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Sadly, Kim Babcock will no longer be a part of Channeling Erik. She has the success she needs and wants to move on, but I’m grateful for the other wonderful mediums we have to take her place. We won’t have a radio show this coming Monday, but will continue to have them starting the following week. My husband and I decided to suck it up and pay the monthly fee for the show. 

Here’s the second part of the September monthly Q&A with Veronica and Erik. Submit your own questions to Veronica HERE starting in October. 

Enjoy today’s Best of Erik:

Me: It seems that religious teacher and society, in general, think physical desires are bad and to be avoided while disciplined intellectual and spiritual work is praised. I see a lot of denial and repression here. So it says—

Jamie giggles at something Erik’s saying.

Me: Oh, quit laughing!

Erik: Excuse me, Mom. Excuse me. I have to go masturbate. I’ll be right back.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Is creative pleasure better than physical pleasure or do we just need to stop judging ourselves and start freely expressing ourselves? Wait. Let me read the paragraph before that. This reader writes such long questions. “My feeling is that it’s all energy of different vibrations, and energy flows from the lower chakras to the higher ones. I think most of the issues that people work through are blocks in lower chakras, so we have family and work related problems galore, trying to free up those blockages, but when you stop judging and accept what is, you can clear those blockages, get your basic needs met, and actually move on to “higher things” like sleep, sex, food, social interaction to introspection and creative expression.” He puts “higher things” in quotes, because he knows there’s no better or worse. “So, any movement from those basic survivals needs to introspection and creative expression, um, so, is creative pleasure “better” than physical or do we just need to stop judging, be natural and start freely expressing oneself?” Lot’s of redundancy here. Sorry.

Erik: What do you mean by stop judging yourself and start freely and naturally expression yourself? Stop judging yourself! That’s exactly what we were talking about before. There are techniques that help. If you want to study, then you create an environment that’s best suited for you to study, right?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So, those people who—like the monks or nuns—that want to go into a more enlightened state of life devote themselves into that. They give up physical pleasures so that they can focus, not on the body, but on the soul. It’s a choice that people make. But we’re looking at average Joe and Jane in life. For us to say, “Here you are in this human life, but these old school thoughts back from medieval days and so forth—the church put on people that these things are sins, and you must stay in line. We’re trying to govern you to make you good people and less crazy and unruly. We’re going to give you these rules so you keep your nose clean.”

Jamie chuckles.

Erik: Well, we’re obviously a different generation. We’re in different times now, and my personal belief is that as we have grown, we don’t require a larger foundation to give us these morals or integrities. As we’ve grown, evolution has taken place, and our parents have been more communicative. The idea that our spirituality as a part of our everyday life has become more accepted.


Jamie (to Erik): Where are you going with this?


Erik (Chuckling): Shut up! I’m getting there!

That made us both crack up.

Erik: What I’m basically saying is that it’s old school thinking, so I don’t know why the fuck you think that it pertains to today. That’s like looking at the Bible written thousands of years ago and saying (in a stuffy voice) “This is absolutely right. This is how I’m going to live my life.”

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: You know what? You chose to be human, Go masturbate. Go have some sex. Are you hurting anyone?

Hm, Maybe a little carpal tunnel syndrome, but…

Erik: It’s respect, acceptance and honesty.

Me: Well, why are religious teachers so into disciplining the physical and praising spiritual work?

Erik: That was a choice for that person, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be everybody’s choice or that it’s not the way to get closer to what you might want to call God or a higher power—refraining from sex.

Me: Okay.

Erik: As long as what you’re doing is not interfering with—

Jamie: He calls it “day to day life” and I’m like, ‘What is day to day life?’

Erik: Your ability to be a functional person. That’s like—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, Erik!

Me: Ah oh.

God, what has that boy said now?

Jamie: I know. He’s getting into other things.

Erik: That’s like, um—

Jamie: Great. Why use alcohol instead of what he was talking about!

