Praise for Erik and Call for Questions

Happy Saturday, everyone. I have a session Monday with Kim to ask your questions for the next Ask Erik column, so if you haven’t had a question answered, this is your chance! The last round of questions should be in the upcoming edition of the Sedona Journal of Emergence available in stores February 1st. I think the column is available to subscribers now. To submit a question, email it to Please only submit one question, and don’t email me after the deadline Sunday at 6:00 PM CT. Sometimes I get emailed questions a week later. Be sure to let me know whether to use your name in part of whole. Also, I won’t reply to the questions submissions emails, but know that I do read them! 🙂

Now let’s see what kind of love Erik’s getting!

Story #1

I’ve read your archives/blogs since this spring, in between surgeries. I tested Erik by calling him up with blessings, and I got an immediate picture of a tall, thin teenager who comes in on my left or right side, behind me. I kept typing at the computer, forgot about it, then went to the kitchen for water. When I returned there was a sewer/necrotic smell at my computer area. (That’s the only way I can describe that stink bomb.) “Oh no, this can’t be happening!” I’ve read that spirits gravitate to the electric waves generated by electronics, or water since it is a psychic conductor. (I have gotten messages or points of light when I’m at the computer, or when I am washing dishes, or washing my face.)

Since then, I asked your son to help me trust my spirit messages on life questions, or when connecting with my Higher Self or Spirit Guides. I’ve actually tested my intuitive feelings against Erik’s take and he’s always on the money. Only a good friend could have provided the kind of emotional and spiritual support that Erik has. He definitely has a love of mankind to be so giving.

Anyway, you know how mind chatter invades your thoughts. One day, I was particularly off center, and try as I might, in reminding myself what your son has said: “Be where your eyeballs are” (as the only power you have is in the present), I couldn’t find my middle ground. My mind was either replaying events of the morning, or futurizing what needed to be done later. Those emotions can be so disquieting, almost hurtful when you’re not in yourself and your focus is de-railed. (I’m a writer, so I need to focus.) I asked Erik to help.

Toward the end of my shopping day, I was at the cashier’s, and felt the relief of letting the past and future go. Finally, I was in the present and I let myself feel, see, smell my immediate environment. At the cashier’s bay there is support pole. People donate a dollar to whatever cause: a children’s hospital, or charity, and write their name on the star or other paper image provided. It’s then taped to the pole.

This pole didn’t have any donation stickers, but one: you guessed it — your son’s name written with a “k” superimposed over the c of the name “Eric” was the only donation star at the middle of the pole. Eric had steered me back to center: “mission accomplished” and signed off as in “Very truly yours, Erik” and the donation star was his signature stamp. It stunned me to look up and suddenly see that!

Gratitude is the most important feeling a person can give to spirit. I remembered, and gave him my heartfelt thanks.

Story #2

Erik has been pranking me since I began this soul searching journey, late 2014. I have learned so much and experienced so much largely due to this website, reading the first and now the second (amazing) book, the youtube videos and affirming my experiences with Jamie Butler and other amazing mediums.

I’ve heard Erik, smelled the various noxious and some times pleasant odors and had apparitions of my own spirit guide. As I continued to doubt my “inner voice”, clairvoyance, clairaudience and my “dreams” which I have been told were astral projections and picking up energies I come in contact with daily, I started to notice during the last two months that the smells were at moments I sought signs, communications, and guidance from my own spirit guide who had been earnestly trying to communicate with me in a clear, concise manner.

Previously I thought it was Erik pranking me, as usual, but given that these smells were coming at times I was trying to communicate with my spirit guide, I started to wonder if Erik had taught my spirit guide to incite smells the way Erik has been doing with me for the past year.

Well, during a group reading with Jamie, it turns out Erik taught my spirit guide how to create those distinct smells. I am now able to get clear forms of communication with my spirit guide and not have any doubt about it. No one else can smell them and they are in response to my direct questions that I have posed to my spirit guide.

I’ve been told that 85 to 90 percent of my intuition, my inner voice, and feelings were accurate and not a figment of my imagination or creativity but as it turns out there is now a clear manner through which I can communicate with my spirit guide.

For this, I wish to thank Erik for bridging the gap. I no longer doubt the messages from my spirit guide with whom I desperately needed to communicate to help me fulfill my life plan. I would like Erik to know what a tremendous and important feat he has accomplished for us and others that I will help during my journey in this life.

