Erik on the Mysteries of the Oceans

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The Nasty Before

The Better After (Arrangement Courtesy of Elisa Medhus)

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Speaking of…Here is the much anticipated session on the earth’s oceans thanks to Erik as channeled by Monique Rose. You can contact her on Facebook via her page, “Monique The Healing Medium.” Enjoy the transcript that follows, too.
Me: All right here we are with Monique: Rose, how are you doing?

Monique: Good, hot in Canada believe it or not.

Me: Wow! Well it’s plenty hot here too. So, you want to tell people a little bit about yourself before we get started talking about the ocean.

Monique: Sure, I don’t quite know where to start. I just want to say that everyone is one with abilities. It’s just your upbringing whether you stay connected or disconnected. In my life however, I was disconnected due to the religious background that I grew up in.

Me: Oh yeah that could do it.

Monique: Mmhm. So, I’ve actually been only doing my gifts and everything for about three years. So, in that time, so much healing has had to happen so that my gifts and things like that.

Me: Oh great

Monique: So much as my past is hard or was hard, it has brought me to where I am now. It all started with Reiki. Having chakra balancing sessions. I left my session and the walk home everything looked brighter, crisper, louder, it was just kind of weird.

Me: Oh, awesome!

Monique: Went down the rabbit hole with that, and then started Googling and you know how one click leads to another; six hours later. Then I decided to become a Reiki practitioner. I did that all through levels 1 through Master Teacher. During that time, I found out, ‘hey anyone can get in touch with their abilities’. I tried doing that for myself and was pleasantly surprised that I’ve been doing it all along but never knew.

Me: Wow! Are you clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant? How would you describe your abilities?

Monique: All. It depends on the spirit that you’re communicating. Because we have skills and abilities, they also have skills and abilities. Often, I’ve said, “if a spirit doesn’t know how to communicate with the ‘clairs’ that are prominent for you, tell them to go learn on the other side and come back to you.” My strongest ones are clairsentient because I’m also very highly empathic, so, clear feeling and claircognizant; the thoughts that get downloaded.

Me: Oh yeah, that’s probably mine also. All right, you want to get started on the… and I will get your website on at the end we’ll ask you, but right we’re going to talk about the ocean. A lot of these first ones are actually from my sister Terry.

Monique: Okay.

Me: What is the ocean from a psycho-spiritual perspective? Not sure what that means but maybe Erik, Hi Erik Iove you! Oh my God I forgot!

Erik: Hi Mom!

Monique: He’s dressed in blue swim shorts and snorkel gear.

Me: Why? What are you doing that for silly?

Monique: He’s diving into the ocean.

Me: Oh of course! Okay, so what is the ocean from a psycho-spiritual perspective sweetie?

Erik: It’s a cleanser and it’s also where the Universe lives. Because the Universe is within us and just like we are every drop of the ocean, the ocean is also us. It’s a very calming, grounding type of energy. It can do everything. It can wash away your energy, it can recharge your energy and it can stabilize your energy. Not only is the water fluid but it’s also very solid.

Monique: (he’s showing about the metamorphoses of about how to make ice cubes)

Me: okay

Monique: you know how you have water and you harden them, but then you expose them to the sunlight and they evaporate and they melt and they go back to liquid.

Erik: That (referring to the ice cubes) is also like us.

Me: Oh yeah, that’s our evolution.

Erik: We should be more like water and go with the ebb and flow.

Monique: He’s bringing me images of a bank. Even though the water doesn’t go anywhere, bit by bit as it comes in, it changes the look of the shoreline, bit by bit, it’s just repetition. I don’t know where he’s going with that.

Me: Where are you going with that? What rabbit hole are you taking us down boy?

Erik: The bottomless ocean.

Monique: He’s bringing it back to our personal energy.

Erik: It’s all encompassing type of place and the water (for people’s minds) can be either scary or it can be very calming.

Me: Is it scary because it’s a past life thing, like maybe they drowned?

Erik: Past life, current life or just a fear.

Me: Okay, All right. So maybe that’s why so many people find it so healing to be next to water period.

Erik: Yeah

Me: Because it cleanses our energies, balances it, grounds us. Okay. All right.

