicating
because as you represent as you know
what each symbol represents that can
help you identify with what the message
is who’s trying to tell you what whether
it’s the God whether it’s your kind
you’re so dramatic
there’s Almighty he says you can
understand by learning how to identify
with the symbol he says if a symbol
means something to somebody like a heart
symbol could represent love that’s what
that could identify with you what that
is identifying with you is what it’s
going to mean to you he says you can go
on that wide spectrum and learn sacred
geometry and learn what each one does
identify with what he says that’s on
okay he says you can identify with it on
a personal level without having any
education behind it can you identify
with a symbol as something then that’s
what it identified
for you also the sacred geometry
it has different in unique colors
numbers right vibrational frequencies
may be different math to it right math
is huge with it map is vibration math is
a number of different varieties using
symbols shapes and letters yeah that’s
right I forgot shapes colors numbers and
vibrational frequency all is involved in
SiC sacred sacred sacred geometry sacred
geometry I wish I could mimic them a
little bit better than I do
how many different things that are
connected to sake of geometry through
birth you are brought in identifying
with sacred geometry but you may not be
consciously aware of it but there are
symbols there are shapes that are
presenting themselves to you when you
look at your mother you’re seeing a
triangle on her nose you’re seeing a
circle on her eyes oh yes already you
are identifying with protection already
you are identifying with nurturer so he
says its second you go out it’s a way of
communication language he says letters
letters can communicate any language
it’s a matter of how you perceive that
letter English is different from Spanish
Spanish is different from Europe it’s a
matter of perception each word carries a
different vibration each shape each line
has a different meaning and emotion
would probably write different emotions
maybe yeah yes that’s probably big one
because we are like you say Eric we’re
emotional beings so yeah maybe you could
talk about that
he says mom if you think of a line that
is all up and kind of like this
you know it’s not straight
he says what kind of emotion do you
think this type of line is going to have
with it versus this type of line if it’s
bigger solid or wobbly what type of
emotion he says the line identifies with
itself or how it looks I’m gonna show
you the crystal that I’m holding here do
you see how there’s lots of different
shapes in the crystal yeah energy each
crystal carries different energy but
each shape these are diamonds these are
triangles that has more power to it when
you’re trying to do whether this is
healing you know your physical body are
clearing energy in a physical space that
line carries the vibration that crease
carries a vibration whether it’s bigger
or smaller the bigger the vibration is
going to be the heavier the vibration is
going to be but as he’s talking about
something being kind of lopsided that
line is not going to be very pleasurable
for you okay it’s going to have a
different tilt your head this way right
yes he says if you like to be lopsided
in life if you like to be imbalanced
that line may resonate with you more
than the line that’s like this he says
throw it all depends on individuals your
identity is going to resonate with
something else okay that’s all so is
there somebody that can put a
mathematical equation two different
sacral geometry I mean and if so what
would that be if anything so rephrase
your question so there’s math behind
everything really I mean so can you a
mathematical equation for each type of
sacred geometry like this like my liver
cells or whatever okay yes yes you can
for your liver for your heart each
organ has its own geometry to it so what
can you do with that math to it so think
of geography and math you know when you
are learning like the basics how to do
mapping and the scales oh yeah that
right that are how it changes how it
grows how it progresses or how it
decreases it’s like the help of a
physical body whether you have heart
damage or you have a healthy heart it’s
a scale that has movement with it it’s
never one solid shape it grows it
expands it changes throughout life
because your heart your liver is never
going to be the same as day one it is
something that has the ability to form
as you grow whether it’s forming into a
shape that’s known to humankind or to a
shape that is not identified it’s got
structure to it it’s got identity to it
it’s got energy to it it’s got vibration
energy is much different than vibration
vibration is the level of energy how
much of energy does it carry where is it
vibrating at and so for each line each
paradigm it’s like a wavelength this
wavelength and there’s of course the
amplitude of the wave this is a short
wavelength high amplitude and this is a
low I mean that long wavelength low
amplitude sacred geometry right yes all
the way how can actually see it you
might not see it like you’re seeing a
physical person but you might see it
through vibration you might see like
shadowy air moving around you you might
see through vibration
and so he said that when you to give you
an analogy to better understand this
when you think of rock and roll music
and then you think of songs like
meditation you know water waves calmness
this is a different vibration yeah so
that right there could be that really
low those are the different forms of
sacred geometry is there a lower form
energy yes is there a higher form of
