A Little Slice of Heaven, Part Two

Sadly, I have nothing intelligent to say, so let’s just go to Part Two of this series!

Me: So tell us what it looks like over there in Heaven.

Erik (in a girlie voice): Pretty.

Me: I know you describe it a lot in the book.

Erik: Pretty.

Me (leaning forward, almost touching the computer screen): Well can you go into more detail?

Erik (leaning in, too): Yes I can.

Jamie: He’s starting off with the visual spectrum.

Me: Okay.

Jamie listens, then shakes her head, clearly lost.

Jamie: He’s talking so fast, he has to back up. Hold on.

Erik: I’m starting out with the visual range of the spectrum, and we already know that with cameras, some of the things we can get our own hands on no matter where you are in the world can see beyond out visual spectrum to look at things like infrared and ultraviolet [rays]. We already know that there are sounds that our ears can’t perceive. Let’s take the freaking dog whistle.

Jamie: He didn’t say “freaking,” but you got the idea.

Me: Yes.

Jamie: Sorry.

Erik: You can’t hear that, but the dogs can. So there is so much out there even on Earth that our instruments, as humans, don’t perceive. Imagine all of that opening up to you when you leave your body and get to Heaven. We have colors here that care far beyond what your imagination can comprehend. It’s living color. It has a light in and of itself. It’s so beautiful.

Me: A life in and of itself?

Erik: A light.

Me: Oh, okay. Got it.


Jamie (smiling, looking at Erik): You know that?

Erik: It glows in and of itself.

Jamie: He was comparing it to a glowworm.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Wasn’t that a kid’s toy you could…

Me: Maybe there is an actual glowworm. I’m not sure, but yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

Jamie: Oh, there probably is! My bad. I went right to toys.

Erik: The sounds! Off of every, let’s just say “thing” so landscapes, trees, leaves—there are creatures, animals here that you don’t get to experience on Earth because Earth resides in certain dimensional planes. Imagine, though, everything that’s around you now. You’re staring at your computer screen and we’re having this intimate moment, and everything in your office or your living room, the train or your car has a sound to it: this sweet harmonious hum or ah or oo. Then all of it comes together to create another sound. So the environment around you, you hear it as being soundless, but where we are and where you’re going—you only got one ticket. You’re not going to miss this place—everything has a sound to it. So not only are you getting all of these colors, you’re getting all of these sounds from the environment around you.

Me: Well, I think that would drive me nuts to hear that ahhh and oooo. It’s like constant elevator music. How do you deal with that?

Jamie laughs.

Erik: It’s not like that! Mom, you’re thinking of sound only hitting the drums in your ears, and when it’s on a long time, it’s almost like your ears get tired. But when you go outside, do you ever get tired that the sky is blue?

Me: No, that’s true. Good analogy.

Erik: That’s because your eyes don’t get tired. When I’m talking about sound, I don’t mean that sound comes to me where I am through instruments that I have in a body that can be over-triggered or annoyed.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s almost like a sound that comes to your chest, you know, like it has a quiet undercurrent of communicating to that table, to that leaf, to that animal, to that other spirit, to All That Is. It doesn’t get tiring. It doesn’t get annoying. It doesn’t consume you or give you the sensation that you’re always around everything at once. You can still create that, “I am alone, and I have this space and this invisible separatism.”

Jamie: Is that a word? Separatism?

Me: If it isn’t, it is now!

Enjoy these reviews from two fans of Erik’s book. Buy your own copy HERE! In fact, buy copies to give as Hanukkah and Christmas presents!

I couldn’t put this book down. A fascinating insight into all those eternal questions. A brave and frank account of Erik’s death and life after death. Thank you Erik, you are an amazing gift to us all.



Just finished reading it today. It was awesome.  Erik is good at explaining what it’s like to be a spirit. I’ve read other good spiritual books and life after death books but Erik’s book is my favorite and I’ve learned a lot from reading this book. My brother read it before me and he loves it too. Erik is my favorite author! 🙂



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