It’s All About da Bomb. Part One

Erik’s da bomb. We all know that. Like many of you, he’s done so much to help me heal and to open my mind and heart to spirituality. In the last three or four months, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of blog members who share their “Erik stories” saying he’s appeared before them “physically,” played hilarious pranks on them and left his signature nasty smells. Unlike before, he also, in his new role as afterlife coach, seems to have started guiding blog members one-on-one to show them how to remove obstacles in their lives and move forward on their path, spiritual or otherwise. I’m not sure why he’s ramping up his interactions with you all. Maybe he’s trying to touch as many lives as he can in anticipation of the new book’s release by exposing himself (no, not that way) to as much of the public as he can. Many of you may wonder how he can interact with so many people at the same time. Several of you have emailed me saying you want his help, but you know the chances of that happening are slim to none because he has tens of thousands of people making the same request. He explains how. Shortly after he became a spirit, he was taught how to split himself into an infinite number of Eriks so that he can spread his Erik Love all over the world every day. So don’t be shy. Ask him to help you. Ask him to pester you. Ask him to make you laugh. Ask him to love you (although you know he already does.)

I’d like to remind those of you who haven’t already done so to please join the private Channeling Erik Facebook group. Many of us have a hard time sharing what we’ve learned with family members and friends, so this group has been created (thanks to Ashley Riley) to give us a safe place to do so. Click HERE.


Today is Part One of a series devoted to our lovable boy. I hope you enjoy. 

Me: Erik, you’re going to tell us a little bit about you, so it’s all about Erik. Are you ready to rock and roll?

Erik: I’m not going to mind that at all.

Me: Of course. He’s so humble. First of all, and this is very important to me as a mom, are you happy, sweetie?

Jamie: The answer is yes, but then he went into, “You mean right now or?” We mean happy in general.

Erik: More so—no offense, Mom, because you were a great mom and everything—but more so now than when I was living my life.

Me: I know. You were miserable. What’s making you happy, now?

Erik: The ease of life. I don’t have to struggle.

Me: That’s so good. Hard for me, though, but I’m glad you’re happy. What makes you the happiest? Is it because you’re free and that you have all of these new abilities?

Jamie (puzzled): Oh, I guess he’s saying hi to the dog.

Me: Yes! She’s right behind me!

Jamie: He went into this baby talk.

She mimics him, then she says, “What are you doing?”

Erik: Okay, yeah. Yeah, sorry. To get back to the topic, what makes me happiest if I’m comparing it to my human life—

Jamie: He’s hitting the top of his head.

Erik: You know it’s kind of like having a clear head, not having to have so many internal battles and biting at myself inside. The second thing is that I have the freedom of speed, of movement, you know, to travel, to go. There’s nothing containing me telling me that I can’t just jump over to Italy or somewhere I want to go for a moment or two and get back to (air quotes) my work. Those are the two big things. Also, what makes it easier is that I get to see the people that I love for who they really are, you know, kind of from the inside out rather than the way humans do. You get to know each other from the outside in. You look at them externally: what they look like, what they want to represent, and then you kind of gotta dig your way in to get closer to somebody. It’s not that way here. It’s kind of reversed. I like that because I like (pause) I enjoy being close to people. I like getting to know them more than just, you know, like an acquaintance, I guess.

Me: And you do that with the blog members, too, do you?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay, now tell us about your typical day?

Erik: My typical day after I shave my manly facial hair—

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Okay, okay. I’m going to describe a typical day like how you’d understand like I got a morning, I got an afternoon and I got an evening.

Me: But you really don’t because there’s no linear time there.

Erik: Yeah, I don’t, but if I want to experience that shit, I can just lower my energy and get into that dimensional vibe.

Jamie (chuckling): What is that?

Erik: Into that lower dimension that you live in. Then I can hang out and watch the sunrise. I can have all that, too. I’m just resonating where I am because I don’t have a physical body, then, no, I don’t have that sunrise or sunset. But in my (air quotes) traditional day, I enjoy hanging out with my Earth family. That doesn’t mean you’ve been demoted. That’s just to clarify. My mom, my dad, my brother and my sisters, I like to see them in the morning so I kind of cruise through their lives and their homes and hang out with them. After I do that, I see my spirit family—

Jamie coughs and tears up.