Erik: Yeah. It cleanses, charge, it heals, it washes, it supports us. Like if we’re just floating and if we…It’s sort of like life, if you just surrendered to the water, the water will support you. All your weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re 90 lbs. or 300 lbs., water’s going to support you. With life if you become like water and surrender to the Universe, the Universe is going to support you no matter what.

Me: I love that metaphor or analogy. All right, how do you see the ocean evolving? What part will mankind play in its evolution?

Erik: Nature will always adapt. Even though humans are, sort of ruining it, it’s still going to be there, it’s never going to be gone 100%. It’s going to change, where some lakes become smaller; some rivers dry up. It’s always going to remain the same. There’s always going to be bodies of water. No matter what we do to it.


Erik: It’s always going to remain because as water sustains life and it sustains our life, we’re also made up out of water. So, it’s never going to go away, it’s just maybe going to change in looks and smell.

Monique: he’s talking about the parts where it’s really toxic and gross like that.

Me: Ew! Erik sends people those kinds of smells too! Rotten fish smells.

Erik: Who me?

Me: Yeah (Laughing) How do you feel about repeating his F bombs and things like that? Are you cool with that?

Monique: Yep, oh yeah!

Me: Okay, good. All right now her next question is: Tell us about Atlantis, Lemuria and other important underwater civilizations and what is their legacy on our present population?

Erik: They’re very busy.

Monique: He almost shows a curtain unveiling, to where it’s kind of been hidden for now.

Erik: People are starting to have more awareness; the veil that’s been hiding it is slowly coming off to people. But it’s very, very busy because they know the Lemurians and Atlantis and all that, they know that the people are actively searching for them now. They want to connect, they want to be a part. They want to go home with some people who remember those lives as living underwater there.

Me: They were living on top of water right and they sank. Are some of them still alive living underwater?

Erik: There’s still some energy under the water yes.

Me: Wow. Oh, that’s cool. Yeah go ahead.

Erik: They’re preparing to re-emerge. Because it’s now time for things to come back to light; because the people are actively searching for it. Not in a curious way to dismantle it, but more to help create it and further it.

Me: Okay, well what would their re-emergence have to offer us? How could we benefit and vice versa, how could they benefit?

Erik: Healing. There is places under the water there, where the earth, some of earths energies…like we have chakras in our body there’s these energy power houses that help the earth as one, through these energy vortexes.

Me: Oh, I was going to ask him if it was related to vortices. Okay. Cool.

Erik: There’s just a lot of healing power with our natural things, like the salt in the water, the crystallized rocks that are underneath.

Me: Yeah because crystals they’re healing.

Erik: They’ll bring a really big healing up to it.

Me: Good. Is there any technology that we will discover; very advanced technology that we will discover when they re-emerge?

Erik: A power blaster with water

Monique: He can’t speak to it now

Erik: It is something to do with combining the power of crystals, energy and water.

Me: Let the powers combine! That’s the Power Rangers, right? I can’t remember.

Monique: Yeah

Me: Okay, tell us about special creatures or life forms discovered and undiscovered; living in the oceans, and what is our co-purpose on the earth?

Monique: Je wants to address the mermaids.

Me: Oh yeah okay, there’s a lot of questions about that, yeah go for it.

Erik: Yes, it’s all real, there are mermaids.

Me: Cool

Monique: He’s showing me an image of a pink fish. It has four fins, two in the front and two in the back. It almost looks like it has a nose, it reminds me a lot of a pig.

Me: Oh okay.

Erik: Those are really cute and mischievous little fuckers.

Me: (Giggle) Before we get off of mermaids, I’m going to ask this person’s question. Do mermaids enter our oceans via portals or do they live here all the time, just at depths we can’t reach?

Erik: It has to do with our belief systems. Just like Spirit. Spirit’s not up here or down here, Spirit is right in front of our face, it’s just our veil. Our personal conditioning.

Me: Ah

Erik: It’s our awareness

Me: Yes, that makes sense, it’s like the Native Americans when some of the first, I don’t know, from Spain, whatever. When some of the first explorers came to America, they did not see the ships that were in the harbor, they couldn’t see ‘em because they couldn’t even envision something like that. So, I guess that’s what you’re talking about. That’s so cool.

Erik: They’re right there on the beach beside you, they’re swimming

Me: Wow.

