Global Warming, Part One

Last night, it snowed so much, and snow is planned for tonight and part of tomorrow. Then, the sun comes out for the rest of our trip, but it will be pretty cold like -15 celsius.  So, this topic is a perfect segue! Sorry about the lack of editing. I’m too busy having fun!

Kim: All right, we made it through one session. Let’s hope my Internet holds out for this one!

Me: I know! I’m so pleased. Even if we stop here, it’s been awesome. Hi, again, Erik. Hi, again, Kim.

Erik (hands framing his face): Hi, again, Mom.

Kim laughs at his silliness.

Me: Okay, now the topic is going to be this question from a blog member: “What is the bigger purpose behind this global warming trend, and is it really going to be that tragic in the next 20-30 years as everyone is making it out to be: Resource depletion, rising seas, wars, conflicts, changing landscapes, change in wildlife habitats, communities at risk?”

Kim: Wow. As you’re saying that and reading all that, he’s going, “Check, check, check, check.”

Me: What? That’s all going to happen?

Erik: First of all, the bigger purpose of it is about the physicality of being human. You incarnate to have a physical experience, right? Part of that is to take ownership of everything you do, and for humans, they go like this. (He covers his face with his hands.) “Nope, not me!” They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. This is a collective thing, obviously, but it goes down to the individual level and the purpose is for people to be more mindful of their actions and how it impacts their environment, not just the natural environment but the people in it. Mom, if one person tries to throw some litter out and their friends are with them so they go, “Well, it’s okay for them, so whatever. I guess I’ll throw my crap out, too.”

Me: Oh, I couldn’t do that.

Erik: It becomes a ripple effect, so behaviors turn into patterns and rub off onto other people. So you have to maintain your own personal discernment and take responsibility for your actions. In talking about the way it affects the environment—


Kim: He’s kind of speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

Erik: We’re becoming more aware that our actions and the way we use things, we are a species that’s highly disposable. Everything is throw away.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So we’re very quickly depleting our own natural resources.

He puts his right hand at the top of his forehead and looks around like he’s searching for something.

Erik: What’s kept sacred anymore? Not just Americans but worldwide, we’re becoming wasteful, and we go through things so quickly. We don’t value our natural resources like we should. If people actually understood the way our actions affect our natural resources and how quickly they’re diminishing, we’d probably change really fast.

Kim: He’s showing me a lot of flooding. Waters will rise.

Me: So, live away from the coast!

Erik: Different species of animals will have to adapt to new types of climate, so it will affect wildlife, which, in turn, will affect us. Everything is connected when we look at the food chain and the chain reaction of all of that. It will change the way we hunt for animals to eat. Those animals might be eating different things and migrating to different locations so that is going to affect how we eat—

Me: Well, I live in Houston, which is the meteorological armpit of American, by the way, because it’s so freaking hot and humid in the summer. How hot will it get here at its hottest? In Houston, Texas, your birthplace.

Kim: He’s going up to 104.

I checked this on the eBoard and he spelled out 104, not 140. Thank god.

Me: Jesus.

Kim: Like 145.

Me: When?

Kim: I don’t think you’re going to experience it for at least another 20 years. I asked him if he could go to 30 years, but he stopped me at 20. But the way he’s speaking is in correlation with mankind’s collective vibration right now.

Me: Right now. So it could change. But you have China and India spewing out all of this CO2 and pollution, it’s like a drop in the bucket what we do here in the U.S. and in Europe. They’re going through their Industrial Revolution just like we went through ours. We spewed out all sorts of stuff at that time.

Erik: It’s true, Mom. We are sort of just a drop in the bucket if you segment it out. You cab distinguish between different areas of the world and the natural resources they use and the different pollutants they release, but collectively, as a whole, we’re growing so quickly. But in that growth, I have to acknowledge that we are becoming more mindful, but we’re slower to react. We’re seeing how quickly our natural resources are dwindling, but we’re slow to make long lasting changes.

Me: Yeah, and we just want to kick the can down the road, “I’ll be dead by the time it gets that bad.” What percentage is manmade and what percentage is the natural climate cycle of the earth?

