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This weekend was beautiful: sunny, crisp air, in the 50s. I worked a lot on the blog and plans for the tour, took down Christmas decorations and chilled with my family and puppies. I also talked to Lambert Scalvini who’s working on the intro and outro for the radio show. He’s almost finished with it, so the show should start soon. I’m so grateful to him for helping me out with this. When we’re up and running, Erik will be more accessible to all of you for questions! Spreading a little Erik love every chance we can. I also want to thank Dave Banta and Daniel Lucas who, as extremely talented designers, are doing a wonderful job creating t-shirts for the Channeling Erik tour. I love my peeps. You guys are all so wonderful. So many people have stepped up to help us during the tour! I just can’t express my gratitude enough. We do need a couple of helpers for Denver this June, though. Any takers? You get a discount on the event, if that helps! If you want to sign up, email Kim at and Heather at 

A lot of you have asked this question. I hope you find Erik’s answers interesting!

Me: Here’s a question from a blog member. “Why do psychics or mediums or whatever always have trouble giving names? They know all sorts of information, but when it comes to actually giving names of people coming through, they grapple and struggle to even give a first initial. To me, that means they’re not really communicating to the spirit like they say they are. What do you think? Shouldn’t a psychic be able to name names and other validating information?”

Eileen: Great question!

Heather (laughing): Erik’s looking at me! Okay. (To Erik) I’m not answering it! You’re answering it!

Erik: There are a couple of things that go along with that. It doesn’t mean they’re not connecting. It doesn’t mean that at all. First you got to look at what kind of medium you’re talking to. What is their skill or specialty? Sure, a medium can do whatever the fuck they want to do like their specialty might be just guides and angels. They can do it all. They don’t have to stick with a specialty. It’s their belief that they can’t connect. There are some who think they can’t get names. They get blocked by a belief that they can’t do it.

Me: Why would they believe that?

Erik: Because maybe at some point when they were doing readings, they were confident and they heard a name and put it out there, but the sitter tells them, “No, that’s not it.” That could make them doubt. Mediums are human beings. They don’t have the answers to life. I’m going to stress that they don’t have the answer to every little thing. You have to look at what kind of medium you’re talking to. Is it an intuitive medium? Usually, they don’t get those kinds of details. Are you looking at a medium that communicates with symbols? What kind of medium are you talking to? You can do your research on a medium. It’s like when you’re looking for a car. You don’t just go look at a car and go, “I like that. I’ll buy that.” No, you have to look at its mileage. Does it work well with you? Is the overall cost worth it? Same with a medium. You can’t just expect every single medium to do the same thing.

Me: What’s an intuitive medium?

Erik: An intuitive medium is—

Heather: I hate that! I hate it when he uses me as an example. I’m an intuitive medium.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Intuitive mediums are lucky if they get details like the time of death or what the weather was like during that person’s transition.

Me: Well, if the spirit tells you, “It was stormy that day,” then it seems like you’d be able to repeat that.

Erik: Yeah, but the way an intuitive medium’s skills work, [unintelligible] details. Most mediums will stick to what they know and hone those skills first before moving on to something foreign that they’re not so good at. They need to get paid, so of course they’re going to work on what they’re good at first so they can get paid well for that, then move on to something else. They mostly communicate off of feelings and off of –they can feel what the spirit is feeling. That’s the neat thing. Those mediums that can give details most likely can’t feel what the spirit is feeling. They get mostly facts. You can look at them as more left-brained.

Me: Okay.

Erik: They analyze what’s happening and give you cold hard facts. For instance, an intuitive medium can tell you what I’m feeling and what’s going on in my head but not the facts that a police officer or coroner can give you. There’s a book that mediums usually read or different kinds of books—there’s a specific study, something mediums have to study in order to understand how to connect with me. I can give them details, but most of the time it’s their fear and doubt that blocks them from the answers.

Me: Yeah, because they’re afraid. With validating information, they’re either wrong or they’re right.

