Dolphins and Erik’s EVP

I just wanted everyone to know that I’m so, so excited about the next book. I’m going to find out soon whether it’s definitely going to become a reality, but my heart tells me it will. I’m already having sessions with Robert and Jamie  to gather the information, and, as my literary agent put it, “It’s rich and heartfelt.” I think that anyone who has or is now struggling with anything, in other words anyone who’s human, would benefit enormously from it. The publication date is tentatively set for Fall of 2015, so it’s a ways off.  Since I don’t plan on taking any information from the blog, I’ll need this length of time to have the channeling sessions I need. Also, none of it will be published on the blog. My working title (which only serves to indicate what the book’s about) is Being Human: A Spirit’s Perspective. I might ask for personal anecdotes from you to place at the beginning of each section. For instance, I’ll need stories from those of you who’ve suffered child abuse, who feel stuck, who feel lonely, who can’t find abundance, who don’t know what to do about a toxic relationship in his or her life and dozens more. Erik’s going to be the Dr. Phil of the spirit world! (He won’t let me call him Abby from “Dear Abby.”) 

Blog member, Jen, brought something very cool to my attention. In one of my radio interviews at the 9:10 timestamp, you hear Erik saying, “Pushing on her.” Then Jamie tells the host, “He says he’s pushing on you.” Here’s the link. You can also listen to the entire show if you want.

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Now for today’s topic. I’ve always loved dolphins. I don’t know, I just feel such an inexplicable kinship for them.

Me: Are dolphins sentient beings? Are they from a different star system, and why do so many people feel so connected to them, me included?

Erik: Dolphins are mermaids.


Me: Well, that’s just a title. You’re just putting a label on them. Oh, are they the ones that people thought they were mermaids?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: So manatees aren’t the animals people thought were mermaids?

Erik: Seriously? Those fat, gross manatees?

Jamie (horrified): Oh, Erik!

Erik: The ones that have that icky weird skin?

Me: Yes.

Erik: Yeah. Um, no. There’s a river dolphin that’s pink. Looks like human skin. They’re not around much these days, but this is what started the whole thing.

Me: Wow. Interesting. But I still think that, in some cases, manatees were involved.

Erik: I want people to see dolphins as instinctual as people, and they have a very complicated language. They’re family oriented.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Um, you can choose to put this on there or not, okay?

Me: Okay.

Jamie: He just stopped me in my tracks!

I chuckle.

Erik: They even do things like group rape and shit like that.

Me: Oh, I’ve heard that. Horny little bastards.

Erik: Yeah, go look it up, Jamie!

Me: It’s true.

Jamie: Oh, my gosh.

Erik: Even though they’re herd related, community related, they have individual relationships. They do engage in group survival techniques. To pay attention to where they are, their behaviors and what they’re doing says quite a bit about the underwater world. What was the question?

I laugh.

Me: Well, they’re sentient beings, obviously. Are they just as capable as us at using logic and intuition, to follow their hearts, or are they able to follow their hearts more than we are since we rely on our heads so much? Tell me about their consciousness thingie.

Erik: Their whole consciousness thingie is very similar to our consciousness thingie.

Me: We have twin thingies! Yay!

Erik: They have internal thought, connection to subtle energies even beyond language, beyond sound, sonar. They have intuitive and telepathic skills. They have instincts that we used to have that we pushed away, and we create all of this.

Jamie: He stands up and points around the room.

Not sure what he means by “all of this.”

Me: Are they from another star system?

Erik: You mean like us?

Me: Yeah, but are they from a specific one, I guess I mean, or are they like us and come from all sorts of different star systems?

Erik: They’re kind of like us.

Jamie: He’s trying to give me visuals, but it’s confusing me.

Erik (playfully): Cuz you’re too simple minded?

Jamie: No, because it’s too much. Downloading, talking and showing me stuff just breaks me!

Erik laughs.

Jamie: Simple minded!

Me: Erik! How dare you?

Erik: It’s the same platform where we come in and incarnate into lives and cycle through, you know, this soul energy, this spirit energy. Animals do the same thing. Anything with a life force on this planet does the same thing. You look at the trees, plants, the worm, the beetle, the dolphin, the fish, the human, whatever; it’s all going through the same process. Just because our understanding of relationships is to relate only to like-minded beings, people to people, doesn’t mean we have a different process when we step out of this realm into higher dimensions. It’s not true. We are in step with all life energy, all life forces. This is the sweet spot. This is the part where humans just kind of go overboard and don’t get it. They don’t understand because it sounds too science fiction.

Me: Well, why do we feel so connected to them?


Me: Or is it like some people feel very connected to dogs, that sort of thing?

Erik: Yyyyeah, but that’s different. Why not –

Jamie (chuckling): Sorry. He just went off on a little tangent.

Me: He tends to do that!

Jamie: How dogs bite and blah, blah, blah. Even cats attack.

Erik: Show me an instance where a dolphin totally attacks a person, and I’ll show you a mistaken case where a dolphin is trying to fuck the human being.

