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It’s with a heavy heart that I announce the sudden death of my dear friend, Ryan Adragna. He was a wonderful energy reader and healer and often my wingman during our radio show. He apparently went into diabetic ketoacidosis and slipped into a coma. He was put on full life support, briefly. When Denise Ramon texted me to say they were taking him off of life support, I became overjoyed and happy for him and his family. I thought they were doing so because he was improving and would be able to breathe on his own. But that was not the case. They were taking him off of life support for the opposite reason. I suspect they concluded that he had no brain activity. When I found out, I sobbed. I loved him so. I sobbed for my loss, your loss, his parents’ loss and his two young daughters’ loss. 

I know that Erik, Audie Herron (his mentor) and others welcomed him during his peaceful transition. They’re probably having a kickass time. Ryan no long suffers from diabetes and any other physical or emotional pain he may have had in life. He’s happy. It’s a reminder, however, that those who leave us don’t suffer. We do. But we must try to be happy for him. Maybe Erik will teach Ryan how to prank us. Naturally, he’ll be a bad influence on him and Heaven will never be the same. Perhaps Ryan will be an even more powerful healer from that side of the veil. I plan to channel him soon, and one thing I want to ask is whether we can individually request healing from him. R.I.P. Ryan.

Here’s another post from way back when that wasn’t published because I forgot to click om the freaking button! Sigh. At the end, I added a sweet letter of thanks meant for me. She has asked that I not share her name, but I want her to know that I read it and it made my day! It’s always nice to know that my boy’s death wasn’t just a tragic death. Thank you…You know who you are. 

Enjoy these great Erik Encounters, and submit your own by clicking on the “Share Your Story” button. Note: This button is not meant as a way to submit questions or requests for help. 

Story #1

Hi Elisa,

Erik continues to be in my life and I can talk with him whenever I want to. He is such a wonderful boy. 🙂 I have just come back from a week long mediumship course at a college called ‘the Arthur Findlay College’ here in the U.K. It was an amazing experience .

One of our exercises was using a special radio which scans lots of channels and the Spirit world can send bursts of communication to this radio! Sounds wacky, I know, but I believe anything is possible. So each of my group took turns to ask a question telepathically to the spirit world. Some people asked for music, some asked a question and each time there was a no, or yes or some music.
So then it was my turn and in my mind I asked Erik to make us all laugh by swearing! Almost immediately we all heard the words ‘fuck yeh’ coming out of the speaker and everyone fell about laughing! When it was my turn again and asked for another message and we all heard a voice say ‘high five’ which is how he greets me…

Maitland also showed up and ‘bombed’ a reading someone was doing for me! When the teachers heard she was a guide and not a loved one, they politely asked her to leave! They make quite a cheeky team, Erik and Maitland!!

Sending you all my love.
Rob xxx

Story #2

I am so very grateful for the whole Channeling Erik project. My life has changed so much since Erik guided me to all of this a year ago. I’ve experienced more “unexplainable” things ever since, almost every day with lots of healing! I want to write to you about one episode that happened last Friday on my way home from work.

I work in Oslo and was walking from my job, taking a shortcut through a quiet street on my way to the train station. I was just walking along talking to Erik like I usually do. I hear him pretty well, I think. I know he isn’t always happy for having to prove that he’s around, so I said Erik, “as a party game, just for fun, maybe you could suggest a way to show up for me within the next 24 hrs. that I could see?” Immediately I heard “the next ball you see will be from me.” It’s winter and there aren’t any kids out in the streets with balls now and my 2 girls are grown, so I was thinking not to be too discouraged if I heard this wrong other imagined it.

One minute afterwards, a guy walks up from behind and passes me with a big neon yellow soccer ball under his arm. Hahaha! I got such a big laugh out of that!!! I’m pretty sure Erik was saying “How was THAT for showing up?” I love feeling him and hearing him whenever I ask. He has helped me through so much and now he’s helping my daughters. Thank you Erik and Elisa for all you do! Elisa you are courageous!

