The Afterlife Interview with Lao Tzu, Part 2

Okay, I feel like an idiot. I think I mentioned this already, but I accidentally entitled Part One, “Lao Tse Tung.” Like “Mao Tse Tung,” the murderous communist dictator. Thanks to blog member, Adele, who brought it to my attention, I quickly changed it, hopefully before the haters had a chance to attack! 

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Enjoy last night’s show at your leisure. Kim Voigt, from, did a great job channeling Erik on the topic and his answers to questions from listeners. The interview with Lao follows.

Now, it’s Lao Tzu’s turn. Veronica did a great job channeling him! Check her out at

Here’s the transcript! Don’t forget to let the YouTube run so I can get what little ad revenue I can. You can mute it while it runs, of course.

Elisa:    Hello, Ms. Vee.

Veronica:  Well, hello there.  How are you?

Elisa:   I’m doing fine.  Gonna turn you up a little bit.  Testing 1, 2, 3, 4.  So, we are going to finish up with Lao Tzu something-or- other, Sung or something.  You want to do that, part 2?

Veronica:  I do, I do, but first I want to tell you your boy—okay—we love your boy—

Elisa:  Mm hm.

Veronica:  –but I’m gonna tell you, he has been in the space like nobody’s business.  I, I, quick story! Do I have time for a really quick story?

Elisa:  Yeah, fine.

Veronica:  An Erik story?

Elisa:  I don’t think this is going to take a whole hour anyway.

Veronica:  I’m in bed, okay?  It’s the middle of the night.  I get up to go to the bathroom.  I always leave a light on over the top of my kitchen sink, always.  I mean, always, okay? It’s just what we do.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  You can see down the hallway from where I’m going to the bathroom.  Light’s on.  I see it.  I get back in bed.  I get up several hours later—because I’m old—to go to the bathroom again, and the light’s off.  And so I thought, well, maybe the bulb blew out.  So, I go out in the kitchen.  Sure enough, I turn the switch on, and the light goes on.  So then I thought, okay, maybe my husband turned it off.  So, I get up in the morning and I said, “Did you turn that light off?”  “No, I did not go out in the kitchen.”  And then I hear Erik say, “I told you I’d get you.” (laughs)

Elisa:  Uh-oh.  That little rat!

Veronica:  Turned my light off.  I couldn’t believe it!

Elisa:  Oh, you know what he did to Marla, one of the attendees last weekend?

Veronica:  Hm.

Elisa:  A couple of things.  She went to his grave and took pictures, and then she left, and she noticed that the photo was in her favorites file, and she said, “I never use my, I never put it in,” so I guess he’s got a big head.

Veronica:  (laughing) Erik [unintelligible]

Elisa:  And then also when she was about to board her plane, she said, “Okay, Erik, just, like, prank me one more time on my way home.  Put me in first class,” and it’s like, okay.  So, she looked at her boarding pass on her mobile phone, and it changed from Group 2 boarding, seat 11D to Group 1, seat 1A, first class!

Veronica:  I’m asking for that prank when I fly to Houston! (laughs).

Elisa:  I’m gonna do it when we go to Norway.  Oh, my God, (singing).  Okay, well, we’ll get started.

Veronica:  Okay.

Elisa:  Hi, Erik, I love you.

Erik:  I love you too.

Veronica:  He’s doing a little tweaky thing to your cheek.

Erik:  I love you too.

Elisa:  My baby.  Ok, we’re going to have part 2 of Mr. Lao, which I think means old teacher, old man.  So, we’ve already asked so many questions, but would you mind getting him for us, Baby?  Go fetch, fetch, fetch! My little puppy.

Veronica:  Erik is joking.

Erik:  He’s a master.  You think he doesn’t know to come in?

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.  That’s true.

Veronica:  The bells are ringing, so here, we’re off.  It’s like the horse races here, and so we have him here.

