Best of Erik: Animals in Heaven

This is for all of you animal lovers out there. That includes birds, insects and, well I don’t know about cockroaches. For me, the jury is still out on that one. But on a high note, I refuse to smush ‘em. That’s my husband’s job. No cleats though.

Me: Are there animals there?

Erik: Yes. Insects, plants—

Me: Are they all ones who have died or can you create your own Chihuahua?

Erik: You don’t really manifest another life form. It’s pretty wild. You can tend to plants and animals, but you’re not an owner of them. You’re a companion, but you don’t have ownership. There are different breeds of plants and animals that no longer exist on Earth or that haven’t come to exist on Earth that are in this higher dimensional planes.

Me: Even T-Rex?

Erik: Yo-yo, dinosaur!

Jamie (to Erik, in mock frustration): Why? (To me) He says he’s going to follow me around all day and say, “Yo-yo, dinosaur.”

Me: Oh no!

Jamie: Better than apples!

Me: Yeah, I remember he did that.

Jamie shakes her head.

Erik: Yeah, anything that existed or is going to exist on Earth is here.

Me: Do you have to take care of dogs and cats and so on or can they survive on their own?

Erik: Yeah, they can survive on their own. Remember, this is not a place where we have those needs—like you need water, you need food, you need this. So, animals can tend to themselves and there’s a pure line of communication between the two of them. You can talk to the animal and the animal can call back. Again, when I’m talking about conversations it’s more from the heart. I didn’t realize how much that frustrates me until we had these interviews today.

Me (in a voice that’s like a mother talking to her baby): So you don’t have to meow like a kitty cat?

Erik: No, but I’m sure when you get here you’ll still do it anyway, Mom.

Me: I’m sure. There was another question I wanted to ask about animals, but I can’t remember it for the life of me. What was it Erik?

Erik: How people can be animals?

Of course we are, but I didn’t want to pull rank on the guy.

Me: Yeah, that’s right. We can be animals.

Erik: If there’s a life form, then a person can be a part of that life form. So they can be an animal, an insect, a plant.

Oh, Erik. An insect is an animal. You must have missed that lecture in biology class.

Me: Oh! I remember what I was going to say!

Erik: What?

Me: Do you have a particular animal companion? I mean, do you hang out with a dog, a cat, a snake or anything more than other animals?

Erik (to Jamie): My mom’s pairing me up with a snake!

Me: Uh oh. Sorry.

Erik: No, no. I don’t have any companions right now.

Me: What about my puppy dogs?

Erik: Well, you can have ‘em!

Me: No, I mean the ones who’ve passed away. All of the ones.

Erik: Well, I get to see nut head every now and then.

He’s referring to Peanut, our Chihuahua.

Jamie: Nut head?

Me: Aw. Peanut!

Jamie: Peanut.

Me (to Erik): Nut head. Erik!

Erik: We don’t hang out every day.

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Elisa Medhus

  • kathy

    I hope to see my animal babies on the otherside. I have seen a few in spirit around the house after they died. But then I did not see them anymore in the house after a few weeks. It seemed like the ones that died on their own showed up, than the ones that went to the Vet to be put down. 3 months ago I had the Vet come out and put down our old cat Neelix, but I never saw his spirit. That was the reason for the house call thinking he would show up. I really miss my Neelix.

    • Lynn

      One I have seen (wow, that was a trip!), I’ve heard my dog bark, I’ve felt the cats around my legs, and I’ve felt them jump on the bed and settle down against my legs! 🙂

  • michaela

    The fact that plants have souls is very reassuring for me. I’ve always felt this particular energy from plants and especially from large trees. Hugging a tree feels like hugging a person, but with a very worm whise and reassuring energy 🙂 I love to take care of plants of all kinds, now knowing that I’m helping someone’s journey in life is just amazing.

  • Amanda

    I just had to put my beloved dog down on Saturday. It was the most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do. I was so distraught that she would pass over and be alone and scared that I was calling out to Erik, my mom, my good friends’ dog- anyone I could think of that was already on the other side- to please please be there for her as she left our world. Even sitting here now I’m crying. I miss her so much, she was the best dog and friend I’ve ever had and probably ever will have. I worry that the memories I have of her, the feel of her fur, the smell of her paws, I’ll forget over the years. But I hope she doesn’t forget about me and that she will meet me on the other side when it’s my time to go. Was Erik able to help her over?

    • If you asked, I’m certain that he helped. I’m sending you a big cyber hug, prayers and healing energy. It’s devastating to lose an animal companion. They’re like family or a best friend.

    • Tre Toco

      I lost my dog who was my soulmate last week and I am suffering so bad missing her. Do you have any advise cause I think I am loosing my mind and I have tried the ouija board to contact her but nothing yet.

      • Try one of the mediums on the Links list under the favorites tab on the homepage. I really think you need to talk to her.

      • Tre Toco

        I would but I’m poor how am I supposed to afford these high prices ? I checked them all and poor people can’t afford it. Now are they in it for the money or to help people.

      • Some mediums don’t charge very much at all. Of course they have to charge something to clothe, house and feed themselves and their families.

      • Tre Toco

        Says the m.d.

