The End of the World as We Know It!

Don’t let the title scare you. I found this question, posed by Tony, fascinating.

Me: Here’s a question from blog member, Tony: Seeing as how this earth will some day no longer exist, what will become of us in the afterlife. Do or will we reincarnate to other planets or worlds? In other words, what ties do we have to the planet Earth?

Erik (yelling and laughing at the same time): We already reincarnate on other planets and dimensions. Just remind him of that.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And tell him we’re not earthbound spirits. We’re multi-dimensional beings that can survive on other planets and in other places.

Me: So, what kind of ties do we have to planet Earth? Is there something special about it compared to other planets? Is there something unique about it? I guess each planet can have something unique about it, but what makes the earthly plane so unique for us?

Erik: Well, it just sustains the human life form. It’s like asking why a snowy mountain so special to skiing?

Me: Okay. So, being in the human body is important to our spirit because why? Does it better allow us to play our roles—to be in costume to play our roles?

Erik: To play our roles, to learn the definition of love, to feel the extremes of—

Jamie (to Erik): I know, I know.

Erik: —pain and suffering.

Me: So, we couldn’t just do that as discarnate spirits on Earth, I guess.

Erik: Right.

Me: Interesting. Why not?

Erik: That vibrational energy doesn’t exist, doesn’t grow.

Me: Oh, I see. So, you have to have that lower vibrational energy in order experience that duality.

Erik: Yep.

Remember when I asked everyone to write something about what Erik means to us? I’d like to continue to share this from time to time. Here’s a lovely tribute from Mommazee. I can just see Erik selling with pride. Wait, as I type this, I actually feel goosebumps on my left calf, so yes, that’s Erik saying,”Thank you, Mommazee!” Aw!! Wow, those goosebumps continue to get stronger! He must really be tickled pink!


First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all that you do.  You give up so much of your own time and money and energy, to change people’s lives for the better, and the world too!

About Erik,

I’m not sure when it was exactly that I came upon your blog, it was by accident.  I think it was September/October of 2011.  It occurred right after my son told me he was seeing purple orbs in his room at night, and I had been searching online for what it could be.  I had seen some things about it being spirits, then I got into the afterlife stuff, and eventually found your blog when another celebrity interview on lead me to your blog (someone commented that you do better celebrity channeling).

I had been heavy into this church called the Church Of God (World Mission Society, Christ Ahn Sahnghong is their Jesus)–I have asked you earlier to add him to your list) since early 2011, and after reading here and there about the afterlife and spirits, I was feeling pretty conflicted.  I always had this doubt in my heart that this religion could not possibly be true, nor could any of them, it just never sat right with me, in my heart.  They told me that whoever is not saved, will go to hell, and the Rapture is coming soon because we are in the End Times.  I always wondered in my head how ALL these people were going to hell, even good people.  How could God be so unfair?  I worried for all my family and friends.  It was truly depressing, and I didn’t want to believe it.  I started to withdraw myself and family from them, because I started to see that it was kind of cult-ish, in that the people there were so devoted, they spent their entire lives there when they were not at work, on a daily basis.  I wanted to have a life, but they were making me feel bad about it.

Anyway, this is around the time Erik came into my life and showed me the truth!  I remember after finding out through your blog, how it felt–total shock, amazement, and awe…and just KNOWING.  Erik must have been so happy to see the light go off in my head, and making fun of me, all at the same time, because it kind of freaked me out that we are never alone, and that he/any spirit could be in the room with me at any given time and they could hear my thoughts!  I had read about the pranks and it terrified me that it could happen to me at night (I am 99% sure Erik pranked me by twisting my curtains and tucking them behind the TV stand, thank God he did it during the day while I was not home!).  Every night I spent so much time thinking about it all before bed, and had crazy dreams during this time.  I do believe that a few times, I had some contact with spirit (I remember seeing a purple orb myself, which contained Jesus, in my dream, but when I opened my eyes, it was still there and I watched it move across the room).  I read the blog from the beginning and took it all in, and started reading other websites, blogs and books to do more research.  It was a very profound time in my life that I will never forget!