Elisa:  Well, hello and thank you so much, oh wise one.  I say that because I have a hard time pronouncing your name, so I’ll just call you the wise dude.  Is that okay?

Lao Tzu:  It isn’t about what you call me.  You can call me whatever you want.

Elisa:  Well, I’m sure there are certain things you wouldn’t want me to call you, but—

Lao Tzu:  Of love.

Elisa:  ―thank you.  I have so much respect for you, and I’m so grateful that you are here to just help us, with your wisdom, to navigate this very often difficult human experience.  Now, let’s see.  Lemme, I’ve got the usual spiritually based questions that I will save to the end, but one thing that’s at the top of the page.  What do you think about our little rascal Erik and his Channeling Erik.

Veronica:  Think about what?  You cut out.

Elisa:  Because my, someone keeps beeping on my phone.  What do you think about Erik, the little rascal, and what he’s doing with Channeling Erik?

Veronica:  So, they’re actually facing each other, and they both, as I see them, they both kinda smiled at each other, and they kinda did this (gesturing).

Lao Tzu:  Erik is doing the work of a master.  Shining light and he’s healing, and that’s really all that we can know to do as a master.  It’s what we live and breathe.

Elisa:  So, you gonna give him a pay raise?

Veronica:  (laughing)  He works for his food, he says.  He has a sense of humor!

Elisa:  Oh!

Veronica:  Lao Tzu has a sense of humor and, of course, Erik, you know.

Elisa:  Yeah, uh huh.  Well, so, here’s a blog member question:  “Will the world be enlightened when unification comes out, and will this lead to worldwide peace or anarchy?”  I don’t even know what “the unification” is.  Do you?

Veronica:  I don’t but I’m going to ask what that means. So the answer is this:

Lao Tzu:  Why is it that humans always have to wait for something to happen—

Elisa:  Mm.

Lao Tzu:  ―before they realize that enlightenment is always within them.  It isn’t one specific incident.  It isn’t one specific time period.  It is an evolution inside the individual.

Elisa:  And probably the collective, too.  I mean, it’s not something external to us, that we’re waiting for something outside of us to happen.  Ah, I get it.

Veronica:  Mm hm. Yep.

Elisa:  That’s pretty cool.  Okay.  Would you reason that no one on earth been able to improve your work?  No scientist even has seen the Tao is the way the cosmos works.  I’m reading word for word.

Lao Tzu:  Be sure this is not my work.  This does not belong to me.  I am merely the voice, the conduit.  I am the bringer of light just as each and every one of you are.  I am here to simplify. My role was to be the common voice for simplicity.

Elisa:  Oh, nice.  (reading blog member’s question) Could you maybe tell us something how part of human change into these abstract gray aliens after enlightenment, and what happens to other people after enlightenment? So, I’m not sure, because there’s some typos or whatever.  Can you tell something about how humans will change into these abstract gray aliens after, what, how part of humans will change.  Oh, my God, you, you know what [unintelligible]

Veronica:  There’s no arrogance in me at all.  If anyone knows me, there’s no arrogance, but I’m going to tell ya, I’m not going to answer that.  I’m not even going to ask him that question.

Elisa:  Okay, okay.

Veronica:  I just won’t.  It just, it doesn’t make any sense.  My heart constricted on it.

Elisa:  Oh, okay, okay.

Veronica:  I just don’t want to.

Elisa:  Maybe it’s the gray aliens that freak you out.

Veronica:  Yeah.  I don’t know, but I just—

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  It’s not relevant.  Just move along.

Elisa:  I think this is from the same per—well, I’m not sure.  It is documented that Lao Tzu said, “The whole universe surrenders, and empty yourself of everything.  Let your mind become still.”  My question is, in our modern world, in modern times, we are busy, distracted, struggle to have faith to surrender or to still the mind.  The modern answer to solve this is to meditate and practice mindfulness, which is good.  But I want to ask a deeper question to this from your perseverative, Lao Tzu, and this is it:  “Why are humans living against nature, against themselves, and in a dance of duality?  Is it only for the evolution of the soul?  Are we on Earth, the host for the yin, the black side, and the yang, the white side, in this part of the universe?  Or is duality simply another illusion?  Are we just acting out God’s dream in this darker form?

