The Afterlife Interview with Laci Peterson, Part Three

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Enjoy the last part in our Laci Peterson interview series! Again, many heartfelt thanks to Debra Rapisardi for transcribing this for us. It’s grueling work, believe me! As always, the YouTube of the entire interview is at the bottom of this page. Thanks again to gifted medium, Emanuelle McIntosh, for such clear channeling.

Me: What about any messages for your in-laws, Scotts parents?

Emma: She says living in denial will only cause more hurt and harm to the body and the mind. It’s like coming to peace with the idea that your son made a decision, not you.

Me: Yeah.

Emma: This is not on you, this is not on you. This is not your responsibility. That every person creates their own reality and that we should not feel responsible for what other people do.

Me: Hmm.

Emma: No matter if it is your son or not. This was his choice, part of his contract, and this is part of your contract, to learn to find truth and peace in what happened.

Me: What did it, what, was there anything that was taught to the masses with all this, with your murder?

Laci: Well there wasn’t really a contract in teaching others much of this, just family related. However, I think that there might be a great lesson in understanding that anybody could be a killer. No matter what they look like, no matter what their background is you know.

Me: And how charmed their life is.

Laci: Yes no matter how beautiful and blessed it is. For some people that blessing is a nightmare and it can drive them to do crazy things.

Me: (shaking my head) Ok so you knew Scott cheated before, why did you stay with him after that first affair of his?

Laci: Because in my eyes, he was the perfect man. He had the good looks, he had the job, he had the money, he had the charm. Everybody loved him, you know he was very social and,

Me: Ted Bundy like!

Laci: Yeah.

Me: So you forgave him for that and had faith in him to turn a new leaf.

Laci: He was a very smooth talker.

Me: Hmm, do you think he’s remorseful at all?

Laci: I think he is, but not towards me. He’s not remorseful for getting rid of me. He is remorseful that he killed his own son.

Me: Uh! God well he should be, that’s terrible. Alright well now for some general questions. When you look back on your life do you have any regrets?

Emma: She says yes, my only regret is that I put so much pressure on myself.

Me: Yeah well you know you had a difficult chaotic childhood and you wanted to make a life for yourself and your children and your husband that was almost too perfect.

Laci: Yeah, but all that pressure that I really put upon myself, I forgot to have fun in life.

Me: Yeah. Hopefully you’re having fun now.

Laci: Oh I am.

Me: In a nut shell, what was your spiritual mission as Laci Peterson?

Laci: Basically it was just to learn about the illusion of power, of being in control. And it was about undergoing um it’s like undergoing the lesson of being a victim.

Me: Ok, now I,

Laci: About being in control of your own life.

Me: So I asked if the murder had anything to teach the masses, were you here to teach anything, not the murder, but you in general, were you here to teach something to anybody?

Laci: Well I think, mostly towards my family. Um I would always smile, I would always you know, keep everyone happy, I would always try to make people laugh so, in some way or form I was the one who kept up appearances and everything was great, and everything’s perfect. So I taught them that we can’t control our destiny, not always. And that we should, we really should enjoy everyday more instead of keeping up the mask that we are enjoying, but we’re really not.

Me: Yeah

Laci: So it’s really a lesson for my family in mindfulness and living in the moment. And understanding that a loved one can leave us at any moment in time and that it is essential that we experience and enjoy every moment that we spend with one another.

Me: Ugh how well I know that lesson. Do you have any regrets?

Laci: Just that I didn’t really enjoy the life that I chose.

Me: Of course, yeah. Is there another life that you want to share besides the one you shred in the 1920’s that seemed to have influenced your life as Laci.

Laci: Well, I had another tough one that was really, you know I want people to know that although certain lives seem really tragic and you know that it does hurt a lot of people and things like that, but those lives we usually learn the most from.

Me: Oh yeah.

Laci: Because they’re intense, there’s so much energy and emotion dealt with it. So one of the lives I learned a lot from,

Emma: She’s showing me the middle ages, how she was a priest.

Me: Um hm.