Erik: Yeah, people’s awareness isn’t there and the people that have [it], the people that believe in it, they’re the ones who have had mermaid sightings.

Me: Oh yeah. What are they like? Like, what do they think about humans, just any sentient tidbits.

Erik: They’re not as Hollywood glammed up

Me: Oh, yeah. Not like Splash, Darryl Hannah on Splash. All right.

Erik: They’re kind of stinky, they’re half fish, right? They’re not as nice to those as one would think. They don’t have perfectly combed hair every day like the Little Mermaid. They’re just like us, there are some who are a bit nasty and then there’s some that are more loving and more welcoming. They have the utmost respect for their environment.

Monique: Going back to how disrespectful we are to where we live.

Erik: The pollution, the cars, littering; not taking care of our earth. That is a big difference between life under water and life above water. It’s the respect they have.

Me: Do they come from another galaxy or planet, planetary system or are they just on earth like we are and have been?

Erik: They’re just on earth like we’ve been.

Me: Do they have any special powers, like healing ability, telepathy, you name it?

Erik: Telepathy for sure, healing as well, yes. They have sonar and they have frequency. They move things and communicate through their frequencies. To us it may look like an ability but to them it’s just a way of life.

Me: Okay, what about dolphins? Why do they seem so special to humans? I just love them.

Monique: I love them too.

Me: Mmhm.

Monique: I actually was able to be in water with one.

Me: Oh

Monique: I refer to them as cold silky butter, like velvety butter.

Me: mmm.

Erik: They’re a bit of the underdog but they are like a workhorse. They are kind of how we view dogs. How dogs are very loyal to us. They’re kind of like that to the underwater world. They just have unconditional loyalty and love and they’re just very playful like children and they just work very hard.

Me: What attracts us to dolphins?

Erik: Our inner child.

Me: Oh yeah, okay. Alright. Anything else on dolphins before we move on?

Monique: One sec, he’s coming in so fast I can’t make sense of it.

Me: Slow down Erik!

Erik: To adapt the behavior of a dolphin. Lose the judgement, be playful like a child, unconditional loyalty to all and just protect what you value.

Me: And be horny little bastards like they are?

Erik: Mom! That’s a whole different day!

Me: Okay, still on the sea creatures there; the Loch Ness monster. This one person is wondering whether it really is or was a dinosaur called the plesiosaur. Some years ago, two fishermen saw what they thought was an upturned boat. As they pulled alongside it, in their boat, a creature poked the head out of the water. Then dove out of sight. Oh my god, that’s kind of freaky. So, could this have been a plesiosaur and are they still living in the ocean, then found its way into a loch when it was first sighted?

Erik: No, it’s not. It’s not the dinosaur, it is still a sea creature, it is still very much alive, and there is more than one.

Monique: I’m getting the number 5.

Me: hm

Erik: This is sort of the hierarchy. They all remain hidden except for the one. Like a soldier, where a soldier has to go out and see if this area’s okay. Like research, can we go over here, is it safe over here?

Me: Okay, that’s fine. Back to the special creatures. Any more special creatures that we would be shocked to find out, and also what is the largest sea creature in the ocean now?

He shows himself swimming in the water right now and he says, “I’m the largest sea creature in the ocean right now!”

Me: Oh yeah right, the largest ego maybe. Just kidding.

Erik: No, I don’t have ego anymore.

Me: I know you don’t.

Erik: Whales, they’re very underrated.

Me: In what way?

Monique: He brings up Eeyore. There’s a whole group of animals and Eeyore seems to be, the shy one or the sad one.

Me: It’s my birthday, thanks for noticing, (mimicking Eeyore) Yeah, I know.

Erik: A lot of whales (seem to) have that mentality, they’re just swimming along, that’s about it. They don’t really do much. Where the dolphins are very super playful like a Tigger, and they’re constantly jumping up and jumping up and jumping up. They’re like the old farts of the ocean.

Me: Oh no, okay. So, are one of the whale species, is that the largest?

Erik: Are you asking about size or are you asking about population?

Me: Size.

Erik: Oh yeah, there are some whales that haven’t been seen, but you can park a plane in them.