Jamie: My throat is tickling. That’s not making it easier, Erik! He’s teasing me while I’m coughing. God, he is so witty. I…he amazes me.

Me: I know.

Jamie coughs a lot.

Jamie: It feels like someone put a pin in my throat.

Me: That’s horrible!

Jamie: Look, my eyes are watering.

Erik: So I end up with my spirit family. These are my, you can call them teachers; you can call them gurus, but spirits that I admire and want to check in with to see if there’s something I can add to my life. There’s really not that true sense of discovery or that true sense of, “I’m learning something new,” because the knowledge is all available.

Jamie: He changes his voice. He sounds like he’s making it something important.

I chuckle.

Erik: It’s just whether you’re going to pick it up or not. “It’s at the grocery store. Are you going to get the damn milk or not!” So I check in with them to see that, and then my favorite after doing that is –

Jamie: Did you say, “perusing?”

Erik: Perusing the blog to see the action, what’s going on, who’s touching base. I’m looking at my family. My Erik family.

Jamie: Oh, that’s funny. You have your Earth family, your spirit family and your Erik family.

Me: Like the blog members?

Erik: Yes, the blog members.

Me: They love your visits and pranks, Erik.

Erik: I enjoy it so much.

Me: People get jealous when they don’t get pranked, so you’ll have to cover the bases.

Erik: I do. This is when it’s like, “Too bad you can’t do this on Earth,” divide myself and then get into everybody’s home and just say hi to them, leave them something, confuse the fuck out of them and maybe take some keys, leave a fart.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: Oh Erik. I know he’s done that.

Jamie (still laughing): He’s so funny!

Erik: Then I have a portion of my attention going to that, and any time that I hear someone say my name or ask for my presence, I do like to tend to that throughout my day. Then I like to take a moment and do something I think is fun, not like any of this hasn’t been fun. Trust me. It really is, but riding bikes, climbing, going into other dimensional planes and seeing new things.

Jamie: He was just explaining, when he uses the term, “new,” it’s kind of like how humans learn on Earth.

Erik: They get a hold of something that is unknown to them and then it’s known.

Jamie: I don’t know why he’s going down this rabbit hole!

Erik: Something new to me would be going into another dimensional plane and learning—or sorry, I’m not using the word, “learning.” It’s more like accepting information from other races, other dimensional beings. That’s exciting for me.

Me: And then what?

Erik: So in closing the day, then I’m going to end up back at my family, my Earth family. I check in on them, and then as nighttime comes for you, that’s when I go to the other side of the world.

Me: Oh, yeah. To visit the other blog members.

Erik: I see what they’re doing, see how I can help. My tail feathers ruffle when I hear blog members talking about their life and their hardships, how I can help and see the similarities. I want to show them that there are similarities [with people who struggle in the same way] and that there are other options to look at. So, I get excited about that. I don’t sleep, and I don’t have the need to sleep, but if my friends or family are eating something that I really like and I want to check in and enjoy it with them, I snuggle up to their energy. When I get into their energy field, I can have the same experience: the taste, the chewing feeling and everything like that.

Me: So you mosey on up to a cheeseburger, huh? Awesome! But you don’t gain weight! That’s all low calorie the way you do it.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Only you would worry about something like that!

I chuckle.

Me: All right. Anything else before we go on to the next question?

Erik: No. Ding.

Me: All right. Tell me about your best friend or the spirit you spend the most time with.

Jamie laughs at what he just said.

Erik: I spend a lot of time with gurus. I like to hang with them. Then my girl that I spend a lot of time with.

Me: Jillian, yes.

Erik: Uh, but, you know, we don’t have to, uh, go there.

He’s bashful!

Me: I know you don’t. You get so embarrassed!

Erik: That’s my private life!

Me: Okay. We won’t go into that, then. You don’t want thousands of viewers to learn about your love life.

Erik: I know it’s ridiculous, but I do. I do have a girlfriend, and I like her bunches, and she does help me. We enjoy the same things. (Hurriedly) DING!

