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Enjoy this channeled message about 2012 from Kiesha, Little Grandmother.


Happy New Year all!

Sorry about the inconvenience,but Kristina says I should not have you all fill the other nomination sites with specific choices, because those will obviously get the same number of votes, jeopardizing our chances to win. Also, I gave you the wrong URL. It has recently changed. So, if you feel Channeling Erik has added anything positive to your life, please RE-nominate our blog at this link: 2012.bloggi.es, or click on the button located in the sidebar to the right. Please cast your ballot for the following (you have to nominate three blogs for every category for which you cast a ballot. Just pick random blogs by searching under “religion blogs” or Spirituality blogs,” and “Fashion blogs.” If you’ve already voted, your second vote will erase your first. I know it takes some effort, but this is super important to all of us!

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Best Fashion or Beauty Blog


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Best Designed Blog



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You can only vote once. Be sure to check your email for the verification so your vote will count! Also, get your friends to vote: Facebook, email, twitter, etc.



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Elisa Medhus

  • Anonymous

    Love the video, and am multi-tasking as we speak and bringing up “2012 Bloggies” in Google as I type this. I will vote–with earnest devotion–for Channeling Erik in the appropriate categories, and PrettyShinySparkly in the fashion category.

    Hope you and your family took time last night to slow down and center yourself for what will most certainly be–for all of us–a year of transitions. I managed to remember to do it before my girls left for their dads, and I’m glad I did. I have a lot of hard things to do this year, and helping them be better emotionally prepared will help me to remain balanced and calm.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Joanne

    Hi Elisa,
    Thanks so much for the link, a quick glimpse at some of news headlines today, all fear based before the year has even begun, and then this, so I’m choosing to go with Kiesha, Little Grandmother .
    Happy new Year everyone, may the challenges flow a little easier, may you have many, many moments of joy and wonder , peace and love.

  • Andy B

    Hi everyone. That video is just what I needed to see and hear right now as i’ve felt changes in my life over the last few years building slowly but with more pace recently . For the last few years i’ve had euphoric-feeling ‘flashes’ that i’ve mentioned before Elisa, split second zaps of being some place beautiful or a feeling indescribably amazing, and Erik gave a very comforting message a few months back regarding them saying they were from my higher self…they’re getting more frequent now with less intensity than when I first had them, but the euphoric feeling lasts longer. I wonder if any other blog members have had similar ‘flashes’ of pure love and peace?

    I’ve also gone through a period of detatchment in the last few months, where i’ve felt a natural urge to let go of things from my past in order for me to be able to move forward, and also to get past the ego and get honest and transparent with myself. Just an urge for great change in my life really.

    The reason i’m writing this is that all the flashes i’ve had and the detatchment, though natural, do make me feel ever more ‘different’ in the world…but that video and the whole Channelling Erik blog, which I read daily, help me remember why i’m really here in my little earthly bio suit…and that this isn’t my home at all…i’m just away from spirit on a residential college course. So thank you all for this site.

    Happy 2012 x

    • Patrick

      Welcome to the Euphoria Flash Club. It’s growing exponentially.

  • Patrick

    “Pole shift” does not equal pole reversal. There will be a wobble around the axis of the earth’s rotation. This will cause the magnetic poles to move erratically, disturbing navigation and making air & sea travel very difficult. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will be the result of crust shift and also spark the earth’s rotational “precession”. (Google/Bing it)

  • entry done!

  • Happy 2012 to u!

  • Hi Elisa,

    Thanks for the nomination! I will definitely be voting for you and Erik.

  • I voted!!! I confirmed my ballot just a second ago. Thanks for making it easy, Mama Medhus 🙂 -Nellie

  • Hi Andy,
    I got my first of those euphoric flashes last month. It was indescribable..and only lasted for a minute or so..but it blew me away. So maybe we are all heading into realignment with our eternal selves. If that is “different”..I am thrilled. so lets get comfy in our bio suits and rocket to the stars! Love you all!!!!!

  • HSB

    I tried, but their stupid website loaded so slowly that it took 10 minutes to scroll down to the end of the page and then it wouldn’t submit. Do we have to fill out nominations for every single category? (Ironically, I want to nominate them for worst designed website).

    • LOL! No you don’t have to nominate for each category–only the religion/spirituality, the fashion one (for my daughter’s great blog: http://www.prettyshinysparkly.com) the one for best kept secret and the last one: the overall. YOu just have to fill the extra spots on those four categories with blogs of the same category–you can do this by goggling fashion blogs and religion blogs or spirituality blogs. I found that filling out the bottom (email and capcha code) first keeps it from freezing up. THen go up and fill in the sites. If it gets to be too much, don’t do it. I don’t want to put anyone out. I know how frustrating it can be and I wish they would just allow us to fill out only the sites we like.

      • HSB

        Thanks for the hints, Elisa! I managed to do it this time. I still had the problem of it taking 10 minutes to scroll through the page, but found it easier to just click on the catetories on the left hand side.

        By the way, I spent a few hours yesterday on your daughter’s blog – prettyshinysparkly.com. Love it! What a talented bunch you are! I’m afraid her blog inspired a bit of a shopping trip to Sephora on my part…. ooops! 🙂

  • Andy B

    Wow, thank you all… it’s really comforting to know other’s are experiencing the same flashes of euphoric love…it truly is way beyond indescribable but only because it’s not properly of this planet, as of yet…I feel alot lighter when they happen aswell…

    And Elisa…luckily I get the flashes with or without my long mac on…. 🙂

  • LOL!!! Sorry!

    • Patricia Schuren

      Thankyou Andy so well said. I have felt those exact feelings.

  • LP

    Andy B, I have been feeling this same way. I thought it was just myself going through this and I thought I was ‘losing my mind’…lol. Really though, I also get feelings ‘not being here’ or ‘feeling above’; almost like ‘out of body’….
    At times, when I speak to others about my Spirituality, I feel ‘high’ and then a feeling like I am going to ‘pass out’…it’s all good though; it does not scare me. But at first I thought to myself, ‘maybe I should go see my doctor or even a psychiatrist’….lol! And then I thought about it; this must be what ‘being with One feels like’.
    Anyhow, thank you for sharing that; I thought I was the only one….. : )

  • Alan Wake

    Hi Elisa,

    I was attempting to contact you in the forums. I think there might be a bug as I didn’t see my post. I would like to ask a question privately. Is that possible?

    • You can email me, but know that I spend 3-4 hours a day answering emails so please keep them short. It’s becoming a bit overwhelming. My email is emedhus@gmail.com.

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