Jamie and I laugh. Nervously.

Erik: They’re love makers, and I think we instinctively know that. We know that they’re zero threat, and that’s why we’re attracted to them. It’s the same when we look into apes and gorillas. We look into their eyes and have a connection, but then we look at how they behave, and we get fearful because they can attack. They will put up boundaries. But a dolphin is like, “Come on, Dude!” He’s like your stoner friend who’s like, “I’ll be your friend, man.”

Jamie and I giggle.

Erik: A big stoner dolphin person. That’s their definition.

Me: That’s so funny.

The Amazon River Dolphin

River Dolphin

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Elisa Medhus

  • Denise

    Here in Florida manatees are also known as sea cows…… take it as you will. Dolphins as mermaids makes much more sense.

    • Guest Medium

      Yes, “mermaids” were created during the Atlantis civilization by mixing dolphin DNA with human, and it worked because of the similarity in mental function and perspective. Some mermaids have survived and hide from humans for obvious reasons, the way deer, moose and caribou would hide from humans if they understood the purpose of that dark gray stick carried by people wearing green camouflage and bright orange vests.

      • Tawn


      • Amanda Grieme

        Aha! That is sooooo interesting and makes so much sense to me! I have always felt a real kinship to mermaids, have definitely experienced a lifetime(s) as one… and found it disheartening when Eric said they didn’t exist. Thank you for your perspective!

  • Sharon Young

    “A big stoner dolphin person”…Eric is too funny! I love him!

  • Denise

    Now I want to know about elephants.

    • Lelabelle

      Me too! I LOVE elephants.

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Your next book is coming into a reality, get ready!!! Peace!

  • Sue

    Love hearing Erik in the interview!! Great stuff as always. However I think manatees are lovely. 🙂

    • I like manatees too. They’re so sweet.

    • Lisa

      Yes hearing Erik’s voice was the best! And being a Floridian, I think both dolphins and manatees are totally cool!

      • Melissa Sullivan

        Is it just me, or have y’all noticed that Erik has attracted a lot of Floridians? I am one myself, a native in fact lol. You know, I bet Erik has a heavenly ‘condo on the beach’ in Florida, and he’s just bumping into people here and waking them up.
        I love dolphins and manatees very much also. In middle school I had the opportunity to swim with manatees and let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! When you first get in the water with them, it’s a little intimidating because of how large they are – you just have to remind yourself that they’re harmless. They really are some of the kindest, sweetest animals on Earth. I got to hold on to one’s tail while swimming at Weikiva Springs and I held on for about a 2 minute ride, which was very slow and just peaceful. Even when they’re with their offspring, they continue to be nothing but gentle giants. I highly recommend taking a trip to Florida to experience swimming with manatees or dolphins, which you can swim with dolphins here in Orlando, at “Discovery Cove.” Great family trip idea……

      • Lisa

        I got to pet a manatee on Clearwater Beach a few years ago. I loved its soft face and long whiskers! So sweet!

      • They give off such a sweet and gentle energy.

  • cristina

    I don’t know if I should laugh or what to do :))))))))))))))))))) Not because of what Erik said but because of how this world may react to it ….
    “Erik: Show me an instance where a dolphin totally attacks a person, and I’ll show you a mistaken case where a dolphin is trying to fuck the human being.”
    But now that I google, I see the world is way ahead of us …. I found them claiming their “rights” in 2009 🙂

  • Léon Vrins

    One of the reasons dolphins are on earth is to show people how to live in harmony and have fun, to live in loving allowance. We can learn a lot about them from Joan Ocean, Linda Shay, Mary Getten and others.(read their books)
    Let me tell you something very amazing. My wife and I have some fossil bulla’s and perioticums, these are little bones of the hearing system of dolphins. They are about twenty millions of years old. We have several times experienced that people, holding a bulla in their hand without knowing what it was, reported that they were in the ocean, felt happy, saw dolphins, were strongly moved.
    The same happens with fossil bones of whales…

  • Nadine

    I see dolphins all the time on the gulf! Wonderful creatures gliding gracefully along side me or off in the distance. When I catch a pod frolicking, I feel like I have been blessed!

  • cyndi wilkins

    I took my daughter swimming with the dolphins a few years ago. She was still quite young, but very comfortable in the water with them. This surprised me because at the time, she was experiencing a bit of a fear of the water…especially if she could not see the bottom.
    The dolphin that was immediately drawn to swim with her was the only “daddy” in our group…He was so sensitive and gentle with her….every time she seemed to get a bit nervous, he would dive to the bottom of the lagoon and surface right in front of her with a pretty rock as a gift…
    It was the sweetest thing I ever saw, with the exception of her beautiful face the day she was born:-)

  • How cool! How did you find them?

  • Scott Torrance

    I’ve seen multidimensional entities that had come here for the cetaceans, and not the humans, which were considered irrelevant… alien cetacean types seeking other worlders here (ie: whales particularly). I’d love to hear more about what’s been said about our origins too… I understand there would be quite a lot of controversy about this info, but it should be shared if in anyway it can be (either private or public). KEEP UP the Excellent Works “y’all” 🙂

  • JB

    So exciting Elisa about your next book!! Can’t wait to read it and tell friends about it.