Emma: Um and his job was to go after the women, that they, kind of revolted, like they didn’t like to be told what to do, that kind of wanted to do their own thing, stand up for themselves. And basically he would have to go after them and basically call them witches and sentence them to death.

Me: Oh God.

Laci: Really horrible life, but a very interesting life, because I actually enjoyed doing that. And it’s really hard, looking back at it from a spiritual perceptive, is really strange that you can find enjoyment in hurting people, but I did and um it was just one of those lives that I learned that um let’s just say my,

Emma: She’s talking about how she was in control of people’s lives. How she controlled it. How people would um it’s all about having the power.

Me: So yeah, you controlled their fate, you controlled whether they lived.

Laci: I controlled everything. I controlled their fate. They would come to me with their problems and I would tell them do this, do that, you know, I had everybody in the palm of my hand. And I could make them do, give me anything that I wanted. It was really about feeling that power, feeling superior above everybody else, because I did believe that I was sent down here by God to get rid of all nasty people. And so I really felt larger than life. However, at the end of my life,

Emma: He’s showing me how he got, it looks like, he got a really nasty disease, very painful, long prolonged death. Like he died very painful. He’s showing me blisters all over the body, all over the face.

Me: Well what was it. Stephen Johnson Syndrome, Vivica Vulgaris, Syphilis, the Pox? I don’t know.

Emma: Yeah the Pox I think.

Me: Ok, was he a homosexual that hated women? I’m not saying that homosexuals hate women people, but or was he a Sociopath like Scott?

Emma: No not a Sociopath. He’s going homosexual yes.

Me: Ok

Laci: But um, no it was all about the control. It was all about, you know being a dictator you know, you just have power over everybody,

Me: Yeah

Laci: Including their life, only you justified it.

Me: You probably justified it by you were making the world a better place by a,

Laci: Exactly.

Me: getting rid of the uppity women.

Laci: Yeah you got the support of people. Um that was the whole crazy thing about it you know people would cheer you on for picking these women out you know. Um yeah that was my, I don’t want to call it punishment, but that was the outcome of the ego power lusted energy that I had been sending out for so long. So basically it got back to me and turned me into, it’s almost like I was supposed to feel all the pain that I had caused others over a long time before my death, before I went home so. It was an interesting life, let’s just look at it that way.

Me: And look here, you were sentenced to death as Laci Peterson for having your own mind. Alright just a couple of more questions. First, is there anything that you want to share with us that people don’t know about you?

Laci: Well there wasn’t really much special things about me. I was just, I wanted to make the best of things and I wanted, yeah, I just, I was just an ordinary girl.

Me: Well is there anything that you would just like to share period to anybody or to the collective? Anything else you want to get off your chest sort of speak?

Emma: She says yes. If you are in a relationship with where you’re starting to feel negativity or you’re starting to feel that the person that you’re living with is changing, look into it, don’t ignore it like I did. Just look into it, connect, communicate with that person and see what comes up. And if they’re not willing to open up, then you might need to let people know that hey he’s changing, I don’t know why. I never told anybody how Scott was, I never told anybody because I wanted to keep up the nice picture.

Me: Yeah the perfect marriage.

Emma: The perfect marriage. So um don’t be afraid to share it with people so that they can check up on you, so you get some support.

Me: Or leave!

Emma: Or leave if you can. If it gets real violent.

Laci: Scott was never violent to me, it just happened. He did change, he was more verbally aggressive, he would leave, um things like that. He would get upset faster.

Me: But he wouldn’t beat you?

Laci: No, no he never beat me.

Me: Just got a little violent in the end though, a little bit violent on the end. Alright Erik do you have anything that you want to share, anything that you want to ask? And then Emma do you too?

Erik: Was Connor in any of her other lives. Cause he’s saying I’m hoping that you will,

Emma: I guess he wants her to have a life with Connor as her baby.

Me: Yes, yes!

Emma: She’s saying she will.

Laci: If you look at it from your timeline, it’s in the future.

Emma: She’ll have a life where Connor is her daughter.

Me: Hmm.

Emma: And they really are the bestest of friends. So they’re really BFF’s all the way.