energy yes so how can you how could you
do sacred geometry to heal like say
somebody has a liver condition how would
they help heal with sacred geometry you
intend to go into meditation is one way
and having a vision of shape of an
octagon or a triangle okay well the
shapes bring healing to you and also
squares and envision those shapes
whether you are aware of what the shape
is doing for you if you bring in
Archangel Metatron you will help to
guide the shapes to do the complete work
that they need to do so he says you
don’t have to be aware of all of the
properties within each shape if you’ve
drawn to it use it it’s in your mind for
a reason or the combination of shapes
right I mean go ahead
absolutely triangles circles hearts
these are things that bring healing but
if you’re dealing with a liver issue
it’s gonna be different because this
liver issue may come in because there’s
a really bad relationship that this
person has been in their entire life or
it may be that they have alcohol abuse
and they have caused this and there’s a
lesson that they need to learn how to
get through this right so there’s also
different energy that’s linked to each
case you’re funny he’s talking about
people’s like cases but you
and so he says for each person they’re
gonna they’re gonna identify all right
so can you go online and say I want to
see what’s a called sacred geometry I
can visualize meditate on want to see
the illustration an image because I have
heart disease so you could probably do
that right maybe yes he says yes but if
there is something in that person’s life
that’s keeping that heart disease there
they’re not going to experience a full
healing because there’s something in
their environment that’s causing the
illness okay what is the basic purpose
of sacred sacred geometry communication
one was the main reason okay going you
know he says you can go in and do the
meditation and ask for healing he says
now I do want to want people if you are
going in to ask for healing and you end
up leaving a relationship that’s
challenging for you to leave he says
that’s because you’re being prompted to
do it so you can have healing that leads
you and to change that you may not be
okay with but the change is gonna be
something that’s beneficial in the end
so you might not see the healing
immediately but you’re gonna be drawn to
certain things that are gonna bring you
healing whether it’s leaving a job or
relationship something of that okay dude
are there aliens or other entities that
actually communicate only through sacred
sacred geometry yes absolutely
we have got a number of
extraterrestrials that communicate
through shapes and numbers when you
think about Chinese symbols those are
you know the our alphabet to probably is
although not as complicated exactly
where we going with that thinking about
the numbers that they create and where
the identity came from he says numbers
and shapes came from somewhere it wasn’t
something that was just brought upon
here we originally started creating this
through the help of extraterrestrials oh
he’s talking about not physically having
them there are like on your planet but
then physically communicating through
like mind telepathically not like
invasion of extraterrestrial different
way that they put information into the
human mind it came in from them did not
have any sacred geometry what would
happen would there be no reality I mean
how I mean everything is made up of
geometry there would be no nothing there
would be no trees there would be no
water no print so that is where our
identity begins so how does that relate
to the string theory where string
vibrates and creates the particle or
reality whatever like a tree The Tree of
Life the string then vibrates and
creates different realities different
identities when you think of how can a
string create a different reality or
string a different type of identity it’s
a string think of the string as having
life within it don’t think of it as
being an object he says think of you and
I well obviously but he says think of
sacred geometry as having life
identifying with its energy because it’s
got a vibration it’s a different type of
life that’s not you or I it’s vibration
or circles or whatever in a like a one
geometry pattern are those are those the
strings that vibrate or is that is that
something totally different they are all
different they all have different
qualities different vibrations however
they all connected together so say you
have a circle over here and it’s square
over here and a heart down here
they all look completely different right
right but these things can change they
can merge together and create something
different whether it’s a circle that is
endless it is all implement connect
together so it’s like a pattern that is
do you know what the what is that called
infinity sign looks like oh yeah I’m
doing it the Infinity it does not end
and so it’s a cycle that can change that
can grow big large it can grow in forms
sound it can grow in forms of vibration
it changes every day every second sacred
geometry is changing it resonates at a
certain vibration which is why it’s
becoming more known – okay it’s
beautiful sacred geometry
patterns right all those lines involved
in this ornate sacred geometry pattern
are those the strings of the string
theory or or is that something okay okay
so it’s pretty much the nature of
reality is created by sacred geometry
sacred geometry and it all starts from a
tree image you know that tree and when
you look at a plant you can see whether
it’s little squares little lines in
plants and flowers when you look at
flowers like the circle of them there’s