  • Nate

    That’s one freaky (but cool) looking dolphin. I feel bad for the manatees because I’ve seen on documentaries how ignorant boaters ignoring the “no wake” signs end up chopping up their flippers in the boats’ propellers.

  • perkyshayne

    I am interested in sending you email, as you are asking for stories of our hardships, etc. However, the link you have to email you, it opens up in Outlook. Grrrrr. That I don’t have, nor the patience to set it up. Can you please provide me with an email? Much appreciated. 🙂

    • I’m not ready for the stories yet, but I’ll post when I am. It’ll be several months from now. If you send it now, I’ll probably lose it!

  • cody

    I’ve been following this page/blog for quite a while and I dont know. I just have a hard time beleiving that we exist after we die; or that jamie is actually contacting erik or anyone else. I guess I’m a bit of a skeptic. It just seams like these channeling sessions, especially the ones where jamie interviews celebrities,are so general and vague that anyone with an internet connection could fake it. For me, I feel like I’d only know if she was really talking to Erik in the spirit realm if she knew or could acquire information that could only have come from him. Like, something so personal that only the Dr. and her son would know.

    • Have you read “Jamie trance channels (or channeling?) Grace? That’s a big convincer. I went to 100% belief after hearing Erik’s voice on an interview and having it analyzed by a sound professional who said it’s not a human voice. It left no voice print and it’s definitely Erik. Everyone has their own path and pace. Make sure you read all the posts in the archives.

      • I find that so fascinating! I’ll see if I can get one myself. I don’t want to put you to any trouble.

    • Ginger Kellar

      You need to go see a medium yourself Cody and if you have a loved one whom has passed they will connect you and you will become a believer when it’s a more personal experience, the loved one will bring up things that a medium would never know! Besides you can just feel their presence if your open to it…it’s amazing! My husband and have become very open to it and so have my kids now which brings many amazing experiences like having visits from Erik ourselves, my 10 year old was laying in his bed one day and came down screaming in excitement after seeing Erik saluting him, I told Elisa and she said this was something Erik used to do! Many other stories too 🙂 he will visit you if u ask and if u open yourself up to the idea…good luck

  • OnlyOneIsPerfect
  • Lelabelle

    I think I dated some dolphins in my younger years…LOL

  • Rebecca

    They have a critical role as lightkeepers and assisting us into the Golden Age. See:

  • Léon Vrins

    Hi Elisa,
    I did not find the bulla’s myself. The story in a nutshell. My wife has learned to work with the dolphin-energy in the dolphinschool of Linda Shay. She is American but went also to the Netherlands to teach. Every year my wife and I go a couple of times to Delft, where she was born and I have studied, because we still like the city and the atmosphere. At the market of second-hand things we visited a stall with many prehistoric things and we saw a little box filled with peculiar little things. The stallholder told us these were fossil dolphin bulla’s and periotica, aged 20 million years. He found them somewhere near the coast of Great Britain. When he sent us an e-mail with some more information I read his name and what an asccident: he was a pupil of the same highschool I was in! He told us he passed his exams in the same class with a girl who married my brother…..
    So every year we visit his stall and buy bulla’s and periotica and also whale and dolphin vertebra’s. My wife uses them in her healing practice.
    Dear Elisa, I want to give you a bulla, because I have a strong feeling it will favour your connection with the dolphins.

  • Trisha

    “pushing on her” it’s so clear, that’s amazing!

  • Todd Ford

    They call him Flipper!,Flipper! Faster than lightning!……

  • ilSuperGattoNero

    maybe “all of this” means the world now, society and its ways, houses, cars, electronics, roads, everything. some may say it dulls reception to natural/subtler energies.
    i have a text file saved (for curiosities sake) about ‘dolphins and sex’, it does corroborate what Erik says but am not sure if i should paste it in here..

  • Clau_Bueno

    Oh, Elisa! I totally understand! I am so connected with dolphins as well. Here in SD they pass by all the time and I just stand on the beach watching them. One time i heard once that I have a dolphin as my animal “spiritual friend/angel”! In Brazil we also have some of the pink ones, at Amazonas river. 🙂

  • Amanda Grieme

    Eric and Elisa… they totally ARE like “that guy” … stoner friend! i LOVE that description! Totally apropos! Cheers!

  • Don Young

    If you listen to the radio show with headphones, and really listen, that’s not the only EVP in it. It’s totally full of EVPS.

  • SoulScribbles

    I like the next book’s working title!
    It’s always a pleasure to hear one of Erik’s interviews and that EVP is quite clear.
    Many thanks, fellow blogger, Jen, for catching and sharing that with us.

  • Annie

    If mermaids don’t exist on this planet, what do you make of people who claim to channel mermaids from this planet? But obviously mermaids have to exist somewhere (: Is it true that there’s mermaids on Neptune? Lol

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