The Evolving Human Being

Guess what! Whitney came through today. The interview was wonderful. That, along with the questions you’ve all posed, is in queue. Since the queue is pretty long, I hope you’re patient. I’ll work on it as fast as I can. During that same session, Erik told me that he’s very happy with what we’re doing with his room. That’s pretty dang amazing considering the fact that we spent the entire weekend cleaning out the clutter, changing the furniture, and making some headway into converting it to a quiet sanctuary of sorts. What’s even more incredible: Jamie knew a absolutely nothing about those plans? Still a skeptic? Time to reconsider your belief system!

We’ve got two more days until the Thursday small group conference call. If you plan to join in, I advise you to assemble a list of questions. Some examples:

1) What is my spiritual mission (i.e.what am I here to do?)

2) Questions about health, career, relationships.

3) Communicating with a deceased loved one.

4) General questions about death, the afterlife, spirituality, the human experience, etc.

Nothing is off-limits. Even if you live outside of the U.S., you can use online time converter calculators to determine the time to call. It will take place Thursday 3/15 at 1:15 EST. (Atlanta.) Register at before the spaces fill up.

And now for today’s post about how we human beings will evolve over the next tens of thousands of years. Sorry it’s short, but the next topic in the transcript is too long to add to this one.

Me: Now, are humans still evolving physically and emotionally? What will we be like thousands of years from now or tens of thousands of years from now?

Erik: They are evolving emotionally and energetically first, and that’s what will cause the physical to change. What will go first are organ systems like the digestive system. We’ll still be—I’m going basic here—lung breathers, air breathers. We’ll still have hearts, eyes, senses, but we’ll have extrasensory perceptions. And we’ll have all of our digits. Um, we’ll have more telepathic skills.

Me: Wow.

Erik: We’ll eat less, because we’ll burn energy instead of food.

Me: Oh, that’s fascinating!

Erik: Yeah, I figure a lot of women would like that, but hell, I love me a chocolate cake.

Me: Well, I actually like the idea of still eating a lot, but my thighs don’t particularly agree. What about our emotional evolution.

Erik: At that point, most of us will be able to make decisions by feeling instead of hearing and seeing. We’ll understand that we are emotional beings first and foremost. We’ll communicate telepathically, like I said, and also with symbols and emotions rather than just regular old language like sentences and stuff. Plus, we’ll be able to manifest things quicker and channel our Higher Self better, and we’ll be able to use light and energy to do all sorts of things. 

Me: What sort of things.

Erik: I’m instructed not to tell you more than this. Some weapons will be based on light and energy, but all healing will be done by working with energy, but there’ll be less disease over all.

Me: Ah, the rest is a mystery.

Erik: There are some things you’re not supposed to know yet.

Me: Okay. I understand. 

How often do you guys want to to post interviews with famous people?

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