Erik on God, Part One

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I’m also hoping the mediums can help transcribe the sessions they channel, since they get a lot out of it, but I understand that once they’re a Channeling Erik medium, they get pretty busy and strapped for time. 

Now for a very exciting series on no other than the Big Kahuna himself!

Me: Hey there, girlie!

Kim: Hi!

Me: How are you doing?

Kim: Good, how are you?

Me: Good. I’m still a little sick from a cold, but… You still have that beautiful geode behind you!

Kim: I do. Hopefully we can stay connected. It’s saying we have a poor connection.

Me: Oh, really? It seems fine from my end.

Kim: Good.

Me: How’s our little boy? Well, big boy.

Kim (chuckling): He’s here. You know, I always meditate and prepare for these sessions, but I guess I’ve never taken the time until today to actually say the words: ‘Erik, I welcome you into my home, into my consciousness and into my awareness to influence, blah, blah, blah’ I’ve never actually said those words, and as soon as I said that, I heard Erik go, “When did you get so formal?”

We both laugh.

Kim: It’s usually, ‘Oh, hi, Erik.’

Me: She’s just trying to pay the dude some respect. That’s all, Erik!

Kim: Yeah, he’s so sweet. He’s funny because I was just burning my Palo Santo just trying to take a really good clean approach, and he was like, “When did you get so formal?”

She laughs.

Me: That’s cute! All right, well, we’re going to do something interesting today. We’re going to ask things about God. Not too small a topic, right?

Kim: He put his hand on his hip and he’s scratching his head.

Erik: Well, I’m pretty much always interesting so let’s do it.

Me: Oh right! Okay, let’s just ask the simple question: What is God?

Kim: His energy just shifted completely.

Erik: First of all, Mom, I love you!

Me: I love you, too! You never want to forget that, do you?

Erik: Now we can start.

Me: Now you’re ready.

Kim: He’s so sweet.

Erik: You have a simple question, I have a simple answer.

Kim: He’s using his fingers like a little boy.

Erik (pointing to his index finger): God is life. (pointing to his middle finger) God is presence. And that’s it! We can talk about that. We can break that down.

Me: Yeah, do, please. Go into detail.

Erik: God is Now. If you look at everything around you that has a life force in it and the evolution within that life force, that’s what God is, and that’s essentially in everything. (Sticking up an index finger) So hold that thought. Everything you do perceive, because it’s being perceived now—

Kim: He’ll get into that a little bit more.

Erik: I gotta bust up some myths today. What you look around and perceive in your Now is God’s expression to you, but God’s not a person. Myth #1 (he draws a line thought it.) Busted. God’s not a person. God is the life that’s in everything. I wanna talk about that presence thing for a minute.

Me: Yeah. That’s confusing.

Kim: Apparently, he needs to bust a lot of myths.

Erik: I’m Erik Medhus; this is my perspective, and I’m going to share it with you. Don’t hate the messenger.

Kim: I’m trembling because he has such a serious energy right now!

Me: Wow!

Erik: God is Now. Hopefully the majority of us get that by now. Now, let’s talk about what that really means.

Me: Yeah, let’s.

I’m confused.

Erik: So many people—and of course they’re entitled to their views, their opinions, their beliefs, just don’t let them trip you up or you can stay stuck in that experience. When you look at God, look at life in everything as well as the presence in that. God is Now, but we have a fear of God’s blackmail. Why do we hold God against ourselves when what we really want is that oneness with God? A lot of old, traditional type of Christians and even other belief systems are like, “Oh gosh. Look at what I did back then! I can’t believe I did that! God is going to punish me! Just remember that God is always Now. God is not then.

Kim: He’s really trying to emphasize that God is not a person. God doesn’t think and act and behave like a person like, “Oh, you screwed up in the past? You’re going to be punished for that. Just you wait!”

Erik: Mom, that’s not possible. God can only be Now and is the living life force in everything that is always present. And if you believe—

Kim: Oof! God, I have chills! He’s so jacked up about this. He’s also talking about the future like how people pray or meditate or however you want to call it and use the future like borrowed time or like borrowed forgiveness.

Erik: So we keep ourselves trapped in this bubble thinking we’re present but we’re really not. We’re separating ourselves from being in that oneness, being in that union with God.

Me: Because of fear, all because of fear, fear of the past and fear of the future. But there is no past; there is not future. It’s all happening now. There’s no time. That’s what makes it so hard for us linear time people.

Erik: Yes. Could you imagine if there was a God associated with the past and the future? Could you imagine having a God who is not present? What would that be like? Don’t be your own Hell because when you employ that belief that God is external and elsewhere, not Now with you and the world around you, then you live that reality. You face it, you fear it and so you’re trapped and react emotionally. It becomes this cycle that continues and continues until you can accept the simplicity of God being Now. God is everything all the time everywhere in everything and in every breath.