Erik: They don’t want to fuck it up.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So they’d rather say, “I can’t do that” than try and then get it wrong.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Eileen: What about the issue that when you go over to the other side, you make your transition, ultimately, eventually, you’re no longer Erik? I mean, you’re Erik, but you’ve been all of these other [incarnations] before. Could that be why maybe people don’t or is it just your last lifetime and you connect to people who are looking for you and they’d recognize the name?

Not sure if I get this, but let’s see what happens.

Eileen: Does that make sense?

Erik: Yeah, it makes sense.


Erik: First, when somebody wants to contact a loved one, you have to look at how recently they crossed over because if it was like a day before, and they want to contact a medium, more likely than not, that spirit isn’t going to have a very clear communication through the medium.

Me: Mm.

Erik: Or they might not show up at all. When spirits recently cross over, it’s very fresh for them. In a way, it’s easier for the medium because they get more of the human side of that spirit, but at the same time, it’s more complicated because it’s kind of like static. When there’s a spirit or loved one that’s older and has been in the afterlife for a while, it’s different. They shed themselves of that human ego and can tap into whoever they were so say you want to tap into the Erik side of me. I will bring the Erik side of me to you. I’m not going to bring in another life self because that’s not going to make sense. You’re not going to know who that is. I can tap into any of my selves at any given time, but I’m choosing to be Erik because that’s how you recognize me. It’s still the same soul; it’s just that you’re connecting to Erik. You know Erik. You don’t know Ralph, so why would I want to show you him?

Must be one of his other selves.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Do you get what I’m saying?

Eileen: Yeah, it makes sense. So you had fluidity pretty much immediately after you crossed over.

Erik: Yeah, because I was meant to.

Eileen: Right. And like my friend, Bill, who we’ve brought through, he could communicate immediately.

Me: But I don’t understand. When we say immediately after—because there’s no time there.

Eileen: Well, but there’s a process there, though, isn’t there? And it’s the process of elimination of—

Erik: There still is a process –

Me: “Process” implies linearity, linear time.

Erik runs his fingers through his hair, making Heather laugh. Have I got him stumped?

Erik: I’m explaining it in a way that you’ll understand.

Me: Okay, yeah.

What will it feel like when we cross over and no longer have the limitations of human language?

Erik: I could try and get into that.

Me: Mm, you’ll probably just blow my mind.

Plus there’s not enough time.

Eileen: Well, I can go here for a second with you. My understanding of the extraction process is first you restitute, and that means you leave your body. Then you go into your astral body, and you still have to eliminate all of your astral life and your husband, your daughter, whatever. You gotta do an extended—I mean, I know you have to go to the table and do your life review, but it’s actually in the terminology and cosmology that I study. It’s called elimination. You’re eliminating that life. You’re kind of unwinding it. That’s a better word. You’re unwinding from the experience and from the people and kind of playing it out. There’s nothing feeding it. Does that make sense?

Erik: Yes.

Heather (chuckling): While you were talking, he said, “Uh, not everyone has the table.”

Eileen and I laugh.

Heather: He was stuck on that for a while. He was like, “I really want to say that,” and he said it over and over and over again!

Eileen laughs.

Erik: Yeah, unwinding is a much better word than elimination because that part of you never really goes away. It’s the experience. You’re taking away the ego part of it, and you’re just focusing on the experience itself and the lessons you learned and what you gained from that lifetime. That’s what unwinding is. You’re not eliminating the entire life, but you’re becoming more aligned with your Higher Self during this process. You’re becoming aligned with who you truly are.

Me: Hm. Okay.

Erik: So when you come back from a lifetime, you’re bringing in those experiences and learning to let go of the ego part of it and hold on to the essential parts that will let the soul grow.

Eileen: Okay, that’s cool. That’s what I thought. Unwinding is a good thing. It makes me think I’m using a fishing pole. That’s what I did with my mom when she was dying. We had a meditation, and my hands would move—and they’re moving this way now.

She must be pantomiming reeling in a fish.

Eileen: Okay, that’s cool.

Heather: He gave me the image of fishing and reeling in a bunch of little books, and then you take a book and go, “Oh, that’s a cool lesson,” and then you put it in your pocket.

Love this one!

'It's the psychic network returning the call you plan to make tomorrow.'

‘It’s the psychic network returning the call you plan to make tomorrow.’

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