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Here I am, laptop in my lap, surrounded by all sorts of cozy animals. Specifically, on one side I have my demented little Russian Blue cat, Bluebell, and on the other side I have my pint-sized Yorkie, Bella and Lukas’s mini-Aussie, Scout. All of them like to make full contact with my skin, so navigating my arms as I type is challenging. It’s like they are exerting 2000 psi on those parts of my body that need to move the most. Still, they’re my work buddies, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Last night, we went to my son-in-law, Houston’s, graduation from his orthopedic surgery residency. There were only three graduates from this prestigious program, so there was plenty of time to roast all of them. One thing Houston’s roaster shared was this great video of my daughter, Kristina, of him putting makeup on her. Hilarious. Watch it if you haven’t. 

Nest week is Kristina’s graduation. Seems like yesterday that she graduated from Brownie to Girl Scout. It’s almost scary how the time flies. 

Please enjoy these great Erik stories.

Story #1

I have been reading the blog for about 3 months now. My dear wife “passed away” in May and since then I also have been getting signs and telepathic communications from her – I’ve been keeping a journal. I’m up to 170 pages now. I’ve learned a lot from Erik; his information often synchronistically complements and augments the data I get from my wife and guides. So thank you all for this service of this blog, it has helped immensely.

Anyway, I started from the first post and am up to April 2013 now. About 2 weeks or so ago, the hyperlinks at the bottom of the page (“Toward the Past”, “Toward the Future”) stopped working for me. I’d click on them and go to some dopey advertisement (e.g. “Make a Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars in Real Estate with Our Home Study Course!”) instead of the next blog page. I’d have to reload the page or do some other futzing to get it to go where I wanted. I knew the problem was on my end because it HAD been working for months and still worked correctly on other machines I tried. Channeling Erik was the only web page this happened with, no place else. I worked with computer software a long time and I know this stuff can be finicky (forget Heisenberg, computers have their OWN uncertainty principle) so even though it was annoying, I figured it was too much trouble to debug and I would just have to live with it in order to keep reading the blog.

Then yesterday, the hyperlinks suddenly started working correctly again! It couldn’t have been anything I did (because I didn’t do anything) and I found it puzzling to say the least. Then suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, it came to me that “OMG, maybe it was Erik playing one of his famous pranks!” If so, I’m embarrassed it sure took me long enough to get it. My logical mind says “Mmmmm, I don’t know…” but I’ve been working with Spirit long enough to know that when something comes to me like that, it’s probably the right answer. And it’s not the first time I’ve had the unexplained happen to me. So thanks Erik for the message but next time, please just change channels on the TV, OK?

Story #2

Hello to you, Elisa. I think it has been about 2 months since I first read My Life after Death. At the end of the book I found out about the blog. I’m in the process of reading My Son And The Afterlife. These books are the best account that I have come across of the afterlife and I cannot thank you enough for all the work that you do, along with Erik and Jamie and Kim and Robert.

Erik has come to me a few times and communicated with me telepathically. I know when he’s with me because he will flash his face in front of me, but inside my head. So far no pranks have occurred because I think Erik is a little hesitant as I am very surrounded by a host of Angels. But that’s ok, because I told Erik that I valued our friendship. That his friendship was more important to me then him doing pranks to prove that he was indeed visiting. I recently have also become friends with his girlfriend, Jillian. She is such a sweetheart! Last night she dropped by to say “hello” to me as I was getting ready for bed.

I watched some Channeling Erik videos before I went to bed. I also watched the video of Erik showing off all his cool motorcycles and telling about them. When I heard his voice on the video it sounded just like the way I hear Erik inside my head when he communicates with me. That was such a wonderful confirmation that yes, Erik is indeed visiting me. I especially love the “999” motorcycle by the way!

Thank you Erik and Jillian.

