More Insight Into Diseases

I know, I know. Maybe this is overkill, but in this Best of Erik, I was going through a time of seeing if Erik had the ability to learn additional information over time, and I was also so fascinated by the concept that disease is our soul's way of communicating some need for change.  Me: Okay, … Continue reading

Evolution, DNA and All That Junk

Me: Tell me about evolution. It seems weird that, in 50,000 years or whatever, we’ve gone from a little microbe to this point by evolutionary pressure alone. Erik (chuckling): Why? Cuz what we are now is pretty lame? Me: Oh, Erik! Seriously. We’re so complex, biologically. How can it just be … Continue reading

The Pyramids of Giza

I just love exploring the world's great mysteries, don't you? Erik has a fascination with all things Egyptian, so he has a lot of say about those iconic pyramids. Me: Erik, can you shed some light on the Pyramids of Giza for us? Erik: Not all manmade! Me: Oh? Tell me more, then! Erik: Part of … Continue reading