The Evolving Human Being

Guess what! Whitney came through today. The interview was wonderful. That, along with the questions you’ve all posed, is in queue. Since the queue is pretty long, I hope you’re patient. I’ll work on it as fast as I can. During that same session, Erik told me that he’s very happy with what we’re doing with his room. That’s pretty dang amazing considering the fact that we spent the entire weekend cleaning out the clutter, changing the furniture, and making some headway into converting it to a quiet sanctuary of sorts. What’s even more incredible: Jamie knew a absolutely nothing about those plans? Still a skeptic? Time to reconsider your belief system!

We’ve got two more days until the Thursday small group conference call. If you plan to join in, I advise you to assemble a list of questions. Some examples:

1) What is my spiritual mission (i.e.what am I here to do?)

2) Questions about health, career, relationships.

3) Communicating with a deceased loved one.

4) General questions about death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, etc.

Nothing is off-limits. Even if you live outside of the U.S., you can use online time converter calculators to determine the time to call. It will take place Thursday 3/15 at 1:15 EST. (Atlanta.) Register at before the spaces fill up.

And now for today’s post about how we human beings will evolve over the next tens of thousands of years. Sorry it’s short, but the next topic in the transcript is too long to add to this one.

Me: Now, are humans still evolving physically and emotionally? What will we be like thousands of years from now or tens of thousands of years from now?

Erik: They are evolving emotionally and energetically first, and that’s what will cause the physical to change. What will go first are organ systems like the digestive system. We’ll still be—I’m going basic here—lung breathers, air breathers. We’ll still have hearts, eyes, senses, but we’ll have extrasensory perceptions. And we’ll have all of our digits. Um, we’ll have more telepathic skills.

Me: Wow.

Erik: We’ll eat less, because we’ll burn energy instead of food.

Me: Oh, that’s fascinating!

Erik: Yeah, I figure a lot of women would like that, but hell, I love me a chocolate cake.

Me: Well, I actually like the idea of still eating a lot, but my thighs don’t particularly agree. What about our emotional evolution.

Erik: At that point, most of us will be able to make decisions by feeling instead of hearing and seeing. We’ll understand that we are emotional beings first and foremost. We’ll communicate telepathically, like I said, and also with symbols and emotions rather than just regular old language like sentences and stuff. Plus, we’ll be able to manifest things quicker and channel our Higher Self better, and we’ll be able to use light and energy to do all sorts of things. 

Me: What sort of things.

Erik: I’m instructed not to tell you more than this. Some weapons will be based on light and energy, but all healing will be done by working with energy, but there’ll be less disease over all.

Me: Ah, the rest is a mystery.

Erik: There are some things you’re not supposed to know yet.

Me: Okay. I understand. 

How often do you guys want to to post interviews with famous people?

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Elisa Medhus

  • Thats awesome what you are doing with Eriks room. Turning a tragedy into a spiritual retreat..where you and your beautiful son can spend time making incredible moments together. I am so heartened to hear this. Your Erik and you are helping me in such indescribable ways, that I want you all to have this together. I’d come help if i could. would love to do something wonderful for you.
    Thank you for this journey. you make steps possible for me..and i am truly grateful.
    And since we will be eating less….we can have the whole damn cake! right?

    • Jason Shapeofacloud

      I think you should get a bean bag chair for it. In his early days I would often see him in a bean bag chair. I think it’s a good symbol as well. Just the other day he showed me a visual of him in one eating pop corn saying our personal life dramas are often oscar worthy performances. That even when we think sh*t is hitting the fan, life is often going according to plan and we are doing good.

      • nikki6278

        oh and for sure a quilt out of his t-shirts 🙂 I have to say it is one of my very favorite things of my Eric’s

      • Ceridwen777

        They now have this plushy kind of bean bag chair made with microfiber that is so comfortable – I’ll bet he’d like it! 🙂

      • 🙂

    • CHOCOLATE!!!

  • Lisa Potter

    Burning energy instead of food? BRING IT ON! But Elisa, your thighs have no worries!

    • Pierluigi Di Pietro

      Really i don’t undestrand what’s “burning energy” because energy cannot be burned, maybe energy can burn me, but not the other way around.

      Maybe I assume that is some sort of short spelling for “directly converse energy in some useful form, in a more efficient way than breaking the molecular bonds of ingested food in our mitocondrial organs”. That could be physically sound (sort of 😀 )

  • liz

    Sounds like a nice future–I wonder if there will be people who still resist the changes. Will they die out, like a form of evolution?

