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I noticed this in my drafts folder, so I guess I completely forgot to click on the publish button! By the way, I forgot to tell you guys that on Erik’s death anniversary, my poor husband was also struggling. He was going down in the elevator to head for home and was recalling the time he was doing the same to go home to see our dead son. His heart was filled with sadness. Then, suddenly, he was overcome with goosebumps all over his body, the intense kind that we get when Erik’s energy is touching ours. Clearly, Erik was giving his Pappa a big hug. 

By the way, if you listen to the last radio show, at around 17:12, you can hear Erik saying, “Hey, this is Erik.” Very cool! You gotta check it out!

For those of you who missed our radio show last Thursday, please click on the listen button on the righthand side of the sidebar on the blog or click on the below or check it out here:

Try not to miss it next time because it’s kick ass! We had such a great baby shower for Michelle. One of the highlights was Lukas’s famous sangria. Thanks, Kristina, for planning such a great party for your little sis.

Here are today’s Erik stories!

Story #1

I an a newbie, having listened to several of the YT videos & audio conversations. I’m spellbound and utterly enchanted by the whole thing. During one or more of the sessions with Erik via Jamie and other channels , the word “dimensions” kept coming up, and so I Googled it, and up popped an enormously satisfying link explaining 10 dimensions to our reality in vivid detail & clear illustrations. It was so much more than I expected and made all the sense in the world to me. I popped over to Erik’s website just now and the first page I came to was “Professor” Patrick’s long entry. The synchronicity of it – or uber-strong coincidence of it was mind-blowing. Perhaps Erik had a hand in both the choice of link & my going to the website today while in the midst of chores & the mundane. Anyway, here is the link with dovetails with Patrick’s blog entry so very well. http://ultraculture.org/blog/2014/12/16/heres-visual-guide-10-dimensions-reality/

All the best,


P.S. Tusen Takk for sharing Erik and his insights with the world!

Story #2

I am on a Celebrity cruise ship heading towards Hawaii in the Pacific, and I went up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I am 56 years old (what a drag getting up, but I better get up because it beats the alternative potential scenario.) I have already been pranked, and I was wondering if Erik was going to put a shoe in my way to the bathroom. Then in my half asleep state I realized that because I would wipe out and he is not cruel, so he would not do that. I was wondering the whole way to the bathroom what he might do and back to my bed without waking up my wife. I even thought that I hope he does not materialize me into another cabin. I watch too much Star Trek. What the hell was I thinking? I laid down on the bed and there was a sound as if something had just hit my pillow. I was wondering what that was, when a second sound even harder hit my pillow beside my head. I raised my head up quickly and realized that something was loose and falling from the cabin ceiling just above my head…er…what? I stopped about halfway, getting out of bed, when I came to my senses that the internal cabin had nothing that could fall on the bed. Good one, but remember you might on Earth while I am on the other side some day when I am drinking a scotch and wondering what to do with my time. My confirmation was when I was traveling in an ATV on a paid trip on Oahu and a greenish yellow dragonfly appeared along side me and traveled with me for about 20 seconds hovering just 2 feet way at eye level. I have read that he likes speed and the view was amazing.

Bought both books. The second book was more revealing than the Conversations with God series. I took his advice and have been sending energy to the core of the Earth. I am a Reiki master according to titles. Thank you all for your efforts to add clarity to our lives and reveal to us some mysteries that have always clouded my mind. I went to the seminary when I was 23 to understand life, but was restricted to a 2000 year old text. It was as if God died long ago and could no longer communicate with us anymore. Erik has brought forth clarity because he has compassion for humanity. Thank you Erik. I love you, man or Dude or 20 year-old god Dude.

By the way, I thought you did really well in a mousy, girly body for a young god Dude.

Your description of your body means that our galaxy is a larger soul, and as I look down into mine (if I could), I am a god of those who are part of me. As above, so below.

Thanks so much.

Kerry (your fan)

Story #3

I’ve been going through some tough times. I was just reading about peoples’ recent Erik encounters (“Erik, Erik, Everywhere!”) and said out loud, “Erik, please send me a song.” I opened up Pandora and clicked on shuffle and up popped James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend.” That really touched me. Thanks, Erik — you are indeed a good friend and guide to us all!

Story #4

I ask Erik to stop my watch as a sign. Now it gets stop almost every night even after I changed the battery!

Story #5

Tonight the neighbor called to say a cat was in the trash tearing it apart. So I went outside and looked and started to talk. The cat came, such a beautiful friendly animal. My heart bled for it so I gave it some food. It was impossible for me to take the cat in because I already have 2 and Stinky can”t stand another one. So I asked Erik and other spirits to help. A little bit later, I was reading the newspaper online, and there was an article about “You would be surprised who helped” and there was a clip on YouTube. I watched. It was about a person that had car trouble, and they wanted to look who would help. After very long time, somebody stopped. The man who stopped was burned all over his body. His house was burned down, and he had nothing anymore–really moving, and at the end, they asked if they could help or anybody who watched and you never guess how his foundation called.Eric’s Angels with a c. I was shocked. I did not believe my ears. Goodnight Erik.

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