Our First Sightings

Many believe that the soul is a form of energy that, in accordance with the laws of physics, can neither be created nor destroyed. This is a comforting thought, because it offers hope me that Erik still lives somewhere in that form and that he has simply shed his body as though it were a set of clothes. As I would soon discover, theoretical physicists and other scientists are now just beginning to explore the existence of an afterlife and other spiritual phenomenon once relegated to the domain of New Age “kooks” and opportunistic gypsies hunched over crystal balls.  There is concrete physics and mathematics supporting it all. Nevertheless, as a physician with a strong background in science, I confess that I’ve been extremely skeptical about such matters all of my life. My journey, my research, and my experiences would eventually turn me into a believer. Our first sightings of Erik represent a huge step in that direction.

However painful the visitation and funeral were, we longed to commit every detail to memory, because to forget any moment was to let part of Erik go. We weren’t ready for that, so we took hundreds of photographs. When we mustered enough courage to look at the photos, we were struck by what we saw. Each one had glowing orbs hovering around in various places. We were sure it wasn’t something on the lens, because they appeared in different areas from the same angle and were produced by multiple cameras. Had we seen these in previous pictures? After reviewing almost 2000 photographs taken from that same camera over the last several years, we did not come across anything like it.

The days after our discovery, we began to shoot photographs everywhere around the house. On one photograph, you can clearly see a glowing orb hanging around the casket. On another, an orb is hovering around Uncle Jim’s left elbow. The next day, that elbow had a swelling the size of an orange. He had developed an olecranon bursitis in it, which needed to be drained and then treated for over a month. Was Erik warning us?

In the last photo, Michelle and I were headed for Erik’s room to take more pictures when suddenly Michelle’s hair stood on end, and she felt a definitive and intense presence that to her was clearly him. So, she quickly raised the camera, pointed it in the direction of that presence, and snapped away. When she reviewed the photograph in the viewfinder her jaw dropped.  If you examine the picture below, you’ll notice how everything is in sharp focus except that one orb. Furthermore, it appears to have a comet’s tail as if it were it’s moving rapidly past everything else in the room. Could it be Erik following his Mama? Maybe he wants to make sure I don’t mess with the stuff in his room!

Could this glowing orb be Erik's soul?

Can spirits warn us of things to come?

Is Erik stalking me?


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Elisa Medhus

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  • I love those pictures. #3 has always been my favorite.

  • Hello Dr. Medhus,
    I was very sad to learn of the loss of your son. I’m not even quite sure that you know that I am on your email list, or that you remember who I am but I did want to let you know that I do believe that the spirit world communicates with the people they left behind. I actually have signs all the time. I wanted to let you know about an AMAZING medium that has brought a lot of peace to my heart by communicating with someone very close to me that left this world before we were ready to let go of him. The medium’s name is Felix Lee Lerma, and is a medium that currently lives in San Francisco. He is a ray of light, and is very good at communicating with those that have passed to the next level. http://www.felixleelerma.com. He also is available to connect to the spirit world and speak with you through telephone conversations. I’m not sure this is something that you are interested in, but from my experience it has been a valuable, and cherished gift that if you are open to it, can really help the healing process. I will look forward to following your blog, and hope that if you are interested you cotact Felix. He is a gift. Love, Mari.

  • Your posts are touching. I have no doubt that our spirits will live on, as your son has. Celebrate his spirit and live your life to the fullest in memory of him. Wishing you peace and healing. From one mother to another.

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  • Steve

    I also am VERY sorry for your loss, our family has gone through two untimely deaths, and they are terrible, again I am sorry. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I believe that these first two photos are simply out-of-focus dust particles that were floating closer to you than your subject. The third photo….. that is not dust. I hope it was your son. Take care.

  • I agree with you Steve. I’ve learned a lot since I posted this entry. Of course I don’t take it the wrong way. I can tell you’re a lovely and caring human being.

  • yahaira

    Wow. Im very touched by your experience and i totally believe all of it. I have so many questions for erik since i have many dead relatives and friends, and always feel presences around and have akways thought there is so mucho going on that we dont know. Keep up the sharing Ms Lisa. Loving and sharing its what life is about.

    • Love you, Yahaira!! So glad you’re part of the fam!!!

  • Yahaira

    Oh thank you Elisa. I know Kim she is the greatest istn she in Not in person, webminars, books blogs audios ect..)… I have so many qustions for your son. I dont know were to start.. Maybe you could just ask him if he has something to tell me in behalf of my grand ma Rita or any other relatives, they are LOTs deads ones. My gosh. I cant focus on one subjet because they are mo many in my head.But the top ones is concerning my Dream career and my baby. XOXo from New York. God bless you Ms, i know that even though you are having that extraordinary expierences you pain as a human being s still there and you have the strengh to help so many people. WOW. All i can say to you is GOD BLESS!!!

