Kundalini Awakening, Part One

We’re heading back to Houston today, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the family. Monday, I have to have YAG laser surgery on both of my eyes because of some cloudiness of the lens capsules. I’m not sure what the post-op period will be like. Have any of you guys had this procedure? If so, share your experience!

Checking out the two polls from yesterday, it seems like, as Erik predicted, the majority of you are okay with people designing and selling CE promotional items and for me taking just enough of the profits to at least help defray the costs of running everything. We’ll create a Facebook Event where designers can show off their wares and get feedback from the group and approval from me, and then I’ll share the products of the finalists with you guys. I think it’s important to get Erik’s message out there via things like t-shirts and caps. Many conversations could be started, and therefore many lives might be saved, figuratively and literally. What do you guys think about putting a short Erik quote on a t-shirt, cap or whatever? If you want to recommend a quote, feel free!

Don’t forget that there will be no radio show tonight. We’re on for next Thursday, though. Also, send prayers and healing energy to Raylene. Her operation is today! Now, enjoy the first in our series on Kundalini!

Me: Hi, Ms. Kimberly! How are you?

We discuss some temporary technical glitches with Skype, but they resolve.

Me: Hi, Erik How are you doing? I love you so much!

Erik: I’m here, Mom. I love you. What’s up?

Me: Well, your big sister is coming over. It’s her birthday, today! She’s going to come over and look at houses close to us, thank you, Jesus, so future grandkids can be justa stone’s throw away! It’s going to be awesome.

Erik: No, you mean, “Thank you, Erik!”

Kim laughs.

Me: Well, I’ll thank whoever I need to to get the job done! All right, if it’s okay with both of you guys, I thought we’d talk about energy like energy healing and cleansing, but first I kind of want to know what the heck kundalini energy is.

Erik: Ooo, that’s a high vibrational frequency.

Kim: Okay. Um, I’m going to try to get this boy to use words!

Me: Use your words, Erik! I used to say that to you all the time.

Erik: Yeah, but pictures are so much easier. Kundalini energy is a very high frequency, which, because of it’s vibrational length and resolution, has the ability to –

Kim: He’s using weird words, but I think he means concentration like when talks about vibration, he’s like, “See over here, the kundalini is this high state of awareness” and I feel like I can touch it. It’s like over here (she motions to her right) there’s a different type of energy that’s much less dense, if that makes any sense.

Erik: When you awaken to it or are aware of it, come into that awareness, this energy has the ability to cause physical transformations. It triggers physical reactions by pushing out lower –

Kim: He’s using all of these goofy images like he’s showing himself kneading dough, and he squishes it between his fingers so that it oozes out.

Erik: Kundalini energy helps push out lower vibrational energy.

Me: Oh!

Erik: It’s almost like a chemical change. It creates an alchemic –

Kim: I don’t know if that’s even a word.

Me: It is now!

Erik: It can completely change you at the cellular level. Since it’s a higher vibration, it raises your vibration to a state of whole body awareness.

Kim: He’s laughing.

Erik: But coming into this awareness isn’t always an easy experience.

Kim (chuckling): He’s all over the place today, and I’m like –

Me: Focus, please. Focus Erik! Or maybe it’s us!

Kim: I said, ‘Describe what you mean by easy,’ and he sat back and he’s smoking. So I’m like, ‘Okay, I get it.’

Kim laughs some more.

Kim: He’s saying this awakening experience isn’t easy to uphold and maintain. It takes mindfulness, being in the present, and when you practice these, you can achieve this. It’s kind of gross, but he’s showing people doing a meditation to awaken their kundalini energy, but the person who’s awakening is also vomiting!

Me: Ew.

Kim: And they’re having cold sweats.

Erik: You’re purging these lower fields of energy—

Me: The kundalini energy is pushing all the lower energy out? So what are you trying to do, get rid of toxins and stuff like that? Is that why you’re purging, so to speak?

Erik: Yes, but I want to break it down.

Kim: He’s showing one person vomiting and another over here has cold sweats and a person over here has anxiety.

Erik: What these different things represent are—

Kim: He doesn’t want me to say, “lower areas of consciousness” because it’s not consciousness at all. It’s not like presence.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When that happens, Mom, when people hold that lower energy, you know, one illusion feeding another, it becomes a playground for illness or toxins.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine.

Erik: That’s why when we do things to raise our vibrations, especially with kundalini—the special thing with kundalini is that it’s powerful. Also, you get this feeling of instant change.

He snaps his fingers.

Erik: You get an immediate response. That’s why these people have these experiences. It’s because they awaken to it. It’s not something you reach for an achieve. It’s something you become.

Me: Oh!

Erik: In turn, it pushes out the lower fields that hold onto those toxins. That’s why some people even get the shits or the runs—

Me: I knew he was going to say that! It sounds like Ayahuasca. Is that what Ayahuasca does? Does it get your kundalini going?

Erik: Yes. It cleans your system.

Me: I feel like calling it “koondalini.” The other word, “kundalini” sounds like another word that doesn’t give me a good visual.

Kim: Koondalini it is.

Me: No, I don’t care. I’m just kidding! So is that why you throw up and have diarrhea with Ayahuasca and other hallucinogens?

