Erik Touches Lives, Human and Spirit

I found these stories so touching. I love you so much, Erik.

Story #1

All this first started when my daughter Allie told me she had a coworker, Lisa, who was having some disturbing dreams about a little girl. The little girl was looking out the window and saying Help Me. So I agreed to talk to her. I did a reading for her and her daughter that passed as an infant. Carmen came through. This was amazing for me because I rarely get names but got hers right away. So I gave her a wonderful reading and she was happy. Felt much better about her daughter.

She then told me about the dreams she’d been having, and she said this house in her dreams is the one she lived in from the age of 5 to 15. And it’s for sale right now and she sent me the link. I had seen this listing and actually revisited the link several times. Not sure why because it wasn’t enough land like we were looking for, but something kept drawing me back. So then bells started going off in my head.
I pulled up the link tuned in to the house, and I was hearing that yes, there’s a little girl there. She’s afraid, confused, stuck here. And I felt certain it was Lisa’s sister that passed. I didn’t tell Lisa the last part. I wanted to be certain. I just told her there is a little girl there that needs help to crossover to the light. So I said since I’ve already felt drawn to this house, I’d have my realtor show me the house and see if I felt anything while I was there. Lisa asked if she could please come with me, and I said sure. My guides also told me this is perfect. She needs to go because she can help you to convince the girl to go to the light.
About an hour before going to the house I called out to Erik. I’ve been addictively watching his videos and reading his mom’s blog. 🙂 Less than a minute later I could feel him in the room. Couldn’t see him but could FEEL him. (the ability to see hasn’t opened back up yet) He was in front of me. I was talking to him, asking for his help with this little girl. He said Sure, no problem. He’d love to help. Then I felt him on the couch beside me. I’m thinking okay he’s awful close. lol … and then I’m hearing the song “Stacy’s Mom” in my head. “Stacy’s Mom has got it goin on” I’m like Really Erik? LOL And he’s saying MILF, MILF, MILF and I’m just losing it!! I’m laughing but embarrassed. He then said, Well I’m gonna go, but I’ll see you in a bit.

So at 11:00 we went to the house and met up with Lisa and our realtor. I didn’t feel anything walking in the house or on the main floor at all. So we walked upstairs and both of us could feel it. Lisa is an empath and probably has more gifts as well but definitely empathic. (She didn’t realize all this about herself.) We walked down the hall and felt her heavily in one of the bedrooms. I knew without a doubt it was her sister. So…. I had to tell the realtor what was going on. I explained all that I knew and told her that I really needed to help her crossover to the light. She was very agreeable to this. I then told Lisa that I believed it was her sister. Her sister was 16 when she passed but had cerebral palsy, which is why her energy felt to me like a young girl. She was bedridden. Diaper etc… She was stunned of course but readily accepted it and believed me. She too felt her in that room the strongest. She said it was weird though because that wasn’t her sister’s room. (Lisa just now messaged me. She called and told her mom all of this, and she told that WAS her sister’s room in the beginning. Lisa was too young to remember that.)

I prayed, lit some candles and put out some crystals and then called out to Tina and told her we were going to help her to go home. I told her there’s a boy there waiting to help her. His name is Erik and he’ll help take you to the light. I talked for a minute and then Lisa took over and did all the talking from there. Told her who was waiting for her etc… We did this about 10 minutes, and then I could feel a huge change in the room. The heaviness was gone. It was light. All the candles were still, except for one, which was dancing like crazy. I’d asked Erik to give me a sign that she’d crossed by extinguishing one of the candles. This never happened. But I just “KNEW” without a doubt that she had. Later he told me that he didn’t do this, because I needed to learn to trust my own intuition and not have everything validated. 😉

Well, I truly wanted to give Lisa validation that we were successful in helping her sister. So I asked a friend of mine. She’s much more experienced than me. Doing it for many years and can see Spirit, whereas I can’t yet. I messaged and asked and she said: “I feel such happiness right now! I feel she has crossed over I am hearing that she was afraid that she saw the light but you didn’t know what it was she felt stuck scared and lonely. I feel now like as a celebration going on and I hear angels singing. This was a really good thing you did!” I then asked her if there was a young guy there to help her to the light. Yes.. to validate to me that Erik was there. 😉 lol

She said, “Yes someone steps forward from the light but there were many that greeted her as she crossed over. I feels like it was a young male energy. I see a young male presents now he has medium brown hair on the shorter side slightly messy and a white collared shirt, sleeves rolled up about three quarters, jeans, belt no socks has a loafer type shoes on. He stepped forward took her hand and smiled and said come with me it’s safe now And they walked with the light”

I was ecstatic!!! She described Erik Medhus!!! I was literally over the moon with happiness. First because she’s finally in heaven after being stuck here for over 30 years and that I truly had been talking to Erik and that he came through as promised and helped us. I then sent her the link to the blog so she could see his pictures and she was like OMG that’s him!! That’s who I saw!! She said when she was typing the description of him to me, that he told her he dressed the way he did for the little girl instead of how he usually dresses. He wanted her to see him as like a big brother type. When Erik was here this morning, and I felt him go from in front of me to then sitting on the couch beside me, so I had my husband take a couple pictures. Hoping I’d see something. After we got home I looked at them and sure enough, there’s his energy on the couch cushion beside me!! 🙂 I can send you this picture. I don’t see a place to attach it here. I feel so very, very blessed to have been able to do this. Amazed by all the work the Spirits and Guides had been doing to bring all this together to fruition. Incredibly blessed to have had Erik’s help. Thank you God for blessing me with the gifts to help others heal.

Story #2

Hi Elisa, I was just watching an interview with you & an Australian medium. First I could hear a male voice 10mins into recording & various other sounds. I had the door closed but could hear the cat almost breaking it down & his bell ringing. Dragging myself away from the iPad , I opened the door my cat was fast asleep in another room! Welcome to Southern England Erik!

Story #3

I was drawn to your marvelous website few weeks ago, and I have enjoyed the great sense of humour and love in this webpage. I’ve seen 3 times this white orb/dragonfly flashing by in my living room, so I guess Erik pays visits to Finland every now and then. I’ve had my share of OBEs. It’s my passion, so I’m kinda expanding my knowledge on that part too by being here. I wish the best to Medhus family, the channelers and all the readers on both side of the veil. It’s a golden library to everyone little “off” with themselves. Thank you.

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