Erik’s Dream Visit

Apparently, m grand daughter, Arleen, had a double header yesterday in her first appearance as a softball player. Here’s the deal. She has NEVER played softball. She has NEVER played t-ball. One afternoon, with my son-in-law, Nick, she swung her brand new bat at a ball on the t-ball thingamabob, but that’s the extent of her experience. Her first day on the softball team was game day, and here’s how she did:

Arleen’s Base Hit

At that point in the game, the teams were tied up, and her hit brought two runners into home base making her the hero of the day! I’m so proud of her. In the second game, she has a superb hit, but it was caught. Still, being a newbie, she ran to first base just in case.

Arleen’s Second Hit

Anyway, enough boring grandma bragging. Read this sweet story.

I fell asleep last night and had the most interesting dream. I kept seeing the name “Erik” pop into my dream and he was explaining to me the main way spirits communicated to me was through meaningful coincidences. He then showed me his mother Elisa gathering information for a book. He also showed me a movie also coming together. He then showed me his bedroom and showed a plastic see through tarp taped up around the doorway. I’m not sure what the symbology was for that part of my dream. He showed in symbols that my soul needed more blue and green colors to get more balance. He showed I needed to bury the old to progress spiritually.

I wake up from my dream to see my bedroom clock said it was 3:33 am. I knew I needed more sleep, but was so full of energy like I could run a marathon. I tried closing my eyes and the word, “shit,” popped into my head and my own mouth twitched up on it’s own to make a smile. I took that as Erik letting me know it was really him.

I’m still learning so much and I am so grateful to have Erik guiding me along the way. Much love to you Elisa.

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