Tech Zombies, Part Five

We’re working our way back home. Although this has been one of the best vacations of our lives, I miss my kids and Easton so much! Kristina and Houston have moved back to Houston and will close on their house today. They move in on Saturday, so remind me to go into hiding around that time!

Just a reminder: There will be no radio show tomorrow because I will be on the road and Kim will not be available. Thanks, again, for keeping emails and Facebook messages to a minimum, guys! 

One more thing: You know how I feel about profiting from what I do because I’m afraid people will think I’m exploiting my son’s death. Well, through Emma, Erik conveyed to me that he wants to allow people to design and share things (like t-shirts and hats) that will spread his mischievous loveliness all over the world. He also said I should accept a fraction of the profits just to help defray a portion of the onerous costs involved in maintaining all things CE. What do you think? Take these two polls, please. It’d help me out tremendously.

Enjoy the last Tech Zombie post! Be sure you book a session with medium, Michelle St. Clair, before she books up too much by clicking HERE.

Elisa: What happens to your energy when you’re a tech zombie? What’s it look like? What do the Chakra’s look like? What’s the aura look like?

Erik (M): Well, it ain’t pretty.

Elisa: Well, what is it brown or something?

Erik (M): No. Depending on what the’re doing it just… (Michelle busts up laughing at Erik.)

Elisa: Uh, oh. What did he say?

Erik (M): (Michelle is still laughing while trying to translate.) If you can imagine an egg, and you crack the egg and they are the yolks sitting there, but then you got this SPLATTTER of egg white everywhere. That egg white just goes all over the place. (Michelle says to Erik, “That’s funny, I just don’t understand how it’s relevant.”)

Elisa: So what happens to your Chakra’s? Do any Chakra’s get adversely affected? Your root chakra, your heart chakra, your crown chakra?

Michelle: He’s still trying to teach me about the chakras.

Erik (M): You get totally out of balance. You do totally get out of balance.

Elisa: I can imagine the crown chakra would probably get affected. Because isn’t that one that helps you connect to others?

Erik (M): Yes.

Elisa: So what other chakras could it affect?

Erik (M): In truth, it affects them all.

Elisa: Oh yeah, ok. Does it make them more…flow less, or smaller, or bigger, or what?

Erik (M): I kind of like pulls them all out of space.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik (M): Pulls them out of line and then you don’t have a natural flow.

Elisa: Ok, so when we have our hour allotted tech, what can we do to bring those chakras back, our energy, to make it balanced and whole again?

Michelle: When you have your hour? I’m sorry.

Elisa: After. After. When we finish with our technology and our egg whites are all over the walls and everything.

Erik (M): Take your few minutes to meditate.

Elisa: Ah, ok.

Erik (M): And pull all that energy back to you.

Elisa: Ok.

Erik (M): Some people like to take a bath. Take a salt…

Elisa: That’s very grounding. I hear that water is grounding.

Erik (M): Take a salt bath.

Elisa: Like Epsom salt?

Erik (M): You can use Epsom salt, sea salt.

Elisa: Ok. Ok. Aromatherapy of any sort? I would think the woody scents like cedar and frankincense and things like that would be.

Erik (M): You gotta be careful putting some of those in your bath water.

Elisa: No, I’m talking about just smelling it. (Hi, hi Easton.) My grandbaby just wandered in here. He’s supposed to be watched while …

Erik (M): Ok.

Elisa: Hi! Hi Easton! (Easton is babbling in the background.) My Grandbaby just wandered in here. He’s supposed to be watched while I’m in here.

Elisa: OK.ok.

Erik (M): Sandalwood is actually a really good essential oil. For fragrance. Clary sage is actually a good one to open your third eye.

Elisa. Um-hm, OK. (He’s being fine. Talking to someone in the room regarding Easton.)

Erik (M): Lavendar is a good one to create relaxation and promote health.

Elisa: That’s one of my favorites. Here’s Easton. Say hi to the YouTube people out there.

