Mister “Know-It-All”?

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Me: Some people have said that you give some conflicting information on things like on palmistry, but when I looked back on the post, that doesn’t seem true. You say that there’s validation in all techniques. In palmistry, it’s not so much the lines as it is in the hand shape, etc. Anyway, there might be conflicting information that you give, Erik somewhere or another. Tell me about that. Is it because you are learning and growing, or are you always right? Are you omniscient?

Jamie (giggling): He’s laughing right now.

Erik: No, I’m not omniscient. Sometimes people can take what they want and change it and run with it, so…

Me: What? What do you mean?

Erik: Humans. You know, the free will thing. So like, I can say a bunch of shit that’s about to happen and tell it to someone and they listen to it they go, “No, that’s fucked up. I don’t like it. I’m not doing it.” And they just totally shut down. That just screws up all the shit I just told them. So, then it proves them right, and they say, “Oh, he was wrong anyway.” You get my point? I’m not omniscient. I’m a guide. I’m going to tell you shit that’s going to work best, especially if it’s in your best interest, but you can take it and go somewhere else with it. When it’s something about like a story where it doesn’t –

Jamie: I was like, ‘Oo, give us an example! I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

I chuckle.

Jamie: His example is –


Jamie (to Erik): So like a history buff. (Pause) Don’t get mad! I just wanna know.

I giggle softly.

Jamie: Sassy!

Me: Uh oh!

Jamie chuckles at Erik’s unexpected reaction.

Jamie: It was such a complicated example! I couldn’t follow it, and he was like, “God, Jamie!” He told me to wake up. He told me I didn’t have enough coffee. He threw so much stuff at me!

Me: Oh, that’s one of my questions!

Jamie: Coffee?

Me: Yeah, baby! Love it.

Erik: Coffee is good for some people, and it’s crappy for others.

Me: Wait. We’re not there yet. Let’s finish this one.

Erik: Okay, ‘kay, ‘kay. I don’t know EVERYTHING. I just know what’s best or what should happen or what should be as someone’s guide. There are so many alternate universes and possibilities. People have free will. If you’re saying, for example, it’s already happened and you ask the question based on something that has already occurred and I tell you something but you do the research, you do whatever and you come back and you say it’s wrong, well, fuck yeah, it could be wrong, but you could also look at your question, because most of the time human questions suck. They’re not thorough. They lead to the wrong idea or suggestion and so your put the blame on me, which is a bunch of bullshit.

Me: Aw! Poor baby!

Erik (in jest): It’s hard to work with the dummies.

Me: What about the things that are sort of black and white like, “Does bigfoot exist”? What if you were to say no one time and yes months later? That would be conflicting. That would have nothing to do with free will.

Erik: Well, the first person probably asked, “Do they exist in third dimension? Do they exist on Earth?” Well, really, they don’t, but sometimes they blend in to a third dimension universe. They are creatures. They do exist, but we have a multidimensional earthly plane. So, if you were asking about Earth, as it is, hell no, those things don’t exist and breed on Earth like that.

Me: Okay. What if someone asks you, “Are mermaids mythical creatures?” You said yes with one channel—that they’re interdimensional creatures and do exist, but you said and no with another channel. In other words, are you ever wrong about things like that?

Erik: Oh, sure. I could be wrong.

Me: Okay. I mean, just to, uh, really, when you think about it, you are a guy that just doesn’t happen to have a body who, unlike us, can tap into this vast web or universe of information for us, right?

Erik: Yes. By the way, mermaids aren’t real.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Nor are unicorns.

Me: Ah, too bad.

Erik: Sasquatch. It is a creature. Doesn’t live in the third dimensional plane like humans. No. That’s why you fucking can’t find ‘em, but you can find their shit sometimes.

Me: I know. We talked about that. I remember you saying that they sometimes come to our dimension for brief periods of time.

Aha! So, the truth is out; Erik doesn’t know it all! And he’s okay with that.

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Remember what Erik said about communicating with loved ones within the 12-15 Hz range? Read this form blog member, Pauline!

Hi Elisa!
Just want to share with you, had a very beautiful session with Jamie last night (as a birthday gift to myself), and we tackled on how I can better receive messages with my guides/angels. Reading your previous post, I googled 12-15 hertz, and found out that 12-15 hertz is actually called SMR sensory motor rhythm brainwave or low beta frequency.
You can download binaural beats online with SMR. Or iTunes! There are several 30minute run time of binaural beats SMR.  

SMR (Sensorimotor Response) or Low Beta Brainwaves

Note: Sensorimotor response is also known as Sensory Motor Response, Sensorimotor rhythm, and many other terms.

Description of  SMR

Some neurotherapists have observed that SMR brain wave frequencies make individuals feel more present, and in the moment.

“Low Beta (12-15 Hz), formerly ‘SMR’:
 localized by side and by  lobe (frontal, occipital, etc)

Subjective feeling states: relaxed [?] yet focused, integrated
Associated tasks & behaviors: low SMR can reflect ‘ADD’,  lack of focused attention
Physiological correlates: is inhibited by motion; restraining body may increase SMR
Effects of Training: increasing SMR can produce relaxed focus, improved attentive abilities,”

Brainwaves and the EEG: The Language of the Brain

Physiological Effects of SMR

“What Sterman had done by teaching the cats to produce SMR, he would come to realize, was to strengthen their brain function at the sensory motor strip, the same way a person builds muscle mass by repeatedly lifting weights. (Page 42)”

Book: Robbins, Jim. A Symphony in the Brain. Grove Press, 2000.  


“The animal entered a unique state–it remained absolutely still, though extremely alert, waiting for the tone to end. It is the same state a house cat waits in, feigning heavy-lidded indifference, as a bird makes its way near enough to be pounced on.(P.  39)”

Book: Robbins, Jim. A Symphony in the Brain. Grove Press, 2000.


SMR is inhibited by motion; restraining body may increase SMR.  

“[making a conscious effort to see clearly] is commonly accompanied by some degree of immobility of the eyes and body. The rate of blinking decreases; breathing  becomes shallower and may, for a while, even stop. Themuscles of the head, neck, shoulders, and perhaps other parts of the body too, may be unnaturally tensed, and all the time the eyes are fixed with increasing intentness on their target. As the eyes become fixed so does the attention, which only encourages the eyes to become yet more fixed, with a resulting impairment of both vision and perception.(P. 59)”
Thanks for the time and effort in your daily posts! Cannot wait for the next one! My love to you, Erik and Jamie.

Forgot to mention that my guides confirmed that binaural beats SMR low beta frequency will enable you to communicate with them, or loved ones on the other side better 🙂
Here’s a download. It’s only 8 minutes but you can repeat it. 12-15 HZ BINAURAL BEATS
Thanks, Pauline!


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