  • Emily

    Dear Elisa,

    I am so sorry to hear your son past away.

    Thank you for this website and blogs you have created. I found your posts deeply moving. The love you have expressed and continue to show to your son is touching. I think you are very brave to make a website and blog about such a personal subject like grief. I hope that you do not feel in any way hurt about people on this site who dis-believe your descriptions of contact with your son. God Bless you.

    Best Wishes and love,


    • Thanks Emily, for being a part of this loving Channeling Erik family! Tell us about yourself!

  • Onelove444

    Wow how amazing. I can’t stop getting goose bumps and keep the tears back as I read all of this. There is no doubt in my mind and soul what you share here is nothing but truth. Sending you and your family lots of love.

  • Jan Drake Bakke


  • Rhonda

    I am in awe! and the pictures, wow, I have just taken pictures last weeek, and they all have orbs in them, but the best is two weeeks ago I woke up and there was an orb sleeping at the foot of my bed! I thought it was my white cat Tommy, so I was telling it, come on Tom, I have to go to the bathroom, and and walking behind itit was gliding in front of me, but when I got to the bathroom and turned on the light, Tommy came out from under the bed! I was like, What the hell just happened??? People still look at me like im crazy when Itell them what happened, but it did! And for about 2 years before that maybe 3, I had felt something climbing in my bed, felt like a cat, very light, again, i thought it was Tommy, but Iwould look and nothing be down there, so I have no idea who this soul is. I am thinking my german shepard, Bronson, who I loved that dog so much..But I am so happy that you still get to speak to your son, because I have someone who I need to get in touch with, who died a horrible death at the hands of his family, and we were very close..I couldnt stop it, but none the less felt guilty.. I am sorry Erik had to exsperiance so much pain on earth. life doesnt seem fair some times, but I have also heard, we make a contract before we come as to what we want to exsperiance, and as to how we want to die, and it is to bring love and light into everyone’s life. No matter if it is what we judge good or bad, it is all for the purpose of one. Best wishes for your family. I will subscibe, becuase I have to find out how Erik is now, lol..Thank you for all you do for others who are suffering now with their loss. See? Good did come out of this tragedy!

  • Awesome stories! I’ve felt like someone was sitting on the side of my bed several times–like the mattress was sinking on that side. Plus you can sense the energy of that person. For me, it’s always been Erik.

  • James Burriugh

    I’m sorry for the loss of your son. I will also tell you that I’ve been down this road before with a friend. What you are dealing with are demons. They will do whatever it takes to gain your trust. I know you won’t believe me right now. But you will one day come to find this out. You will know in your heart that it’s not your son. Your son is with God in peace. I hope you find this out before your life is turned upside down by these cruel beings. They will be nice to you at first. But little by little, as they gain your trust, they will reveal to you who they truly are, and what they are. I can tell you my best friends grandmother died and within weeks she was seeing the exact orbs that are in your pictures. She was having dreams and also little familiar things were happening that could only be her grandmother. So she thought. Within a year bad things were happening in her house. Things that couldnt be explained and that started out good but eventually went south(no pun intended). She felt a presence in bed with her, voices, and a presence anytime she looked in the mirror. I only tell you these things because the demons are master manipulators and can only be rid of through Jesus.
    I only wish the best for you and your family.

    • I’m sorry to disagree, but I understand where your belief system comes from. Now, there’s just too much evidence–scientific and otherwise–to dismiss this as false. As Arthur Schopenhauer said: “Truth goes through three phases. First it’s ridiculed. Then it’s scorned, and eventually it’s accepted as self-evident.” We went through this same thing when people thought the world was flat and got pissed off when someone challenged the assertion.

      • humandaquin

        James’ experience may have been demonic. But we all have seen and read too much to believe that Erik is anything but totally authentic 🙂
        My close friend committed suicide last October, and your blog has been so very, very healing.
        Wishing you love and light and all that good stuff!

      • StarSurfin

        maybe that is what your son meant by things come in threes.

      • Maybe!

      • John Carden

        Hi Elisa, heard about this site through a critique of a medium on YouTube. Your story is extremely upsetting, and your son was a handsome young man. The comfort you get from your interpretation of situations and experiences must be warming to you and your family. Please do not take this the wrong way but there is evidence that bereaved families will experience situations where they hear and see deceased family members, because they want to see them due to the magnitude of their loss, and it is obviously not distressing to them but comforting. I personally do not believe in the spirit world, but I recognise that people do get a great deal of comfort from a belief in it, which I would not be so arrogant to deny. I suppose what I am suggesting is that a collective set of experiences do not add up to evidence of the afterlife, they are just that, experiences that people find meaning in, and that for some people bring a great deal of comfort.

