Just a reminder: For those of you who have signed up for the phone channeling session tomorrow, you should have received an email with instructions, the telephone number and access code. Let me know if you haven’t! Also, thanks to all of you for all of the grief-related advice and words of comfort. I’ve started to put into play many of the things I learned from you and it seems to be helping! Now, Erik explains (as only Erik can do) how numerology plays a part in our lives.

Me: Does numerology play a part in our lives?

Erik: If you understand them and know how to read them, then hell yes.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But most people throw it out like it’s some sort of child’s game.

Me: But is it true? Is there something to it?

Erik: Numerology has a lot of value to it, but I’ll tell you what. Our language and how we communicate as humans in ENGLISH not numbers—

Jamie (to Erik): Don’t do that!

Jamie (to me): He’s talking like we’re dumb! “Our language is eeennngggliish.”

Erik: Yeah, so we’re not going to communicate in the form of numbers, cuz you’re not going to understand it. Where’s the clarity in it unless you know numerology. If they know numerology and they can pick up the signs, then yeah, we can drop off those signs: on a clock, a phone, a billboard, a license plate. But to the mass majority, it’s just gonna mean shit.

Me: Well, what about numerology based on your name? Is that predetermined? So we decide on our names based on what’s going to make sense in those numerology calculations?

Erik: If I recall right, it was my parents who decided on my name!

Me: Oh, I don’t know. You probably had a lot to do with it. Or maybe we did knowing that on a subconscious level, um, maybe it’s based in part on math. Maybe we’re mathematical beings of some sort too—besides being emotional beings. In other words, the set numerology of the names and all that kind of stuff.

Erik: You can boil it down also to the numerology of the birthdate. What about all those people who were screwed because they went and got a caesarean? That isn’t your natural birthday, but your parents decided, “This is when you’re gonna be born. This is when you’re gonna take your first breath, and therefore this is what your astrological sign and everything is going to be based on.” That’s a little screwy. Astrologers need to ask, “Were you cesarean? When was your due date.” That way they can compare the cesarean date to the due date, cuz often it can be weeks different.

Me: Yeah, I guess even one day can make a huge difference. Some babies aren’t even born in a natural way on their due date for whatever reason.

Erik: What about timing: morning, noon or night. Those tentacles during pregnancy hit the baby, and it triggers them to actually behave in a certain pattern during the day.

Me: Yeah. So, why do we have numerology?

Erik: When it’s done like a path numerology where it’s not just based on your name but on your birth date and time, it can be a huge insight into who you are. It helps define you.

Me: So, our name and birth date are predetermined by whomever, and with that there’s a reconciliation with whatever life path you and others decided between lives?

Erik: Yeah and I would enjoy it, but not write it in stone.

Me: Okay. I guess because of free will.

Erik: Yeah, plus your name changes throughout life like when you get married.

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