Story #3


I had another dream last night and you were in it. I normally never write in to anyone and here I am submitting the third one. I had Erik breathing down my neck to share the first two but I definitely want to tell you about this dream that is short and sweet and comes from my heart. You and I and others were in some place. I saw you and went up to you and gave you a great big hug. I went on to thank you, Erik, Jillian, Jamie, Kim and Robert for all that you are doing to make such a big difference in the lives of those on planet Gaia. I gave my love to all of you. Then you started to cry because you were so touched that you were making such a positive difference with your team. I told you to keep up the Good Work! After that, I saw you with a little baby and the mother who had blonde hair. Then it ended. So in the dream and through this email Elisa, thank you for all of your hard work!!! Thank you to all of you. Your teamwork is amazing! Love to you all and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Story #4

For the past six years I have been in severe chronic pain. I was under-treated and misdiagnosed during this time. Shuffled about. I sought answers in every corner. I have been on the verge of suicide during this time. Many times even right at the act, only stopping out of concern for my six year-old son. My pain, I’ve sought medical help, meditated, exercised, supplemented, begged, envisioned my way out of it, but to never get any help or relief. Under the current system, pain relief is very hard to get. Ive cried many times to my doctors. Most of the pain is coming from a birth injury, but also some from what is now known as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I’ve also been in the process of filing for bankruptcy, many things have gone wrong in the past few years. My positive outlook wasn’t cutting it anymore and I circled the drain. I’ve been following the blog and watching videos on YouTube. I am sensitive and a sleep traveler, astral travel some call it. I am also generally a very positive person and had only recently found myself in what felt like this cornered position. Ive been talking to Erik and I found sense him and feel him hearing me. I could also sense due to the dark place I was in he was refraining from his usual pranking manner. I have some insight into some of the other dimensions due to my travels. I asked Erik to find souls that could appeal to my doctor, perhaps via sleep to help me. To truly SEE my suffering and act. I know there are souls like Erik that can walk between these places, some are very skilled. I travelled heavily that night. The next morning my doctor literally saved my life. She prescribed pain medication to help my suffering. In six years I was not able to do this. I know Erik helped me. As confirmation outside of my sensing this, when I got home the door chimes went off even though no door had been opened and no one else was home! This is impossible, as they have to be activated via the door removing itself from the sensor. I thanked Erik profusely for the help and support he has given me. My emotions are stabilizing and my pain is down now. It’s a slow process. I know when he senses the storm coming to a close there will be some pranking. Thank you Dr. Medhus, thank you Erik and thank you Jamie.

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

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  • Paulette Roberts

    Elisa would u ask Erik to watch over me Monday, I’m having a procedure and am terrified. I have asked him in my head but do not really know if he’s hearing my request. I’m so scared!

    • Maya

      I hope you will be OK, Paulette. You will be OK.

    • Of course I will, but he hears your request, too. Call on your angels and guides too. Everyone else reading this comment, please send healing energy and prayers.

      • Paulette Roberts

        Thanks a million!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Hi Elisa and Erik, Perhaps you’ve covered this somewhere, but I have a question: I’ve heard Erik say that if something’s not meant to happen it won’t happen, but how does that fit in with accidents/free will?

    • I don’t remember him saying that, but my memory sucks. Anyone else?

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Your memory couldn’t suck worse than mine–mine’s terrible. I’m still trying to find answers about suicide. If nothing that isn’t supposed to happen doesn’t happen, then that points to suicide being something that was meant to happen and a soul contract.

      • Maya

        I remembered Erik says on his case, it is quite meant to be, if it’s not overdue. That’s why when he died, he didn’t go through much (learning) processes, the angels took him right away to cross over.

        But, he said for most people, do not. So they go lots of learning processes. I forget where I read it. Either from the book, or from a blog titled “Suicide”.

    • Maya

      I think it is agreement, combined with potentials. It will never be 100% accurate. But say if the agreement says you will die young, then if you escape death today, then you will be shot tomorrow.

