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I finally returned from my trip late last night. I’m glad to be home because, although it was a fantastic trip, it’s the longest I’ve been away from home. I missed my kids, my grandkids and Bella so much. First, we went to Norway to visit Rune’s relatives. Then, after five days, we went to Barcelona to explore my roots and were fortunate enough to get a tour of the famous Barraquer Clinic, the birthplace of modern ophthalmology. Elena Barraquer, my cousin, treated us to a wonderful Spanish lunch afterwards. Then we went on a three week Mediterranean cruise. It was a bit of a cattle cruise, but visiting Pompeii and driving along the Amalfi coast were the highlights. We were stuck in port for 36 hours because of a tragic incident. The crew was doing a lifeboat drill when something went terribly wrong. Four crew members were inside the covered boat and one was in the doorway. Another female crew member accidentally pushed the wrong button, causing the boat to release rapidly. The guy in the doorway, a 42 year old man from the Philippines with a wife and children, was killed instantly when his head crashed into the top of the doorway, snapping his neck. Two others are still in critical condition in the hospital. The sad thing is that the deceased victim’s family will only be compensated with a year’s pay, which is a mere pittance. Finding out that, I don’t want to sail with that company again. 

Please pray for all the victims and their families. Glad to be back, guys. I missed you!

Here are several short topics for today’s Best of Erik:

Topic #1

Me: Let’s see if we have time for one more question. Infants and young children: how do they appear to us when they cross over?

Erik: That depends on the spirit’s journey. If they died as an infant, they might choose to grow up with the family so as every year passes you’ll see them grow just like a human would. There are sometimes, though, like if they pass at age six, the next time you see them they look like a young adult. They’re coming across as who they naturally were. Others might pass when they’re 10 and want to reincarnate as a baby into the same family so they regress year by year for ten years. So, it’s different how you’ll be able to view them. What you really need to focus on is the connection of their name of how they were identified on Earth and their relation to you, and just accept that how they choose to present themselves is what they want and what they need to grow through.

Me: Well, when I cross over, are you going to be the Erik I remember or what do you want to do?

Erik: Oh yeah, yeah. I’m staying put like I am.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Oh good!

Jamie: I’ll make you a young mom when you get here.

Me: Get your industrial strength airbrush and Bondo ready.

Topic #2

Me: Suicide numbers are really increasing at an alarming rate. I wonder if some are subconsciously choosing to leave because they can help with the Shift more from the next dimension. Greater leverage there maybe?

Erik: They can. I bet it’s not related to the fact that they know can help more once they die, but they know they just don’t want to go through it.

Me: Oh, I bet.

Erik: So, you know, they just get out a little early.

Me: Yeah, and leave us all to be in the foxholes by ourselves. Like rats leaving a sinking ship. Oh well; it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Erik: That somebody is us.

Me (heaving a deep sigh): I know.

Topic #3

Me: How are you, Erik?

Jamie: He’s doing great, and he has his humor pants on today.

Me: That could mean trouble. Are you going give us a ride for our money?

Erik: Could be. That’s how my day’s been so far.

Me: Good! You in a good mood?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, we were talking about Bipolar Disease earlier, but I forgot to ask about those who, when they’re manic, get very aggressive and angry. What about those? They don’t seem, um, unlike the others, how could they be connected to Source during their manic phases?

Jamie: He’s giving me a visual that I don’t even know how to explain! It looks lie a person who’s stuck in a piece of artwork. It’s very dark on one side and very colorful on the other side, but the person is stuck in the middle. There appears to be a bubble or an outline where the person cannot touch the color and cannot touch the dark, so they cannot interact in either dimension or either side.

Erik: There’s nothing to ground themselves in except real dense human vibration which is anger force, jealousy. That’s where you really get a huge mind fuck. That’s where you can’t feel. You can’t feel anything, Mom. You’re being robbed of that sensation and, you know, you don’t sit around like a baby lamb and say, oh, look at me. I’m so helpless. Come hold me. Come love me. Cuz you can’t even feel that. You don’t know what to ask for except to get angry at everything, even inanimate objects. You get angry at them, and they haven’t done anything to you.

Me: Yeah. How terrible for them.

Jamie: He gives me such a cool visual. I wish I could explain it more.

Me: Well, I get a good idea. Anything else about that?

Erik: Nah. Next question?

Topic #4

Me: Okay, let’s talk about money. Why does money come so easy to some people and so hard to others? Does it come back to the whole thought creates reality thing? Is it a karma or past life thing? What’s it all about, Erik?

Erik: Well, if it’s a karma thing, you first have to believe in karma and you have to believe in past and future lives and believe in a linear time frame.

Me: Well, that’s true. Karma is a human construct.

Erik: Yeah, so let’s just shit on all that.

Erik: Really, it’s just wrapped into the lesson that they’re trying to grasp. It’s based on the way people perceive money. If—

Jamie (Erik): So that goes together?

Erik:—based on how you perceive money and what your lesson is on how money will play a role in your life—that same way as with relationships. That same way as how you perceive relationships is how it’s going to show up in your life again. If people love money and embrace it and have a healthy relationship, it tends to show up more often, and it can show up as gifts where it’s given to you or you work for it or as opportunities. Different, different, different ways. But those who say money comes so hard to them, that they can never make it, and they struggle in life for it, they feel like they’re being robbed or taught a lesson in life to be in poverty—trust me, even if they are in poverty, they haven’t felt it yet, because they won’t let themselves see their own reality. They keep the hope glasses and they victimize other people—”It’s other people’s fault that I’m this way. They don’t like me.” It’s just because they won’t look at themselves. It’s so true, Mom! You watch it; you see it in other people. They blame other people for exactly what they’re doing.

Me: Yes, I do. Exactly.


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