From then, I started to feel like part of the CE family, and I noticed that I talk to Erik like he’s right next to me, quite often, without even realizing it at first!  I always feel like I’m being watched, and I’m never alone, now that I know we have guides LOL  I see life totally different now that I know the truth, and it’s so comforting to know there is an afterlife and that nobody really dies.  This is huge for me, because my only fear in life was death of a loved one, as I have yet to experience that.  I’ve been so fortunate to have my loved ones stay with me here so far.  I thank Erik for giving me clarity, and the realization of my gift for being open minded, and able to distance myself emotionally from everything and see things for what they truly are.  I now know that all of my life experiences have led me to be this way for a reason, so that when the truth came along, I would see it (I was not raised religiously, and was exposed to Islam and Christianity only once I was old enough to think for myself).  I’ve always felt the connection to God, I knew there was more, and I knew that God sees me for who I am and doesn’t judge me.  I’m not sure how I knew this, but it was always there.  I’m thankful that I was open enough to delve into this afterlife business and learn more, and that I was not a skeptic. I would like to one day be able to channel and communicate freely with spirit, but I feel that just knowing what I know is enough for me right now.  He has taught us all so much about the nature of the human experience and the afterlife, and how we’re all connected.  I now live life happy and free, and no longer have the burden of doubt and fear.

Thank you Erik for changing my life for the better and putting me on to the truth!  I love you so much and am truly grateful for you and your mom 🙂   He is my ‘main man’ in the afterlife, since I don’t have any loved ones on the other side yet (I never knew my grandparents on either side, only met them as a child a handful of times, and while I’m sure they love me and watch over me, I don’t feel a connection there, to talk to them like I do Erik.



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  • Patrick De Haan

    We are not alone; watching this be revealed will be the greatest story ever.

    Here’s what is really going on with the Earth; appliance management is salvation!

  • Mommazee

    Awww, thank you Erik! You mean so much to me, I could never put into words how grateful I am for what you are doing with your mom and Jamie! I’m so happy I have found the CE family 🙂 Tearing up a little over here…I gasped when I started reading and saw my name and that he gave you goosebumps as a sign :))) Come and give me some goosebumps! I can’t wait to talk to you on Thursday! I mean, I talk to you all the time, but I’m not good at listening yet 😉
    And Erik, did you help me find my check card that had been lost for 3-4 months, last night? If so, thank you sooo much! You saved me a lot of trouble!

    • Mommazee

      And I forgot to thank Elisa again, what you are doing is truly unbelievable, your selfless giving, despite the pain, is very inspiring and life-changing for many people 🙂 You really are my hero!

  • Stanley


    With the Earth one day coming to a end, it’s natual. You figure, it’s happening all the time at one place or another. Then in others a new planet is being formed for spirit to incarnate on in a future date/time. I felt very happy about 4 years ago or so. My guides showed me my home. Where I originally came from. A dimension called Demuria.

    Then I watched a video online about a boy in Russia who was interviewed when he shared that he had memories of a past life on Mars. He talked about life there. That at one time Mars was trying to make a second sun by trying to turn Jupitar into a second sun. I forget how he was saying they tried to do this, but he said they failed. I just don’t understand why those on Mars would have felt they needed two Suns for. Then you hear about all the alien races out there. Which means souls are incarnating there too. So that just confirms for me what Erik was saying about there being many places for souls to incarnate.

    And oh yea, love Eriks pranks. LOL. Although he hasn’t gotten my necklace in awhile. Opps, now that I said that, have to look for my necklace tomarrow morning….lol. To be honest, it kind of freaked me out knowing my guides and others were always around. Talk about no privacy on the toilet or in the shower. For awhile I was concidering charging admission…lol. But kidding aside, it was Jason actually who told me I have privacy. That they don’t look at you with eyes all the time. That they might be there, but only energetically. Feeling you, but not seeing you. I was like, good, felt a little weird changing clothing for a bit there….lol. But at the same time, I felt comfort.

