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This Tuesday, our guest for the show was a regular: personal development ally, pro-wrestler and motivational speaker, Jamin Olivencia. Here, he describes what he discussed on the show. “I’m no guru or expert, but I believe in the power of using conversation as a conscious practice. I help people to experience themselves in new ways and to ride the waves of positive momentum. We achieve this by using conversation as a focusing tool. With each word we speak we can create a new reality or perpetuate an old one. With each question asked, we expand into greater knowledge. Every moment blossoms with potential. Positive change starts when we consciously cultivate the conversations we have with ourselves and with others. On this episode I would like to focus on using conversations to help us better understand our own despair.

And now for the lovely stories of praise:

Story #1

What can I say about Jennifer Doran? Let me count the ways:

Jennifer Doran is kind, gentle, nonjudgmental, caring, loving, giving, compassionate, sympathetic, generous, considerate, tender-hearted, devoted, thoughtful, understanding…and any other word that lay in the positive polarity of the Christ Consciousness.

Listen up, Jennifer Doran does not play. I have been to many mediums, even one that had his own television show, who used guess work and imaginary conversations to relay messages laden with concocted communication and false hope…you can always tell.

Now, as for Jennifer Doran—if you ask her for something and she does not have an exact answer, she tells you immediately. For example, I asked her what the name of my favorite planet was to live on. She said, I cannot tell you the name of the planet, but I can describe it for you, which she did.

Also, I asked Jennifer Doran what were the two animal spirits that knocked me in the shoulder the night before my reading. She asked me to describe what I felt and saw. I did. She said that she could not tell me the names of those two animals, but she could suggest animals that would fit that description. Then, she said that she was not telling me that this was the exact animal, because she said she did not know. It was not revealed to her.

Now, what psychic medium will tell you the truth when she does not have an exact answer for a question? Her name is Jennifer Doran.

As for everything that I knew firsthand to be true in our discussion, Jennifer Doran was 100% correct 100% of the time. At the beginning of this conversation, she said that it was important for her to validate to me that she was sharing what she was hearing from my ancestors. In fact, she was able to reach back in my mind, when I was describing a 65-year old memory, and finish telling me what was done to me and by whom. I almost fell off the sofa. I said to myself, whoa, this lady has got the gift.

Here is all I can tell you people, who want to have a reading that is earth-shattering, mind-bending, and life-changing: Set up an appointment with Jennifer Doran. She has the accuracy and insight that would change even the mind of the most hardened nonbeliever.

I will leave you with this thought: What you see of Jennifer Doran on “Channeling Erik” is exactly what you will get with her in person, a truly gifted channeler, who will help you understand that you are indeed part of the Family of One.

I have already set up my next appointment.

Story #2

When I heard one of your mediums on ” Channeling Erik” say that anyone could talk to Erik, I believed her. The next day, I just started talking to Erik, like he was sitting on the sofa, in person, listening to me. I started telling Erik everything. He has been to my house at least 8 times, by my count. The smells, the knocking on the walls, the moving of items in the kitchen–well, Erik shows up, out of the blue, from the middle of the night to the middle of the day.

So, I decided to call and book one of my favorite physic mediums from your show on YouTube, who channels Erik. When the channeler called for the reading, she said that Erik was there. She asked how I knew Erik. I said that I knew all of you from “Channeling Erik.” I did not say it to her, but I just asked Erik, in my mind, to come to my reading, and there he was.

I told the channeler that I was holding Erik’s book in my lap; I was just starting the chapter on traveling. (Incidentally, I had just finished the chapter that included how all animals go to Heaven).

Here is the wild part about the reading, Erik can go into your mind and finish your stories for you, even if the stories are 65 years old. It was an earth-shattering and life-changing experience. Erik and the channeler were so kind, so polite, and non-judgmental. It was like talking to my sister and my brother, who both knew and understood the pain of my young life.

After the reading had finished and we said our goodbyes, I hung up the phone. Later that day, I saw that one of those giant Floridian bugs had gotten into my house, somehow, and was crawling on the floor in the hallway. I decided I had to send that palmetto bug to the other side. When I dropped my shoe on the giant creature, I saw a small marble-sized sphere, with brown swirling smoke inside of it, move up through my shoe, travel across the rug, and go under the nearest chair in the den. I threw the chair over, looking for it, but the sphere was gone. I picked up my shoe and there was the bug, dead, still on the floor. I sat back on the sofa and looked at the carcass of the bug. I asked Erik if he had allowed me to see that even a bug has a soul. I thought back to the last chapter of Erik’s book that I had just read. It was confirmed for me: Yes, bugs do go to Heaven, too.

Elisa, your boy is amazing! I just booked another reading with the same channeler; it was too much fun not to do it once more. I just hope that Erik comes along for the ride again.

At any rate, I still talk to Erik often. Somehow, Erik seems to listen to people as small and insignificant as me. When I do cross over, I have asked Erik if he will come and get me. It will be great to thank him in person.

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