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Just a reminder, guys. I’m about to start my book tour coming up, so until mid-October I’ll only have time to post 3 times a week. I hope that’s okay. Know that I will resume the 7 days a week routine after that. Also, don’t forget to sign up for Jamie and Erik’s Channeling Erik weekend in Atlanta in February. It should be fun. You can find it on Jamie’s website. Now for today’s post. I think you’ll like this one!

Me: Here’s one from a blog member. “When you cross over, you still have an identity past, present, future which you can remember and relate to. How does the unity of the “One” affect you? Is the “knowing” the relationship with other souls or is it just the first step to a higher awareness or being?” Oh god. Let’s start with the first one. So how does the unity of all the past, present and future, which of course we know doesn’t exist since there’s no time there—how does the unity with the collective affect you?

Erik: It doesn’t hit you right away. I think I can speak pretty broadly for anyone who crosses over because you’re making that adjustment from the life that you’re remembering, that you’re coming from and the lives you’re getting into. So it’s not overwhelming all at once. But as you can imagine, it’s kind of like watching the stars come out a night. You see one. You see two, and then, before you know it, there’s like thousands.

Me: Exactly. Okay.

Erik: And it doesn’t fuck you up—

Jamie giggles like a little girl.

Erik: –by seeing one to a thousand stars, right? It’s a process in a way, and when you are ready to obtain the rest of the information from the other lives that you’ve participated in, it comes to you. I don’t know. You don’t have to carry it all the time. It’s not like, “Oh, I know what 2+2 is and now I will forever know what fucking 2+2 is. It’s not that kind of coherent knowledge. It’s—I would love to describe it as kind of like air currents. You know, you look out into the sky; you don’t necessarily see all the air. You don’t see how one is spinning over here in a circle; this other one is going very quick—

What’s his aversion to adverbs?

Erik: –this one’s stagnant; this one’s going down—north, south, all these directional planes, but it’s still part of the whole.

Damn this is brilliant.

Erik: Your spirit is much like that. It’s energy in that it contains—some of it stays calm. Some of it can divide and leave you—do other work that you need to be doing. Some of it can pull energy and information from other lives.

Me: Wow.

Erik: So it’s not overwhelming, and it’s very easy to maintain your individual character, your individual spark.

Me: We can’t get rid of that “Erik spark”. I know that!

Erik: Yeah. And it’s not like we walk around with, you know, thirty heads attached to us, one head for every life like those dolls that you turn backwards and it’s the wolf, then you turn it forward and it’s little red riding hood, and then there’s another one that’s a grandma.

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: I know the one you’re talking about. Annika had one of those when she was little.

Erik: It’s not like that. The personalities aren’t tiny little bubbles that are stuck together and you can only view one at a time. You really are part of a whole. If you need to access that personality or that knowledge that you had, then you can do so with grace. It’s just the turn of a current of the air.


Erik: Think about it. I’m here, and any of my other lives that I’m experiencing are here with me as well. I’m not divided from it. But you also have to understand that all those lives that I’ve experienced are all happening simultaneously as well. I think that’s where people get lost trying to wrap their heads around many things happening at one time. So we’re just choosing to feel it in a very “slice of pie” way.

Me: Yeah. It’s like the stack of plates that you talk about or the stack of books.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: You focus on one; you read that one, and you don’t realize that the other ones are on top and below.

Erik: Yeah!

Me: Okay.

Erik: So tell the person, you know, not to worry so much. It’s not as overwhelming as it is to try to understand it when you’re trapped in the body.

Me: Is it the “knowing”, the relationship with other souls, or is it just the first step to a higher awareness? (Pause) I don’t know what he means by that.

Erik: I don’t either.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Okay. Well we’ll skip that one.

Jamie (still giggling): Normally he does.

Me: Yeah, I know! This one was a doozy! We’ll go on.

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Elisa Medhus

  • cristina

    These are pretty new ideas to digest ! 🙂 Thank you Erik :*
    Elisa, big luck and enjoyment with your book tour !!!!! Pretty exciting huh? Wish you make many many millions dollars with the book and than share few dollars with us :)))))))))
    I’m joking about sharing money 😛 Best of luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha! Of course I’m not keeping any of the money. It goes to people who grieve but can’t afford help. I’m hoping Jamie forms a nonprofit for me because I don’t want even the slightest hint of financial attachment.

      • Iola Regnier Gomez

        Can you publish a list of some of the appearances? I am hoping to catch one on tv if possible. Am so excited to get the book..its going to be so awesome! Take care of you..rest and enjoy!! Luv you all.

      • I’m definitely going to let everyone know! (biting my nails at the same time!)

      • cristina

        you are very sweet Elisa and of course it will be how is best for your heart ! <3
        I see those as "clean flow of money" as Erik would call them, because are made with love for your work 🙂

        Frankly sometimes I wish I had lot of money and then I realize that even if I had them, I would spent them on charity 😛 – so I guess that is the reason I don't have them, to be spared of the effort of thinking where those money should go :)))))))))))))))))))

      • Kryssey

        Hey Elisa… you can consult with a financial adviser to do all that stuff for you. They can explain how to have a separate fund for a charity you desire. And you can even name a new charity after Erik; if you want. 🙂

  • steveatl

    Excellent! This really did help me grasp these concepts much better.