Erik (M): Hello Eastonnnn.

Elisa: Arlene say hi to everybody out there. And to Michelle. (Talking to Arlene, are you hiding? Ok.)

Michelle: I saw her as she ran back there though.

Elisa: Anyway, anything else you to talk to us about us being tech zombies?

Erik (M): No Mamma. I just want everybody to know that they could be more connected to other people and that they could be more connected with nature and spirit, if they didn’t have their energy so tied up in technology.

Elisa: Alright. Well thank you Michelle. (A white piece of paper glides across the video screen from Arlene. It reads :HI) That’s Arleen. OK.

Erik (M): Hiiiii.

Elisa: Alright. I love you Erik.

Erik (M): Love you too Momma. (Blows kisses)

Elisa: Thank you Michelle. OH! And how can they get in touch with you?

Michelle: Thank you. I’m at WWW.THEMIDWESTMEDIUM.COM.

Elisa: Anything else you want to share about yourself and your services?

Michelle: I offer on my website…there is on the appointments page, you can book a session right there on my page. I have a scheduler there. I haven’t had any problems with it. I have a testimonials page if you have questions you can see what other people have said. I hope I have a lot information on there. I hope to put more information on there soon. I’ve been thinking about a blog on my site but I haven’t done it yet.

Elisa: Awesome. Good. She’s awesome guys. Give her a shot.

Michelle: I’ve been staying busy.

Elisa: Before she gets booked up for years guys.

Elisa: (Holds up a yellow post-it note that Arlene hands her and it says: erick farted!!!! And it even has a smiley face) Erik, she called you out.

Elisa: Alright. Bye everybody.

Michelle: Bye bye!

Erik (M): Bye everybody!

Elisa: See ya later!

Elisa: Love you Erik.

Erik (M): Love ya too Mama.

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  • Gianna

    Even though I know you don’t know me but That’s crazy Elisa because as time went On reading the blog I naturally felt inspired for a shirt and jewelry idea. I’m also trying to be more open to Erik’s advice on allowing others to Inspire me. Hopefully it can come together one day down the road.

    • What do you think about a shirt, cap or whatever with a short Erik quote?

      • Gianna

        Sounds great!

        Also I have in mind a hoodie that says “That is your shit” …inspired by Channeling Erik…hehe
        Sounds mischievous if your open to that.

        Also I think maybe creating Empath Bracelets out of what he said. With some of the statements like is this your’s or is this mine? Etc

      • Great ideas! Can you post it on the Channeling Erik Facebook Page?

  • Lorri Lewis

    I am totally okay with people designing and selling Erik items, and I’m totally okay with you, Elisa, getting proceeds. I wonder if it would help if you published the expense of running the web site and what proceeds come your way.

    It might help the endless naysayers who accuse you of profiting, even though they’ve never seen your expenses to maintain this thing.

  • Marts

    Elisa…. There are the ones who know and there will be the ones awaiting to find out… these will be, and those who are already believers of your work… coming together and aligning with yourself and Erik’s teachings….. for greater awareness, in the ways of lifting into higher frequency, expanding consciousness…

    Your intents are truly that of giving…. and we, the ones who are right behind you, will be willing to give to you….

    CHEER yourself on mate!

    Yesterdays gone,
    Tomorrow’s not yet here,
    The present is now,
    Dare to be you…

    Erik teeshirt please!

  • Kathryn McGonigle

    How is Raylene doing? Lv K/KM

  • Rog

    Speaking of chakras and such, I dunno if this is anywhere on the eventual questions list already, but I’d be interested if Erik could comment on “chakra removal.” I only heard of this very recently and it sounded absurd to me (I just assumed the chakra system was a necessary component of the human body,) but I guess there are people who feel it’s something that in the end actually controls us by splitting us up into different segmented energy or something? Anyway, if it could be added to a future question list. 🙂

    • I’m not sure, but I think we cover that in the next series on Kundalini.

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