Erik on Climate Change, Part Three

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Enjoy the last of our Climate Change series. 

Erik: We can all change it people, it is up to us to change it. Change your thoughts about it, change your positivity, you know, be positive about this. Know that you can make a difference, and together, by creating that thought process, we are saving our planet. That we are making Mother Earth healthy again by respecting her, you know, by giving her back her lungs, by planting as many trees as you can. If you have a garden, plant some trees, plant some flowers. Let’s bring the bees back people! Bees are dying. We need them. Ok, we need them. Plant as many flowers as you can. Bring them back to life. Stop using chemicals to get rid of weeds, ok. They are living creatures.

Me: I know. And that gets into the ground water. Alright, can we energy heal the planet? Can’t we use energy healers?

Erik: We can.

Me: And can the aliens heal the planet for us? Come on aliens, step up!

Erik: They do help. But of course, they give us the responsibility to take action first, but they do help and try. And that’s the whole thing, they are giving us the technology to fix it, they are giving it up and it’s all being kept secret. That’s the whole frustrating part about it.

Me: Oh, it’s all about money! You can’t spend money when you’re living in hell, you cannot spend the money if you’re living in an area that’s hell and brimstone. Alright, what about the sea level, what will that do over the next ten years? How much will it raise in average in the world? Will Houston still be on the map?

Erik: What’s going to happen is, remember Mom, I said where it’s cold, it’s going to get hot? So that means that the poles are melting. That’s something that’s pretty natural actually. It’s not something that’s done by humans, in fact it’s the natural evolution of Mother Earth. She’s just shifting things around, that will rise, a lot of countries over time, we’re talking about another hundreds of years, it’s going to go under below sea level. And other parts that were under the sea will rise back up, that’s when Atlantis will say, Hello, here I am. What’s also going to be cool is, you know people are afraid of the water and the ice melting, but um, when it comes to the poles, when the ice starts melting, there’s going to be things that’s going to be revealed.

Me: Mmm.

Erik: There’s going to be a lot of alien ships there.

Me: Cool. Awesome!

Erik: And a lot of alien activity that people don’t know about, so that will eventually all come out and be seen, but like I said, we’re still talking about far, far away in the future.

Me: I know. But what about in ten years, what’s it going to look like in the U.S.? Is Houston going to be like waterfront property?

Erik: No this is a very slow process.

Me: Awesome. That’s ok. What countries are we talking about? Are there going to be any countries in a hundred years that are going to be submerged? Like the U.K. for example?

Erik: Um, not England. The Netherlands will be completely under water.

Me: In a hundred years.

Erik: Partially Belgium, not the whole country, but partially Belgium. Um, California will be gone and New York, sorry. California, New York.

Emma: He’s also showing me how in the middle of your country, he’s calling it the Great Lakes. That’s going to be rising too, and he’s showing me that that area around it will have certain parts disappearing under water.

Me: So Detroit, Chicago, New York City and L.A.

Emma: He’s showing me how the continents, will um, they kind of move. In some way or form.

Me: Oh yeah, yeah. The Tectonic plates. When’s the next big hurricane? And then also, when’s the next big earthquake? I mean big, like Harvey big, like Irma big, or bigger even?

Erik: Well, it really depends on how the energies are shifting right now. When it comes to this year, we’re still going to see some hurricanes and we’re still going to see um, Italy is going to flood, heavy, heavy rains, a lot of rain in a very short time. There’s going to be some deaths there, because they won’t see it coming.

Me: Is it going to be this year, or next year?

Erik: This year.

Emma: He’s talking about hurricane…it doesn’t look like it’s going to be in your area, it looks more like the other side, I’m not really sure.

Me: The Pacific, ok.

Emma: And then he’s talking about, there’s going to be a huge tornado in Oklahoma.

Me: Oh, a super tornado.

Emma: It’s going to be a really, really big one. It’s going to destroy a lot of things. But he’s making me feel like this is more for next year.

Me: Well one psychic friend of my husband’s told him that we’re going to have a huge hurricane hit Galveston in like 2018/2019.

Emma: Yeah, he’s saying it is a possibility, but like I said we can always change things. Yeah, if people approach these tornados with love, and that’s what people are doing all over the world, which is incredible. They are praying and sending these tornados love so we can neutralize the negativity in our planet, therefore those tornados won’t be necessary anymore. They will dissolve. The best thing we can do right now is to really send our planet love, love, love.

Me: Yeah, every day. Five minutes! It’s worth it people.

Erik: Five minutes! I’m sending you love and light, Mother Earth. Just like that. If you do it every day, just like a little prayer, you know, that’s going to do wonders.

Me: Send love down to the core and up to the crust. Alright, I’ve got three questions and then we’ll bring Laci in, but of course in a new session. When’s the next big earthquake in America?

Emma: It’s going to go like this, (swaying back and forth) next year in March or April.

Me: Ah, where will that be?

Erik: California.

Me: Um, do you know how many points on the Richter Scale it’d be? Or where? And where in California?

Emma: He’s not really giving me a where…um…

Me: Maybe he doesn’t want to freak people out and cause panic.

Emma: He don’t think he wants people to panic, but yeah, he’s just saying it’s going to be a major one.

Me: Ok. Is there anything we can do to prepare for disasters. I think before you’ve said that we should have at least three days or maybe it’s a week of self sustaining stuff, water, non-perishable foods, all that stuff, anything else we can do?

Erik: Right, just basically make sure your provided when things happen. But also, you know, and this might sound weird, but we can actually, as human beings, we can sense something is coming. We can sense that energy building up. Ok? You get that feeling that, hmm, I don’t know, it feels kind of weird, the weather feels kind of off, you know, it might be kind of your internal guidance system saying, ok, we need to get ready for something. Somethings coming. So if you do feel that, don’t deny it, don’t think it’s just a coincidence, don’t think there’s something wrong. Ask yourself that question, is there a storm coming, and when you get the answer, Yes, in your head or in your heart, then trust that, trust that instinct.

Me: Get water. Yeah. I remember seeing this cartoon of these people in a bomb shelter, with all these canned goods and stuff and (caption) “Where’s the can opener?” They didn’t have a can opener with them! Alright, last question. The EPA, what do you think about that Erik? Some people say, I mean, I think there are parts of it that do good. I like for example PETA, you know, against the abuse of animals and all that, but the EPA, are they like a money-making machine too? Cause it’s a government deal, do they have a nefarious side to them?

Emma: He’s kinda going like this (rocking his head from side to side). They are run by governments, um…he says it’s…yeah, it’s kinda hard, because he’s making me feel like some people are really good and some people aren’t.

Me: So it’s a mix.

Emma: Yeah, it’s a mix. He’s not making me feel like it’s really great, it’s alright. (Rocking side to side again) Nah (laughing)

Me: Nah. Alright Erik, anything you want to share with us about Climate Change that you feel is important for us to know before we close?

Erik: I just want people to start understanding that we create our reality, so start creating a good one.

Me: Yeah, especially with positive thoughts. Alright, Erik, thank you so much, and Emma, thank you so much.

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