    As for famous interviews, they’re fun! More more more!

  • Well, Erik says there are a few things “we” are not supposed to know; yet. I’ll step up to bat…

    – Levitate big and heavy objects, hundreds of tons. We’ll be able to suspend the effect of gravity temporarily.
    – Detect and cure disease with electricity
    – Mold solid materials such as iron and rock without external heat or furnaces; create stone block in any shape and size desired.
    – Generate electricity, harvesting it from natural magnetism; no fuel. No wind wind turbines, no nuclear reactors, no solar panels. All current methods hated & loved or loved & hated will not be used. (Diametrically opposed opinions will be thrust onto the common ground of discovering neither side had the answer….uh oh…..)
    – Individual and collective transportation will be provided with zero noxious or toxic emissions.

    Some of these concepts will be widely used in our lifetimes.

    • Interesting Patrick, sounds like a lot of those abilities must have already been known to humans in our distant past and somehow lost over the years. A lot of what you talk about I’ve heard in stories of Atlantis.

  • I can’t WAIT to not have to worry about food when I cross over. 🙂 But it’s nice to know that even Erik still has cravings. 🙂

  • PollyMax2010

    Oh cool you have already interviewed Whitney 🙂 Oooh so interesting how we will evolve over the next ten’s of thousands of years!

    I personally enjoy all the celebrity interviews and would love one a week or every 2nd week?

    Love and light to everyone Susanxoxox

  • Su

    So will there finally be an end to cellulite????????????????????

  • Kerrie Aus
  • M and M

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear from Whitney! She is such an amazing spirit. Looking forward to this one. I also think one celebrity a week would be great.

    Very interesting information about the human future, just wish something that cool could happen in this lifetime. Oh well, I guess that is why we have science fiction.

    • That sounds good. I have non pop culture celebs already transcribed too so I’ll try to mix it up!

  • Patriciagmartin

    I enjoy hearing from eric more than any of the famous people you have brought forth.

    • That’s why I’m cutting down on them. I’ll include them once in a while though.

    • LP

      I need to say that I completely agree!

  • Clueless!

  • For the love of God and all that is holy I hope so!

  • Are you kidding? They’re pretty flabby but who the hell cares? 🙂

  • vickie

    I like to hear what erik has to say then anyone else….

  • LP

    oh my….very clueless, lol. It really made me chuckle because the ‘paranormal’ stuff is becoming more and more popular and accepted; just look at television with all the popular paranormal shows……wow. for anyone to think that Bobby Kristina’s behavior ‘might not be normal’….they need to wake up!

    • I vote to ban the word “paranormal”. Who’s in charge of defining normal anyway? I nominate Erik.

      • amy cavanaugh

        paranormal is the new normal

  • Iestyn77

    hello i have sent his message before via email but got no responce im asking why the price the cost is so hight to join the conference could you pleas explain what the charges are for thanks

    • Are you talking about the phone conference? If so, I will say that Jamie sets the price. I don’t get any money for it. But it’s like having a session without paying over $200. But I will pass this along to her. Maybe you can listen to the file I posted for one of the conferences and let me know how much you think she should charge and I will tell her. Same goes for everyone else. How much do you think Jamie should charge for the phone conference call?

    • BTW I’m sorry I didn’t get your message. They escape me sometimes! Email me any time you want at Your input is important to me! xoxo

  • Gwen

    Elisa……I would love to come over to see you and Erik’s “new room”….Definitely want to bring my fav chocolate dessert! The one I missed bringing to the bar-b-que last summer….
    I am very happy for you and the family in “moving forward” with Erik’s Room…Positive Energy comes to mind!!

    Love Ya

  • Oh goodie! I think we’re getting together this Friday! Wanna text, call or email me tomorrow night or Friday evening? Just gotta check if Robert will be there. Otherwise it’ll be next Friday. XOXO

  • Tracy Lamont

    Just watching those 3 go round in circles with their theories made me feel like I was sitting high up with the enlightened, looking down at 3 clueless little lab rats who think they know it all and yet are so blinkered. . .

  • vhagle

    Love it! And I love the interviews with famous people! 🙂

  • Linda

    I like hearing from Erik more, but a few sprinkling of persons we all know brings more validity to the blog for the newbies.
    If Jamie has not sold out her conference call by now then perhaps she is asking to much. I know the value of what she is doing and I think it is a fare price, I will be there.

  • I think a springing of famous people is okay and fun. That’s what I plan on!

