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The last radio show has a lot of EVPs on it that are very clear. If you click HERE, you’ll go to the YouTube version of the show and the first few comments will give the timestamps for the voices. Let me know what you think the voices are saying. They definitely weren’t present during the live show. Very cool. 

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Story #1

I just discovered Erik’s blog and the YouTube videos and I also ordered his book. Needless to say so many things hit home and the very questions I’ve had over many years were answered and confirmed! ! Anyways I ask many nights for my guides to let me have just a glimpse of what it looks like on the other side, well two nights ago I was planted in a small village, what looked like a place in Scotland or very similar. It had small barn like houses little pathways and hills, and I was running and jumping like I had superpowers and I remember saying, “Wow Erik this real!! I didn’t see him but God it was real!! I didn’t remember the vision after I woke till about an hour later…and I was just amazed…I give thanks to Erik because I know I was there it was as real as I’m typing this right now!!! Keep showing me more Erik, next time can you have Andrew come through? ? He’s my son who died at age 15, and I long to see him again.

Story #2

I’m only about a month into the C.E. blog. Without telling a huge story I will set up my situation first. I have always experienced strong intuition. My whole life has been full of experiences that has made me feel connected to somewhere else. The last 3 years has been difficult in many ways. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on may 15 2013. During my treatment something switched in me that was very spiritual and powerful. Fast forward through those difficult times to this past November. A week after my husband’s grandmother passed, we called to her and to our surprise conversed through a light flicking on and off. My daughter that evening saw a huge ball of light come out of our family room ceiling and described it as quick and had a plasma like tail. It then took the shape of a body but she couldn’t see features. She is certain it was her great grandma. All that aside, for two weeks now I have been practicing meditation. Obe and trying to contact spirit. I was so intrigued by Erik, I called to him. I asked for some help and insight. I asked for a sign that would appear in the videos that would seem like a direct message to me. I cued up a YouTube video with Kim Babcock channeling Erik and as she was explaining that sometimes Erik jumps in some of her sessions with clients to deliver messages they need to hear and she gives the example of “don’t worry about your breast cancer.”  I’ll take that as a sign! Last night for the first time during my meditation I felt my entire body vibrate and i started to see outdoors like a field and I could see a shadowy outline of a face. My mind told me it was Erik. I got so excited that I broke my deep concentration and it was over. This A.M. I woke up feeling different. Like I knew he was there. I was alone in our laundry room really thinking of nothing as I was switching laundry when that song from toy story “strange things are happening to me” would not leave my head. And Erik’s name was being chanted over and over. I dismissed it and thought I’m reading too much and it’s just my brain. It couldn’t be Erik. Could it? So I thought. What have I got to lose by talking to him…so I said, “Ok Erik, you have my attention…now what? I stood for about 3 or 4 minutes conversing with him. The resonates were just coming and it didn’t seem pre thought in my head. If that makes sense? Either I really had my first Erik encounter or I am losing it! I’m pretty excited to meditate and try again. Thank you Elisa for this gift you are sharing with us all.

Story #3

My family and i have been going through a hard time as of late my poor father has a urine tract infection and it backed up into his kidneys causing septicaemia and a chest infection 3 weeks ago he was rushed in to hospital, he went into septic shock his blood pressure dropped his organs failing and nothing was going to help we needed a miracle, we where told he was dying and it was a matter of hours, i went in to shock not knowing what to do so i turned to the archangels and i asked erik to help him to help us i never had no signs from him, maybe i was to upset to see it, i did feel reassured felt like i wasn’t alone someone was there, i understand erik is busy so i just kept praying trying so hard to think positive, for some reason someone put it in my head that my father suffers from low blood pressure anyway and the tablets he’s on is keeping his blood pressure up, so i told the nurse and they decided to give him adrenaline, i asked the doctor will he get better has he got a chance he said his chances of survival where very small and that more than not he would slip away i prayed to everyone and asked erik to help pleading with him, the doctor said that the next 2 hour where critical, in those 2 hours his blood pressure started to go up his heart got stronger and they started antibiotics he has diabetes so everything is at a snails pace we have been on a roller a coaster, he is slowly going in the right direction he’s on dialysis because his kidneys are still not working and has a pipe in his throat, he can’t talk at the moment he’s in a lot of pain and is swollen and still a little yellow he still has the infection and sepsis in his blood but it’s starting to get better so very very slowly, we’re so proud of him, a few nights ago i was with my mum and i smelt a eggy smell and i thought maybe it could be Erik but then i thought nothing more of it thinking it’s just wishful thinking, when i was pleading Erik to help my dad i was drawn to the post erik saves lives i think he was sending me a sign that he heard me and was helping us, and then today i was upset because it was my mum and dads 30th wedding anniversary yesterday and he’s in hosptial i was worried he might be sad because he couldn’t be with my mum he loves the ground she walks on but for some reason i got this urge to look at the advent calender and when i did it moved on it’s own right in front of my eyes i was shocked and excited the name erik popped in my head from nowhere and i knew it was him he gave me the sign he was here and i felt so reassured and happy i felt like i shouldn’t worry no more…. i got the urge to come on the channeling erik site straight away and tell my story. He wants me to talk about it and tell everyone the signs he’s been giving me, i only got round to writing about it now because i went to the hospital this morning to see my father so that’s why i’m writing it later in the day he was sitting in a chair for half a hour he is still very weak but he is going in the right direction very slowly, thank you for all the blessings erik. Your son is wonderful and i believe he is helping to save my dad and walking this long road with him and that he still drops in to see us and reassure us, i believe he and the archangels are giving us the miracle we so desperately need… i am so thankful for all the care and loving support x

Story #4

Dear Elisa,

First off, I want to say thank you from the depth of my entire being for sharing your story, being an amazing woman and for helping to mold Erik into the incredible person he is. I often wish my own mother was as loving and open minded as you have become. I have read Erik’s book and loved it. Like the blog and videos, when I read it, I received a sense of peace and settled inner knowing of truth. I have always been a believer in life after death however, being raised in a strict religious culture, my belief has been very much fear based. I have broken free of those beliefs when I began to feel smothered and almost claustrophobic with who I was and what I wanted or knew I could be. Erik truly has helped in discovering that and releasing those old negative belief systems for me. Truly and literally a life saver for me. THANK YOU!

Ok, now the story. Erik pranks me all the time. However, there was one specific time when I was chatting with my husband about day to day scheduling and planning and both our phones started beeping as if someone else was dialing (remember the old days when you were talking on the phone and someone else picks up the other line and dials before they realize you are already on it?) I say to my husband, “Are you dialing something?” He laughed and asked me the same question. Each time he or I went to say something we would be beeped to silence. We both just started laughing. I then asked out loud, “Erik, are you messing with us?” and to finish it off he did one continuos beep that lasted about 10 full seconds. Thanks man. You really are there for us, loving, caring, and making the world a happier place.

Please be sure you click on the “Share Your Story” if you’ve been pranked by our boy or if he’s made his presence known in any way. If you haven’t gotten any signs, just ask him, then be patient and vigilant.

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