circles all around flowers there every
little thing that we have your physical
body your physical eyes your know
or mouth yeah the geometry physically
inside and outside yeah all right so do
different powders the sake of geometry
combine to create a different effect or
I mean do do they work – tell me about
that’s like alright Batman wants to be
able to fly like Superman and so what
are they gonna do they’re gonna come
together and they’re gonna have this
merging they don’t lose their identities
of who they are
right they just share powers they now
can both geometry of the Cova 19 virus
and also maybe the collective that’s
panicking panicking about it so let’s
just talk about the sacred geometry and
covered 19 he says wow that’s where it
all begins
he says it begins from something that
has been created and mutated to form and
identify with a vibration of illness he
says this is something that is lower
frequency so this is a great example of
how vibrations are so drastic and can be
so different from when I add one another
from black to white yeah when we
identify with a virus and what causes
what image is doing is it causing
illness is that causing pain
what is so frequency it’s like you know
what hurts he’s talking about like a
Hertz frequency okay Forks bowels like
that type of frequency the lower ones
the ones that can be very purpose it has
a meaning of why
there it’s not that it wants to drain
you it’s not that it wants to cause
epidemic it’s simply that it wants to
teach us a lesson okay all right so um
can we somehow change and sacred
geometry so that it’s not gonna kill as
many people and if so how is to help
people to help the planet to come back
into natural growing we do not know how
to take care of ourselves self-reliance
yeah yeah we’re gonna have another
session on that so you guys can email me
your questions for that but you know
music you know how people use music or
stand-up comedy or whatever dancing to
raise their vibration is that because
it’s somehow affects our sacred geometry
even on the cellular level you are
dancing in a shape whether it’s a shape
of a circular shape it doesn’t have to
be whole or identify with something to
be called a shape he says so as you’re
dancing you’re actually using sacred
geometry and if you find that you dance
yourself in a big low circle you’re
gonna feel whole you’re gonna feel like
you are united I see a collective
instead of like an individual you’re
gonna feel like you belong or do it in a
square if you feel like you need to be
grounded does the 5g thing coming up
does that affect our sacred geometry
yeah how so because you can’t physically
see what is there but sacred geometry is
right in front of you he says that
vibration of Reiji it is a lower
it causes illness to the physical body
causes cancer think of the damage that
it’s putting out there to the universe
that we cannot see with our physical eye
this is why our earth is damaged this is
why the earth is hurting it does affect
the sacred geometry the lights not good
I guess we could just start doll dancing
and triangles protect me protect me and
my sacred geometry place your paper
geometry huh Eric says how about you
start planning stated geometry he’s
literally like planting seeds in the
ground oh like carrots grapes like plant
start start getting natural snake a
geometry going here on earth again that
will help it okay it does damage the
Wi-Fi does damage to the geometry when I
say damage it’s like it’s your skin
think of our skin okay people we have it
right now it’s damaged it’s going to
bleed and so now you have this wounded
hope the layers leading because of think
of radiation you can compare it to like
radiation how radiation damages your
physical body and how it damages many
other things – yeah that type of
frequency is damaging it’s damaging to
the universe it’s damaging to what you
cannot see what can we do yeah not have
it stop using stuff that is not
this is rude damaging years model okay
that’s interesting let’s see how does
how does sacred gem
relate to how our souls connect to
source and to each other I mean you kind
of talked about that early on cellular
DNA and your DNA so he says that’s on a
soul level we talk about our DNA or DNA
is there before we come in you may think
that your DNA comes in from mommy and
daddy you know Eric no no that’s not
where DNA comes from I’m trying so hard
to keep it together today think about
looking under a microscope images I
don’t know breasts and you’re looking at
what grass looks like under a microscope
the little circles but you’re gonna see
are the little lines that you’re gonna
see identify with who you are your sole
DNA okay so double-stranded DNA that
shape what tell me about the sacred
geometry of that I mean the actual
cellular yes yeah no you and you think
like the shape of our sole DNA yeah
you’re thinking it has like this great
shape to it right it has actually what
we consider like shapes circles
something that’s like cool right that’s
not what shape is necessarily I see like
line one line interesting how does it
tie into geometry tie into time or does
it even you know into our chakras I mean
tell me about sacred geometry and the
chakras he’s talking about sacred
geometry at the time again and yes as
well when you think about five o’clock
six o’clock again we’re looking at
you’re looking at also planets he says
you don’t realize how much you identify
with the time of the day with what the
planets are doing where they’re shifting
where they are going
he says those planets are helping to
shift this shapes the dimensions where
all of that sacred geometry is residing
so time morning you think of 7:00 a.m.