  • Edie

    I’m so excited about Whitney coming through. I believe that she had outgrown this life and being such a passionate soul she is now able to give so much more as a spirit to mankind as well as her daughter without the physical and emotional struggles that get in the way. I am a mom of three and I pray for her mother and you Elisa everyday and just lift you up into Gods ultimate embrace.
    Just this past Sunday, my 24 year old son shared with me that he has this recurring dream about moving objects with his mind and each time he dreams it he gets better and better at it. I told him that it wasn’t just a dream, but that it was a sign that it will become a reality. He is a realist, but he trusts his mama. It is real and God’s gift to you.
    I’ve expressed to you in a couple of recent responses how much of an impact the celebrity channelings are to me. It is reassuring to know that inspite of our mistakes and bad choices we make in life, we are still loved and make it back home. Also, how wonderful it is to receive messages from heaven (all knowing) to help us live a more fulfilled life instead of waisting time feeling guilty or fearing condemnation. I love, love, love our Erik and should receive his wisdom everyday. I can settle for celebs or famous once a week?
    Sorry so long. I’m in the hospital caring for my little sister who just had surgery. She is still groggy so i’m using her I pad. By the way she first told me about the Erik blog a year ago. I did not realize it until she told me yesterday that she attended to you Elisa and the family with Erik’s services. She is a funeral director. Her four teenaged daughters have just following and love the celebrity channelings. The youngest is 13 and is obsess with John Lennon and the Beatles. She is archiving and going down the list.
    Thank you Elisa from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. Thank you Erik, thank you Jamie!

  • Oh Edie, is your sis okay?

    Thanks for the kind words. I can’t wait to transcribe Whitney’s interview too. There are days when my fingers feel like chicken drumsticks and I’m slow, but I’ll get it out there very soon.

    About posting the interviews. I hear two sides. I cut down because so many people told me they’d rather hear the other stuff. I guess I have to strike a happy medium (no pun intended).

    • M and M

      Elisa, don’t feel rushed. Too fast doesn’t give us the lesson of patience. Besides, it’s nice to savor what we learn and to read through all the wonderful comments from readers and digest everything. While on the one hand, I’d love to read 10 posts a day, on the other, it’s nice to enjoy each moment. Make sure you enjoy the blog as well, so please go at a pace that allows you to enjoy it too!

  • lilcalichick86

    the evolution he is talking about is called a “lightbody”. i know this because over the past couple years my body and everything i knew to be true changed. I can tell you as someone who has this new “body” that it kind of sucks…i wish i had never known what the other way was, because then i wouldnt miss it. It feels like not being human anymore. There is a price that comes with everything. Think about it- what is our culture based around? what is included at most social events? what do most families gather around and enjoy together? so what are people gonna do together if its not eat? meditate? (im sorry, but thats bulls****) and cellulite doesnt go away actually…the lightbody becomes MORE “squishy” (is the only way i can describe it) and oily. The muscles are still there, but not as defined.

    speaking as someone who is experiencing the evolution, i can tell you that im not sure that i like it. im not sure that its better. i feel robbed of being human- like some kind of weird freak. food has always been something i enjoyed, and now my body rejects a lot of/most foods it used to digest and i dont really have an appetite.

    the thing about evolution- i guess people are looking forward to it, but i can tell you from the other side of it that it also means a loss of a lot of things. Culture, holidays(christmas! seriously people losing christmas makes me want to barf every day-oh but theres not enough food in there to barf out), humor, sports, social activities(camping, churches, thrillseeking, working, having things schedulued) , communication(words are awesome, who wants to lose words?if we dont need words, then we dont need music and lyrics) emotions, memories (this body doesnt store memories because they are heavy and emotionally charged- they can still be accessed, but its not the same) and the way that families and communities currently work,marriage wont be necessary and sex is going to lose its human physical flavor and just be an exchange/blending of energy, schools will be totally different because kids will come in knowing how to read the akashic records and we wont have TIME- the brain will no longer be linear- you wont know what time it is or day it is, it all just loops and streams. If we are telepathic, that means we will have no head privacy, nothing will be hidden, everything will be out on the table. books wont be around, because they wont be needed. if we never get sick, doctors will not be needed, health products will have no market, hospitals will shut down, babies will be birthed in “spiritual/natural” ways instead. everything that exists in a CVS store wont be necessary anymore (SERIOUSLY, THINK ABOUT IT) And basically we will all be completely channeling our higher selves without ego in the way, but that also means a loss of free will and what we call personality, because a lot of personality is generated by ego and things that are unhealed. in the ego, there is free will and there is entertainment and amusement, when the ego is broken down and the higher self enters, you are a walking higher self- its very weird. i cant explain it, but it doesnt feel like freedom, it feels like loss of humanity. maybe colors are brighter, maybe im telepathic, maybe i can “see” and sense more around me, but i am also ALOT more sensitive, which makes crowds and events torturous because there is a lot of negative energy in this world and “energy vampires”…i can feel sounds intensely- someones voice goes right through my body, motorcycles driving by feel like im being tortured because they shake my whole being, emotions have to be looked at and processed immediately and are MUCH 100times MORE INTENSE. i saw a crow get hit and die the other day and i wanted to die because it hurt so bad. I DONT EVEN LIKE CROWS- crying is how emotions are moved out. There is a movie called “the Host” that is out right now in which “the souls” are entering people and taking over their minds to control them and make earth a “utopia” and there are only a few regular humans left. its pretty much gonna be like that or something similar. If you think that being a human is complicated now, crap is about to hit the fan because the new bodies are very complex.