  • codyko

    So lives are stacked in the same fashion Erik discusses time is stacked right? But is there not sequences to events? Is perhaps time non-linear, but isn’t a sequence of events, with our without time, linear? For instance, if all lives are being experienced simultaneously, does that imply that Erik is still experiencing this life, that his soul is physically incarnate still as Erik? But hasn’t that reality ‘passed’? Do you know what I mean? Like say for instance these blog posts were all different lives of one soul, I hadn’t experienced this blog post until right now when I read it, there’s ones in the past I can go back and experience, but the ones in the future haven’t been written or experienced by anyone yet. How does a soul evolve if they are just constantly simoultaneously expereiencing everything they ever will experience?

    • cristina

      most of us are spinning on those questions 🙂 the main idea would be: there is our soul (higher-self) that can divide itself to incarnate into different planets, time, dimensions 🙂
      If you look in the archive you will find about committee replies as “time is location” that is why time travel is possible, because apparently time is an illusion 😛

      “Like say for instance these blog posts were all different lives of one soul” — all souls are divisions of God/Source, so in a way yes, we are part of same whole but we are different souls 😛

      Don’t bend your brain too much now but browse a bit thru archive, let me know if you want me to point links for you 🙂 Take your time, are not easy concepts to get 🙂

  • Jane

    This is a biggie and I like that someone asked this because I frequently wondered how spirits experience ‘now’ with all of their eternal reality pressing in from all directions. I started leaving my body spontaneously about 2 years ago and was overwhelmed by the experience at first because, with no time, I landed anywhere, in any lifetime or between any lifetime. It was like an impossible puzzle for my tiny human brain to figure out..
    But I had a light bulb moment reading Erik’s post. I will frequently float in what appears as a starry sky. My understanding is that these starry lights are souls. But now I wonder if these lights are part of my soul…past lives, connections with soul family, etc. His thousand star comment triggered this idea.
    And I liked the stack of plates analogy. I was once shown a spiral that went way up and down in either direction. I understood that I sat somewhere on this spiral, my ‘now’, and as a spirit I integrated the rest. Thanks for a great post. I know this is hard stuff to put into words.

    • M&M

      Very neat, Jane, thank you for sharing! And I love how you explained your experiences. These things can be hard to put into words but your descriptions are wonderful and really make sense.

  • Kryssey

    Fascinating stuff! So when the soul is in the body, does that mean that there are still waves of energy coming from us, that also exist in heaven or other dimensions as well?

    • cristina

      well… everything is energy and apparently if a soul is old, it can incarnate on several dimensions …
      As I understood there is always a part of us in what you would call heaven. “listening to your heart” i see it as a connection to that part of soul in heaven 🙂

      • Kryssey

        That’s an interesting concept. 🙂

      • cristina

        I think is close to truth 😛 … Is a conclusion based on stuff i read from different sources – they seem to agree with each other….

        I hope i got it right 😀

      • Kryssey

        I really think you nailed it! 🙂

      • cristina

        thank you so much ! <3

  • linda2749

    Elisa I ordered your book months ago as a ebook but how do I get it?

    • Gosh I have no idea! Maybe you can’t download it until launch date which is 10/1.

      • True. I guess I’ll have at least a year to work things out.

    • Iola Regnier Gomez

      go to site on oct 1..you should be able to download once its off pre-order. Happy reading!

  • Ada

    Beautiful. Clarifies a lot. Thank you!

  • Kim

    I wonder about this a lot – the whole notion that linear time and space are illusions. Both necessary for us to complete our earth missions. Here is a question – if time is happening all at once, could we be living other lives right now? Could I be both me AND my best friend? Am I living another life on the other side of the planet? Or do our lives happen in our perceived linear time? What drives me even more bananas is that we all knew this so well before we came into this incarnation. Now it’s knowledge that is just shielded from us and we are trying to find out what we already know. Both of my parents have passed and I picture them laughing at me as I struggle with these concepts that are all very easy for them to perceive.

    • Slygirl

      Your thoughts are along the same line as mine. I hear about children talking about being their great grandparents in a past life. How is it possible to be your great grandfather and great grand son all at the same time??? Time is linear on earth but It just doesn’t make sense to me that it is otherwise in the spirit realm. I can’t get past the theory at all.
      From what I remember Eric is not on earth as a human at this time but that he will be in the future 2076ish to teach people about the importance to going outside and experiencing the world the way people use to. How could he talk about that as a future life if it is apparently happening all at once. Why would Eric and spirit use past and future tense words to describe things if it is happening all at once. I don’t get it. I just don’t.

    • Patrick De Haan



      Yes, other planets, too.

      Both and so, yes.

      Have a banana.

      • cristina


  • TrulyTrue

    Congratulations on the book and book tour – AND – Happy Birthday Erik!!!

    Love you both!