Veronica:  Wow.

Elisa:  That’s a, that’s a mouthful.  How can you remember the first part of this deal?

Veronica:  So, the first thing he says to me is this:

Lao Tzu:  What you are experiencing is what you created.  This place that you live, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, is created by you.  The universe is nature.  Nature is perfect precision.  It follows a pattern, a consistency, and it knows its opposite.  Just look at your seasons.  Look at your tides come in and go out.  Everything is duality.  Everything has an opposite.  Humans get carried away with free will and choice.  It’s nothing to do with the Creator.  The Creator is not one that sits up and has this piece of, this hammer of sort that’s going to come down on you.  The Creator loves you so much, the Creator said, “Here, go create. Be an extension of myself.”

Elisa:  So, we’ve gone rogue!

Erik:  Of course we have.  Everybody’s going crazy like chickens with their heads cut off because everybody, including religions, think they have the answer, and religions are scaring the shit out of people.

Veronica:  Erik, thank you.

Elisa:  Okay.  Gotta put in the “S” bomb every once in a while.

Veronica:  Yeah, or something.

Elisa:  Is this an illusion, what we’re living now in the 3D?

Lao Tzu:  “Is this an illusion?” How would you have me answer that?  Well, I will say this:  What’s real?  What does real mean to you?  If this is an illusion, what do you call real?  Why would you call this an illusion?

Veronica:  That’s what he says.

Elisa:  (Bella the Yorkie barking in background) Oh, sorry.  Can’t you just give me the answer? Okay—

Lao Tzu:  No.  If you must know the answer, no, this is not an illusion.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Lao Tzu:  This is not a dress rehearsal.  This is, this part, this compartment of your total existence is real as it is right now.  But so is the next dimension, and so is the next dimension.

Elisa:  Okay, interesting.  All right, got that big one off our list.  (reading blog member’s question)  Would you agree that our world today has lost the path, the goal being a stable society and harmony, and what can we do to set the world right again.  I’m gonna mute while you answer because in case the dogs—

Lao Tzu:  The answer is that each master must clean their own house and be responsible for tidying up theirself [sic].  It is not about cell is not about somebody looking in other people’s windows and worrying about their business and tidying up their lives.  We are so obsessed in this world, in this human world.

Veronica:  And he says “we” intentionally because he walks among us.

Lao Tzu:  As we go through the motions of worrying and looking and observing other people, we lose sight of who we are and then we get lost in building the façade.  That might be what you refer to as the illusion.

Elisa:  Oh, yes.  The layers that cover up—

Veronica:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  Our authentic self.

Veronica:  Yes.

Elisa:  The armor we have created to—

Veronica:  Exactly.

Elisa:  Live up to the expectations of whatever is external out there.

Veronica:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  Do you see our world becoming a paradise one day? (phone dinging) I’m going to tell this person to stop—

Lao Tzu:  My dear ones, your world is already a paradise.  It’s just a choice you’re not making.  Do you understand that freedom lives in the choice that you make?  The prison that you keep yourself in is self-imposed.  Because you live in a world where this is right and that is wrong.  That’s not true.  There just is.  When you judge something, it takes on a dark meaning.

Elisa:  Hm. Even if we judge it for good, in a positive way?

Lao Tzu:  Why does it need to be judged?  That’s your—

Elisa:  Well, [unintelligible] We need to judge.  We need to sort.  We need to compare.  We need to label.  And yes, why do we have to do all those things?

Lao Tzu:  Hence, the world you live in.  Therein lies the issue.

Elisa:  But why are humans, why do humans do all of those different verbs I’ve spouted off?

