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I’m feeling under the weather today, so I won’t write an introduction. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these great Erik stories. Don’t forget to share your own!

Story  #1

I was laying in bed, right before falling asleep, and I started thinking about my cousin and all her troubles, how her mindset is so negative and her troubles with addiction.
I wondered how she got that way, what happened along the way, as we grew up close.

In my mind I thought of the pic of Erik from the homepage, with the blue sky and clouds, and directed my thoughts to him. Soon enough I got a quick answer in my head: Patterns.

The only thing happening is she continues the same patterns of negative thinking and procrastination. That all she needs to do is change her mindset.

It was a quick answer but it was dead on, I felt it in my gut. Plus it coincides with other things I’ve read. :).

Thanks Erik, TTFN!

Story #2

Erik rolled down 4 windows of my car while being OFF !!! Yes erik you scared the shit out of me .. even though I didn’t realize it was you … then while watching your videos on YouTube you pulled my earphone off . Then I heard videos voices at MIDNIGHT ! Then I woke up at 3 or 4 because I felt a blue flash light in my face ” and this was during the first three days I began watching . Then out of nowhere I felt this bad smell and I checked my toddler and it wasn’t him ?? and once again today I felt his fart smell by my house phone ODD . Erik , I’ve had it with the smells ??? jk i love you ??

Story #3

From the title of her submission, Erik made her prescription bottle disappear right in front of her! It must have been quite a shock.

I am still in a state of total shock….I don’t know what happened..but was listening to a channeling with Erik…They were talking about him being a prankster and will let you know it…I said to myself…yea show me a prank Erik………and //well I am so freaked out I don’t even want to tell the story …I can’t believe it myself..I need to talk to someone about this…..really!!

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