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Please pray for California now being threatened by several large wildfires. The Santa Anna winds are whipping up today and tomorrow and might make things a lot worse. My sister, Teri, lives in Topanga, CA. Send her and her house protection energy! (along with all parts of California that are in harm’s way.)

I also would like to announce that I’m ending the October annual fundraiser a bit early because we hit the goal of covering 50% of CE expenses! In fact, it exceed that goal and reached 55% I’m so blessed to have such generous friends. It really helps my family and me a lot.

Before we go to the main event, check out the AMAZING Hour of Enlightenment radio show we had last night. Here’s a bit about it:

Michelle Gray, of The Healing H-Art, will describe her own Journey of Awakening, and healing. From being outcast as a child, and diagnosed with an incurable disease as an adult. Opiate addiction, illnesses, including stage 3 breast cancer. Facing her own mortality, started the beginning of her transformation of healing her own heart and helping others do the same. Check out her site at Then, after 30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners and Michelle channels his answers. Check out her site HERE.

Okay, now for the topic of the day: Most of us can’t get enough information about God, Source or whatever you want to call it/her/him! I love Sri Swami Svatmananda’s perspective. He’s such a gentle soul that exudes great wisdom. You can check out his site HERE or email him at

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The documentary filmmaker leaves tomorrow. I’m going to miss her and her assistant so much. They’re such gifted, authentic, creative and loving people. I get choked up at the very thought of saying our goodbyes. 🙁 But they have to return to Toronto to go over the footage (and they got a lot of incredible footage) and go through the complex and time-consuming editing process. It’ll likely take several months. Then they plan on flying to Atlanta to interview Jamie Butler and to film her trance channeling Erik. They’ll also fly to Denver to interview Raylene. And I think they’ll probably return to Houston to re-interview Erik’s best friend, Sean. He’s a musician and he’s writing a song specifically for Erik, and the film crew will definitely want to film him performing that with his band, the Brush Poppers. When all that footage is gathered, they’ll insert it into the documentary. After all that, they’ll submit the documentary to all of the festivals before distribution. I’ll keep all of you in the loop. So far, the working title is, “Are You There, Erik?”  Thank all of you who consented to be interviewed. I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!

Have a safe Halloween! Love you guys!

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