Erik on Love, Part Three

Looks like we’re under a tropical storm warning but most of the rain will be to our east. I pray for those suffering the brunt and feel bad that my only concern for where I am is whether to bother watering my plants today. Send your prayers to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi!

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Me: Okay, what about the connection between compassion and Love? Let’s get back to the whole Love thing. Thang.

Erik: Compassion is the seed for connection, and it’s a reminder that we’re all connected as one. When you feel compassion for someone, you’ll always know it because you’ll feel like you can approach that person and talk to them about everything. You’ll feel kindness exuding from them even before you see examples of that kindness. It’s just an energy that comes from them. That draws the person in so both can share what they need to, and that amplifies that spiritual love that we all have within us. So we have this connection to that person even though we may never see them again ever. We’ll never forget them all because of their compassion and kindness.

Robert; He was tearing up!

Me (tenderly): Aw, baby! Okay, anything else about romantic love? How do you know when it’s the right person? I hate to say right because there is no right or wrong, but how do you know? To me, a relationship works—and this is not just for romantic relationships. It’s for others, too—but it’s if that person helps you be the best version of yourself. If you feel like you’re less than in that relationship, then it’s not going to work.

Erik: That’s right. If you feel confined in any way—and here’s where you have to get in touch with your heart AND your mind because you need that analytical side as well, but just don’t fucking go overboard with it. Your mind is meant to ask an infinite number of questions and provide an infinite number of answers and you’ll never get to the end of it. So, you have to ask those questions of yourself: “Okay, if I’m feeling confined in some way, is that just how I’m perceiving it?” That’s because it can be an instance where the person was trying to teach you something that you don’t have a boundary about, and because you don’t have that boundary, you can be harmed by it.

Me: For example?

Erik: Well, if you’re going out and boozing it up every night and then you meet someone who doesn’t booze it up as much, and they come into your life with the possibility of being your soul mate—but the only way that can be is if you see that also—and they’re there to guide you to another place. You might feel confined or restrained by that, and some people can think, “Well, if love is about being free, I can do whatever the fuck I want!” Yeah, you can do whatever the fuck you want, but it doesn’t mean it’s sustainable for life. And of course you’ll go over to the Other Side to see those kinds of things like how love can be equally destructive as well.

Me: How? How can Love destroy?

Erik: Think about it this way, Mom. You’ve experienced the ultimate destruction from Love.

Me (sadly): Yeah.

Erik: My death.

Me: Yeah.

Robert: That’s a good one, Erik.

Erik: Grief.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But look how much you’ve learned from it.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: And how much everybody learned from it.

Me: I’m not going to say I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though.

Erik: I’m sure. It was a hard lesson. It was so destructive, but you know Mrs. Cannon, Dolores Cannon talks about how there’s a component of fear in that destruction, and Love can encompass that because Love doesn’t disallow anything. Fear will destroy those things, but Love, in its truest sense as spirits perceive it, will rebuild those. And there is so much that has been rebuilt from [my death,] from those ashes from your heart and the family’s. Other families, too.

Me: Yeah, that’s true.

Erik: There’s just an infinite amount of beauty that has come from this even though it was such an ugly thing.

Me: Well, talk more about fear and Love, the relationship between those two. Isn’t there only fear and Love and they’re the opposite sides of the same coin?


Me: Or did I make that up?

Robert: There’s a gentleman here. Baba? I’ve heard of Baba, but I’m not sure which Baba this is. Meher Baba.

Me: Meher Baba.

Baba: There is negative Love and positive Love. We can associate negative Love as fear, and because Love doesn’t disallow anything, it can’t disallow fear. That would mean disallowing itself. At the same time, Love would not disallow the ego because again, that would be disallowing itself. Ego is necessary in order for us to grow. It provides contrast. We must, in this universe and in every universe, have some form of construction and destruction. To reiterate, fear is necessary to break things down because if things are not broken down in this world, we’ll hold on to the forever. So in order to recognize that there are new things we can experience, we must have those things removed from us. Then, from its ashes, something new is rebuilt.

Me: Can you give and example of how fear destroys something so that it can be rebuilt in a very positive way toward Love?

Baba: It was the fear of letting Erik go.

Me: Oh yeah. And so I went on my search.

Baba: You went on that search. That was the ashes. The ashes were, “Where did Erik go? Does my son no longer exist? Is he just nowhere now and did it never matter that he existed?” Those questions were not acceptable to you. So you went on your trek, and look at what that trek has produced.

Me: Yeah, and I brought a lot of people along with me on that ongoing journey. It’s still going on. Thank you, Meher Baba.

Baba bows his head and steps away.

Robert: His energy is so different from Erik’s! It’s very calm.

Me: Ah, don’t you wish Erik’s was like that? No! I wouldn’t trade Erik’s personality for anything!

Robert (laughing): Me neither! He’s just so different from any other spirit I’ve ever met!

Me: I know. Well, let’s talk about the physics of Love. Also how it relates to sacred geometry. You know, sacred geometry, from what I understand, is a web of energy that we use with consciousness to manifest things, but it seems like a web is also something that connects, and connecting means bringing us all together as One, and that sounds like a Love kind of thing.

Robert: This is not Erik. This is me. What my guides told me, which has helped me figure out what Love looks like in a visual way are these glowing silver cords that are all connected. They looked like wires at first, but then as I panned out, I would see it was like bones. You can see the inside of bones and it looks like a network.

Me: Oh yeah. Okay.

Robert: But then when you pan out and see the bones are really connected to each other and had no separation between each other. Then you’d see that that formed something. Then you’d pan out more and it was like one thing on another and another and another, infinitely small and infinitely large.

Me: Infinitely small and large levels of connection?

Robert: Right.

Me: Okay.

Robert: Of course, that’s so that we can relate to it in the physical world.

Me: So, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone!

Robert (chuckling): For sure!

I sing more of the song, snapping my fingers.

Me: The leg bone’s connected to the thigh bone, and the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, and the hip bone’s connected to the…

Okay, I’ll stop.

Me: Anatomy 101! Okay, talk to me more about how sacred geometry plays a part.

Erik: Think of it this way. Sacred geometry is like the notes in a musical composition. They’re showing that so you can see the beauty in it.

Robert: He’s showing me beautiful patterns and thing.

Erik: If you think of a composition, that’s the visual description and the music is the auditory one. But sacred geometry is also mathematical.

Me: Yeah, geometry, Sure. It’s very symmetrical and beautiful.

Erik: That’s meant to appeal to our intellect. The physical world is rooted in physicality and physicality is rooted in density and density is tied back to our ego. So we need mathematics to describe that physical universe. When you think about it, mathematics has no compassion in it at all. There’s nothing emotional about it, but in the physical world it allows us to compute those kinds of things and run it through whatever we run it through to produce these beautiful visuals. Of course then we feel the emotion. That bridges the two worlds, which is the mind, analytical and not emotional, with the heart, which is the opposite.

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  • ja

    Searching for info about are animal spirits same as human spirits??just incarnated in different type of body??

    • All I know is that we can incarnate as animals and vice versa.

  • Marina Nelson

    So very beautiful, and so good to know that there’s positive love and there’s negative love. All love though. All its sides are necessary for life and expansion. Thank you, Eliza, Erik, Robert and Meher Baba. And how Ego is important… Just a good reminder to myself that all of our parts are important, as long as we let things flow, and go, and move, and shake… <3

    • “all of our parts are important, as long as we let things flow, and go, and move, and shake” LOVE IT!

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