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Story #1

Hi Elisa,

Erik continues to be in my life and I can talk with him whenever I want to. He is such a wonderful boy. 🙂 I have just come back from a week long mediumship course at a college called ‘the Arthur Findlay College’ here in the U.K. It was an amazing experience .

One of our exercises was using a special radio which scans lots of channels and the Spirit world can send bursts of communication to this radio! Sounds wacky, I know, but I believe anything is possible. So each of my group took turns to ask a question telepathically to the spirit world. Some people asked for music, some asked a question and each time there was a no, or yes or some music.
So then it was my turn and in my mind I asked Erik to make us all laugh by swearing! Almost immediately we all heard the words ‘fuck yeh’ coming out of the speaker and everyone fell about laughing! When it was my turn again and asked for another message and we all heard a voice say ‘high five’ which is how he greets me…

Maitland also showed up and ‘bombed’ a reading someone was doing for me! When the teachers heard she was a guide and not a loved one, they politely asked her to leave! They make quite a cheeky team, Erik and Maitland!!

Sending you all my love.
Rob xxx

Story #2

I am so very grateful for the whole ChannelingErik project. My life has changed so much since Erik guided me to all of this a year ago. I’ve experienced more “unexplainable” things ever since, almost every day with lots of healing! I want to write to you about one episode that happened last Friday on my way home from work.

I work in Oslo and was walking from my job, taking a shortcut through a quiet street on my way to the train station. I was just walking along talking to Erik like I usually do. I hear him pretty well, I think. I know he isn’t always happy for having to prove that he’s around, so I said Erik, “as a party game, just for fun, maybe you could suggest a way to show up for me within the next 24 hrs. that I could see?” Immediately I heard “the next ball you see will be from me.” It’s winter and there aren’t any kids out in the streets with balls now and my 2 girls are grown, so I was thinking not to be too discouraged if I heard this wrong other imagined it.

One minute afterwards, a guy walks up from behind and passes me with a big neon yellow soccer ball under his arm. Hahaha! I got such a big laugh out of that!!! I’m pretty sure Erik was saying “How was THAT for showing up?” I love feeling him and hearing him whenever I ask. He has helped me through so much and now he’s helping my daughters. Thank you Erik and Elisa for all you do! Elisa you are courageous!

Story #3

I was listening to the podcast where Robert talks about Erik does crazy things. Then Erik shows up acting like a monkey. He then climbs over of my laptop and asks, “Whatcha doin’? Astrology, cool. Oh, you’re listening to the podcast!” Then he changed into a female version of red and white cheerleading outfit. So I put on the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. That boy disappears and comes back with 6 inch high heels, a black -shirt and jeans. He was dancing better than I can without even heels on. When the songs ends he bows, and waves bye. hahaha.

Gotta love that boy! I’ll have to say, though, that every time I pick a photograph of Erik for the post’s featured image, it makes me sad. I get this sinking feeling in my heart. See him in the physical reminds me that I don’t have him in the physical. Sigh. 

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