Me: Aw that’s so nice.

Emma: They do have a really good life together, where also some of the family members that she has now, will be in that life as well.

Me: will Scott be in it?

Emma: Um he’s not in that one, she says.

Me: When is that? How far in the future?

Emma: She says I want people to understand, I have had lives with Scott that were ok.

Me: Oh yeah.

Emma: That were good.

Laci: I know a lot of people are like, “HE KILLED YOU”!!!!

Me: Whaaaat! Well when is this future life?

Emma: She’s saying, um its 2075 is what I’m getting.

Me: Ok.

Emma: Yeah 2075.

Me: Emma, do you have anything for Laci?

Emma: Well um no, I just want to thank her for sharing her story.

Me: Yeah thank you so much Laci

Emma: Yeah, I didn’t know about Laci, I guess it was a big deal in America, but here in Europe, I have never heard of her murder. So I’m just glad she found peace, and I’m glad that she was willing to share her story with us and that Connor is with her. And a, you know, it’s hard for us sometimes as humans to send healing and love and light to people who hurt others, but I think, and I think Erik will back me up on that, is that when people do this to other people, they need help, they’re sick, for they’re completely away from source, completely removed from source. And the only thing that we can do, we shouldn’t approve of it, we don’t have to feel good about it, we’re here to be mad and say that’s not what you do.

Me: Yeah

Emma: And those people do need to be guided or put into you know a jail, I guess. Um but they also need to be.

Erik: You’re going to ruffle some feathers!!

Emma: They also need to be, we need to accept them.

Me: Right.

Emma: This is part of their of their journey and this is part of their lesson. And they’re going to learn what they need to learn from this. So, we don’t have to agree with it, but in some way or form, we need to accept everyone.

Me: Well does that mean that we should love him? Send him love?

Emma: Yeah we can always send him love and guidance.

Me: Well because you know it was a spiritual contract.

Emma: Yeah exactly. And I know that’s such a hard concept isn’t it.

Me: Ugh yeah it is.

Emma: It is so hard to say lets end those people who blow themselves up, to send them love and light. If we think about it from a different perspective and go completely objective to it, you know, why are they doing that, there’s always a reason why. Why do people do such horrible things. Is it because they have the wrong idea in their mind or are they feeling taken advantage of or is society not helping them with the problems that they have.

Me: Yeah I know.

Emma: So many people have mental issues, but they’re not getting the guidance that they need you know.

Me: And we’re a collective.

Emma: Yeah.

Me: And we’re all a part of each other. So we need to help the entire collective even if it means helping every individual. So Emma,

Emma: I know it’s hard,

Me: It is hard!

Emma: but that’s what I try to do. I try to find acceptance, even the people who hurt others, or hurt children, you know that really makes me cry. You know touching an animal or a child, you know that they can’t defend themselves, you know it really makes me cry, but at the same time I go, you know it might be part of their contract, I don’t know.

Me: Yeah. Alright well thank you Emma, thank you Erik and thank you so much Laci. I’m so grateful and your courage to come up her and to share so much intimate information with us.

Emma: She’s saying you’re welcome, thank you for allowing me to speak.

Me: Ok and, Emma, you guys need to check her site out Alright Emma anything else before we close?

Emma: Well I would say check out the Channeling Erik website because there’s so many interviews there. I see a lot of people are asking, what about this guy and that guy. A lot of those people have been interviewed, so check out the website, go to the archives.

Me: Yeah right.

Emma: And fill in the name that you want to see interviewed and it might just pop up so check it out.

Me: And subscribe to the channel. Also check out Erik’s book My Life After Death a memoir from Heaven. If you want to know everything that happens from the moment that you die on. What your life as a spirit is going to be like, what your environments going to be like, it’s a page turner, check it out, its only $9 bucks or something. Anyway you guys, I love you Erik, I love you Emma.

Erik: I love you to mama (blowing kisses) I love everybody. So keep that love in your heart people, we need it.

Me: And I’m glad your babies are ok.

Emma: Thank you, bye.

RIP Laci and Conner

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