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I have a couple of announcements before we get into the “Erik stories.” First, don’t forget Kim, Erik and I will be on the Dave the Mystic Show at 9:00 PM CT for 90 minutes. During the last half of the show, Erik will take questions from callers, 917-889-7890. Click HERE to access the show. 

Also, I want to remind people of the CE event in the UK. Please book while there are spaces available! Here is the event information:

Channeling Erik Weekend of Retreat in UK, Peak District
Click link for event information and booking,
The itinerary for the event below,
Day One
8.30 AM – 9.30 AM : Breakfast Provided
9.30 AM – 10 AM : Energy Clearing and Healing by Kari Silverlining Mena
10 AM – 12 PM : Trance Channelling Erik and Session of Fucking Enlightenment
12 PM – 1 PM : Lunch (not provided)
1 PM – 4 PM : Opening Your Intuitive Abilities
Setting intent to ground and protect
Opening meditation
Right brain exercises
Intuitive exercises
Chatting with Erik
Meeting your own loved ones and guides
Question and Answer Sessions
Closing meditation
4 PM – 5 PM : Snacks Provided
5 PM : End of the day healing session by Kari
Event Day Closed by 6 PM
Day Two
8.30 AM – 9.30 AM : Breakfast Provided
9.30 AM – 10 AM : Energy Clearing and Healing by Kari Silverlining Mena
10 AM – 12 PM : Trance Channelling Erik and Session of Fucking Enlightenment
12 PM – 1 PM : Lunch (not provided)
1 PM – 4 PM : Learning to use tools to help intuition
Setting intent to ground and protect
Opening meditation
Learning to use dowsing rods
Learning to use E-boards
Information about other tools
Closing meditation
4 PM – 5 PM : Snacks Provided
5 PM : End of the day healing session by Kari
Event Day Closed by 6 PM
If you live in the UK, you won’t want to miss this! Now for today’s Erik Encounters:

Story #1

Hi. I have been listening to Channeling Erik for a little over a year and I am just so filled with awe for all who are involved. In any case, this morning I asked Erik just before my shower if he could play a prank on me. Approximately 15 minutes later I went to get my car keys(which were inside my purse) and the ignition key was covered in melted gum. The keys were in a new purse which to the best of my memory did not have gum in it. Even if it had what are the odds that it melted – with no wrapper and found itself right onto/into my keys? There was only one other time over the last year that I asked Erik to play a prank and while I can’t now remember exactly what he did it had something to do with locating my keys. The first time this happened I was pretty sure it was him. Today, I am POSITIVE. NOT A SINGLE DOUBT!

Story #2

I have been following Erik’s story for sometime now. I’ve read both of your books and watched in amazement at all the videos posted on YouTube. During this period I often wondered what it would be like to have an interaction with Erik. I tried talking to him to see if I could get some sort of validation of his presence. Each time nothing happened. At least nothing that I can recall. To be honest, besides truly believing in life after death, ghosts and various energies and entities, if anything had happened I’m sure like most people I’d easily have just explained it away.

However something happened the other day after me thinking about Erik. I was outside in my backyard hanging my clothes on the line in 40 degree heat (that’s 100F to American’s) and I started thinking about how annoyed I was that I had not had a single encounter with him in all this time. I cursed about in my thoughts.

Later that night I was using my clippers to trim my hair in my bedroom. When I was finished I swept up what I could, but some was left behind on the carpet, so I got the vacuum cleaner and cleaned up the rest. When I was finished I looked back at the floor to make sure I got it all. Which I had. I even double checked when I came back after putting the vacuum cleaner away. Not a trace. All clean.

Around and hour or two later I had dropped something on the floor, or had been reaching down to get my charger when I noticed something on the carpet. Thinking that it was possibly a spider I turned on the light, and to my absolute amazement there were three very distinct carefully clumped piles of hair centimeters apart on the carpet in the same spot I had vacuumed up.

It honestly was the strangest thing. I was dumbfounded at the time. I laughed though. I thanked Erik for visiting on the very day I cursed him. If you could confirm it with him I’d be grateful. I’d like him to feel free to visit any time. However he has been forewarned. No farts and no smelly things. I have a weak stomach. 😉

Story #3

Hi Erik, Elisa and Jamie,

I’ve recently discovered your website and the youtubes (just absolutely love them!) You all have such an energy, a generostiy, thank you so much for sharing.

I just wanted to say that I especially liked the Mother Earth channeling with touched me to the core, it changed my perception ! It was so tender and heartfelt. And I remember she talke about the 5 elements, well according to ayurveda there are 5 elements and the 5th one is Ether !

‘Ether or Akasha: This is the most subtle element in the universe and has a certain
mystical quality about it. “Akasha” in Sanskrit translates to all-enclosing, omnipresent or all-pervading. It is the space or home within which all objects of the universe exist. Modern physics also accepts ether to be the root cause of all other elements, According to the Encyclopaedia Britanica, “everything in the material universe consists of ether, and matter itself being in all probability one of its modifications”. Modernists recognise matter as a manifestation of ether and energy. It is akin to the highest vibration of sound and cannot be perceived directly through the 5 senses, although we can be aware of it in other ways. It is expansive, empty and has no resistance. As the first expression of consciousness moving into creation, ether’s importance and medicinal uses are highly regarded. Within the body the ether element is dominantly represented by the empty spaces within atoms and the ethereal body. It governs the sense of hearing and the action of the mouth and vocal cords which both move through the ether element and subtle vibrations. Modern Ayurvedic scholars believe ether to be associated with nuclear energy and its unseen stored potential. Its qualities are: clear, light, subtle, soft and immeasurable.”

So Jamie, it was correct !! How beautiful is that ?

Just wanted to share this and thank you again, and again for your wonderful energies and sharings !!

Of course, just like anyone else, I would looove to see/feel/be pranked by your son and friend Erik and channel and understand and help !) . And …. well.. maybe… I was watching the foto’s, and I noticed that on his lower lip Erik has a little scar of cut, .. and it caught my attention every time thinking hey, Erik bites his lip or something and well I like was giving up being pranked (releasing resistance ? 🙂 ) and this morning I woke up and I have now a cut in my lower lip ! Just like that ! And I went to the bathroom at my work, washed my hands and voilà it started to bleed a little bit ! Now I ne-ver have cuts in my lip … so then all of a sudden the photos popped in my mind and I thought ohhh no… Erik ? 🙂 and I stood there laughing in the mirror 🙂

Anyway, thanks again and again, and keep it up !!!

Bien à vous from Belgium
heartfelt greetings,

Catherine Brion


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    The CE event in UK sounds amazing. I haven’t got the fonds to participate, but I wish all a fantastic time

  • Judith F.

    Just wanted to comment on the Prince video. I don’t like trying to comment directly on YouTube. It.was.fantastic! You asked great questions, Elisa. And Kim, what can I say? She is absolutely such a beautiful soul. The way she communicates Prince’s personality, gestures, comments, just everything was so vivid! Erik’s final question was excellent, too. I think what all of his loved ones are missing if they aren’t availing themselves of such channeling! How fortunate and blessed we are to have this precious resource. Judith

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