Erik: My best friend, it’s a guru like a spiritual counselor, somebody I confide in a lot to check on my work and how I help people. A lot of my essence, my being, if you look at the pie chart of who I’m spending time with the most, it’s my Erik family, you know, the thousands and thousands and thousands of people that I see. The bulk of my essence is really dealing with that. And then spiritually—


Jamie: I don’t know what he’s saying right now. It’s a bit of a mumble. He’s talking about a gentleman, a friend, a guy that he met in spirit. He’s about his age. He doesn’t—I don’t know why, but I keep asking for the name, but he doesn’t want to share it.

Me: Okay. It’s not important.

Jamie: They passed from similar circumstances and around the same time, actually. This guy is a few months after Erik. They tend to get along really well and they do things together.

Erik: So that’s who I spend time with in spirit.

Me: All right.

Erik: Ding.

Me: How do you split yourself? I mean you take care of so many blog members. How do you split yourself infinitely like that?

Jamie laughs and turns red.

Me: Ah oh.

Jamie: Visually, he gives the image of –

She turns even redder and flings back her head, putting her hand on her chest.

Jamie: Of taking a very difficult bowel movement. (To Erik) I’ll say it like that.

He probably used the word “shit” knowing him.

Jamie: Why do you do this?

She laughs hard.

Me: I think he just wants to embarrass you in front of everyone.

Jamie: He’s hoping I’ll imitate him, but I’m not. (To Erik) I’m not going to imitate you right now. So he makes the grunting sound and everything.

Erik: So that’s about how I do it. Just kidding. You know when you can think in your head, when you’re doing that “multi thinking,” is? So you’re driving in the car, and you think, “I need to do the dishes” and then when you’re doing the dishes you’re thinking about how you need to take the roast out and thaw it. Whatever. Blah, blah, blah. So you have these multiple layers of thought. It’s similar to that. When I’m hearing myself, it’s almost—

Jamie: No, no, no. That didn’t make sense.


Jamie: When you’re hearing yourself? That doesn’t make sense.

Erik: When I hear someone on Earth call my name or they’re reading the blog, or they want some kind of interaction with me, I can instantly give them my attention. That would feel like thought attention to a human being. Like I give it a thought. Then imagine that that thought can kind of sustain itself without me thinking, “Behave like this” and “Do that.” No, it just goes because the thought belongs to you, but it has a tiny life of its own. Then when it’s done, it falls back into your head. I think that’d be the best way to describe it in a way that people can understand what it’s like. Just to clarify, it doesn’t just come out of my ass.

Me: Well, that’s good! We need that clarification.

Erik's da Bomb

Erik’s t-shirt


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Elisa Medhus

  • Judith F.

    Aw, Erik, I know you’ve probably visited me. God knows, I’m such a regular, wordy person on here (ie, make way too long comments!). But I don’t recall anything obvious that’s happened and I thought “Oh! That must be Erik!” So, Erik, I’m laying down the gauntlet, so to speak. Can you like, make the lights flicker or do something obvious today? We might not notice stinky farts, if you know what I mean. 😛 Pretty please? Thanks, Erik! I love you and your Mom. 😀

    • Va Lovelace

      Judith – I hope you report in to us if anything develops!

    • Step up, Erik!

      • Judith F.

        Thanks, Elisa! Ha-ha-ha! Honestly, I’m not sure I’d recognize his “pranks.” He’s been on my mind a lot yesterday and today, but haven’t noticed anything obvious…yet. I will share something quite unusual that happened a long time back. My mind didn’t accept it was Erik, but I wanted to believe it was. But this isn’t the place to share that. I’ll find the “share your Erik prank” space.

      • jillynoodle

        I am so grateful for all the wisdom you have shared Erik! It has really opened my mind and my heart and you are just so awesome!!
        Elisa and Jamie thank you so much for bringing this out to the world, I really admire your courage and caring I cant thank you enough, this has helped me enormously . 🙂 thank you!

      • You’re welcome. Thanks for brightening my day.