      But if the agreement says, do whatever you want, then potentials is bigger, and the amount of free will to affect your life also bigger. Say if you decided now to climb Everest mountain, you know 50% you will have a chance to die, then the potential you will die young vs. die old is also depend on your free will today (if you decided to climb or not).

  • Dagmar Lorenz

    Hi my special E team!!! I would love to hear more about Hybrid Children, more so Erik’s comment on that?

  • Maya

    Sure, Positive people will receive positive energy!

    • Paulette Roberts

      Maya, I did not fill you in. Turns out I have 4 blockages , sick at heart, no pun intended. Waiting for appointment w surgeon. Don’t know what I’m in for . Very scared.not ready to go of course but trying to have right attitude and be hopeful

      • Maya

        Don’t be scared, Paulette. Erik and all spirits will get you through this. You are not alone. Your pain is my pain too. We are all tentacles of a giant squid. If one tentacle is sick, the other feel sick too. I send you positive energy.

        (PS: I wasn’t talking about you on the other post. I was ranting about a different thing)

      • Paulette Roberts

        Thank you Maya I am kind of stunned right now and crying a lot. I know I need to just surrender.

      • Maya

        That’s right Paulette! Just surrender. One thing I know for sure, what happen to me, to you, and (I believe) many others who follows Erik, happens around the same time. Just like change season, you know. Or like, we’re riding on the same wave, then reach the peak of the wave at the same time, then things flips around…., but for the better… as long as you surrender!

        It’s the same lesson to everyone, I believe. The situations or the story may be different. But the lesson is the same.

        And one thing you must remember: you never alone. You may feel you are alone. But you never alone. We are all interconnected someway somehow.

      • Maya

        On the positive side, the surgeons are the persons who make your healing possible. You maybe scared right now, but your situations is not as scary as, for example, you were in the jungle, and there’s no doctors around.

        If you were in a jungle, or a remote village, you might think you are healthy right now, you are laughing, but, but serious problem is not known, and you are not scared but you’d be dead tomorrow.

        But thanks to doctors and technology, serious problem is known now, and you may be really scared, because the can of worms is opened now. But this will be tackled one by one by the surgeons. And tomorrow, and the next day and after, you will still be alive and healthier.

        So it is OK to be scared. But you know this is a good scare, because you are aware of the issue, and there will be a way to handle the issue.

      • Paulette Roberts

        That makes a lot of sense for sure, I’m trying to remain positive. Tomorrow I see the surgeon. All kinds of things come to your mind, for the most part I do not want to leave my family and especially disabled son by of course u don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes w/ contract. Just scared of it all. Just keep me in your prayers, for real. People say that a lot but I don’t know they always do it.

      • Maya

        Of course I keep you in my prayers, otherwise I won’t check this e-mail at the first place.

        Anyway, my advice to you there are 2:
        1. Do your best to make all the right decisions (e.g. go to the doctor/surgeon) . Celebrate (& be happy with) every right decision that you do/did. So you look at your life with no regrets. You know you did/the best, and that’s all that matters. That’s your job. 🙂

        2. For the things that are outside of your control, release & let go. Just trust LOA, and leave it to Erik, lol.
        Trust that he and all the angelic spirits will help you. That is His job. lol

        And the rest, it’s OK to feel scared. You are a human. Anyone in this kind of situation would feel the same. But that is not important. What important is, you keep making the right decisions toward healing. Just like Susan Jeffers PhD., says in her book “Feel the Fear and do it anyway.” That’s what you must do.

        Remember this particular lesson, is not much about the physicality, but it’s about how you response to life situations. Everyone, in one way or another, will have similar lesson. The story might be different (e.g. other people might have financial problems, etc.), but the lesson is the same. Be thankful of this lesson.

        The first step toward healing is: admit there is an issue (open your eyes & look at the worms). Now that you have done it, congratulate yourself. That means you are one step ahead compare those who are in denial.

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