How Well do You Know God? Erik Fills in the Gaps!

As many of you know, I had a horrific experience in Norway with just 1-2 hours left of life before I was rescued. I plan to have a session with Linda Hack so that Erik can answer some questions I have about it, and I also want to film myself giving everyone my account of the ordeal. 

But first, I want to remind you not to forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. Click on the “LISTEN” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link through

During my recent trip to visit relatives in Norway, I had a recent brush with death. Intending on taking a short 15-minute hike after dinner, a thick fog suddenly rolled in and disoriented me. I got completely lost, and had to endure almost 24 hours in zero-degree temperatures and cold and steady rain and wind, which, of course, made the real feel temperature much colder. I was dressed way too inadequately. After 10-12 hours, I changed from begging to be saved to begging for my soul to be ripped from my body. The suffering was that unbearable. Thankfully, the Red Cross Search and Rescue team found me one meter outside of their intended 800-meter search limit. The doctor, who is also a survival expert, says my core temperature when I was rescued was around 30 degrees Celsius, so I had no more than 1-2 hours left to live. 

Almost everyone feels a sense of hopelessness at some point in their life, perhaps to a lesser degree, so Erik, through our wonderful medium, Raylene Nuañes, will discuss how we can regain our fight to hope again, even when things look bleak. After 20-30 minutes of discussion, he will take calls from listeners, also channeled by Raylene. You can reach Raylene at She not only channels, she also teaches spiritual arts and is a master in all things related to crystals and the use of spiritual tools such as dowsing rods and pendulums. 

Also, medium, Kim Voigt, will pitch in on the topic of exit points. I’m wondering if this was one of mine. Check out more about Kim at She not only channels, she can do Akashic Record readings, past life regressions, quantum healings and more. 

If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735. You can also access the show through

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Now, enjoy this awesome video channeled by Shruti Kamble. Check her out at!

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