Erik: You want a drink? That’s fine. It’s whatever for you. It’s whatever you need it to be, but if you’re drinking every day, then it’s interfering with who you naturally are. And that kind of addiction, that self-sabotaging is not what I’m trying to promote here. I’m not saying, ‘Go crazy, and go wild!’ I’m saying if you tell yourself “no” all the time, where is your joy? Where is your happiness? There’s going to be a point when you pick up a bottle or you pick up a glass of wine, and you’ll ask, “Will this allow me to be happy?” Yes, and you pick up the second glass, and you ask, “Will this allow me to be happy?” Yes. Go for it. You pick up the third glass, and you ask, “Will this allow me to be happy?” and you go, “Nope. I reached a limit. I’m going to water now.” It’s that allowing yourself to give your emotions rein. And then of course, you know, Mom, we’re going to have those few people who are totally emotionally imbalanced and don’t know how to identify what they’re feeling and don’t know what joy really is. And to them, I say get some guidance.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Go lean on someone to help you identify what you’re feeling, and then create that language for yourself. You can have that self-regulatory system and self-pacifying techniques.

Me: Yes, you can.

Erik: Ding! (He’s got nothing more to say on the subject.)

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  • Allen

    Hey Elisa please never forget we the blog members are immensely grateful for what you do whether there is a medium or not a place to discuss these type of topics is a nice thing to have. Every issue is temporary.

    If you are adamant about filling the channel with content but can’t get a medium you can do a Psychic Training Series. For one example of training clairvoyance would be to hold an object in your hand then the audience members connect to your energy an see the object through their clairs but dominantly clairvoyance often coming through as symbolism. Such as (my own experience) someone had a disc in a box that I didn’t see an I was connecting to what’s in the box and clairvoyantly I saw a pointy crystal that stabbed a thumb (so rough feeling) which then the crystal multiplied itself as it spun 360 and then all the crystals connected together like a mandala with a circle in the center between them all. Another girl saw a rainbow. So everyone completes the puzzle. Meditation for 20 minutes at least for a quiet mind really helps.

    Otherwise, just do what you do mama Medhus. Much love & respect.

  • Patricia

    Sorry Elisa, it is hard to understand the why’s but I do believe everything has a season. I also believe that Erik knows what is best for you and who is the best person (s) to share his messages and love! Go within take a deep breath and listen to your heart Erik is always with you, feel his love he will guide you on the next step of your beautiful journey together! Much love. ❤

  • Cynthia

    I’m sorry to hear Kim is leaving. Does Robert still do channeling? He’s a cool guy! Anyways, I had my question answered. Thank you to Erik especially, Elisa and Veronica!. I have to listen again, but what was said about this being my last life is interesting. It makes sense because I’ve always felt like an “old soul”, yet I feel like it can’t be my last because I’ve made so many mistakes and feel I haven’t accomplished what I want out of this life!
    I also wanted to mention I think Erik may have visited me twice. Once I felt that distinct goosebumps on top of my head and last night I had a dream about a “boy” and we were kind of cozy together. He was quiet, but he looked like Erik. I immediately thought of Erik when I woke up. While I was dreaming I didn’t know who it was. I always ask him to visit so I hope this is just the beginning!
    Thanks again for all you do, Elisa and the sacrifices you make for others.

    • Robert doesn’t really do private sessions anymore, but he is a cool dude!

  • Cassandra Buchan

    Hey Elisa…I understand that this is upsetting and there are feelings of betrayal. Try to reframe the situation. You and Erik have been integral to their success and now you have the opportunity to launch other mediums like, Veronica. You are helping to bring powerful and authentic mediums to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. I am excited to meet the new mediums you connect with. It’s all meant to be. You’ve got this!!

    • selina cecil

      I so agree with all comments above. Sometimes unwittingly we are the conduit to others prosperity. I say if I can lift someone up somehow so be it. Just know Elisa the channeling Erik family are faithful and grateful for your generosity in sharing your son, your time and resources to bring comfort and wisdom into our spiritual lives.

      • I find it so fulfilling to help people like Kim and Jamie find success. Of course, most of the credit should go to them!

    • Loueez

      Right, what Cassandra said!

