A Little Slice of Heaven, Part Three

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Blog member, Linda Rhodes, tried to post this as an Erik Encounter but wasn’t able to. I think the file was too large. Apparently, she has little visitors from the Other Side as you can see from the orbs flying around. I wonder if one of them is Erik! Click HERE so that the video downloads to your desktop.

Now for the final part of our Heaven series!

Me: You say it communicates. Do these sounds and colors communicate anything in particular? Is it information at all?

Erik: Kind of, yeah. Yeah, it’s like information without conversation. It’s not like, “How do you do?” “I’m doing fine. Thank you for asking.” “Well, where are you going?” “I’m headed over there to the river.” You just get this sense, you know, this subtle sense that everything is okay, and you don’t have any doubt wrapped around it. You just know it’s okay. It’s that kind of communication: That your existence is beautiful and that you are okay and my existence is beautiful and I’m okay. And you can come across this undercurrent of communication where an energy is wanting or needing or searching. Really, it’s not a need. I’d like to—

Jamie (laughing): Oh, I didn’t know what you were doing!

Erik: It’s not a need. (He makes a slash with his index finger.) I’d like to eliminate that from the records.

I think she didn’t know what he was doing with that hand gesture.

Erik: But I do want to call it a searching. You know, when you get here and you want to know more information, you’re searching, but you don’t need the information. You’re just inquiring for the knowledge.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So you can come across someone that’s doing that—an entity, an animal, whatever—and you can then engage and be like, “Hey. I know what you’re up to. I got some information for you. Let me show you. Let me take you.” So you can be a part of that [search,] and what’s so cool is that you don’t have to (extending a hand and shaking another invisible hand) “Hi. I’m Erik. It’s nice to meet you.”

I chuckle.

Erik: You can just go. It’s like you’re instant friends. You already have this happening.

Me: That’s nice! Can you describe your favorite animal over there or one of the ones you do not see on Earth?

Jamie (chuckling): When you said “animal,” he said “A Pikachu.” Isn’t that a Pokémon thing?

Me: Yes!

Jamie: That’s bizarre. My kids never did Pokémon. He’s talking about this, it’s like a squirrel combo thing.

She looks puzzled.

Me: Okay. Combined with what? A fish?

Jamie: No, no. It’s not like above water versus underwater.

Erik: It’s a tree creature, but it’s kind of like a cat-squirrel. You know how the bees do the pollination here, like it’s really important to have the bees for the plants and the flowers?

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: It’s the same for this creature. They take a collection of seeds and seedlings and stuff and hide them in other areas where they then grow the special fruit of that season and so forth. It’s kind of cool.

Jamie (Spreading her two index fingers about 6 inches apart): So it’s about the size of your hand? The animal? He says it’s about the size of your hand, six to eight inches long.

Erik: The ears are really pointy, and there is a fluffy tail like a squirrel. The ears are more catlike, and the face is more catlike, but the body is more like a tiny dog’s.

Jamie: Tiny dog? Wouldn’t that be more like a cat, too?

Me: Ugh. I don’t want to have anything to do with that! We’re having such trouble with cats marking all over all of a sudden. It smells like an old cat lady house here now. So, do creatures poop and pee over there?

Why did I go there? Why?

Me: That’s a good one.

Not really.

Me: Are they litter trained?

Jamie chuckles.

Erik: Here, you have to remember, Mom, we don’t digest tangible foods.

Me: I figured.

Erik: So we don’t have a digestive system. We don’t take pee breaks and shit on things.

Me (laughing): That’s good! I’m getting voice feedback, but whatever. We’ll just muddle through it.

Jamie: Oh, I can’t hear it on this side.

Me: Okay, good. It’s probably on the recording, though. All right, what about another cool, like, a bird or an insect?

Erik: There is a—

Jamie (To Erik after seeing a visual): That’s a big insect! I would say cicada. This insect is like (putting her index fingers apart 3-4 inches) what is that, three inches? Four inches?

Me: Ew.

Jamie: It’s meaty.

Me: Yeah, gross.

Jamie: It has wings and everything. The closest thing I could say is a cicada. Don’t they have bulging eyes and kind of a pug, flat face?

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: They have these immense colors to them. It’s almost like they’re lit up on the inside.

Me: Beautiful.

Still. Insects=gross.

Jamie: Take a firefly and take the tail that lights up and kind of put it in the body and it lights up with this bluish-green as it comes through them.

Erik: The sounds are incredible. The sounds are like a thousand people in a choir. It doesn’t sound like cricket or animal sounds. It sounds like string instruments.

Me: Wow.

Still. Insects=gross.

Erik: It’s wild.

Me: This is really unrelated, but I want to stick it somewhere, and I can’t make it into an entire YouTube. Do you eavesdrop on people when they shower and have sex and all that kind of stuff?

Jamie, embarrassed, covers her mouth.

Me: It’s very unnerving to a lot of people to think that you might.

Erik: Should I say, “No,” then?

Me: He doesn’t?

Jamie: He sometimes does.

Me: Uh oh.

Jamie (To Erik): Why?

Me: Yeah, why?


Jamie starts cracking up. It takes her several seconds to compose herself.

Jamie: He slings his arm out and says:

Erik: First of all, taking a shit doesn’t bother me. That’s just not private time. It’s you doing your humanly thing, so when you’re in the bathroom in the shower or toilet, it doesn’t bother me.

Me: Well, it might bother them!

Erik: Yeah, yeah, it does. Yeah. Some get really embarrassed. Some of them don’t mind at all, like really—

Jamie (shaking her head, puzzled): What? Hesitate or meditate?


Jamie: Get off the pot? Oh, there’s some saying like when you sit on the toilet, in that moment of hesitating and, you know, trying to make things happen, it’s a great time to meditate.

A little off topic, aren’t we?

Me: Yeah, okay.

Erik: So why shouldn’t I show up and answer a few questions or poke around in your mind to get you to think about things that you normally wouldn’t think about? You know, your mind is kind of offset when you’re doing those things, especially when you’re cleaning your body. You get really Zen and really open. I don’t care if you’re naked! I’ll undress, too! How’s that?

Jamie: Don’t! It’s not like that now!

Me: Don’t do it, Erik! Poor Jamie.

Erik: I’m not interested in touching them when they’re doing that, and I’m not trying to push them over when they’re having these moments to themselves, but when they’re doing these things and they’re opening up, dude, that’s the call of the bell. “Ding, ding, ding! Come on in! I’m ready to chat. I want to know. I’m setting my intent for the day.” A lot of people do that in the shower in the morning so, hell, I’m showing up.

Me: Okay!

Erik: The sex, you know, most people aren’t calling out for me to be there. They’re not opening up and going, “Let me set the intent for the day while I—

Jamie (to Erik): I’m not saying that!

Erik rephrases.

Jamie: “While I am with my lover.” I’ll just say that.

I chuckle.

Erik: That really doesn’t happen. I’m not sneaking a peek on that stuff. What am I going to do with that! I don’t care. Go for it!

Me: Okay. Just wondered. Anything else on that before we close?

Erik: No.

Jamie’s still laughing.

Me: All right, well thank you, Erik. Thank you, Jamie!

She’s never be the same. Never.

Who will be waiting for you in Heaven?

                                                   Who will be waiting for you in Heaven?

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