The Miracle of Life

Part I – the Miracle of Life

Hello everyone!  I’m back from a two week vacation, which apparently included a short break from CE.  (Erik says he needed a break from me rolling my eyes at him so much, my knee-jerk reaction to his more flowery epithets.)

So Erik wants to spring-board off of our last piece together:

Erik says, So the thing is, sometimes the rut ain’t as obvious as a fucked up life.  Sometimes the rut is YOU, (flashes me a scene from the Karate Kid, and it’s so long since I’ve seen that movie I can’t tell which scene it is exactly – it’s the one where sensei says “grasshopper”.)

(Okay, now Erik digs up a “Friends” reference where Ross points to his head and says “UNAGI!” a word Ross thinks describes a state of mind where you are vigilant, but really means “eel”.  I guess my Friends’ reference points are sharper than my obscure, martial arts references.  Yeah, I called Karate Kid obscure.  Erik joins you in your outraged offence that I imply Karate Kid was anything but an epically awesome movie.)

Erik says, Point is, all this shit we’ve been working on for what, the last YEAR??  All the shit in the book about future and time and all the crazy crap that’s going to bend people’s minds into realizing that the reality they experience is of their own creation – I’m not a tough love dude, I am about helping people to realize their own power.  You can be experiencing a sucky reality because your physicality is colliding with the physicality of other people, so they are fucking up your shit.

BUT!  The real power you have in this situation is how you choose to see that situation.  And you can use this to survive prison, a breakup – all the “shitty shit” we’ve talked about, but you know what?  I am fucking SICK of talking about the shitty shit!  Cause I’m gonna level with you people – most of the time, the shitty shit you think is shitty is only shitty because you THINK it’s shitty, because you LABEL it as shitty. 

Because happiness is a moving target.  Right?  Everyone knows that.  You spend five years thinking “if I just get this thing, then I’ll be on a new level of happy in my life.”  And what happens when you get that thing?  You start thinking about the next thing that’s gonna bring you to the next level of happy. 

All I’m doin’ is holding up a mirror right now.  Most people can see themselves in this, right?

Here’s the biggest thing I’m working up to: 

Okay, there are many words and phrases to describe this state of mind Erik is giving me right now:  I spent a few moments waiting for the right words to pop up to describe this state of mind, and many of them may seem trite or cliché.  My favourite is the song, “Free your Mind” by En Vogue.  “Free your mind, the rest will follow.”

Erik says, The biggest rut is in your mind.  This is nothing new, but if you’re gonna free your mind you have to look at it AS THOUGH THIS IS A NEW CONCEPT FOR YOU.

The first step is STOP GIVING YOURSELF SUCH A HARD TIME ABOUT IT!  The thing a lot of people do the second they understand this idea is they immediately start to give themselves shit for not immediately being able to change anything and everything they don’t like.  IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!  (This next part made me laugh – Erik says this really slow like he’s talking to a three year old.)  That is how it works when you are dead.  Part of the whole point of signing up for a body is to have the physicality of an experience that’s going to stick around for a period of time!

When you think about it, if energy is all things at all times, the only way we try to relate to it when we’re physically incarnated is when energy is demonstrated in a physical way – like a wave we can plot on a chart, something moving forward because we push it, some sound or some particle of light.  That’s physical evidence.  We’ve got plenty of that. 

But that’s not all energy is, that’s not all EXISTENCE is.  Existence can happen without the context of time giving us this thing we can relate to: a series of events.  When you think about it, it’s easier for existence to exist WITHOUT shoving it through the play-dough fun factory of timelines and incarnations in physical bodies.  Take a fucking second to appreciate the MIRACLE of CREATION Y’ALL!

Erik’s dressed like a rap singer accepting a music award, huge leather jacket, bright red, white and black, huge rings, lots of bling, nerdy sideways baseball cap that still has the sticker on it.  He’s super-imposing this image on to a preacher at the pulpit, and overlapping their words – they’re both thanking God.

Erik says, So if you’re giving yourself shit about your life and all the meaningless fucking mistakes you might have made, take a second to realize how awesome it is that you can give yourself shit about something.  Who is that person, giving yourself shit, beating yourself up? 

That is your sacred consciousness, yo! 

Who is it that’s feeling bad about things?  Who had that hamster on a wheel inside your head, giving you shit about the same damn shit every damn day?  Who’s doing all that talking?

That is your sacred loving self.  I am serious.  If you don’t believe me, just ask who is the one doing the OBSERVING of your sacred loving self? 

Ah ha.  You found it, didn’t you?  If only for a second, you know it’s there.  And everyone HAS that (he leans forward and is talking in a whisper, like he’s sharing a secret.)

Everyone has that little spark inside them.  And you can honour / acknowledge / realize / understand that in every other person on this planet. 

Especially yourself.

There it is, y’all.  The thing you’ve been waiting for, the fucking secret of life.  The sacredness of that little divine spark inside every annoying coworker, every jail bird, every sociopathic emotional iceberg – every living thing.  It’s sacred because it IS, and that’s a miracle! 

Just thinking about that and understanding that is enough to snap you out of whatever mental rut you’ve got going on.  There ain’t many cure-alls, but this is one of ‘em.  You might only be cured for a second before that other shit comes creeping back and that’s okay, that’s a start.  You gotta let it be okay that you can be there for just a second. 

Part of the POINT of being incarnated is experiencing this separation from that little bit of quiet love inside, and then finding it again.  

Some people, they’re not about realizing the fucking Miracle of Life though meditation.  Some people are thrill-seekers (shows me a motorcycle ripping across a dessert highway) and they get “right with god” that way.  Some people find the realization of how awesome it is to be alive by coming really, really close to death, maybe by pushing their bodies to the limits or getting in a car accident or getting cancer. 

However you get there, that doesn’t matter.  And WHEN you get there you realize / understand that you are not better or worse than anyone else just because you see this little spark.  (Music: this little light of mine.)  When you get there, it’s the nicest thing in the world to just hang out in that space, with that knowledge, and you feel that connection to your body and to the never-ending in-fuckin’-finity of the universe, and how you’re connected to everyone else.  (Shows me the energy grid of connection between people and beings on the planet.) 

It’s like, a deep gratitude without any other shit around it.

That’s it, y’all. 

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website: and her personal blog:

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