Kim: Mm. That’s a good question. He’s going up to 70% being manmade.”

Me: Okay, but it’s so weird because back in the 70s, or maybe it was the 80s, I remember a Time Magazine article where the whole big topic was the coming Ice Age. It was like everything was going to get frozen over and stuff. That was a big fear back then, and now it’s the polar opposite.

No pun intended.

Me: What gives?

Erik: It is. It’s the opposite. Scientists understood what was happening but the reverse aspect of it. You’re going to see more—

Kim: He’s talking about the weather and how it will be impacted.

Erik: You’re going to see more rain, hurricanes and storms. The sick thing is that even the rain is polluted.

Me: Ugh.

Erik: And it puts toxins into the earth. It’s a cycle that’s so big at this point, that it takes big measures to make any sort of change.

Me: Yeah, well that’s depressing.

Kim: It is.

Erik: It’s going to take a global effort because it’s a global issue. Some other countries are ahead of us in technology and way of life, like China and Japan. The U.S. is becoming more primitive.

Me: In what way?

Erik: We’re slowly starting to make those changes.

Me: Primitive in what way?

Erik: We ARE becoming more mindful of the powerful effects of nature, especially medicinally. Mom, people get it.

Kim (laughing): Here comes the language.

Erik: When their health is fucked up, they know that they have no life, and if it means changing their way of living to be a cleaner, greener person, they’ll do it. They don’t like, no one likes to have compromised health. We starting to compost more and take care of our trash in better ways. We’re being more mindful, but it’s still a very slow process. Again, we’re slowly transitioning to becoming less wasteful.

Me: Is it getting better as a world or are we still getting worse?

Erik: Let me put it to you like this.

Kim: This is really cool. I wish I could just paint this image. He’s showing me the image of the whole world, and Erik is this bigger perspective looking down on it. He pulls up this blanket, and he’s peeking in and going, “This is the whole new movement upon mankind to restore a healthy way of life, a sacred way of life where natural resources and our earth is protected.”

Erik: Mom, it’s divine timing. It’s orchestrated. The mindfulness is obviously orchestrated by a higher being, God Source, but the timing of it is planned, and we have begun that phase. We’re moving towards making changes that will positively affect things. But when will we see those outcomes? We’re taking about 100 years.

Me: We’re just going to have to go around naked. That’s my solution. Everybody just strip down naked. It’s too hot!

Short Banana Republic stock. No one is going to buy clothes anymore.

Erik: It will come to a point to where we’ll have to go without certain natural resources before we realize, “Okay, it’s now or never. We have to make this change.”

Me: Yeah, because it won’t be Mother Earth that dies. She’s so huge and powerful, and she recycles energy and crap.” What we’re doing will mostly affect us in the end. We can become extinct. So it’s not so much like, “Oh, you’re damaging Mother Earth.” When we’re long gone, she will regenerate herself with no problem. That’s what I think. Right?

Erik (clapping his hands): My job is done here.

Me: Oh yeah. Sure.

Erik: You’re right.

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  • Judith F.

    Good discussion! Other so-called “first world, industrialized countries” are well ahead of us on the curve toward acknowledging climate change and diving headlong into wind, solar, alternative energies and planning for sea rise. It doesn’t help the U.S. that we now have a President who calls climate change/global warming “a Chinese hoax,” whose administration will eventually dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and who has said he wants to expand coal-fired power plants, use of tar sands oil and the pipelines that carry it. Our Native American people are bravely standing against not only DAPL, but other such pipelines around the country. And their respect and love for Mother Earth, her waters, wildlife, air, and plant species are spreading to non-Native people. I believe we are gaining a new appreciation for their beliefs as evidenced by the numbers of Americans who are standing with them, including many of our veterans. Our Earth does not recognize a “pro-Trump, anti-Trump” agenda, but rather spiritual and loving hearts and souls that treat this precious home of ours with compassion and heart-centered care.

    • Léon Vrins

      I agree with you, Judith. We have to change our attitude and beliefs. We will have to throw away the dogma of economic growth. Remember the report of the club of Rome. It takes time for most people to acknowledge what we did and still are doing wrong.