Lao Tzu:  Fear, and because they have the chance and the opportunity and the free will to do it.  You always have a choice.  People who say they don’t have choices, they’re not looking at the big picture.

Elisa:  Okay.  All right.  Well, that’s true.  Interesting.  Okay.  (reading blog member’s question)  What does he have to say about how Asian and Chinese thought and culture have developed?  Almost finished!

Lao Tzu:  So, I see no distinction.  Why would I see distinction?  I’m not somebody

that says, well, this group has that and that group has this.  I see us as the collective, as the whole, as the one.  Why is it that you must have distinction in your world? When one evolves, we all evolve.  As the Chinese, as you call it, evolve and learn more, it is then pushed out into the world energetically, so that the whole world can enjoy.

Veronica:  He’s very passionate, very, like it’s almost like he got larger than life in here, and I can see his heart space, like, doing this (gesturing).

Elisa:  Wow.  That’s—

Veronica:  He’s really, I guess if a master would get angry.  I’m not saying, because this is me saying it, but he’s so impassioned about why, why is it just this group of people?

Elisa:  Well, I mean, like I said, we compare and we sort.

Veronica:  Yep.

Elisa:  And we label.  So, we gotta stop that!

Erik:  We don’t, we don’t, we don’t!

Veronica:  Erik’s waving his hand.
Elisa:  Oh, I know.  Such a good boy.  And you really didn’t do much of that when you were here on earth, Erik.

Veronica:  He was a very sweet soul.

Erik:  I was really misunderstood.

Elisa:  Mm hm [unintelligible]

Erik:  But no more.

Elisa:  Hm?

Erik:  But no more.

Elisa:  Yeah, I understood you.  I really did.  Maybe not as much as you wanted, but— (reading blog member’s question)  How did you become so advanced spiritually?

Veronica:  I didn’t like the destruction around me, and so I chose to go to a place where I could control the destruction, and that was—

Elisa:  Wow.

Veronica:  ―within.

Elisa:  Control the destruction within.  We all need to do that, but how?  How do we go within and control the destruction.  I think part of it is we have to be totally vulnerable and emotionally honest with yourself.  No, I mean, clear away the BS.  Really try to get your little pick like a miner and just mine away the BS. and find the true authentic self.

Lao Tzu:  The word is “detachment.”

Elisa:  Okay.

Lao Tzu:  Release yourself from any attachment and any meaning and any definition of what should or could be.  The reason people create this spiraling world is because they have an expectation, and they’re attached to an outcome, and when that outcome doesn’t produce the way they feel like it should produce, all hell breaks loose, so to speak.

Elisa:  Mm.  So, you can sort of just look inward and detach yourself from all the BS that we’ve been fed in our lives—

Veronica:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  ―and try to get to our core self.  Is that what you’re saying?  Almost like being a reporter with a notebook.  Hm, how curious, let me see, and being an inner astronaut, an inner explorer.

Lao Tzu:  What I’ll tell you is that all we have is this moment, and in this moment there is pure perfection.

Elisa:  Mm.

Lao Tzu:  And this moment, we have this.  And in this moment, we have this.  And in this moment, we have this.   We only have the moment.  When we go back or when we go forward in projection, we begin fear.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Lao Tzu:  Fear for what if, fear for should have.  Moment-to-moment living.  That is the hardest thing any human being will do.

Elisa:  Yeah.  So, dread and regret pretty much are the instigators of all that inner chaos, inner destruction?

Lao Tzu:  Well, let me get clear on—let’s take regret.  You can’t know what it is to not be regretful until you know regret.

Elisa:  Mm.

Lao Tzu:  It doesn’t exist without its opposite.  In fact, nothing exists without its opposite.  Because you wouldn’t know it was hot if you didn’t know cold, so you wouldn’t know peace if you didn’t know war.  Now you see both sides of it.  Now you have a choice—what will you do?