  • Spirit Seeking

    I just want give thanks so much to all of you: Erik and his gurus, Elisa and Jamie. My communication and boundaries are improving already and I only discovered you very recently. Thanks Erik for the signs that broke through my incredibly low vibrations. I’ve ordered the books but they won’t arrive till after the new one is available and they travel over here. Very much looking forward to that learning and growth and I’m so grateful for this site for providing continual support in my growth. I love you all. X

    • Aw, this makes me so happy. I wouldn’t call myself a guru, though. Erik is our little woo-woo guru. (as he calls himself.)

  • Ash

    Thanks for the shout-out 🙂

  • Elaine Joan Keith

    Thanks to Erik and your blogs, I know what I want to do with my life and that is to be a life coach, and thank you for all your healing prayers. I am meant to be a powerful healer but first I have to heal myself, its a shame I had to let my health deteriorate so badly before I started to do something about it. I AM WORTHY! I love you all ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Jean

    Hi Erik, I haven’t heard from you since you pushed me on the radio show. You know after that happened I could not move from my chair for about 3 hours. The energy was powerful. Anyhow, you know i don’t like pranks like breaking stuff but it would be nice to get a visit that I’d understand. Hugs with Love, Jean

    • We need to do another show when the next book comes out. Maybe he will then!

      • Jean

        Yes I will have you on my show Angelsloveyou with Jean Maurie. Let me know.

      • Can we do it around the new book’s release?

  • Melissa McVicker

    I keep hearing chirping when I watch the interviews on you tube. Is there a bird with either person or what is that sound? does anyone else hear it?

    • colleen

      I hear it too

      • Melissa McVicker

        Wonder if Jamie or Elisa have a bird?

      • I don’t. We used to, but not now. I don’t know about Jamie.

      • colleen

        Idk did they answer ? Maybe its erik messing around.

    • I think it’s just feedback.

      • Melissa McVicker

        ok thanks. Darn, wish it was something more. lol

      • Karin

        Jamie does not have a bird at her work site. I hear the chirping from time to time too, and while I do not think it is a bird, I believe it is a remnant of Erik’s frequencies being picked up by the taping.

      • You might be right. It was louder during the Jesus interview which goes along with the fact that it might be energy interference and his is stronger.

  • T Diaz

    I believe Erik pranked me once last Halloween with a godawful sulphur smell suddenly in my car on the way home from an event, just after I’d had a reading from Cindy at Eclectic Horizons, but I hope he never takes my keys. My necessarily organized single-mom self who puts her keys on the same hook all the time would FREAK OUT not being able to find my them!!! 🙂

  • Much love to you Erik!!!!!!! Thank you for being there for us and listening for our calls and thoughts!!!!! Namaste!!!! Kay

  • Chastity Sabo

    Last week I said out loud “Teach me something tonite Erik… Show me something over there that we don’t have here.” That night I had a dream that there was a little animal walking towards me with light up colors on its back. It looked like a little raccoon with strips of different light up colors. Would love to know if that was him or if I just had a goofy dream! 🙂

  • Alex J Campbell

    Hi Elisa, could you please ask Erik if the theory of the Hollow Earth is true. I’m just fascinated by world mysteries!

    • I actually did and he says it isn’t. I think he said that people are tapping into that theory because they lived on a planet that was hollow. Not Earth though.

  • M&M

    Wonderful post, thank you Elisa. Erik, I hope you will come visit me, could sure use your guidance and support. I need help with healing the healer inside. No nasty smells please and if you hide something, it will just tick my over organized brain off. Truthfully though, I’d love anything you wish to give, just come visit.

  • cristina

    I’m sharing another story, fun-shocking one (please remember I’m new in channelling though and I’m not clear how accurate I am). So Erik comes with me when I travel and in my last travel, the trains got delayed/cancelled because a guy killed himself (hit by train).

    So I finally manage to find out which train to take and which direction; the train comes, I find a comfortable place and start watching out the window thinking about the poor guy who just died and then remembering Erik who always comes with me when I travel. And suddenly an image appears in my head: Erik with a (bit confused) guy, holding each other over shoulders and Erik saying to me “Hey, wanna meet my new buddy?” I swear my heart just stopped, Erik was amused that I was so freaked out… in the end, he was right, was just another (new) spirit, but for me was not easy to handle such situation, so I was half laughing, half shocked telling Erik “Please, please go, I really can’t handle this” :)))) I bet he had lot of fun :)))

  • Maya

    I want to pray for St. Erik to make me lucky. 🙂

  • Toni Marrufo

    Hello, i think i got a visit today from Erik, i was in class (im an english teacher) and i only had one student. We were talking about Erik and the blog, when… The eareaser from the white board just fell on the ground. I was happy but my student got scared. Thanks for the visit, we love you Erik. Mr. Toni

  • Cherieone

    I so enjoy you Elisa, Jamie and most of all Erik! Keep the stories coming. I would love to have Erik come and visit me!!!! Love and light to all.