Me: Oh my gosh. Okay, so probably the largest sea creature is some form of whale. Okay. Now one thing I forgot about dolphins; I saw a special long time ago that they’re really intelligent. In fact, for number chunking. For humans to memorize numbers, like phone numbers, we have to have three and then four, or three, three and four. But they can memorize a chunk of 10 numbers at a time. So how about you describe their intellect and even compare it to human intellect. But don’t compare it to mine!

Erik: Yeah, they’re really pretty fucking smart. But, they don’t let, they don’t have an ego per se, so their intellect doesn’t get in the way of their interacting. They’re like an endless…they have this hunger for knowledge and it’s endless. They always want to learn more and know more and it’s fun for them to be tested intellectually. You can meet a dolphin one day and then twenty years from now if it’s still alive it would recognize you.

Me: What is our co-purpose with us on earth, if any?

Erik: when we’re in the water with them…they have a multilayered purpose. If we’re with them physically, they allow us to be in the moment and they help calm our energy, allowing us to drop anything that’s going on. To really connect with the animal, they help us to remember to always be gentle with life. Be gentle with them even though they are bigger than you.

Me: Mmhm

Erik: Say like, listening to their sounds on YouTube or a DVD would be their frequency that they utter, helps calm and heal us on a frequency level as well.

Me: Wow, what does it do? it balances or cleanses our chakras or something?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Maybe they have dolphin therapy for people like autistic kids and stuff, they might have programs like that, but that’d be like equine therapy is used, that would be cool. Okay. Are there any alien life forms living under the ocean?

Monique: Like birds?

Me: Aliens, like aliens, like ET’s, like do they have base down there? Are there aliens down there under the ocean or in the ocean?

Erik: Yes. Because it’s a great, not hiding spot, but form of protection from us humans who have just a harsher agenda.

Me: Oh of course, I mean, so they said, this person says for years have sited UFO’s entering and exiting the ocean off the coast of Southern California, creating a belief that there is an underwater base there. So, is that where one at least of the underwater bases are?

Erik: One of fifty, there’s multiple.

Me: Wow. Just all over the world?

Erik: Yes

Me: What is the purpose the aliens in the ocean? Like, are they helping us, or the animals or they helping keep it clean. or is it just because it’s a safe place to be or what?

Erik: No, it’s all of that. They help clean the oceans, they also help heal some of the animals if they’re either sick or injured; if they’re in the area. They’re also here to telepathically guide us to new technologies.

Me: What are they? Are they tall whites, large greys, small greys, rainbow aliens, ones we don’t know about, all of the above.

Monique: He’s giving me a sense of it’s more of a community, to where it’s not one specific, that is taking over every place.

Me: So, all sorts of different aliens.

Monique: It reminds me of Star Wars.

Me: So, for the most part not bad, not evil?

Erik: No, no, not evil.

Me: Good I like that. All right back to my sisters’ questions.

Erik: No, would I ever let anything evil happen to you?

Me: Ahh. What is the difference between how fresh water and ocean water affects us, Erik?

Erik: The salt water acts more of a clarifier, like a cleanser.

Me: That’s true, salt cleans energy when you burn it with rubbing alcohol. That’s true.

Erik: Fresh water gets contaminated easily and that’s where you have a lot of bottom feeding fish and fish whose purpose is to clean, is mostly found in the fresh water. It’s all about balance,

Me: Yeah, how can mankind peacefully co-exist with the ocean? That’s from Aunt Terry again.

Erik: One, to love yourself is going to be a big step into mankind existing peacefully. Then in terms of the water, if you think, you are 80% water so if you think about what you’re putting into your body is poisoning or helping, think about what you’re putting into the ocean; are you poisoning it or are you helping it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So just treat it as you would yourself

Me: Okay. Is it more important, again from Aunt Terry. Is it more important for us to explore the ocean or space?

Erik: Technically you can do both. If you go deep down in the ocean it looks like space and if you zoom all the way out into space your, ocean’s in space, because earth is floating.

Me: That’s true, oh wow, okay. So why is it important for us, so I guess both.

Erik: It’s just personal perspective of whatever we do.

Me: Why is it important to us to explore the ocean for example?

Erik: It gives us a deeper understanding of where we have come from

Me: Mmhm

Erik: And how for us to be better it’s almost like a physical way we can view what we’re doing to the planet.