Elisa:  Exactly, wow.  All right, this is the last question before we start our basic ones, the spiritual ones:  “Does a life saturated by self-perpetuated drama and erroneous judgment have meaning, and does the concept of truth have an authenticity to one who is unable to perceive it? Well, those are two questions.  Let’s talk about the first one.  So, I think every life has meaning, right? But a life saturated by self-perpetuated drama and erroneous judgment.  What kind of meaning does that have?

Lao Tzu:  It has the meaning that you assign to it.  But remember, you came in because you chose to experience certain things, and you will use your free will, and if you don’t know chaos, you can’t know peace.  And so, the soul’s whole purpose for coming here is to experience itself.  The whole purpose that God, Source put us here was so that it could experience itself, and so because we are a piece of what created us, we must experience ourselves as a soul—.

Elisa:  Yes—

Lao Tzu:  ―in all of these increments.

Elisa:  We’re a whole and part of God, of Source.

Lao Tzu:  Yes.
Elisa:  All right, the second part:  “Does the concept of truth have any authenticity to one who is unable to perceive it?”  It’s an interesting question.

Veronica:  Mm.

Lao Tzu:  Truth is subjective.

Elisa:  Oh!

Lao Tzu:  Just like—

Elisa:  Yeah, you can have your own truth, right.  But aren’t there some absolute truths—

Veronica:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  ―like love is all there is?

Lao Tzu:  There are universal truths.

Elisa:  Ah, yeah [unintelligible]

Lao Tzu:  You want to know what they are?

Elisa:  Yeah.

Lao Tzu:  Look to nature.

Elisa:  [unintelligible] giving me the answer.  Yes.

Lao Tzu:  Look to nature.   You want a truth?  Everything happens at the right time.  The leaves fall off the tree at exactly the right time.  You cannot force a rosebud open and think you’re going to get a rose if you peel back the layers.  It only happens in divine time.  The human comes in and thinks they must force their life instead of letting it unfold and open.

Elisa:  Yeah, because if you just force things then you don’t have that beautiful facet of uncertainty that could lead you to opportunities that you would not have seen if you’re just a freight train pushing through life.

Veronica:  Mm hm.  Exactly.

Elisa:  All right.  So, here’s the questions:  “What was your spiritual mission as a human,” as the wise dude?

Lao Tzu:  To get people to think.  To get them to think in a way that supported them as spiritual beings.  I presented them with ways that were well beyond my time, and only people who were ready to hear what I had to say would show up, and then they would take it in and process it, so I was the teacher of sorts to wake up humanity.

Elisa:  Oh, wow.

Lao Tzu:  And my work is still doing that.

Elisa:  Wow, that’s—

Lao Tzu:  But I take no credit for it, as I mentioned earlier.

Elisa:  Yeah, you don’t need it.  You’re perfect just like Veronica is and I am.

Veronica:  Yep.

Elisa:  We know you’re all that and a bag of chips!  Okay, so, I’m writing down on your notes that I need to remember to take Bella out to pee.  How sacrilegious!  Okay, were you here on Earth to learn something as a human? [unintelligible]

Lao Tzu:  I was here on Earth to learn something as a soul.   That’s the whole reason all of us come here on Earth.  My soul lessons—

Elisa:  Yeah.

Lao Tzu:  ―were all about healing what it is that I came in with, what it is that I struggled with.  And those personal struggles were something that I carried with me just like you do, from life to life to life.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.  Mm hm.  All right, so what was the overarching lesson that you came here to learn? Or was there one?

Lao Tzu:  Compassion.

Elisa:  Ah, okay.  That’s a good one.

Veronica:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  And, of course, this is kinda obvious:  Did you accomplish that in that lifetime, and I’m sure you did, right?

Lao Tzu:  Yes.

Elisa:  Do you have, I mean, trying to look through a human’s perspective, do you have any regrets about that last life?