morning right right
nighttime we’re going to bed you’re
doing two different things we’ve got a
Sun and we got a moon our planets are
checking right and so when you think
about that shift that’s happening you
are doing different things at a
different time of the day so say you’re
growing from a child to an adult you’re
gonna have a different form of shift a
different form of reality that you’re
gonna be seeing okay
does that help to dumb it down yeah yeah
real quick is we’re almost at a time so
astrology does that have a you know a
sacred geometry to it in its own way yes
the planets it’s oh he’s talking about
the structure the shape the material the
form like cellular DNA where it actually
begins yes yes
okay so does our astrological sign must
have a sacred geometry does that
influence our basic sacred geometry as
an individual and is that why we have
certain personalities you know etc
absolutely 100% when you think about
like a crab for instance cancer you know
some of them can be very emotional and
crabby that’s you know what happens so
you identify with the shape like a crab
you can identify with a symbol
it represents like a scorpion they’re
not very friendly but beyond that you
know you get that personality see he
says see how you can identify with
animals with geometry as symbols such as
the Scorpion or the snails lo the
geometry is that same exact way what
does that shape identify with for you
what does it mean for you it’s very
program everybody mean yes for everybody
that can mean different things or they
could be very identical but it’s
vibration is gonna resonate to the
individual okay good just a couple
questions since each universe have its
own sacred geometry okay there’s like a
universe and a universe with different
sacred geometries that grow and connect
together like the superpowers sharing
superpower together yeah alright so
really I mean you go from small to
infinite even atoms and molecules have a
particular secretary and the cells and
the organs organ systems all that goes
our reality universe is etc right it’s
like you continue to shape differently
all right I’m studying frequencies and
want Eric to share how the frequencies
of the universe can heal people whole
another topic in itself but they vibrate
at a different frequency a vibration
okay for instance like if you are
thinking about chakras each chakra
vibrates at a certain frequency if
you’re using a tuning fork you can use
that sound for your heart chakra say
it’s an aged stomach sound their colors
it’s all changing frequencies to hit
okay we could do those items sounds
music they are not one frequency for
healing for all
all right so somebody wants to know the
significance of the three six nine
you know sequence and how we can use
this in our daily lives tesla referred
to this and i also believe that it is
connected with carbon maybe is it herman
the carbon molecule maybe I don’t know
three six nine he says it identifies
with the carbon but not it is not its
identity but it does identify with it
he’s explaining three six nine as being
a pattern and also as being even when
you think of odd and even this quality
has even qualities to it equal qualities
right he says so they’re trying to
communicate to you that there’s
something of equal quality that’s taking
place or that needs to take place it
also has to do with growth but he’s not
talking about like a human growth he’s
talking about like a cellular growth I
don’t know how to explain this it’s like
a vibrational growth it’s not countable
it is not physical its growth but you
cannot a okay alright so the Fibonacci
sequence such that each number is the
sum of the two preceding ones starting
from zero and one well what does that
relate to sacred geometry
oh sure it says it’s communication yes
it is all communication okay okay okay
the last thing that one person s can we
use sacred geometry flush out limiting
belief systems I guess if you could heal
the sacred geometry you can do that too
right yes absolutely you can and so when
it comes to healing belief systems you
have to really allow yourself to
identify with something new and
disconnect from what you have always
known so there’s different steps to it
this is a huge part that can help you
with healing just begin with meditation
and envisioning the shapes to come to
you releasing energy is what you really
want to work on because when you release
something that you’ve known you’ve got
to have room to have growth so if you
don’t release that you won’t have growth
oh I know take a drama tree you have to
be able to have it grow around you okay
wow we could do a whole thing on healing
and frequencies and sacred geometry in
healing so last but not least how can we
best use sacred geometry in our day to
day lives
pay attention to symbols pay attention
to license plates pay attention to and
do what was that information what do we
do with that information what it means
to you he says pay attention to your
mind am i really drawn to looking at
this square for so much why am I really
drawn to looking at triangles what does
it mean to you he says at that point if
it doesn’t mean anything to you he says
then you go and you look it up because I
really find that beings resonate with
you he says it’s a way of communication
whether this is from the gods your
guides your loved ones extraterrestrials
he says it’s a way of communication
these can be signs or warnings these can
be signs of happy times he says it
depended it depends on what’s going on
during that time whether
there’s like catastrophe in your life or
happiness in your life
yeah thoughts also having your own
sacred geometry right so beware of your
thoughts because sacred geometry is
pretty much the building block right of
reality yeah we could even go into
action and how it’s related to don’t
have time so your thoughts carry energy
yeah that energy is forming sacred
geometry it’s a bat bot like that color
black and white you can be very blackish
if it’s black or if it’s a positive
thought you could be very white okay no
think about that all right thank you
guys you guys check out raylene at angel
medium number seven calm which i’ll put
thank you Ray lean and let’s talk about
what this is kind of cool we can do a
whole thing on mmm sacred geometry
frequency healing kovat 19 nick cetera
y’all be safe out there I love you the
Erik I love you really
bye I love you love you think everybody
Erik says bye bye bye
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