Me: Mmhm.

Erik: …by the state of the ocean.

Me: Okay

Monique: What was the other part of the question?

Me: No, that’s good. How did the oceans originate? I mean there’s some theories that it came from the rocks that were cooling off when the earth, you know 3.6 whatever billion years ago, was cooling off, was lava, some say that icy comets, comets, icy meteors, but then they studied the amount of deuterium, and Zenon and it couldn’t be just from icy comets or just…so anyway, what is the origin of freaking oceans? I’m just confusing myself.

Erik: Where does anything come from?

Me: Oh, you smart alec.

Erik: It’s comes from multiple places. There’s some stuff that has been here and then things are formed out of the ocean and also some aliens have brought water and brought certain things that live in the water.

Me: Okay.

Erik: same with *** as well, but in terms of the water.

Me: Okay. Now how did the salt originate from the ocean?

Erik: Back before there was so many humans on it, there was so much more salt and minerals on earth. With everything being in the waters and being all natural, before we took over, it’s almost like it absorbs it in a way.

Monique: He’s showing me a sponge.

Me: Absorbs the minerals, the salt? From the earth?

Erik: Yeah, the water took on a different mineral level through absorbing what was around it.

Monique: He’s talking about fish poop.

Me: Oh, okay so maybe like organic matter, is that what you’re saying? Well I don’t know, why would that, well there’s salt in blood, so maybe like from organisms.

Erik: It just is, it’s just how we are, like where does our salt come from in our bodies?

Me: Where do salt mines come from? The ocean? Okay. Will there ever be a time in the future, of course there is free will involved, where the oceans are clean and healthy?

Monique: he’s showing the time line splicing off so the people who are not aware and who are not living a spiritual purpose right now, they have one version of earth.

Me: Oh my God, so there’s going to be a split in reality?

Erik: As we are ascending and as we are going to into this golden age, this new earth, we have a bit of a cleaner water. It’s all about the different parallels.

Me: And perspective we created our own reality, so yeah. Okay. Quantum probabilities. Somebody wants to know where in the ocean is that Malaysian airline MH370 and will we ever find it?

Erik: Is it lost or is it in another timeline?

Me: Oh, I don’t know, you tell me! Now one time you said it was, well, I will just let you answer.

Monique: All I’m getting from him is East

Me: East of what? Show her a map Erik, give her an image of a map.

Monique: East of 142, I don’t know is that like longitude/latitude.

Me: I don’t know, could be. Okay, we’ll take that information and look, that sounds cool. Ya’ll get your globes out. Okay. What is the best way for us to clean the ocean, besides of course, not throwing plastics and diapers and needles and all that, not contaminate it in the first place, what could be done to clean it effectively, the oceans.

Monique: He’s talking about at home projects. Budding scientists.

Erik: There’s a lot of youth right now that are making their own makeshift water filters and cleansers and these children, these inventions are going to play a big role in the future.

Me: So, they’ll be able to build them on a large scale obviously then, if they’re going to. One’s that won’t fit in their kitchen. That’s good, that’s good. Somebody wants to know if whales and dolphins come from another planet.

Erik: Whales no, Dolphins yes.

Me: Really, where are they from? I’ve heard that before.

Erik: Way out past Saturn.

Me: Oh, okay cool, why did they come here? Did their planet explode and they got into their mother dolphin ship, or did they go through some portal?

Erik: To broaden their awareness and to learn more and to help civilization.

Me: How did they get here? Little dolphin astronauts with their little helmets and stuff, right?

Monique: That’s funny, yeah!

Monique: He’s showing me like a frequency thing from a planet into the water.

Me: So, they altered their frequency in order for them to travel this distance or time or what?

Monique: It’s almost like they have an extension of where they are and it billows all the way out until it reaches where it needs to go and they kind of just go through it

Me: Oh, like a portal?

Monique: Yeah, kind of like a portal, but it’s their own. They’re living just sort of like morphs and shifts and it looks like a vortex and they just kind of like go through that.

Me: Are they still coming through, or the ones that are here; that’s it?

Erik: Yes, but not as many as before.

Me: Are there any undiscovered beings in the ocean that are more, as intelligent or more intelligent than us humans?

Monique: He’s winking right now.