And now, I would also like to commend Erik for the extremely important information that he is sharing with the world through his book. I am hardly finished with the book and I have already learned more than I could have imagined. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

It is making me understand why I experienced this world the way I am, why the dreams and memories that I have and yearn to experience again exist, and how things work that our science has yet to explain.

The book is also giving me invaluable insight into why and how we really should experience and enjoy our time in this life. While it is different from where Erik is, this world is one that is genuinely different and fabulous and worth living. This means a lot for those who question and wonder why and even for those who do not question any longer and simply wish for this life to come to an end.

For all of that, I thank you.

Story #3

ty for the vlog post about life being a chess game. I became suicidal after too much family crazy. Fighting for my uncle’s freedom. My bad family committed fraud and will never touch my uncle. Erik has been with me. He helped 5. I almost gave up even today bc my life had become so hard. Ran out of fight. I needed that post.

Wow. Pretty dang powerful!

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  • Jennifer Grimsland

    Elisa, I emailed you a question…my email address is I just wanted to let you know that if my question is selected, I forgot to tell you that you are more than welcome to use my name and I forgot to include that in the email. Thanks again for your generosity with the time you get with Erik. What you’re doing is amazing. I know I’ve said that before, but there’s no way I would possibly be able to say it enough! Take care

    • I haven’t done the selection process. It’s mostly random, though. I’ll announce when it comes out in the magazine.

      • Elijah Lombardo

        Hello I recently have been trying to get in contact with Eric and will try again tonight but I was wondering if you can ask him about me ( my names elijah) because I wanted to ask him questions about dimensional travel and dimensions

      • Can you ask during one of our radio shows? I’ll announce it!

      • Elijah Lombardo

        OK but how do I attend a radio show? Thank you and when is the next one?

      • I’ll post the details when I have that information.

  • T Diaz

    If anyone has the CE youtube link to the “chess game” vlog mentioned in Story #3 above, can you type the link in a comment here please? Tyty!

    • Gosh I just don’t remember!

      • T Diaz

        I’m sure I’ll come across it one of these days! Thanks, Elisa xo 🙂

  • Alyssa K

    Oooh can you please ask erik about bringing in Alan rickman to talk to when you do your next celeb channeling! Hes always been a favorite actor of mine and im sad he passed just this thursday. Not sure if he would be ready yet, but its worth a shot! 🙂 thank you xx

    • I doubt if I’d get to him since I have 400 on the list, more or less, already!

  • l chaney

    was just chatting with several other members and we were wondering if there was anything spiritually significant about our losing so many great artists all at once. Today is Monday 1/18 and now Glen Frey from the Eagles is added to the list

    • Oh no! How old was he?

      • l chaney

        67, and I do believe that 67 seems to be a recurring theme in more than a few of the ones who’ve lately transitioned…

  • Mike Lundman

    Kiora all, on this road so far called my life, it seem to really pick up a lot of speed lately when it come to discover myself. And now after reading both your books( Erik and yours):) all the emotions and information make my head feel to small at time, couldn’t possibly hold it all! There is a lot of questions my head want to ask but I’ve decided to to try living though my heart, so I really only have one question (now) I hope to get some feed back on if possible, and I now think about it as I write this I hesitate …. Not sure why? But here it goes. Reason I came across your books (sort story) is the audiobook called a conversation with God! …and build the result from that in to my life as it was just as I thought in my core how things is! and I feel you and Erik story/ journey added more value and helped me…… So wow! talk myself in to a hole or maybe around in circles… Okay! guess what I want is for Erik to tell me that I am on the right track by ” trying” to live by the values I gain from “the conversation with God” …. I so wanted just delete this and let it never happen but….. Here it goes:) I still got lot more of your teaching to read, really enjoying the YouTube posting, so if nothing else I like to thank you for all you done so far! I am really grateful for all you have given me and still do! I hope I get a chance to do something for you one day in return. Cheers Mike

    • Do you plan on talking to Erik on our radio show next week?

      • Mike Lundman

        Love too, if I can figure out how to….will look in to it now:) thanks

      • Mike Lundman

        yes got it, 8am here Saturday. will be there

      • Mike Lundman

        wow, cant believe i missed your reply:( and cant believe i been following your journey for over a year!
        Thank you for all you done and still do!!!

      • 🙂

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