      • Amanda

        I’m so sorry to hear that Tre!! It’s such a sad day when we lose our best friends. My best advice is to think positive loving thoughts about her. Think about all of the fun and happy times you spent with her. It’s ok to cry and to be sad. For me, I just keep replaying those great experiences in my head like some kind of movie reel. As Erik had said before, sometimes our intense grief acts like a thicker barrier when they (the spirits) try to get through to us. It takes time to grieve so maybe she’s just waiting for a time when she knows you’ll be in a better mind set! I hope you are doing ok and know that SHE knows you love her!!

      • Destin’s Mom

        Hi Tre Toco… I have always been more of a reader on this blog, staying in the background while learning to communicate with my son Destin who passed away on All Saint’s Day in Nov 2014. But lately Erik is really pushing me to come and share. He has always been my teacher, and now Destin is teaching me as well. I am commenting on what you said about how expensive Mediums are and needing that service when your loved one passes… With me, I heard Destin’s voice as soon as he crossed over. It was comforting, but then people thought I was making it all up in my head, that I was crazy, so I needed help from a medium to validate it all. Destin had me following Elisa and Erik and showed me that time Jamie was offering the conference calls. This made it more affordable and she was the best! Of course I asked Erik to find Destin for this call. Which was silly of me, but I didn’t know then what I do now. From that time on I have had more confidence, which is exactly what Destin said I needed. He talks to me all the time, and I discovered we could do automatic writing. I have since turned it into a blog all about my journey with Destin and Erik and what all I am learning and teaching other grieving humans. But sometimes I have a block. Like I don’t want to hear what he is telling me. Truth is hard on a human when it comes to the nature of what your loved one was REALLY like… but I still enjoy a good medium helping me validate what I am doing and the direction I am going in. But like you, I can’t afford it like Elisa can. The last medium was one in an auditorium at a local Psychic/Holistic fair, and she picked me out of the crowd first! At that time I had been working so hard on animations for our presentation for college students on substance abuse, I was tired and feeling like I might be going in the wrong direction. Destin had been dropping hints for me to write music with him, and I was just a little overwhelmed. It was there that my grandmother came through for the first time with my Dad, telling me that my teaching and public speaking was going to be a HUGE success… It was as if Destin telling me wasn’t enough. My own head getting in the way. I think I learned that not only free will comes into play when he won’t tell me something I ask… but when he does tell me, there are some things a mom just doesn’t want to hear. But, I am writing a book and trying to help others with substance abuse, so I felt the need to validate what I think Destin is telling me about his own substance abuse. His drug use. I knew he drank, but I didn’t know he did any more drugs than maybe some weed now and then or some pain pills. I couldn’t afford Jamie without the conference calls, and Kim was only a few hours from me, but so booked up I couldn’t get in even if I could afford her… so I wanted to know if anyone was still doing the Erik conference calls to help people share the time and save money. I went to the Erik mediums site to find out. Destin was doing the nudging, and Erik has really been sending me places to read and hear certain things, too. I got to the web page and I have no idea how it happened, if it was a popup or what, but Jenny Foster came up. She is doing 1 hour sessions for only 10.00!!! Wow!!! I immediately booked eight sessions out of what I had saved from my grocery money!!! So now… aren’t you glad you read all this? YES. Keep your heart open Tre. Jenny sounds wonderful. I have my first session this Saturday night. I know Erik helped Destin on this one. Destin led me to a wonderful medium in Detroit at a Psychic event who offered to help us for free, since we do have a cause and all, but when I set up our website and friended her on Facbook, she was very upset. She said no one in her family knew about her gifts. I had no idea. She had lost her son, too. She probably had the same kind of accusations going on from family as I did. But know Tre, we all have these gifts. You can talk to your baby, too. Ask Erik how, he will teach you. He validated so much for me when he did his two part radio program on how to contact your loved ones on the other side. Use the pendulum or sit peacefully and call out to them and learn to listen in your mind for a voice to answer. You can do this! Meanwhile, contact Jenny Foster and see if she can trans-channel for you… and keep in touch. Let me know how it goes.

      • Try Emma’s public channeling. That’s kind of like a conference call. I posted the information today.

  • What a remarkable gift!

    • Elisa

      Yes, she is pretty amazing. And seems really genuine. (One part of her book “Soul Contracts” I found to be spot on and brilliant in terms of trying to help us get out of bad patterns -kind of like looking at the thought behind the thought…).

      But in the video here, she connects with these zoo elephants – and my Word! …It truly makes you consider just how barbaric we actually are towards animals. I don’t much like zoos, and hate seeing animals like bears, tigers and others in such small enclosed spaces. …Sometimes I am appalled at so called “funny” videos of, say, Gorillas becoming angry and smacking the glass window that everyone gets to stare at them constantly through – specifically I remember footage of such an incident being shown as “amusing” light news, that the news caster then laughed at!! …It seems so wrong that people can be so out of touch with animals as having legitimate feelings similar to their own. …I did, though, like the recent clip of the chimpanzee at a zoo (I think in the US) who likes to hurl his pooh at all the people watching him! -That was pretty cool!!!
      Cheers from Australia! Love the work that you are doing!

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