Lao Tzu:  I regret that I didn’t start it sooner, although I wouldn’t call it a regret because everything is divine timing, but in human terms—

Elisa:  Yeah.

Lao Tzu:  ―if you’ll have me voice a regret, it would be that.  I stood up and I spoke up because I didn’t like the way humanity was unfolding.  I didn’t like the way politics were unfolding, the way people were doing this and doing that.  This hand’s doing this while that hand’s doing that.  I didn’t like the injustice and the unfairness.  I personalized it because I was human.

Elisa:  Was there—

Lao Tzu:  I had to then go somewhere internally, so that I could be anointed with divine awakening.

Elisa:  Well, what was the ultimate trigger, or the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back that happened to put you on that new path?

Lao Tzu:  Political crimes.  People paying to get their way.

Elisa:  Oh, god, that’s awful, ugh.  Did you have any interesting insights when you transitioned, I mean, after you got to where you are now?

Lao Tzu:  I realized that I brought my peace with me.

Elisa:  Ah.

Lao Tzu:  And that was good as it gets.  So, I was living my peace.

Elisa:  That’s great.

Veronica:  Yeah, that’s beautiful.

Elisa:  Okay, can you share another life that you lived that most influenced your one as the wise dude?

Lao Tzu:  I was always looking for answers.  I was always searching, and I was most akin to Socrates and Plato.  I felt very connected, a deep kinship, if you will, a oneness.

Elisa:  Yeah.  Okay, so what was the life that you lived that you led that most influenced your life—

Lao Tzu:  I was a pen.  I was a pen.

Elisa:  Oh!

Lao Tzu:  I wrote.

Erik:  We might liken it to a journalist or a reporter.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Erik:  He covered current events.

Elisa:  So, not an actual pen or quill but a—

Veronica:  No, he was like the pen.  He wrote the messages down that, that.  He doesn’t use terminology like we would use now.  I mean, I suppose he could—

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica:  ―but he’s not.

Elisa:  Okay.  Well, that’s good.  Keep us guessing!  Have you reincarnated here in our time?
Lao Tzu:  No.

Erik:  Well, hold on, hold on.

Veronica:  He wants Lao Tzu to talk a little more about that.

Lao Tzu:  As somebody who has achieved the level, the dimensions that I have achieved, I do, as I mentioned, walk among you.

Elisa:  Hm.

Lao Tzu:  Now, it’s nothing as sci-fi as I inherit or inhibit [sic] somebody else’s body.  I am an energy that permeates the thoughts that weaves myself in the fabric of the collective, and so it becomes one person talks about me, such as you are, and then one person goes and learns more about me, and then one person goes—that’s how I am reincarnated.

Elisa:  That is so cool.  Can you weave yourself more into my shit?

Veronica:  I get it.  Yeah, I’m raising my hand on that one.

Elisa:  Yeah, I know.  So, do you have any final messages for humanity or for any of us individually or whatever?

Veronica:  (laughing) Erik, Erik goes, “Say this, say this.”

Erik:  Tell them we’re not going to hell in a handbasket.  That dreadful phrase that we all use.

Veronica:  And the two of them are laughing.

Lao Tzu:  Just trust that the only hell that you’ll ever experience is the one you’re putting yourself through right now.

Elisa:  That’s right.  We create our own hell.  We might blame it on other people, but we still are responsible for how we react to that, so—

Erik:  Hell in a handbasket.

Veronica:  He’s laughing.

Erik:  Hell in a handbasket—where the hell did that come from?

Elisa:  I don’t know.  I’m going to have to look that up!  All right, so can you share anything about yourself that almost everybody does not know?  Like, Madame Curie sewed a little teddy bear inside of her big fluffy skirt.  Like, do you smell your socks when you take ‘em off.  We wanna know!

Veronica:  He says that he is, was—because you always are—a little bit OCD, obsessive compulsive.  He likes things just such.

Elisa:  Oh!