    • No, I realize it’s time for me to help someone else and I wish Kim all the best.

  • BalbuenaCruz Family

    Hi Elisa, just know how much I respect what you’re doing for everyone by sharing Erik’s knowledge with us. I’m not sure how the expenses/finances are set up but I hope the mediums are at least no longer charging you for the readings. I’m happy to have seen them succeed and just hope that in return, they support this cause. Afterall, we wouldnt know these mediums if it hadn’t been for you or Erik. Also,Patron may help get support to keep the channel going. As a mother, I can see what you’re trying to do and am so touched by it.

    On a side note, I’ve been reading your book “hearing is believing” with my son and it’s not only been a great way for us to bond, but later, when I read this on my own, I’ve found suggestions that I could change now. Little things we don’t really think about but make a huge difference. Thank you, I hope you’re not down over losing Kim as a medium, I have continued to watch because of you and your dedication to your son <3

    -Erika C.

  • T Diaz

    I really liked today’s post. I LOVED the example Erik gives with alcohol. It is just so right on! Also love his comments about people who take the Bible “written thousands of years ago” so literally as their guidepost for a modern-day lifestyle. To each their own, but what kind of wows me about the timing of this post is that there is currently a prominent figure in metaphysical circles who has recently converted to Christianity and denounced all of her divining tools, taken down her weekly oracle card angel readings, etc., and will no longer give readings because “the Bible says” they’re evil, which I find so sad, but again, to each their own. So, I found Erik’s thoughts on the subject affirming and validating, as always!

    Wishing Kim all the best in her new adventures. I love that there is a wonderful group of mediums working with CE. I also feel like perhaps, in exchange for all the exposure from CE that has helped these fine people grow their businesses, they might offer you at least a discount. Maybe that’s already your arrangement with them? I second what Cynthia says about Robert – I love his channeling and him in general 🙂

  • Gina

    I think we are all abandoned by people we never thought would abandon us. I don’t think most people do it out of malice, whatever their reasons are I have to remember to forgive them every day, because I carry enough pain already without having to hold on to resentment. I wish Jamie and Kim the best and hope they continue to serve others while finding their new paths.

    • No, she didn’t do it out of malice. It was just time for her to move on.

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    Great advice from Erik here on going outside of ourselves looking for happiness. Thanks for this reminder Dr. Medhus!

    Sorry to hear about Kim. I better bite my tongue now.

    • Katarina

      Yes, must bite tongue. Out of curiosity though, I will in the future check Kim’s website to see if she increases her fees and by how much. Another popular medium on here (cough, Jamie, cough), now charges $800/hr. Elisa commented that one of the reasons she doesn’t want to charge is that a lot of people who seek spiritual support don’t have a lot of money- obviously this other popular medium has no concerns about this. Damn, I’m not doing a good job at biting my tongue, lol!

      • I think that part of Erik and my spiritual contract is to help mediums find success so that they can help open people’s hearts and minds to spirituality, and once they’ve become successful, they are too booked up to do sessions with me and must move aside for me to help someone else who is gifted. It makes me feel a bit lonely for some reason, but I know that it should happen this way.

      • Marie Cole

        Elisa, you have such a big heart. I totally get that you “feel a bit lonely.” Times like this, I wish I was a medium to help you out. I know Erik will keep finding good fits.

      • I am grateful for Kim and my time together and I’m grateful to have Emma, Veronica and others.

      • John O’Brien

        Indeed, $ 800 is a bit steep — the highest rate I’ve seen thus far, and her credentials are good but not top-level. Elisa has the right message of helping those whom cannot afford it. The legitimate Mediums and other helpers DO!

      • She’s really good but I just can’t afford her. I love mediums like her who channel a spirit word for word instead of relaying feelings, symbols and images.

      • John O’Brien

        I would be only happy to help you if and where I can, pro-bono. You are fulfilling a great need and providing n invaluable service to others. Channeling my mother has enriched my life and the life of others. My gifts has come full circle and grows stronger by the day and has taken me to new dimensions never dreamed possible. If there’s anyway I can help, please get in touch. Blessings!