Erik: There are some things out there, but they are not yet to be known.

Me: Oh, so we’re not allowed to know.

Erik: Not yet.

Me: Are they aliens? The aliens we talked about?

Erik: No.

Me: Oh, okay. Are there oceans in heaven, that you guys can like swim in, see all the beauty below?

Erik: Oh, fuck yeah, there’s anything we want.

Me: That’s true you can materialize anything.

Erik: Exactly.

Monique: if he wants to build a sand castle on the beach, he you know, he just thinks it, it appears and he can build a sand castle on the beach.

Me: Awesome.

Erik: Yeah just like how we create our own reality because we are spirit up in spirit, we also create our own reality up there as well.

Me: What is the most shocking thing that we already haven’t uncovered about the ocean?

Erik: How truly vast it really is and how many species are actually there. When everyone becomes aware and we all are able to (garbled) a really far time from now we just won’t realize how many species there really were and how each worked together in unison for this whole ecosystem.

Monique: If we just find the knowledge itself, we would be flabbergasted.

Me: How many species do you think, more or less have been undiscovered of marine life?

Erik: A couple Mil

Me: Oh my gosh. All right one person wants to know what whales think about us. Gulp.

Erik: Oh, they have a whale of a time with that!

Me: Oh God, keep your day job!

Erik: They laugh at us more than, often. But they don’t really think too much about us, they just coexist

Me: Okay. Do mandala don sharks, the prehistoric great whites still exist? Or are there any other large prehistoric creatures deep but still somehow exist? Like marine dinosaurs, I guess.

Erik: In this particular timeline as of right now no, but they do still exist in a Universal way.

Me: What do you mean? Another planet or whatever?

Erik: Parallel worlds, parallel lives.

Me: Oh okay.

Erik: Everything is still very much alive.

Me: Oh okay.

Monique: Where we are currently.

Me: are the polar ice caps melting because of human influence or was it going to happen on its own anyway?

Erik: Human influence for sure.

Me: Okay, is it only human influence?

Erik: Humans are the catalyst.

Me: Okay

Erik: From the pollution, and the global warming, and everything that has come from us destroying the land, it has all been, we have just been a catalyst for it to happen.

Me: What’s going happen, you have developing nations like India and China that are just polluting so much and you know we are trying to be better as a country, but when they’re still doing it, what’s the outlook?

Erik: It’s still going to deteriorate, but not as fast we believe it to be. In our lifetime, there’s still going to be ice caps and even in our children’s lifetime there’s still going to be some ice caps.

Monique: He’s talking about the new world and how we’re shifting and we’re ascending.

Me: And the cleaner ocean, ah yeah.

Erik: Older world, yes, it may eventually cease to exist but when we get to our, the new world when we ascend and we’re in our 5D and all that, we’ll see a big difference.

Me: When is that going to be? 10,000 years, 100 years, 1,000,000 years?

Erik: It’s already slowly happening, us shifting and the earth rising, but it’s all to do with your awareness too. If you remember to say to yourself ten years ago, your awareness, the world looked a certain way to you.

Erik: Through experiences, your awareness now has a whole different view point on things and now all of a sudden, the world looks different to you.

Me: That’s true.

Erik: Even though technically nothing has changed, you changed, so your world changed because you are your reality.

Me: Yeah, it’s just like when you’re pregnant, you look around and everyone seems to be pregnant. Everybody. Not the guys though. In what year do you see the ocean levels rising along coastal cities in California and does it have to do with a major earthquake causing a Tsunami. Puppy break, I’m doing a session.

Erik: This brings us back to one of the earlier questions today, “will we still have ocean or still have water”. The ocean, the water has energy and concousness and for water and the ocean to survive, it does create tsunamis and things like that because it’s doing what it can to lessen the degree of population, lessen the degree of factories and everything like that.

Monique: It’s being presented to me in a very cleansing sort of thing and survival.

Me: Will it, how high will the, like off the coast of CA, how high up will the ocean go? Around the US, we’ll say, it’s will probably be similar everywhere.

Erik: It’s nothing crazy and new they’re going to see. It’s going to be the same old shit that you’ve seen years ago.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s like a gentle wave cleansing, but to the people experiencing it, it doesn’t feel very gentle. Also has to do with helping people jump into their own, helping to change their awareness. The biggest catalyst for humans to change is mainly through tragedy.