      • Judith F.

        Léon, I did not know what the “Club of Rome” was, so I Googled it. Now I know something “new.” Their last published report evidently came out in 2012, but they’d talked about it some years before that last one. Yes, it does take time for the truth to sink in, but leadership helps immensely for a country to move forward. My partner and I subscribe to a documentary channel (only $3.00/month!) called “Curiosity Stream.” We are learning SO MUCH from the documentaries we are watching there. Among them are how other countries are aggressively addressing climate change as of NOW, not some far time in the future. I won’t go into individual countries’ details, but I felt truly envious of those areas where they are making such creative and resourceful strides in infrastructure, city planning, alternative energies, etc. We don’t have the luxury of time! Thanks for your comment.

    • Robin Kincaid

      I absolutely agree with everything you say. I will also mention that we all get in our cars and go to work each day, the grocery stores, to doctor appointments, etc. We have a massive population in this country and around the world, to think of people riding bicycles everywhere especially in mid-western blizzards, etc. would be awesome but not practical (but it would help with pollution!). I am not sure how we totally resolve this problem. We can, with forward industrialization, feed more people around the world (for whom in centuries past they starved to death); people used to freeze to death, we had plagues, regular wars, “death orphanages” of Dicken’s time, debtor prisons, etc. that kept populations from getting out of control – not that I’d want those times back, obviously. Our global problems are more serious than we can even wrap our heads around and one of those problems is rapid modernization with a rapidly growing global population that will really strain the resources for all. People living to 100+ years more easily isn’t helpful either, due to pacemakers, defibrilators, etc. Medicine and industrial modernization has made everything possible, including quality of life for most who wouldn’t have had it during, say, our Civil War era and there is a price to pay for this down the road. It’s steam rolling toward us I am afraid, at least by our collective incarnation the next time around – so none of us will escape what is coming.

      • Judith F.

        You’re absolutely right, Robin. And our government is so beholden to moneyed interests, even more so after Citizens United, and most Congress people follow that money. With good leadership and investment, even urban environments could have much better mass transit systems as a start. You’re right, too, about no matter what century we next incarnate into, the challenges will be quite overwhelming. In Erik’s interviews where he spoke about humans 1,000 years, 10,000 years from now, we will be around and our human evolution will evidently have us much advanced from what we are as a species right now, which is quite exciting! What kind of a world there will be is anyone’s guess. Nice “talking” to you, Robin. And thanks to Elisa, as always, for providing these always wonderful, informative insights from Erik, and a way to express ourselves in comments! Have a safe trip back from Norway, Elisa!

  • Jamie Dunston

    Can someone ask Erik about the New Earth! I would like to know more about it. Thank you ✌️❤

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    When I talked to the earth, she said exactly that: “Humans are not destroying my environment, they’re destroying theirs. I’ll be around long after humans have come and gone.”
    Mama Elisa, bring me back a rock. I love you. See you soon.

  • Angela

    What about the Aerosol spraying aka Chem trails, do they cause some of the global warming affect? Where I live the Chem trails are thick at least 5 days a week! The Golden Age that we will experience is supposed to take us back to temperate climates around the world. Is that true Erik? God Bless!

    • ekhidne

      According to the channeling on conspiracies, Erik seems to think that the chemtrails are a clumsy and often backfiring attempt to stop global warming.

  • Nancy Antia

    Too bad it’ll take us that long to change our deadly paradigm but there’s still hope. Thank you Elisa, for this post.

  • Robin Kincaid

    Very good article. Just an opinion here: When Elisa mentioned “I’ll be dead by the time it gets that bad.” in regards to huge temperature surges and disasters happening from the increase in global warming, I realized that most of us will Incarnate again. Therefore, if we think we can collectively put this all off on another generation down the road, well…..we really cannot because it will be all of us back in that mess in the future. As spiritual beings we all keep progressing ever forward into the future (even though time is not linear; rather stacked “events”) but I guess Erik could expand on this: We all need to be aware that we may think we are escaping what we as a collective globe of people are putting out there with our waste, pollution, etc. but we are going to face it in our other incarnations. Scares the heck out of me!

