Two Great Erik Encounters


Do you want your spirits uplifted today? Then read these stories. And please, if you have Erik pranks or praise to share, click on the “Share Your Story” or “Share Your Praise” buttons respectively. These are not meant for topic suggestions or an avenue to contact me. 

Story #1

Last night Erik came into my dream trying to get me to hold a baby girl. I’m guessing it was a girl because she was wrapped in a pink blanket. I don’t have children or plan on becoming pregnant anytime soon so I’ll keep you updated if any baby girls arrive in my life or even yours please let me know! I haven’t watched youtube lately so this came as a surprise. I could feel him and his energy! He was all giddy almost laughing. Curious what he was trying to tell me and what he thought was so funny like he knew something I didn’t!

Story #2

Hi Elisa,

After I started to follow “Channeling Erik ” I got hooked and on December 31 signed in as a blogger and ordered the two books. The next day new years day, I was watching another YouTube discussion when a distinct twirling column of air appeared across the room for about 20 seconds and moved about a foot. Okay, what was that?

The next day at work I heard a tap, tap, tap repeating for a minute or less and actually thought it was the building I was in. When I got home I have to take my dog out but turned the light on only the power was out on that side of the room, so crossed the room to get the 3-way lamp on and the bulb to burned out when I turned it on. In combination, I thought it was Erik and also thought he popped the fuse to the wall outlets.

I got tapping twice more at home on the way to the fuse box, and notice a developing issue that needed to be addressed so he got my attention on it and while stacking the wood in the basement to get a door shut to stairs to outdoors as cold air was coming in, I got tapping again then went to the fuse box and nothing was tripped or burned out (buss fuses). went to the store getting light bulbs spare fuses rearranged my room some to accommodate the no power on one side of the room and puzzled as to why.

This is Wednesday I had a great sleep that night was really emotionally pumped up the next day. Finally, on Friday, I discovered Erik had flipped off the wall switch to the two plugs I never touch it. OMG LOL.


Now, check out the YouTube of Erik and Pamela’s Monday Morning Q&A from June 1st. So much wisdom can be gleaned from the answers (which are often not just from Erik, but other beings as well such as Jesus) even if the question was not yours. 

About the Q&As:

Every Monday at 8:30 AM PT/9:30 AM MT/10:30 AM CT/11:30 ET, Pamela Aaralyn ( and spirit guide, Erik Medhus, take questions from the audience on YouTube Live via the Channeling Erik YouTube Channel alternating with Pamela’s YouTube Channel. You can also ask Erik to bring forward a deceased love one so you can communicate with them. I post instructions the Sunday before on all of my Facebook pages and groups. This is entirely free and is our way of helping those who can’t afford a session with a medium. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL AND SHARE WITH THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT! Check out the description box for more ways to connect with Pamela!

Good news! I’m posting the George Floyd YouTube Monday! Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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