Lao Tzu:  Now, if you have attachment to things, if you’re looking for inside scoop on me, that’s something I work on.

Elisa:  Okay, interesting.  Anything else? Erik, do you want to, or Veronica, do you want to ask any questions before we close?

Veronica:  I guess I’m curious about what he sees politically for us.

Elisa:  You talk about hell in a handbasket right there!

Veronica:  While I talk about that, Erik is, like, going like, “Go ahead, go ahead.  Go there, go there,” he says.  Now I have to tell you, I am not a political person.  I’m not an idiot.  I read.  I keep my mouth quiet.  I sent energy.

Lao Tzu:  Where we’re at right now politically—

Veronica:  And I feel like I’m going to cry with this.

Lao Tzu:  Where we’re at right now was the same place we were at when I was walking the earth.  I couldn’t take any more.  I felt as if I would burst open.  I couldn’t trust one side, the other, or even the middle.  I began to doubt myself, and the only saving grace I had was to go within inside of me and ask what was in the highest and greatest good, and then come out and support that.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Lao Tzu:  That’s all we have.
Elisa:  There’s so much petty, evil—oh, it’s just awful.

Lao Tzu:  All of it.  It’s a cesspool, it’s a cesspool, and every corner of it.

Veronica:  And he is absolutely right, and Erik and I were talking about this earlier.

Erik:  We cannot look to any side to fix this.  We have got to step up and take responsibility for who we are as people.  And when something happens that’s an injustice, we need to look inside, and we need to collectively unify and figure out how to fight it in love.

Elisa:  Yes, exactly.  Because there’s not any love going on on either side, unfortunately.

Veronica:  Absolutely.
Elisa:  Although that Erik said that Trump, for all his flaws, was brought in by the divine, if I’m remembering correctly, to kick over the table and topple the structure that’s the global corrupt elite, so—he’s a bull in a china shop.

Veronica:  I don’t know what happened there, but the minute that you said Trump’s name, you completely went dead silent.  I could see your lips moving.  I heard nothing you said so I—

Erik:  Because we’re not gonna go there.

Elisa:  Okay, that’s fine. [unintelligible]

Veronica:  I heard nothing.

Elisa:  That’s fine.  You guys—and I want you to talk about the stuff coming up—you guys can check out Veronica at  Lao Tzu, wise dude, thank you very much.  I love you.  I love what you’ve done for humanity and continue to do.

Veronica:  I have chill bumps!

Elisa:  Mm hm.  And Erik, I love you, my darlin’.  Come sit on my lap later, okay?

Veronica:  Listen, I am super excited because I’m coming to Houston, and not only am I coming to Houston, but I’m gonna meet you, and I’m gonna meet your fabulous family, other than Erik—well, he’ll be there too, but—

Elisa:  Yeah, of course.

Veronica:  Denise and Michelle and I are doing, we’re having a party!  And we have so many people registered for this already.  Please, October 26th, 7:00 to 9:30 p.m., you will get the private address as soon as you register.  It’s on my site, I have the link.  I don’t know what the capacity—I think Lukas said the capacity may be 45-50 at the most.  Get in there and get your tickets now because [unintelligible]

Elisa:  Yeah, I’m not a mansion, guys, so you better do it while the iron is hot!  Yeah, I’ll put the link here, but yeah, it’s probably too long, otherwise.  All right, that sounds great, and I will see you soon!

Veronica:  I know, you will!  Take care.

Elisa:  But, well, wait—

Erik:  Bye, mama.

Elisa:  Well, do you still have any spots open for the private sessions?

Veronica:  Oh, oh my gosh, yes.  So, if you want a private session with me, I’m flying in on the 23rd, so I’ll be taking private sessions in person the 24th and 25th while I’m there. So, yeah.

Elisa:  Oh, good.  All right.

Veronica:  All right.  Thank you!

Elisa:  Bye, honey!

Veronica:  Bye!

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