  • Courtney

    I’m guessing Erik visited me two nights ago. I watched the YouTube video about his pranks the night previous. I was holding my two year old and I was going to play a game on my iPad with him when the volume went up on its own. I kept checking to see if I was pressing anything and it just kept going up. I then got the craziest tingling on my scalp. I’m assuming it was Erik after watching his prank video. I tried posting this story to Erik encounters, but it wouldn’t post.

    • I don’t know why the Erik Encounters posts sometimes and not on others! Frustrating. And yeah, sounds like Erik. He’s been messing with people as they watch the videos and the scalp and thigh are his main “tingle spots.”

  • CeCe

    I don’t know if this was an Erik encounter but a week ago I was sitting listening to the music channel on the TV and the song “Chop Suey” came on. I immediately thought of Erik singing in the car on Video. Up until that moment I hadn’t made the connection with the song he was singing in the video and the actual song by the group “system of a down” I love their music when I hear it but I never really paid attention to the group that sings it. I wondered if there was a message in that song for me. After hearing the lyrics again I really hope it’s not a song meant for me to listen to. Elisa, your son seems adorable! I have asked him to look up and help my mother who recently passed with her spirit skills. She would love him. She was very blunt and straightforward and instilled individuality in all of her kids. Thanks for all you and Erik have provided. It’s opened our hearts, minds and souls.

    • Lady O

      I must lack faith, or something. I love this site, but Erik has shown no interest in me whatsoever. Still waiting…


      • Keep asking but try not to have hard and fast expectations. That’s a dense energy that’s hard for spirits to penetrate. Be aware, too. Just keep asking him to make it more obvious.

  • cyndi wilkins

    Ok Mr. Da Diggity….Where the heck did you hide my favorite pair of sunglasses!! I know it was you…I’ve been smelling your stinky feet:-)

    • I’ll have him buy you a pair of heavenly Ray-bans.

      • cyndi wilkins

        Interesting you should say that:-) I had a dream last night of being in a realm of light so unbelievably bright it was like looking directly into the sun…I was given a pair of “heavenly sunglasses” so I could tolerate the light…I was then made aware that I would not find my favorite “Earthly pair”…..”I’m sorry but you are not seeing clearly when you are driving…You need to wear your prescription glasses!”
        Dang it! They are not nearly as cool as my other ones!

  • lsm

    I love that he can see all of us, from the inside out. I felt this lift/lightness after Jon died, this suddenly seen and understood moment. I want to be able to live this way from here. We waste so much love and time misunderstanding the outside of people. sigh.

  • Just so you know, Elisa, you are doing something wonderful for the world with your youtube chats with Erik and the blog. There’s something different. Something special that hasn’t been done before in the way you and Erik, and the rest, provide us with this info.. this love. So thank you all very much.

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    My notes: this reminds me of Abraham’s “and now that thought thinks…”

    “Erik: When I hear someone on Earth call my name or they’re reading the blog, or they want some kind of interaction with me, I can instantly give them my attention. That would feel like thought attention to a human being. Like I give it a thought. Then imagine that that thought can kind of sustain itself without me thinking, “Behave like this” and “Do that.” No, it just goes because the thought belongs to you, but it has a tiny life of its own. Then when it’s done, it falls back into your head. I think that’d be the best way to describe it in a way that people can understand..”

    • I love this!

      • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

        Yep. Your child does a great job of describing these things for us. I have studied that Abraham reference….the idea of a thought thinking, wow……and similar the idea that we are a dream within a dream. Or “God” thought us up and now we think….all related. I love how passionate Erik is, he wants us to get things so bad! Lol. ❤️

      • True!

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