    Over everything, it was the bed moving that was both fun, but also took time to adjust to. All of a sudden one evening about 3 months ago my guides began moving my bed. It feels as if someone is under my bed with a broom stick pushing up from underneith. Gently pushing up about a inch or two, holding, then gently letting me back down. And would move randomly to different places on the bed. I love the contact. They do it nearly every single night for 10-20 minutes a night.

    Me and my guides even figured out how to use it to talk. Raising the left side by my waist for no, the right side for yes, and for a hug they raise both the left and right side at once and hold for a second or two. Although they will do yes/no questions through the bed moving, my guides prefer I focus most of my contact through channeling. But it’s cool to be reminded that I am not alone. Being one who can feel lonely easy, being reminded truely is nice. Does take time though to wrap your mind around the fact that a spirit you can’t see is physcially touching you, moving objects. LOL.

    Then you have our wonderful Erik who seems to enjoy blowing my mind by getting my necklace with my crystal on it off my neck. It doesn’t have a clasp and physically has to be taken off over my head. Having PTSD just about any noise or motion wakes me up. Just my cats readjusting by my feet can jerk me away. But yet somehow Erik can get the necklace off over my head without me feeling a thing or waking up. Then I find it drapped over the headboard or in a neat pile on the floor right next to my bed. I always pick up the necklace, give a smile and just say, Erik…. Such a prankster he is. 🙂


  • mike m

    Mommazee, you express yourself sooooo well – I have very similar thoughts but am not as articulate. Erik has also been important in my life but I find it difficult to explain. Your comments are really in sync with me. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Lorraine (LP)

    After reading this I said out loud to myself, “Oh so awesome Erik!”…and right after that, something pulled on my hair! I am thinking it was Erik because it was just too coincidental. But I do have a couple of spirits who hang out in my home in which Erik confirmed for me in my conference call with him. I would like to know which one it really was! Nonetheless, it was pretty cool….

    • Mommazee

      After I read this and went out to get lunch, I got goosebumps all over, and I’d like to think it was Erik hugging me 🙂 How cool that he pulled your hair! Hopefully it didn’t hurt LOL

      • Lorraine (LP)

        way cool! no did not; just a little tug….

  • eupeptic

    Mommazee, if this (the link below about Kurt Cobain) is the page you read that led you here then it’s great to hear about that! I’ve been reading The Stir at CafeMom for a little under 2 years now (I don’t read other sections of the site though) and have been plugging Channeling Erik whenever it’s relevant to the discussion (which appears to be 13 times since the beginning of 2011 if my count is correct; and aside from your words today no one has responded positively to any of my comments so I generally have no idea what impact my comments have been making) as they seem to have a good number of readers (hundreds to several thousand) and my hope is to draw people here who don’t already know everything spiritual so the most learning can be accomplished.

    And I don’t always read the comments (or even all the posts) here as I don’t have that much time (and I do know a decent amount of spiritual stuff already so not everything here is new to me) but I have read your comments in response to the Ted Bundy’s victims interview and was quite impressed with your understanding and what you had to say. (In 2007 I read the first three books of the “Conversations with God” series by Neale Donald Walsch which did a good job at explaining how we should change our views and expectations so we can become less judgmental, and I was thinking of mentioning the books there for those who were having difficulty accepting the information about Ted Bundy and his victims but figured that I didn’t need to as you and a few others explained that quite well. [I’d still recommend that everyone read those books who hasn’t already done so {as having read the books my reaction to the interviews of Ted Bundy and one of his victims was calm and accepting as I understood the viewpoint that spirits hold towards that kind of activity; not to mention that there’s a lot of other information in them that’s meant to help us become better, more spiritually evolved/aware people}, I just didn’t write a comment then as I’m a perfectionist and it takes me quite a while to write anything, and because not everyone would read my comment as it was late in the day.])