    • Nah, I was kidding. I wouldn’t wish that on my kids, grandkids, etc.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Don’t worry, Elisa. I knew you were kidding but it suddenly dawned on me that everything we do, or don’t do, for our environment will be with us through our “infinite” reincarnations (incarnations). UGH!!

      • So true!

  • Liberate_me

    Well and you guys elected Donald Trump to president. A president who doesn’t believe in climate change and who wants to invest in dirty coal and pipelines..

    He said he is proud on his german rootes but arround 75% of the german people (poll) disapprove his politics (and behaviour).

    Right now people here are paying a lot of money for electricity because germany has decided to switch to 100% clean renewable energie by 2030 at latest. We also recycle the trash of nearly all European countries..

    • I hope you’re wrong!

    • Robin Kincaid

      People elected the Trumpster because they were obviously scared of Hilary (not her husband, but he wasn’t running, unfortunately. Remember Benghazi? She couldn’t be trusted to run this country – many veterans will not forget Benghazi incident; beyond explanation and beyond horrific. We need an “Independent Party” and maybe NO parties so we can just elect a smarter individual who can’t be bossed around by Far Left Democrats and the Far Right Republicans – the division is insane right now. But, I understand where your comments are coming from.

      • Yes, we all need to come together and compromise. There’s so much hatred, especially among the left.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Agreed. My parents were military and moderate Democrats. Don’t think “moderate” can refer to the CALIFORNIANIZED DEMOCRATS; that’s what I have to call them (the seat of the Far, Far Leftist Politics we see today is in California and they have too much control of the Party – which is why my parents left it!). It’s their way or the highway, and they always think they are right – many stuck in the EGO, big time. I’d be willing to say they are the Party of the PERPETUALLY OFFENDED (I just call them POs. Ha-Ha). If we aren’t all the same, and the way they think is “right” about everything, then look out – they have to riot, rebel and put themselves on display. Ever wonder why Republicans have to fear putting Trump or Republican signage on lawns or vehicles? Democrats NEVER have to worry; Republicans will never trash their signs or car windows. Do Democrats wonder why they have to be the Party of, basically, violent intentions if these two year olds don’t get their way?

      • Mauigirl

        This blog is not a political blog, but rather a spiritual one, so I’m surprised by the political vitriol. However, I live in California, and I have to say I see no evidence of what you or Elisa are referring to. I find the Democratic Party to be the party of the compassionate and kind hearted, and see no evidence of hatred or violence, but rather consciousness and intelligence. Living in LA, there is much concern for what is currently going on within the government, but the conversations are about bringing the two parties together and stopping the devisiveness, not hate mongering or ego centeredness. Although definitely deep concern. Our marches and rallys have been extremely peaceful, even with huge turnouts. I see the opposite really, the hatred and violence coming from the far right, although not here in California.
        Whatever political party any of us belongs to, we need to stop putting each other down and remember we’re all Americans and we truly are in this together, as well as we’re all One, and citizens of Humanity, children of God. Let’s try harder to love each other rather than label each other. We’re all just people, living in very intense times.

      • Robin Kincaid

        “The party of the compassionate and kind hearted” you say. There are kind hearted people of who don’t even belong to any party and they can be Republicans. problem is why do Democrats keep saying they are the only kind people on the planet? pretty egotistical. All that I’ve got to say on this; besides the fact I am glad I sold my home in LA a decade ago.
        and excuse iPad typos– on holiday!

      • I don’t understand why many find conservatives cold-hearted. I think the extreme right is because of their racism and homophobia, but the rest, as a general rule, aren’t. Sure, they want to cut government and this might mean tweaking or streamlining entitlement programs, but since we’re essentially broke, it’s irresponsible not to. We can’t go on spending money like we have been, and most of the money spent is essentially because politicians on both sides are buying votes. Also, the term compassionate must come with a caveat. Being compassionate with other people’s money, that is, taking people’s money by force and giving it to others, is really not true compassion. Giving your OWN money or help or resources IS. You can’t be considered generous when you’re just being generous with other people’s money.