Story #3

I was listening to the podcast where Robert talks about Erik does crazy things. Then Erik shows up acting like a monkey. He then climbs over of my laptop and asks, “Whatcha doin’? Astrology, cool. Oh, you’re listening to the podcast!” Then he changed into a female version of red and white cheerleading outfit. So I put on the song “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. That boy disappears and comes back with 6 inch high heels, a black -shirt and jeans. He was dancing better than I can without even heels on. When the songs ends he bows, and waves bye. hahaha.

Gotta love that boy! I’ll have to say, though, that every time I pick a photograph of Erik for the post’s featured image, it makes me sad. I get this sinking feeling in my heart. See him in the physical reminds me that I don’t have him in the physical. Sigh. 

Letter to me:

Dear Elisa,

I have been thinking about writing you for a long time – the main reason I haven’t is a fear that my words would sound trite and the message wouldn’t carry the full weight of what I want to convey. I hope they will.

I “found” Channeling Erik last December when I was on You Tube looking for angel videos (particularly those about Lorna Byrne). As soon as I found your channel, I was hooked. I told my daughter and she was instantly hooked . . .

Not long after that my youngest son started to take a precipitous nosedive. He has been battling depression, among other things, for at least 11 years – since his first year in college. For the past two years, he has been living with me trying to finish college after having had to take two medical leaves of absence for “inability to focus”. He would have periods of doing fine (doing ok – not thriving) and then these horrible periods of not being able to function – being totally incapacitated by whatever was going on in his mind. Despite spending years in therapy, we have never gotten a real diagnosis of what exactly the problem is.

As a parent, there has been a heaviness in my heart for years knowing that my son was struggling. That just getting through his day was a battle. Why couldn’t he get up and have a day that was easy for a change – where he felt good about himself – where he was successful in the things he endeavored to do – where he could actually feel some joy in his heart and laugh. On and on. Sometimes I felt so overwhelmed by the the heaviness of it and the hopelessness of it, I had to wonder how he was managing to want to get up and go through another day.

So after watching your videos, I was “inspired” to get a reading with sweet Raylene for guidance on how to help my son. I was really hoping that Erik would be there to offer his insights. I was not disappointed! Thanks to Raylene and Erik, I finally found out what is really going on with him. It would be impossible to convey how grateful I am that Erik has chosen to be that bridge of truth and enlightenment between the Other Side and humanity. That Erik empathizes with us and loves us so much that he wants to help us in powerful ways that no human being could. It was truly humbling to realize that my family had been on Erik’s radar and that he had been with me for a while. I have had three readings with Raylene and have learned that Erik led me to your channel so that he could help my son. How beautifully this all works!

My heart hurts for you that you had to go through the unimaginable pain of losing Erik in order for him to help us. Although no one else can feel what you felt, it’s not hard to have an inkling of how heart-wrenching that was. And then after the initial shock, experiencing the ensuing guilt and emptiness of loss . .

You had no idea at the time of his death that you and Erik had agreed to this before you both incarnated into this lifetime. Isn’t it absolutely amazing what you two have created as a result – and how many of us are benefiting in ways we could not have imagined? For me, knowing what is wrong with my son and how I can help him climb out of this dark hole is a priceless gift. It is what I have been searching for, to no avail, for over a decade. It will give my son’s life back to him.

We still have a way to go – Erik and Raylene are still guiding me, but for the first time in my life I feel hope that my son will be healthy, that he will be able to count on himself, that he will thrive as a person, that he will find an interest – a passion and pursue it, that he will allow the love we feel for him into his heart and reflect love back to those around him, and that he will feel joy again and laugh.

Elisa, I feel like I know you from watching your videos – I laugh and I cry! You are so vulnerable (yet strong) and so hesitant to have any attention be on yourself. (I am thinking of Tammy spending time healing you at your house when others were there). I am profoundly grateful to you for all the sacrifices you (and your family) have made so that you can reach as many people as possible to help them. I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet you – and thank you in person. I had a very powerful dream last night that felt real. In it, I met you – it was outside in a park-like setting under a shelter. I gave you a hug and that’s the part that felt so real to me. I wonder if my spirit reached out to yours in order to tell you how much I appreciate you – and I really DID give you a hug! I will ask Raylene and Erik at my next reading.

Thank you for making a tremendous difference on the planet – spreading light – spreading knowledge – spreading healing.

And thank you and your husband for showing Erik what Love is.

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