Me: Oh, that’s too bad. Oh gosh. When will the next major earthquake hit California? And I have just a couple more questions, that’s it.

Monique: Sorry, you broke up there, what was the question?

Me: Oh I’m sorry, When will the next big one, earthquake hit California? Somebody wants to know.

Monique: I’m getting 2019

Me: Is the radiation from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima affecting the sea life a lot?

Monique: It’s reached the Atlantic on this side of it. If you flatten out the world, like if you flatten out a globe, it’s now starting to reach its traces all the way to the Atlantic.

Me: Okay. So how much impact does it have on sea life?

Erik: Big time, it’s had to, sea life has had to kind of re-assimilate and redefine itself to survive. Some of the species is starting to dwindle now because of that.

Me: Oh.

Erik: It’s actually a very sad thing that’s been happening in the ocean.

Me: So will it get better?

Erik: It will get better over time but not something that we’re going to see in the next couple years.

Me: Oh okay, All right. Now, I read an article about the Bermuda triangle. Some of the ships and stuff that have disappeared, might be just due to big rogue waves, like a hundred feet, but of course there are also stories about how airplanes are like, they’re getting disoriented and their avionics, get all screwed up and go crazy. Is there anything else odd about the Bermuda Triangle?

Erik: It’s definitely a big energy vortex.

Me: Okay. Could that have something to do with the Rogue waves or is that something separate from the rogue waves?

Erik: Everything is energy and the vortexes have different frequencies and if you put water with a frequency, you can move water.

Me: Oh yeah, well I guess so.

Erik: Yes, the waves are a result of the high frequency energy that is in that triangle

Me: Okay>

Erik: We can’t know all the secrets because a lot of people still like to believe in the mystery of it.

Me: Oh yeah. Now what is happening with our reefs? Is it true, we will one day not be able to go in the ocean because of the jellyfish taking over from reef decay? How long do we have? That’s about it.

Erik: No, we don’t have to worry about that.

Me: What’s going on with the reefs? I know that some people say people wearing sunblock is part of it, that destroys reef life.

Erik: A lot of the major reefs that we know are dying off, but there’s also a lot of other reefs that are being created as well.

Monique: He’s actually bringing it to the mermaids and the aliens that some of the ways they help the sea life is through helping recreate things that have been destroyed.

Me: Okay, but is it mostly suntan, sunblock that’s destroying them or what?

Erik: It’s everything mom, it’s just a domino.

Me: Pollution, radiation, everything. Anything else you want to add Erik about the mysteries of the oceans?


Erik: Don’t swallow any water because you don’t know who peed in it.

Me: Ah that’s true, you probably did. Whale pee, mermaid pee! Maybe it has magical powers. We could develop little flippers, like Ariel. And have a good singing voice like Ariel. All right well thank you so much Monique. Let people know how they can book a session with you, find out more about you and so on.

Monique: Go to my Facebook, Facebook @Moniquethehealingmedium, I offer channeled messages for personal guidance, I teach Reiki courses 1 through master teacher all online, I even created energy for animals’ course. So, if you want to do your connection and heal your animal without drugs and relying on others, it’s also a good spa treatment for them as well, they really enjoy it. I have that class as well. I make chakra bath bombs.

Me: Oh, tell me about those.

Monique: I call myself Monique The Healing medium because I really incorporate my mediumship in with my healing. Basically, I infuse, I handmake bath bombs. According to each chakra, the color, the essential oils, I even put hidden crystals inside of them as well.

Me: Oh, how cool. Where can they find that? Find it at Monique The Healing Medium on Facebook?

Monique: Yep.

Me: Okay. So, Monique The Healing Medium. Okay, I’ll put it up here too. Any chance you’ll have a website up?

Monique: It’s being worked on right now.

Me: All right, that sounds great! Well thank you, anything else you want to add Monique, this has been so awesome!

Monique: Just message me on Facebook, let your healing journey begin!

Me: Thank you, Monique. Thank you, Erik. I love you.

Monique: You’re welcome Mama

Blows kisses.

Me: Bye, this is awesome.

How about some creepy pictures courtesy of discloseTV?

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