Me: Well, you say God is life and we are life. Does that mean that we are whole and part of God?

Erik: We are.

Me: So realizing that might help us connect to God because we are God. We’re whole and part of God.

Erik: Exactly. We are, and, Mom, so many people are afraid to hear that.

Me: Like, “Who died and made you God?” It’s that kind of thing.

Erik: Exactly. There are certain religions that believe that you are to render yourself—there are even religions that teach render yourself completely powerless and helpless to something greater than yourself like God, but the actual realization is that you are God expresses as Elisa, expressed as Kim, expressed as Erik. So, when we realize that we are the creator, duh–

Kim and I laugh.

Me: Oh, Erik!

Kim: It’s such a big deal and then he goes, “Duh!”

Me: Comic relief.

Kim: Yeah!

Erik: When you are the creator, then, duh, obviously your whole world will shift. You begin to live in that understanding of why things are the way they are and your involvement and interaction with the world around you.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You basically take a load off.

Kim: He’s showing himself taking off this heavy backpack.

Erik: But there are still so many people who are afraid to think that and employ that belief.

Me: Can you give me some circumstances whereby that load is off and how much easier life would be if we understood that we are the creator and that we have that divinity within us?

Erik: One of the biggest loads you can have is regret.

Kim: He’s circling the word, “regret.”

Erik: When you realize that you are the creator and the creator is expressing itself through you in this living form, you come into a state of full acceptance. You accept everything that is, everything that has been and everything that will be. You let go of thinking like, “Oh well, when this happens, it’ll be better.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You don’t need to think that way because of the Oneness and the Now. You don’t need it to be better. You accept what it is, and when you look at regret, you can take value out of what happened, no matter what happened.

Kim: For example—and I appreciate hearing this right now because my morning has been terrible. I got a call from school. My son used a racist comment against someone, and I’m like shattered over this because, although kids will be kids, I thought I taught him better than that! So, I’m trying to figure out how to let this go because it’s terrible.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: When you look at regret, you again look at the future to neutralize what happened in the past—or we think we can. We think, “Well, I screwed up in the past. I’m not going to do that again!” So it make us—

Me: Feel better, yeah.

Erik: We feel like it neutralizes it, but, in all reality, Mom, when we realize our wholeness, as God expressing Itself and living through us, we learn from it, so there’s no negative emotion associated with it. There’s no fear—

Me: There’s always value. There’s always value in everything including what you’re going through right now.

Kim: Right.

Erik: And there’s always acceptance and understanding, but the hard thing is that first of all, people have to accept that. You don’t go, “Well, wait a minute. How can that be? I need to understand. Let me control. I need an explanation.” You have to be able to accept above that. Step over that and accept in the heart space that we are all the creator living in all of these different forms, everything from a tiny little ant to humans and so on and so on. This is God, and God is the action as well as the reaction. God is everything.

Me: Yeah, God is everything, right? Is God an energy? I guess everything is energy, so it must be. Is He/She that energy called Love? Would you say that? I’ve heard that before, “God is Love.”

Erik: God is Love. That pure, true love is pure, true being. Mom, think of it like this. God is a verb, not a noun.

Kim: He’s trying to show this action with continual evolution, continual happening like action and reaction.

Erik: Stop right there! Talk about that! Everything that happens is meant to be. It’s all divinely orchestrated. There is nothing that can happen that’s not supposed to. That’s why we shouldn’t have regrets. Everything that happens is meant to happen. Whether or not you can find a value in it, that’s up to you.

Me: But it’s not fate, is it? We have free will. We design our spiritual contracts. It’s not like, “Okay, here are your marching orders. This is what you’re supposed to do in this life.”

Erik: With fate, sometimes they take that as their ticket out like when shitty things happen, they’re like, “It’s fate,”—

Me: Or it’s God’s will.

Erik; Yeah, you gotta look beyond that and know that you are the creator living in this way. That’s why there is free will. You are that will. You create that life. Now, before you incarnate, you can predetermine—there’s no time so there’s no “pre.” It’s just an energy sync. You sync with what’s happening. You align with it. Then of course when you incarnate, things are perceived in a linear way.

Me: Okay. I like that. You sync with the energy. The energy sync. That’s cool.

Kim: He’s writing the word, and he has such soft, compassionate energy when he says that—he gets really compassionate—about everything really—but if you want to take this message home, he’s writing the word, “simple.”

Erik: You have to let it be simple. The realization, that place of peace, that place of “All is good and all is well all the time” has to be simple because that simplicity literally opens the doorway to consciousness, to being awake and aware in a completely different way. But as soon as we have to resist and argue, you know what this is, Mom, we fall back asleep. We fall back into the unconscious state of being. Then we deny ourselves what we already are. This feeds into so many other things. All of these psychic abilities, or whatever you want to call them, coming into that conscious state of mind or awareness is the link, the byways. It’s the access point.

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