  • We’re eternal souls. Earth is like our high school. We’ll graduate to other schools (new dimensions or physical planets) when this sphere is gone. I don’t think we stop learning as souls. We take breaks but we keep growing and learning, and keep feeding this knowledge back to Source. Source is also learning and growing.

  • Mommazee

    OMG Yes! That is the one! Was that your comment that mentioned the CE blog (Mike M)? I’ve been reading The Stir for a couple years as well, but only when the headline catches my attention, it’s mostly sensationalized crap that those women post, but sometimes they have a good point to make. Thank you for putting the blog out there whenever possible!

    Thanks (about Ted Bundy comments I made)! I’m like a sponge when it comes to anything spiritual, I really ‘get it’. When I first started reading the blog, I thought maybe something was wrong with me, or I’m just really gullible –because I see some people comment that they can’t understand or wrap their head around what he says sometimes, but it comes so easily to me and makes so much sense! But now I know nothing is wrong with me 🙂 It’s like I knew all this before and it’s all coming back to me. The whole Ted Bundy thing had me a little fired up LOL I usually don’t comment that much on the blog. The filter between my thoughts and my mouth is a weak one, so I try to keep my mouth shut when it’s online, it doesn’t come across how I mean it. I start typing away and I tend to forget tactfulness! I haven’t read the Neale Donald book yet, I had only read that one parable I posted in the comments, Elisa had posted it before and it really stuck with me and helped me understand. I should probably get the book!

  • Mommazee

    Thanks Mike 🙂

  • Tammy

    Wonderful comments

  • Lillie Albert

    I don’t know how to begin, other than saying, “THANK YOU!” Thank you for including us on/in your journey with your beloved and wonderful, loving son Erik. When I put the thought out there about life and our purpose. I ended up on the ChannellingErik youtube. Doc, my heart goes out to you after reading your story, I have also cried with you. It also made me take a much more deeper look at my mom and when she lost her twins and the other mothers. I am going to pass this website on to them. I know they will benefit from this just as I am. Doc this is so beautiful. This is so awesome! I knew this was possible. Doc, thru my reading, I truly believe that communicating with our loved ones that are on the other side can be done. Thank you for the proof. Reading your story and actually feeling your strength increase and omg the Love and the healing vibes that you Doc are sharing with us. You are an angel here on earth. You took your personal tragedy and turned it into something beautiful. Erik, I am so glad to know that you are truly happy. It is a true honor to be a part of your journey (I do consider myself to be one of your pet turtles, the light has gone off several times, too). The growth and love between both you and your mom is awesome. I especially love your potty mouth. By the way, today on the news, several moms here in Bloomfield, Mi are giving their kids medical marijuana for seizures. Erik, you were right! Erik, you have confirmed what I have believed. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. The contracts you mention must totally be the birth chart. I never, even as a kid in church, that God will love you so much and if you do wrong, you go to hell. I just never believed it. It doesn’t make sense! So many lessons learned. Erik, you have such a loving soul (so does your mom). Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I have gained sooooooo much more understanding about my contract and what my lessons are. I don’t like most of them, but I do get that I gotta have these experiences. I thank you for the information. It makes you look within. It makes you self assess, I really like that. It teaches self healing. The list goes on. All I can say, is Thank you.

    • Wow, Lillie. I can’t help but cry with joy at this comment. It makes me so, so happy to read that it has helped you so much. I bet after reading this Erik will be all up in your face now! Thanks for making my day.

      • Lillie Albert

        Hi Doc and Erik. I got the reply earlier today and I started crying. They are happy tears. I could go on and on about how much you’ve helped me (and countless others). The two of you are MY angels. I welcome Erik to come and visit anytime he wants to. I think he already has. Either way it goes, thank you. By the way, Erik give your mom a hug from me. Please do not stop with the potty mouth! I absolutely adore that trait! I kinda need it straight. Love always, Lillie

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