      • Aw, you’re so sweet!

  • Loueez

    Hi all, Elisa, we love, respect and admire you so much. It’s almost unbelievable how much you give for us. Can’t we contribute monetarily to the cause? I know I would. I’m not aware of any visits from your son myself, but already feel like I’ve gained so much from this whole thing! Regarding the loss of Kim, I won’t lie. I feel betrayed by her as well as Jamie, so I can only imagine how you must feel. I agree with others here though. I believe in Erik and that he has a much broader view than we and most certainly has your back, if not all of our backs. I’m quite pleased with Emma and Raylene and Robert and all the rest. I have a very good feeling that who needs to go should and will go. New and better will and already are drawn in. I see it just getting better. I think there’s no shortage. Have y’all noticed how Erik has no trouble getting around? That boy GETS around. If there’s a medium around who can perceive him in any way, he’s all over it!

  • JAckie C

    Shocked to hear Kim is leaving so suddenly, no goodbye, had grown quite fond of her, can’t believe she isn’t going to say goodbye to us all. Upsetting. Elisa, I would like to donate. Have been meaning to ask about his for a while. I don’t feel right in just taking. I don’t follow daily, but enough that I should be contributing. Mediums and radio shows aren’t free. Please tell me how to donate. I think it is time, maybe, that there was a DONATE sign on the website so we can all chip in. Anyway, for the meantime, please let me know how to send money and thank you so much to you and Eric for all you do. Also, thanks to your husband and your other children who miss out on your time so that you can give it to the website. Bless you all. Love always, Jackie xxxxxx

    • It was a shock, but now she’s so successful and deservedly so. I wish her all the best.

      • John O’Brien

        Elisa, don’t be shocked. Remember, people come into our life only for a time, often messengers. I believe in this case it was you meant to come into Kim’s life for the purpose of mentoring her, and you did. For Kim, its onto the next lesson, and for you, for the next person you can help…My mother was a nurse who ended up addicted to drugs and abandoned her children. 15-years after her death she sought to make things right with me. I wasn’t having any part of it — it took me another 3-years before I accepted her request to channel her and help other broken families heal from addiction. As my mother told me: “Sometimes God has to break a heart to save a Soul”. Since I first heard those words, I gained the understanding I needed to forgive and to help others do the same. I know your heart is broke, but you ARE saving souls! Peace!

      • Sometimes God has to break a heart to save a Soul. Wow, that is so powerful. Your story is incredible. If it were in a book, I’d definitely read it. You must be a very brave soul. How old were you when she left and what did she die from?

      • John O’Brien

        Hi Elisa, thank you for your kind words. I did reply with answers to your questions and I hope you received it – I don’t see here in the thread.My email is:

      • Did you email me those replies?

      • John O’Brien

        I posted my reply here. I don’t have your email…In short order, I was 8. My sister was 12. We were handed-over to Catholic Family services when authorities did a welfare check and found us alone with no food for a week. My mother did what many men do — she left. She died in 1999 of a drug overdose of Rx drugs (according to records). I was adopted and had no contact with her, until she contacted me in spirit in Feb 2016 (that’s putting it mildly). I did not know or recognize her. A psychic identified her. The events that proceeded her contact were riveting and transforming!… How may I email you?. Thank you Elisa for your reply and kindness.

      • My email address is

  • Jeanette Elaine Campbell

    Elisa, I sorry to hear that Kim is moving on…I resonated with her energy in the most wonderful way.
    However, there is purpose in everything amd ALL is constantly evolving for the higher good and we are all so supported and loved by Source.
    Much love…

  • Cassandra

    I’m so sorry to see Kim go and I feel Jamie was one of the best, when ya’ll started out. I had a reading with Kim last year and everything she said was inaccurate nor ever even came about. Energy changes… can’t complain. I wish her all the best, but I feel you will do wonderful with the new mediums. You have definitely helped launch their careers into what ist becoming for them. God bless you and Erik and for all you do everyday! Have a beautiful,rest of the week and be well.

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