    This is why i found this blog- going through these changes and adjustments and losing my “self” and humanness has been enough to put me on the edge .imagine being the “next evolution” and KNOWING that you are while everyone else doesnt even know that the world is changing or believe in evolution. Imagine watching all the things you love being broken down slowly. its insanely lonley and terrifying at the same time- waiting for the world to catch up. frankly, im not sure its better. im not sure i want to have weird lightbeing children who will know my every thought and not sit down to dinners with me or want me to read them bedtime stories- will they even need to sleep, go to school, need my help? am i going to teach them, or are they going to teach me? i fight with myself all the time because i have nothing in common with “normal” people now and if i tried to explain it, i would be locked up. As you can imagine, suicide ideations definitely happen and i think i harbor a lot of anger at god/source because in my opinion, this evolution sucks, but my opinion doesnt change the fact that its happening. I am not sure this is good and i would honestly rather be “on the other side” helping than in my current position here (am i jealous of Erik? HELL F***ing YEAH) i now know what we will lose to evolution and its a lot of very beautiful things. Very beautiful things, so enjoy them while you can.
    all im saying is, there better be some freaking BAD ASS stuff coming. i want to freaking waterbend or fly or something if we are evolving. Healing people, thats cool, whatever- ive been doing that my whole life…give me something FUN.

    • Beadybonce

      Dear Guest, I’m guessing you’re young still? I have some of the hits you refer to but I’m not planning on living much past 80 and I’m more in that direction than 40. I’ve been seeing vivd electric blue light for some years now and IMO this is something truly wonderful. It has intelligence, humour and is interactive. i woke up a few nights ago and my head was filled with blue light. It was amazing. A voice said to me – “receive the blue” and so I lay there and let it flood through me. I have been experimenting since and I am able to recall it and slip into what seems to be a very deep meditative state but remain fully conscious of where I am/who I’m with etc without being troubled by it. Maybe you should meditate and see if you can tune into The Blue? I’m not the only one – I know of at least three others who have similar experience.
      Everything we know of the body is just physical memory – habits in the physical which are hard to break. We aren’t losing to evolution – not if we let go of fear.

  • Beadybonce

    There are yogis who have shown the body can exist without food and water but most of us aren’t there yet! But what a relief when we are! No more shopping, decision of what to eat, cooking, clearing up… LIBERTY PEOPLE!
    The ancients knew there was an enormous amount of energy in every atom (the less ancient used it badly…) and in the future we are going to learn how to use this energy! Esoteric writer Alice Bailey talked about the coming age and a Ray of Influence – the 7th Ray. (we are currently kissing 6 goodbye.) Under the tutelage of this ray humans will learn how to use the quantum world for their good. Bailey referred to Ray 7 as the Ray of Ceremonial Magic. This actually means the invocation of elementals (quantum) and Devas – other levels of energy we will learn to use.
    Elisa – if you have a mind, could you ask Erik about the 7th Ray and Rays of Influence in general because they are mentioned in several religions and philosophies over many ages. I understand them to be subtle electromagnetic ordering fields which shape us and our evolution.
    Much love to you and Erik, Jamie and Heather for the fantastic work! Deep gratitude to you Elisa for enduring your sadness and transforming it for all our good!

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    Uhm, I’d like to have a lightsaber in a future life, after all is a beautiful weapon made of light and energy 😀 😀

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