    • Jane

      I agree with Kim. This stuff drives me bananas too. I want a logical way to neatly figure this stuff out, but that is my earth brain talking. Robert Monroe’s experiences lead him to believe that our lifetimes were/are not necessarily sequential, possibly even over-lapping each other. Maybe someone like Hitler had to be a victim of his own Holocaust a thousand times to karmically learn from it. (a thousand is probably too little)

      Also, I feel that since we are constantly evolving and ascending as spirits, maybe we do not need to wear a particular lifetime as if we are experiencing it in the ‘now’ moment. Maybe when we master a concept and complete karmic learning from it, it is integrated in to the I AM of the soul body.

      One more comment to Kryssey, William Buhlman’s has written about humans as multi-dimensional. So, our souls are coexisting in heaven, the astral worlds and higher dimensions as we live on earth. He says these dimensions are what we are experiencing in some of our dreams and during out of body travel. Great thought provoking topic, Erik!

      • Confused

        And if I may add:people stating we are planning our next incarnation with our guides and other spirits who will participate in the plan .But we already know our future lives, our future conflicts and challenges so what is the point of preplanning?
        Are all lives simoultanious and constantly dynamic?

  • Tracy Lamont

    Almost time for the book release! Can’t wait. So excited for you, Elisa… and Erik of course. He did all the hard work 🙂

  • M&M

    Best wishes to you, Elisa! I hope your tour comes to my neck of the woods- I would love nothing more than to give you a giant hug in person. The three second hugs are the best. I am sure the tour will be a great success, because it comes from the heart and is based on good for all. You are an angel, I hope this tour shows you just how much of one you are.

    And money is not evil- it’s just one form humans chose to reflect perceived value. See, I paid attention in class, Erik! Best wishes to you all.

  • Thanks!

  • Hope I do okay!

    • Tracy Lamont

      You will be fine. Erik is with you and, if one thing is certain, it is that this is what you and he were destined to do. Xx

    • Iola Regnier Gomez

      you will be awesome!!

    • SoulScribbles

      Elisa, you will be stellar! Not only will you have your angel Erik right beside his mama, you will also have all the supportive positive energy and good wishes of the CE community with you. As Tracy commented below, there is no doubt that this is what both you and Erik were meant to do. Thank you for letting us be part of this journey. Now…, take a deep breath girl and go enlighten the world with your story!

  • Kim

    I think it’s sort of like seeing it vs knowing it. You can read about someone’s experience and try to imagine what that feels like, but you will never truly know until you experience it yourself. Free will factors into all of this, too, so it is my belief that although we plan major events and lessons, if we change course with free will, our guides will need to do some fancy footwork to ensure that the lesson/s is/are learned. But, yeah, I get confused with the simultaneous thing. Perhaps all of time is really just this dynamic thing that shifts and changes depending on individual actions. I have read that the Akashic records are like a huge living tapestry. The notion that something you learn today can somehow have an impact on a future or past life is a little too crazy to comprehend, but so is the idea that we are all sitting on a giant blue sphere suspended in space in a giant galaxy in an ever-expanding universe. 🙂

    • Confused still

      Thanks Kim. So if you do not mind here is another question by a limited human viewpoint:
      Time is an illusion but we assume some kind of evolvement does it not mean a sequential development?

      • Kim

        My humanness has a hard time with this, too. Like, I have a scar on my wrist. I’m staring at it right now. I remember how I got this scar. I fell on a patch of ice trying to catch my school bus. It’s been there since 1986. But it’s somehow happening right now. Someone needs to write and Afterlife for Dummies book b/c I could really use it!

      • Jane

        That is a great idea-Afterlife for Dummies. I need that too!

      • Jane

        I, also, have struggled with this. How can you have an orderly ascension or evolvement if there is no sequential time? I have read a little of and heard speak Thomas Campbell, who wrote My Big TOE (Theory of Everything). He gives some examples on how fluid reality is. He tells of a peer reviewed experiment where old Patient medical records are randomly selected into a control group and a group with Nuns and Monks praying for the patients. (These patients are long out of the hospital, some long passed on). When the records were unsealed and studied, the prayed for group of patients had a statistically shorter hospital stay than the control group. This experiment was repeated over and over with the same results. To me, this experiment is a clue. Everything must be dynamic and fluid, but with a, hopefully, steadily ascending path.

  • Kim

    I know, it’s really hard for our human brains to comprehend. I keep reminding myself of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The illusion of time has been proven scientifically. When you cross over, it all makes sense. We are supposed to live within the illusion. I think of it as a stage. And we are all acting out roles. When we die, we get to go back stage.

  • Jett Sharp

    Wow this is exactly what I needed! Thanks Erik and Elisa for this website it’s reached all the way to New Zealand and helped me through a whole world of struggle! Thank you so much! Good luck with the book tour, and hopefully i’ll start commenting more, once i start understanding this all haha! God/Source is great! Lol!

  • Brugraphics

    I must say after losing my Daughter to Bone cancer last may 2012, your Blog has been a God send, im am certainly learning things that is helping me to adjust to losing her physical presence, i have sensed her spiritual presence from time to time, and your blog is the reason.. Thank you all for all you do. you are helping alot of people who have lost loved ones..

  • Simon

    I just can’t let go of time.

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