Erik: Yes. Ayahuasca and different drugs like that are used for individuals who may not have the capacity to achieve it on their own like through meditation and complete stillness. If someone can’t shut their mind up and disengage with the material world to have these experiences, then I do think Ayahuasca and other drugs can get them to that altered state of awareness that they otherwise couldn’t achieve.

Me: Well, what does these drugs do to the kundalini? Oh go ahead.

I interrupted her.

Kim: I’m just going to say this really quick. It’s pouring and it’s supposed to storm, so if I lose you, then we’ll just try to reconnect.

Me: That’s fine. Batten down the hatches! So what do these drugs and meditation do to the kundalini energy? Does it make it bigger? Does it make it flow better? Does it unblock blockages in it? What’s this all about?

Erik: The kundalini represents a wisdom that isn’t partial to the host. It cleanses everything that’s in the way, keeping you connected to your highest state of consciousness. The kundalini is an awareness that enlightens you to that wisdom, the natural wisdom of All That Is.

Me: Ah, I see!

Erik: It pushes out everything else that’s in the way that clogs your vision or creates static, but just like certain drugs, it’s not for everybody.

Kim listens for a while.

Kim: This is interesting. I’d like to get deeper on this with him sometime.

Erik: Once you awaken it, there’s no going back. There is no unawakening.

Me: Oh!

Erik: You come into a knowing that you can’t unknow.

Me: So be careful what you wish for!

Erik: Exactly. Mom, because some people can’t handle it. There are some people for whom the emotional reality would be too much of a burden.

Kim: He’s calling it an “All Awareness” and I literally feel like it’s an ability, when you come into that frequency—it enlightens you to hear the emotions and thoughts of others and see things that you wouldn’t otherwise see. So it’s just a clearer sense of All That Is. He keeps using this universal symbol meaning universal knowledge or pool of energy.

Me: Well, what happens when you awaken your kundalini and you regret it? What can you do? What if it’s too much for you?

Kim: This is interesting. He snaps his fingers. This is how he snaps. (She snaps her fingers while keeping her index finger straight.) He keeps his index finger out, you know?

Me: I think he did that as a kid! I really do!

Kim snaps her fingers that way for a few more times.

Erik: It’s really quick, but Mom, sometimes the awakening is spontaneous, and people don’t even intend for it to occur.

Me: Oh!

Kim: Oh, I don’t even know how to put this into words.

Erik: It’s cause and effect, okay? So, perhaps at some point in someone’s life or even before coming into this life, physically, we created the cause. We created the cause and now we’re experiencing the effect (of awakening our kundalini.) That’s when the awakening looks spontaneous. So, for some, it’s spontaneous while for others it takes fucking forever.

Kim (laughing): His language!

Erik: They meditate and meditate and they’re like, “Why can’t I?” Of course, it’s their expectations. Some people can follow guided meditation and achieve that awareness through repetition, but no matter how you achieve that awareness, what if you come into it and you don’t want to have it?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: There are a few things you can do. First of all, once you know something, you can’t ever unknow it.

Me: Yeah, like when you see your parents having sex for the first time. You can never undo that.

Erik (covering his ears and closing his eyes): La la la la la la la!

Kim and I laugh.

Erik: Once you know something, you can’t undo it, but you can stuff it down into your subconscious where you’re not conscious of it. It’s all up to you. It’s all up to the host because you’re the creator of your reality. In order to stuff it down into your subconscious, you have to be willing to do the work and think, “Okay, why did this happen? What have I been asking for? What have I been yearning for to create this experience?” I encourage you, if you’re not overwhelmed, to stick with it if you can. If you do, I promise you can learn a lot from that state of mind.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: I know it can be overwhelming, but stick with it. I promise I’ll help you.

Me: Aw.

Kim: I think, personally, I had an experience like this that was spontaneous and I was like, ‘Oh my god, what the hell just happened? I’m going to die right now.’ I got so anxious and my body, it felt like I was burning but the fire didn’t hurt. I was so hot, it was insane. Then I had this whole body or full body awareness where I was able to see the world from any point in my body. It’s really bizarre.

Me: Oh, wow!

Kim: It was extremely overwhelming, and it lasted for like a week. Going to the grocery store sucked because, I don’t know. It’s insane because it’s a feeling and a knowing of that oneness at such a level that I was like, ‘Wow, I don’t know if I can handle knowing how connected everything is. It was intense.

Me: Like you can use your elbow and go, “Hey, let me take a look at this cantaloupe. Oh yeah, it’s ripe.”

Kim laughs.

Me: Wow, that is amazing. So what happened? It just faded away?

Kim: Yeah, it was a lot for me, and I just shifted my focus to something else.

Erik laughs at her.

Erik: And you spread yourself too thin, so it’s easy to pull yourself away from that. If ou guys have that experience, and you aren’t ready for it, if you aren’t ready to see or hear or maintain that awareness, you need to state what you do want to cultivate from any type of experience. If you just put it out there that your intention is to work toward achieving that awakening, the universe will make it happen, but it’s so wide and open and vague. State your intentions for what you’re going to do in that state. Then you act as your own guide through that process. You’re putting it out there already.

Kim: It’s really cool. He’s showing me projecting your own spirit to guide you through this physical experience. Really cool.

Erik: An example, it could be anything as minute and trivial as a psychic conversation with a friend that you’re not on speaking terms with. It could be that or something all the way to transforming your own physical self. That state of awareness is a place of infinite opportunities.

Kundalini Awakening

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