      • Robin Kincaid

        You said it. Exactly how I believe as well. We have almost 50% of the population unemployed we have a bigger problem than a lack of compassion around here – we have a growing, generational situation where people are literally okay with marginal, handouts existence at the expense of those who are willing to have dignity and work. Like it or not, the large majority of “kind hearted” Democrats have created an enabled, stagnant and do nothing culture that is taking the country down and the far right Republicans are trying to perhaps over correct what they find disgusting in our country (ie the ramped abuse of the welfare system).

  • Rebecca

    Concerned that Australia wasn’t mentioned as over the Summer here it reached up to 48 degrees celcius in some parts, which upon checking is 118.4 farenheit! These temperatures use to only exist in central Australia and now spreading out. One or two weeks later we had the biggest hail storm. It has been a Summer of extremes here.

    • Yikes!

    • Robin Kincaid

      CRIKEY!!!! What a beautiful country, however. Lots of my Irish relations decided to move their some decades ago; probably not for the heat though! WOW!

  • Francis Côté

    Hey Elisa, Can you ask Erik about North Korea deal? Why are they doing that? They want war with USA? I do not get it because USA is so powerful, they have no chance… and I do not say that in an ego way…..So I am thinking there is more than we know or see….like some kind of manipulation… I am very curious to know! haha

    • Coming up!

      • Francis Côté

        Hey Elisa, I just viewed the mothman episode…Can you tell me if it is Moringa plant or Morena plant? Because I have been using Moringa plant for one year already…I am just confuse about the name of that “miracle plant”, thx!

      • I think it’s Moringa.

      • Francis Côté

        Hey Elisa, I am just wondering about one thing here… At Raylene Nuañes’s Monthly Q & A in January she was talking about a big earth quake that should happen in October 2017 in San Francisco. Did I get the date correct? or did Raylene heard it wrong? It’s been bugging me all night…Can you ask Erik again? Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain…hehe..Thx!!

      • Wow I just can’t remember!

      • Francis Côté

        Monthly Ask Erik Session: January 2017…. at 28:20 she speak about it….maybe she said 2070… not sure…hehe

      • No, I think it’s 2017. I hope not. Archangels and even aliens are around helping Mother Earth so that could change.

      • Francis Côté

        Thank you so much Elisa! Makes me feel better already…I am going to get a reading with Jamie Butler in November, I feel that your son wants to talk to me and I need to talk to him anyways. 🙂

      • I hope you enjoy her reading. She’s so good. I wish she wasn’t so expensive.

      • Nancy Antia

        Yes, I do too, Elisa and for me it’s a lot more expensive because to buy one american dollar I need 17 pesos (argentine currency). It’s 17 times more expensive for me than it is for you, American people! I need to talk to Santi but I really don’t have the money now, not even for a really unexpensive medium.

      • 🙁 What about submitting a question to Emma or Veronica for their monthly Q&As? I think it’s like $7 but can’t be sure. I announce when they open their sites for questions.

      • Nancy Antia

        Yes, Elisa. I could try that. Haven’t done it yet. Thank you!

      • Nancy Antia

        Where do I post my question and where will the answer be?

      • Go to the links page under the favorites tab at the top of the homepage and you’ll see their sites. They open them up for questions on or just before the first of every month and I post them on the blog and social media.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you, Elisa!

      • Sure, honey bunches!

      • Francis Côté

        Money makes me uncomfortable so the capitalism, and (I do own a small business btw) I can’t pin point what it is but the world could work much better with a different version of capitalism… A big subject! I am not against capitalism it’s just the wealth is not spread properly trough the planet… and greed is annoying me, big time! haha… Yes, it is expensive for 30 minutes reading…at less you are GOD it self, I don’t understand why some mediums charge so much… such a beautiful gift to be a medium…

      • Nancy Antia

        I thought she wasn’t working in a private way anymore. Didn’t know…

      • Francis Côté

        Hi Elisa, I don’t mean to be too nosy but is everything ok? It has been a while that you posted something on YouTube… Just checking… hehe 🙂

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