      • I understand. It took me 4 years to get on board 100% because I’m a lifelong skeptic, physician and was raised by atheists. I actually dug in my heals for that time because I didn’t want to believe in life after death. What if I did and then found it was all baloney? That’s be like losing him again. So this is not the wishful thinking of a grieving mother. It wasn’t until I captured Erik voice on a recording and confirmed it through a sound professional did I reach 100%. And we have so much more evidence now–solid evidence.

    • BMCd

      There are other explanations as to why your friend’s experience “went South”; explanations that do not completely discount her interactions with her grandmother. It’s not “all or nothing”. When you interact with the spirit world, if you do not take proper precautions to bind all evil in your presence in the name of Jesus, then you have left the door open so to speak, to other less friendly entities. Her grandmother very much was communicating with her. I am a Christian, a licensed Baptist minister who has conducted deliverance ministry regularly. The spirit world is real.

      • Ash Paladium

        I agree with some of what you say but do not believe after death you become a spirit. I believe death is a sleep and you are conscience of nothing. I have seen things, scary things right in front of my face. When this happened, it was close to July 4th. Well on he 4th of July I had my camera with film so I could take pictures at the party we were going to attend that night. Before we left, my girlfriend was standing in front of the kitchen wall, I snapped a picture and we left. A week later, my girlfriend went to get he film developed. She brought it home and as we were looking through he pictures, the picture I took of here appeared. There on the photo(as plain as day)she was standing smiling, behind her on the kitchen wall it looked like a light explosion. Clear details of this: On the left of her, a head with huge almond shaped eyes and below long sharp teeth. To the right it was hard to make out what it was, but i asked others and they say it looks like something holding a sword, aimed at the ground and both hands supporting themself on it. Weird. The next day, I took a picture and what I saw was truly crazy. The reflection off of the fridge showed me sitting in a chair but it was me dressed wearing the clothes I wore the day before. That same day my girlfriend and argument. She smart into our bedroom and slammed the door behind her. I couldn’t get into the room and it wasn’t locked. Finally the door opened and she exited the room. She asked me why i didn’t answer her back and she said she was crying and yelling at the top of her lungs. I didn’t hear a thing.
        Needless to say, if you tamper or experiment with the occult, you are risking you and your family’s well-being. That includes Astrology, Psychics, Ouija Boards, Crystals. I am absolutely certain some of the problems that these children have with hearing voices, is not all psychological. I asked 2 other people on another website a couple years back if they were messing with the occult, as I knew already, the answer is yes. One had messes with a Ouija Board at a party she had at her house. The other was calling the psychic on the telephone and was practicing Divination. I bet if you ask some of these parents, a portion will tell you they are dabbling or have dabbled in the occult. My answer has always been, STOP!!! For your child’s sake and you’re too. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, at least try it, can it hurt to try it?

  • StarSurfin

    My mom just passed away May 23, 2015. My daughter and I have dreams of her. My grandbaby keeps looking at something intently that we can’t see (he is 8 months). I was filming him and a green light shot up from the chair I was sitting on. I know it was her spirit. She also told me not to take picture of he her on her death bed, not sure why she thought I would. After she died. I had an alter in her room and I was praying and telling her soul I would support her in any way I could. I took a picture of the altar. Well all the pictures I had taken were there and then they turned completely black. I guess she was telling me, “I told you not to take pictures.” Even though her body was not there I guess her soul was!

    • Sounds like you caught her orb. Very cool. What does green stand for? I think it’s compassion. She must have been very compassionate.

      • Emma Nystrom

        Hello Elisa how are you doing?

      • Fine, and you? Your name seems Scandinavian.

      • Emma Nystrom

        I am from Ystad Sweden.

      • Ah! My husband is from Hol, Norway.

      • Emma Nystrom

        Wow i am very very happy because i have seen nerly all of your videos on YouTube and its making me stronger everyday my friend.. your son are like a angel too me .

      • StarSurfin

        Oh yes she was very very compassionate.

  • angelo

    Hello Erik…….how are you? I will now start looking for orbs in my room…

  • Leah91
  • Leah91

    My mom had a very BIG personality. I’ve never posted these online, but wanted to share them with you. Much love.:) ❤️

  • Eevee BowieBolan Vachos

    So sorry for your loss ,your blog is fascinating but I’m a qualified photographer and paranormal investigator,the bottom photo is a hair caught in the flash (probably floating in the air,you can tell by the tubular shape) ,the orbs are promising though ! I am now going to view more of your blog and videos ,your son is most certainly communicating and has many profound and important things to say, sending you best wishes and glad that this blog is helping you and many others

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